Reusable Items (Game Assets/Objects) from previous Bioshock games :

Objects already seen in the existing games -- for which model data (3D shape, texture and some animation, sound effects, damage effects)   already exists for (though may have to chop them out of the 'baked' level data).   These could be  substantially reused (cutting costs and retaining the look/feel of the original games which I found sufficient).   Of course, the MMORPG has you able to interact with objects alot more, so adding that significant functionality is still required (though with the modular generic attribute systems that at least means that it wont all have to be all handcrafted scripting)   :

Ive gone thru the BS1/BS2/MP/DLC/Minervas_Den and even Infinite BS looking for different objects and you can see by the lists below that the number is substantial.

--- Common Generic items ---

  • ADAM bottle
  • Alcohol
  • Audio Diary
  • Bandages
  • Canned Beans
  • Canned Fruit
  • Cigarettes
  • Coffee - Evidently coffee was sold in pop bottles with a bunny-rabbit logo. You can find the sole remaining bottle in a waste basket in the Heat Loss section of Hephæstus.
  • Coins (seen being spewed from Slot Machines)
  • Creme-Filled Cake
  • Dollar (Rapture Dollar)
  • Empty Hypo (shape of EVE hypo) - Sinclair made some of these
  • EVE Hypo
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fresh Water (usually in a glass jar)
  • Grenade Crate
  • Little Sisters Extraction Needle
  • Lockbox (is this whats left of a Splicer pulled back to a Vita-Chamber ??)
  • Med-Hypo
  • Pep Bar
  • Plasmid Bottle/Hypo
  • Potted Meat
  • Rapture Dollar - which of his slogans do you thing are on it? -- Haud Deus vel Rex rgis. Tantum Vir
  • Rocks and chunks of concrete
  • Sardines
  • Spider Splicer Organ (freshly cut from a dead Spider Splicer - yum)
  • Vitamins

--- Transportation equipment ---

  • Amusement Ride Bathysphere Pods
  • Atlantic Express Airlock Doors (and station track)
  • A E track supports and 'rails'
  • A E Traincar - passenger/freight
  • AE ticket booths
  • AE station control apparatus
  • Bicycles
  • Bathysphere
  • Clothing (loose) cart
  • Document Pushcart
  • Elevators square/round
  • Kludged water wagon
  • Lifeboat (end BS2)
  • Mail bin cart
  • Medium and Large sized Air-Tite Pneumatic Tubes straight and bends
  • MK1 Locomotive
  • MK1 Traincars
  • Pushcarts
  • Pneumo - kiosk(tube) pipes(see thru) pumps, trays, mail boxes, sorting shelves
  • Pneumo Mailbox machines (tubes)
  • Rapture Transit Schedule board
  • Schedule boards
  • Ship wreck (boat)
  • Small sub
  • Transit Authority Clock
  • Transit Turnstyle (with coin slot)
  • Trolleycar (old rediculously tiny ones)
  • Toilet Stall Door with coin pay lock

--- Lighting ---

  • Armored conduit hanging off ceiling
  • Bare lightbulbs
  • Candles
  • Ceramic Lightbulb Socket
  • Decorative light chains
  • Desk Lights 
  • Door lock indicator (red/green)
  • Exit sign (over door)
  • Exterior Light, Wall mount, cylindrical
  • Fixtures (all shapes and sizes) wall/ceiling mounts
  • Flashlight
  • Fluorescent light fixture (tubes)
  • Flood lights
  • Footlight
  • Furniture Lamps 
  • Ganged bunch of Armored (in metal conduit) Electrical Cables 
  • Hanging Cables
  • Hanging Power Cables
  • HighVoltage Junction Box (hermeticly sealing)
  • Hudson Light Fixture
  • Incandescent and fluorescent and bioluminescent
  • Lamps
  • Lanterns
  • Large Art Deco Light Wall Fixture
  • Lightbulb fixture - various shapes/sizes
  • Lightbulbs standard type
  • Lightbulbs various (excised from lights)
  • Light Fixtures (Sinclair Deluxe)
  • Marquee light strips (lots small bulbs)
  • Metal Fuse Box (bar type)
  • Spools of 20 gauge wire
  • Spotlight
  • Standard Lightbulb in Ceramic Socket
  • Street Lamp half pole curved mounting
  • Street Light Pole
  • Undersea lights
  • Underwater Floodlight (seen inside in Neptunes Bounty)
  • Wax Candle, Unlit

