Fontaine's Fishing and Smuggling Operation

- Neptunes Bounty (Port Neptune) :

--- -- Home to a fleet of dozens of fishing submarines, many which had sufficient range to reach significant  distances from Rapture to chase and catch large quantities of fish.
--- -- Large Airlocks (Sea Locks) allowed subs to enter and match pressure with Rapture's one Atmosphere environment.
--- -- A 'ship' tunnel (half water filled) connects the Sea Locks to various Docks (which were built as a shallow simulated 'fake' waterfront) and facilities (for Refueling and Repair) around Port Neptune.
--- -- Fish were transfered to holding pens/tanks to wait for processing and storage.
--- -- Other commercial operations were also located nearby (Sinclair Scrap, a Seaweed Processing Company, etc..)
--- -- Neptunes Bounty (originally having many smaller fishing companies) was eventually completely controlled by Fontaine (via criminal coersion and/or cheaply buying out of competitors and taking them over).

--- -- Later control (after Fontaine's "death" fell to the City which would appoint 'trustees' to run the companies to continue providing important food to the City.

- The Fishery Submariness used for Smuggling :

--- -- Fishing subs were constantly coming and going from Port Neptunes, which made the subs involved in the smuggling hard to trace.
--- -- Subs met the smuggler boats at a distance from Rapture to avoid the monitoring stations at the Lighthouse.
--- -- Coersion (including murder) was used to maintain secrecy by Fontaine as well as to hold workers in thrall for low pay. Putting_the_Screws_On
--- -- "Fontaine's Mini-sub ... topside twice a week" -- had not enough capacity for the quantities of smuggled goods we saw in BS1.  The larger Fishing Subs were used in the expanded operation and could go meet the periodic arrival of a freighter and carry down the contraband loads quickly (and let the freighter slip away before Ryan's patrols noticed it).

- Smugglers Hideout/Cave :

--- -- If you look at Smugglers Hideout in BS1 you will see alot of infrastructure was 'secretly' constructed to facilitate the major smuggling operation (making it kind of hard to justify why Ryan's men couldnt find this place long before Fontaine got his Splicer Army).
--- -- An unmarked/obscured side passage off the Neptunes Bounty 'ship' tunnel, led to a secret submarine dock where untold tons of contraband were transfered.
--- -- The caverns had sufficient Storage space for large quantities of smuggled goods that would be gradually sold on to the black market. The smugglers also stole large quantities of alcohol from the Rapture Port Authority(????). Stolen goods were also warehoused for later distribution.
--- -- Funny thing was seeing a Pneumo box in the Hideout - the smuggling operation was so well organized that they even had Pneumo access for their 'convenience'. This also demonstrated the things that Fontaine could get done either with bribes or threats.

- The Operation :

--- -- What would the external smugglers (the eventual source on The Surface) get in return??   What would THEY be interested in ???   Gold and other 'valuables' produced by Fontaine's other criminal activities ???? What other 'stuff' did Fontaine trade with the surface ?    Did his labs also produce powerful 'recreational' drugs to be traded for ?
--- -- Because of the complication of the smuggling operation, Fontaine would have eventually used his own men ("cut out the middleman"...) in the Surface boats (the original Fishing Fleet he stole) to obtain the smuggled goods wholesale (and he STILL would have to use something valuable to buy that contraband with) or obtain some via robberies and pirating.

- The 'Secret Tram' to Arcadia :

--- - Smugglers Hideout is nowhere near Arcadia (according to the Austen Bathysphere map), though in BS1 you walk thru a tunnel and you are there.
--- - Thus Fontaine built and used a mile long utility tram tunnel to transport contraband direct to Arcadia - a good central location in Rapture and which offered nice secluded spots for clandestine transactions for smuggled goods.
--- - A small 'lost' tunnel-boring machine was used to construct the passage thru the bedrock between Smugglers Hideout and Arcadia. The tunnel was laid with the standard prefabricated tram track to make the transport task easy. The electric 'locomotives' and cars (also stolen) would make transporting the huge amounts of blackmarket goods very simple.
--- - Proximity to Farmers Market and the adjacent farming establishments allowed many goods to be concealed and 'mixed in'.
--- - In the MMORPG New Rapture situation, the 'secret' tunnel is still there and is being repaired/upgraded to facilitate movement of farm produce from the Arcadia/Ceres Green area to New Rapture.

- The Shoot Out :

--- -- Ryan's security men repeated attempted to try to catch Fontaine's smugglers committing their crime, but had no success because of bribery of the City's Constables and unwillingness (or deaths) of potential witnesses.
--- -- Ryan's security raided Fontaine's operations (tipped by Peach Wilkins?) to prove the smuggling, but Fontaine was tipped off, and a major battle erupted where Ryan's forces faced large numbers of Splicers.
--- -- Fontaine faked his death with a 'look-alike' dressed in his clothing and accessories, and made sure the face/body was obliterated/burned beyond recongnition.
--- -- Ryan had the City seize control of the Fisheries (as well as Fontaine Futuristics and other companies Fontaine had controlled) and discovered and shut down the Smugglers Hideout operation.
--- - Ryan attempted to use the violent incidents at Smugglers Hideout and Fontaine's illegal operation as proof of the threat and his 'protecting Rapture' from the Surface.   Unfortunately the strong measures needed (and rather odd decisions by Ryan) gave ammunition to the newly emerged Atlas's propaganda. The Kashmir Incident then later brought Civil War to Rapture.
--- -- By the time of Jacks' arrival, Fontaine's lack of resources (and dwindling ADAM supplies) were crippling his forces and Ryan had gained the upperhand after building a Splicer army of his own.  Once the Pheromone control was working Fontaine/Atlas had few allies left and was basically in hiding.

- The NEW Smugglers Hideout (Atlas/Fontaine's Second Smuggling Site) :

--- -- When he was planning his change of identity, when Ryan was closing in on his Smuggling operation, Fontaine not only arranged his fake death but also created a replacement smuggling operation elsewhere. He likely transplanted the best half of his smuggling submarines/equipment as well as the more valueable/useful contraband.   Arms and supplies were cached for his 'Atlas' operation.
--- -- A new very similar operation would have been run, with hidden connections to Atlas's base of operations (Hestia/Apollo Square area).
--- -- Another 'secret' Submarine Dock would have been built to keep the smuggling operation going. No longer near the Fishing Fleet operations, some other ruse would be needed to escape detection.
--- -- Likely another tunnel was built - maybe a network of them, which would also double to safely move Atlas's forces around despite Ryan's drastically increased security measures. Likely there would be many connection to 'out of view' points in the 'undercity'/Sewers allowing Atlas to suddenly appear somewhere and then conveniently escape.
--- -- Atlas used his transplanted (new) smuggler operation to bring in weapons, supplies and ammunition to facilitate his revolution.  Some of the supplies were used as bribes to convince Rapture's underclass to side with Atlas (and many to join his 'army')
--- -- With dwindling resources, Atlas probably had less and less 'loot' to pawn on the Surface and likely would have relied more and more on outright piracy to gain supplies.
--- -- A bunch of Fontaine's henchmen continued to use this facility after his demise and continued supporting themselves by pirating surface ships and extorting other factions (being paid to not interfere with fishing operations).  They were another faction that Lamb failed to control.  The New Rapture is trying to end this group's predations, particularly because of the outside (Surface World) attention their activities continue to bring towards Rapture.





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