Splicer Play :

Splicers still get to use plasmids and the different Splicers you play have different combinations (you always wanted to play a Spider Splicer right??? Climbing up and down the walls definitely will give you different perspectives...)

There can always be more plasmid than we heard of in BS1/BS2 and their side effects and use in combination can have some very interesting effects.

Question: usually with mechanism like this in a MMORPG - do you let the roleplaying player freely interact in combat with other players (or rather outside of a closed PvP area). There are many players who dont want to be bothered by PvP, especially when it can be abused with impunity. Scenarios can be 'controlled' with limitations to prevent a 'Splicer' from simply 'griefing' any players they encounter (nothing to lose, open to harrass a player and not even follow the scenario' "plot")

So for this game, 'Splicer Play" players take the role as a Splicer to give an interesting time for other players and to do some different activities. Players are usually are alot better/trickier than the NPC logic, so if they do interact with 'citizen' Players then it will be a different experience for them as well. Splicer solo quests would be created also (you might want to learn how to handle the Spider Splicer actions before you go after players who will be blasting you immediately...). Another creative context for 'player creation' to expand from the 'Splicers' point of view.

Getting killed is part of a Splicers 'life'... The Splicer in these scenarios is supposed to mostly get killed much of the time as you dont want to make the encounter for a player (and 'Team') too fatal/costly. The Splicer involved is just an instance that may or may not have a persistant existance (like a experience system, and tech tree or somesuch expandability).

Player-Splicer could (be a 'Boss' and) control a 'Team' of additional Splicers (probably could have 'experience' system with increasing size of gang.) Ordering system same as for player normal 'Team' control with Splicers AI doing 'their thing' without having to be micromanaged. Splicers are capable of using the various hacked security apparatus/systems.

Not impossible (game wise) for scenarios to have 2 Splicer players to cooperate on a mission to get those dirty 'norms' ...


Different missions/scenarios (some with NPC targets and others with Players to menace or city locations to 'trash') :

- Run far enough into the Core area and try to get back out (obviously will be outnumbered), likely done on a dare bet with another Splicer.
- Try to break thru one of the city security checkpoints (through player setup automatic defenses) and then loot/pillage all the vending machines.
- Ambush a players expedition into the 'wild' - teach them 'norms' this is 'our' place...
- Spidey Adventure - Journey thru one of the 'wall' mazes (move inside the walls ceilings - just dont get seen).
- Splicer on a bike... (Ive seen those bikes in Olympus Heights area...)
- Steal stuff from the 'norms' - break into some locations and steal good stuff (probably an NPC location, if target was player they would feel 'violated' )
- Defend your territory against an NPC invasion (Splicers or Norms).
- Sabatoge the 'norms' reconstruction efforts and try to eliminate their advance towards your home.
- Some Splicers are 'rebuilding' their own 'New Rapture', sometimes they manage to get something done - and that is your mission.
- Have Diversuit, will travel -- tales of a Spicer repairman...
- Mini-Game -- We eat rats, but what do the rats eat? Ecosystem of the 'Wild' Rapture.
- Mini-Game -- EvePlant farming and the Splicer's barter economy.
- Last Splicer standing - assassinate a Splicer 'Boss' who is too crazy even for a Splicer.
- Can have many amusing 'taunts' for the Splicers to invoke (along with lots of insane gibberish to vocalize)
- ThunderDome(WonderDome) - Two Splicers enter, One Splicer leaves... (WonderDome was a 180 degree Ocean View theater with various uses including Sub Races
A dome is the most efficient structural (compression based) pattern for large open areas under water pressure (the Stadium is another but it wasnt window covered and was actually mostly a cavern)
- Flashback: the First Splicer - in the early days (Tenenbaum's and Suchong's experiments)
- "Try to get thru my security, sucker" - player sets up security (various levels of resources, different settings) and an opposing player has to beat it in a certain amount of time.
- Splicer pirate V or Radio station - wouldnt that be odd??? (...the 'boob tube' - what else do you think Splicers do in their spare time??)


Resources of Rapture's Splicers:

- Many sources often under different Splicer 'factions' control - with enough organization to live beyond 'hand to mouth'.
- More than a few Farms still operating feeding Splicers (mostly run by those who didnt splice too much) - the humble potato...
- The Arboreum (a park) overgrown but still intact (even Splicers need a calming stroll once in awhile)
- Fishing System and Seaweed collection (food staples, as Splicers like anyone else still have to eat...)
- Still some locations where Lamb stockpiled foodstuffs and other useful items
- Lamb must of had help of 'scientists' to do the pheromone 'control' work, with Lamb gone those 'scientists and technicians are still somehwere (likely cooking up ADAM for Splicers)
- Soylent Green is only a rumor... (they really only 'recycle' corpses for the ADAM... or do they??)
- EvePlants - seem to be everywhere now (old Plasmids still work as long as you have EVE to power them)
- The Maintenence Daddies still make their rounds fixing things throughout all of Rapture.
- Stealing supplies from New Rapture ( a Houdini Splicer specialty)
- Splicers have at least one Sub.
- 'Doctor Z' and the Lil Sisters ADAM-mill (who knew that certain spliced trees produce ADAM - ever seen how maple syrup is made?)
- The infrastructure that Lamb maintained is still largely intact (if you ignore the places she flooded)
- Little Sisters still operate in places, and various factions learned how to make use of them.
- The City Utility grid - you really cant just turn it off.