--- Environmental Mechanisms ---

  • Ceiling Pipe Conduit and L bends (seen in smugglers hideout)
  • Heating furnaces
  • Water heaters
  • Exhaust ducts/fans
  • Heating registers/radiators
  • Precipitators/dehumidifiers
  • Heating units ( & thermostatic control)
  • Air circulation -  Vents and vent controls, ducts, filters, fans
  • Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Air differential indicators/sensors
  • Big Hot Water Valve (no the red stuff its not lava)
  • Overhead rotating fan
  • Electric Heater
  • Fireplace
  • AirConditioning Unit (roof, white)
  • Mesh-Protected Round Ventilation Fan (with fanblades)
  • Large Circular Fan horizontal
  • Air Vent cover plate/grate
  • Rotating Ceiling Fan 
  • Air Sampling Guage fixture
  • Floor Wall Vent Brass
  • Bathroom Ceiling Fan 
  • Temperature Monitor Panel (red yellow green guage)
  • Vent openings/plates of all types

--- Mechanisms ---

  • Motors
  • Compressors
  • Hoses/Nozzles
  • Generators
  • Boilers/Heat exchangers
  • Blowers
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Power distribution/regulation/control/vents/guages/conduits/cables/transformers
  • Water pumps, drains, sumps
  • Pipes and valves, pressure guages, and conduits, wires and junction boxes
  • Reactors (chemical/gaseous)
  • Exhaust fans
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pump machines (water) - looks like high pressure which would be needed to pump waterout into the ocean
  • Pump machine (air)  - circulation
  • Ceiling air ducting
  • Grossly oversized Door Controls
  • Batteries (large car style - 2 terminal)
  • Airlock Controls
  • Airlock (ocean access)
  • Safety airlock (air section connection)
  • Circuit Breaker switch
  • Airblower Pump (connects to air vents ducting)
  • Little Sister Vents (actually air return vents)
  • Timeclock
  • Timeclock Cardholder
  • Hooks to hang things on walls
  • Large Metal Girder Piers (ike what inside Paupers Drop)
  • Track Frame section for AE (Mk1)
  • Activation wheel for internal airlocks
  • Safety Airlock Door (rail sliding, wheel lock)
  • Vent Grating Panel (various)  brass
  • Overhead Track Conveyor
  • Overhead Crane, small
  • Conveyor belt mechanisms (ends and length sections)
  • Industrial Tram tracks and Track Bumper
  • Mining Scoop machine (seen in Smugglers Hideout MP)
  • Small Tram Dump cars
  • Platform Lift Industrial  Floor Scissors mechanism
  • Smaller Fogel&Sons pump  (limbo room one alot bigger ??)
  • Air-tite Archives Cannisters   small, medium, large, extra-large
  • Cannister storage shelves
  • Machine to send cannister
  • Cannister Arrival chute
  • Cannister repair machine
  • Mechanical Little Sister parts arms/legs/torso/heads
  • Medium sized Nuts and Bolts (individuals various lengths)
  • Small brass nuts and bolts
  • Flexible Segmented Hose
  • Animatronic Greeting Robot
  • Animatronic Ryan  (including one standing up putting golfball)
  • Security Airlock
  • Continuous Printing Press Machine
  • Cargo Net
  • Cargo Net full of fish
  • Hotel Luggage cart
  • Hot Water filled (clear) pipes (red glowing is bioluminescent algae, NOT lava)
  • Box Audio Amplifier w/speakers
  • Plant Incubator
  • Gas Jet Control Console (large lever)
  • Voicebox Modification Prototype machine
  • Robotic Baby Minder (pram)
  • Double CRT Monitor (Yellow Goop Room in Point Prometheus)
  • Ships Anchor Large 
  • Overhead Girder Crane Trolley assembly
  • Crank with Hand Wheel to raise door
  • Air Pump (bellows type)
  • Big suspended Four Faced Clock
  • Various shaped Elevator Buttons

--- Fresh water systems ---

  • Spigots
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Water heater
  • Pipes/valves/joints
  • Floor Drains
  • Sinks/basins/faucets
  • Toilets & toilet tanks
  • Brass Hot Water Pipes and L Joints - various sizes
  • Hot Water Valve Towers (remote controlled)
  • Remote Pipe Valves Ganged Failsafe Inc
  • Heavy Pipe Flanged 8' section
  • Valve Manifold with valves and guages
  • Roof Watertank, Large, Wooden
  • Towel with R Rapture logo
  • Pipe Valve (stylized fish theme)
  • Overheard watering system (pipes and spray nozzles)
  • Automatic watering machine (that thing Lazarus Vector goes in)
  • Porcelain Toilet with Tank
  • Porcelain Sink
  • Narrow Deep Sink
  • ??Big Water Pumps
  • Floor Drain (large)

--- Control/Indicator Mechanisms ---

  • Buttons/knobs/dials
  • Doorbells/buzzer button
  • Alarm horns
  • Bells
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Alarm-bells/buzzers/klaxons
  • Outlets/sockets/taps
  • Control panels
  • Switches/big knife switch/control keyboards/panels
  • Door actuators and Electric eyes
  • Control/status boards
  • Control terminal (Fontaine Futuristics/Belowtree)
  • Control box with levers (several types)
  • Signal lights/annunciator/indicators/telltales/guages/readputs
  • Control Levers
  • Small/Large Announcement Posting Board, wooden, moveable letters
  • 'Gents' and 'Dames' Restroom Signs
  • Sign Plaques metal (various sizes)
  • "Directory" Sign Board
  • Rapture Transit Authority Schedule Board
  • Museum Tour guide sign stand
  • Museum Exhibit plaques
  • Wall Signs with red numbers 1-8
  • "We'll Return By" sign (clock time)
  • Small Sign suspended between 2 Chain
  • Large Billboard Sign, free standing, illuminated
  • Sinewave CRT Monitoring Panel
  • Lever Control Console
  • Control Stand with indicator dials/gauges and switches
  • Control system with lots of Guages (magnetic lock thingee)
  • Monitoring Console (lots of Gauges)
  • Computer CRT Monitor
  • Wall Switch (small)
  • Elevator control panel  One/Two button
  • Temperature Monitor Panel (red yellow green guage)
  • Wood Panel of 5 (temp/pressure?) gauges with small spotlights illuminating
  • Elevator buttons (of various types)
  • Button, Paired Doorlock/unlock
  • Large Electric Knife Switch
  • CRT display green globules

---Computer Equipment---

  • Box of Electronic Tubes (Electronic Tube  intact and broken)
  • Computer Printer
  • Computer Magnetic Tape Drive
  • Computer Magnetic Tape Reels
  • Computer Console (flashing lights type - no QWERTY keyboard)
  • Computer Monitor (CRT screen)
  • Computer wall Module Rack
  • Computer Rack Frames (wall-mounted)
  • Computer Power Supply Rack
  • Computer Power Cables
  • Gang Printer (multiple printers)
  • Individual Electronic Tubes
  • Reel of Computer Punchtape
  • Reams of Computer Printout (paper)
  • Punchcard Deck Carrier
  • Punchcard Punching machine
  • Punchcard Sorter/Collater machine
  • Punch Tape Reader/Puncher machine
  • Portable Computer (on rollers)
  • Spitfire Game Console
  • Thick Computer Cables on floor
  • ??McClendon Home Computer  
  •  - Card Sorter/Reader/Puncher
  •  - Printer
  •  - Console (no keyboard)
  •  - Computing Banks (tubies)
  •  - Card Punch
  •  - Tape Drive
  • Sections of Wall Cables, Bundles
  • Recording Telegraph or Tickertape (BaS)

--- Machinery ---

  • Big stylized bronze flywheel thingees (various sizes) with those odd piston arms
  • Large Generator set
  • Washing machine/dryer
  • Big rotating camshaft
  • Crematoria
  • Control stations
  • Chemical tanks/vats
  • Fishing net crane
  • Big pipes with joints and valves
  • Cranes
  • Spool of heavy Wire Cable
  • Flexible Segmented Hose
  • Small metal Flywheel/gear
  • Large Stills (Distilling equipment)
  • Quarter-can of Ion Gel   (why a is this a quarter ??) gooks like mor ethan a gallow)
  • Glass Aeration Tank (with yellow liquid)
  • Flame Jet
  • Pumping Machine (2 pistons)
  • Poster Printing Machine (silk screen ?)
  • Gear from Securis Door mechanism

--- Furniture ---

  • Bookcases/Map drawers
  • Ashtray
  • Folding screen/divider
  • Bed/ bed with canopy/bunk-beds /pillows
  • File drawers
  • Desks(all kinds)
  • Tables(all kinds) /cafe-tables
  • Chairs(all kinds) /theater chairs/ stools
  • Benches 
  • Sofa /ottomans
  • Reception desks of various shapes
  • Hanger wardrobe
  • File cabinets/card cabinets/record cabinets/card catalogs/cabinets/Filing Cabinet
  • Bookshelves
  • Recliner chair
  • Railroad station style benches (double sided)
  • Artsy-Fartsy Table and Highchair (from Dionysus Park)
  • Bed frame (metal w/springs)
  • Bed Frame (wooden slats)
  • Bunkbeds
  • Mirror (always broken - MMORPG would have them work)
  • Lockers
  • Transit Station Pay Lockers
  • Mattress
  • Blueprint stands
  • Chart cabinets
  • Small table with folddown leaves
  • Console Record Player
  • Diner Stools
  • Diner Booth Seats
  • Standing (small) Bookcase
  • Index card cabinet
  • Park Bench
  • Piano Bench
  • Bar counters
  • Pillow
  • Metal filing cabinet
  • Wooden File Cabinet
  • Metal Desk
  • Wooden Desk
  • Wall clock (round, several syles)
  • 4-Legged Stool wood (short/tall)
  • Aligator Skin Leather Chair
  • Grey Metal Table and Chairs
  • Brass Tea Table and Chair (fancy tubular)
  • Metal Garden Chair
  • Winerack, narrow vertical
  • 4-legged Barstool
  • Barrel Table
  • Theater Chair, single, with fold up seat cushion
  • ? swivel chair
  • Park Bench
  • ? Bunkbeds   Bunk Bed Frame (tubular)
  • Bedspring Single level Wire
  • Footrest (for chair)
  • Brass framed Bed
  • Baby Crib
  • Hamper Basket (wicker)   BaS
  • Small picture Frame
  • Metal-framed Swivel Workchair
  • Drafting Board (upright)
  • Table Lamp (with shade)
  • Clothing shelf
  • Wardrobe enclosure
  • Old Style Phonograph Player (with horn)
  • Electric Desk Fan (BaS)
  • Bar Counter Stool (center post)
  • >?? Piano Bench (fancy)
  • Brass mesh Lounge chair and table
  • Leather Lounge Chair
  • Coffee Table
  • Sewing Table with Leaves
  • Record Vending Rack/Shelf
  • Wooden Rolling Swivel Chair (no recline)
  • Small Bed metal framed
  • Pillow
  • 4 Poster Bed with Curtain
  • Park Bench
  • Combination bench planter (concrete)
  • Drawer for Filing Cabinet
  • Book Cabinet
  • Highbacked bar lounge chair
  • Tall Bookcase shelves (w w/o books)
  • Bathroom Cabinet and Shelves
  • ??Grand Piano
  • Living room TV
  • Sheet Music Stand
  • Dining Table Set with cahirs
  • Library Shelf Ladder
  • Wood Table with metal frame legs
  • Desk Pictureframe Art Deco
  • Leather Waitingroom Chair (square)
  • Leather Waitingroom Sofa (square)
  • Large Mirror Frame brass
  • Fancy Pocelain Pillar Sink
  • Towel Rack with Towels
  • ?? Map/Blueprint Drawers
  • Couch with rounded curved in ends
  • Round short Table
  • Trapazoidal Light Shade, Stained Glass, chain to ceiling
  • Settee, Fancy backless
  • Counch Pillow
  • Coat Rack, circular  BaS
  • Wooden Bench Seating highback
  • Billiards Scoreboard
  • Biiliards Table
  • Billiards Balls
  • Billiards Table Lamp
  • Wall Cubbard (with shelves)
  • Vanity Table (with mirror and seat)
  • Wooden Bed Frame
  • Standalone Bathtub
  • Bathroom Floor Rug (apartment)
  • Tape Recorder (real to real) seen in Players Apartment
  • Typewriter table (with fold down leaves)
  • Art Deco Living room table (apratment)
  • Reclining Chairs (apartment)
  • Bookcase with rounded ends (apartment)
  • Wardrobe (apartment)
  • Electric Fan (tabletop)
  • Tile Bathtub
  • Freestanding Bathtub
  • Center of Floor Fireplace
  • ??Various display manekins
  • Round Demo Platform Table
  • Cubbyhole Shelves
  • ?? Wooden Desk drawer
  • Metal Desk drawer (for folders)
  • Broken narrow Winerack pieces
  • Small Planters  (w/wo plants)
  • >>Wooden Desk vs Metal Desk
  • Octopus Decorative Chest
  • Desk File Drawer
  • Pull-Out Drawer (from a desk)
  • House Cabinet (w display windows)
  • Office Stand for rolled diagrams/blueprints
  • Portable Business Display Stand (with brass work)
  • Metal bed spring set
  • Piano  (very baby Grand)
  • Free-standing Workbench
  • Bench, Fansy Pseudo Roman (from Adonis Resort)
  • Wall mounted Row of clothing hooks

--- Containers ---

  • 55 gallon drum  (w/wo fire)
  • Air-Tight Archives Cannister
  • Attache case
  • Barrels large/small/huge
  • Beer crate
  • Biscuit Tin
  • Bottles
  • Briefcase
  • Crates and Boxes
  • Garbage-can/ash-can
  • Giftboxes, gift-wrapped boxes, hatbox, parcels
  • Packing cases
  • Jars/clear jars
  • Metal Tub (round with handles)
  • Museum display case
  • Paint cans, oil cans, cans of oil/fuel
  • Pallets
  • Racks/filing-cabinets/display shelves/display counters
  • Sacks
  • Sea Chest
  • Smuggler crates
  • Sugar Sack
  • Suitcase/trunk/luggage/briefcase/purse
  • Wicker bushel basket
  • Wooden packing cases (various sizes)
  • Wooden pallets and trays, food trays
  • Wrapped presents
  • Generic Wood Crates/Boxes of all shapes/sizes
  • Large Wooden Crate (used as platform for Turret)
  • ??Wooden Barrel
  • Wooden Box Lid
  • Braced Upright Moving Crate (feet and metal framing)
  • Huge Jug (glass or ceramic)
  • Wooden Box with flaking/faded red paint
  • Large Glass Jug
  • Octopus Decorative Chest
  • Garbage Can
  • Metal Reinforced Wooden Crate
  • Various produce crates (with and without spoiled stuff in them)
  • Coffin
  • Shoebox
  • Round Giftbox
  • Rectangular Giftbox
  • Pull out Drawer (from a desk)
  • Folio Case
  • Wooden Milk Box
  • Wrapped Box
  • Fishing Creel (bag/basket)  worn by Splicers
  • Box of Soda Bottles
  • Box of Electronic Tubes (karla)
  • Plasmid Containers
  • Chemical Filler (Pour) Cans
  • Cologne bottles
  • Drum of "Diesel Fuel"
  • ???Steamer Trunk
  • Quarter-can of Ion Gel   (why a is this a quarter ??) gooks like mor ethan a gallow)
  • Sinclair Toys Crates (wood)
  • Suitcase Open (small)

--- Kitchen/Dining/Foodstuff  ---

  • Ovens/stove/cooking range/cooking pots
  • Biscuit Tin
  • Cupbards/shelves/cabinets/kitchen cabinets
  • Pots/pans/cooking pots
  • Coffee/Tea cups
  • Cups/plates/stacks of plates
  • Silverware/cutlery/
  • Plate of spagetti
  • Coffee urn
  • Dinner table with settings/chairs
  • Salami
  • Rotting foods
  • Empty tin cans
  • Canned food
  • Menu order-rotating-thingee
  • Various rotting food (meat/fish/cheese_wheels/cake/vegetables)
  • Produce scale
  • Fish crate/milk crates/produce boxes
  • Buffet table heater
  • Bag rice/tobacco/flour
  • Thermos bottle (coffee)
  • Jars/honey
  • Menu boards
  • Buffet Serving pans (built into countertop)
  • Frying pan
  • Baking pan
  • Toaster
  • Cooking implements
  • Cutting board
  • Bottles of soda/beer/wine
  • Piece of Cake
  • Deep Frier
  • Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Champagne bucket stand
  • Auto-Chef-bot
  • Napkin Dispenser
  • Beer Keg with tap
  • Warming pans
  • Worley Winery Merlot 1958 (SitS)
  • Can of Coffee (ground or instant ??)
  • Large Cooking Pots with Lids
  • Barrel Tap Spigot   (small and large)
  • Wineglass
  • Toaster (BaS style, Medical boxy style)
  • BlenderWafflemaker
  • Sandwich
  • Piece of Cake
  • Small Wheel of Cheese
  • Produce Tray
  • Wine barrels
  • Rotting cuts of meat
  • Coffee Cup
  •  ?? Food Display Counter
  • Large Cooking Pot (with cover)
  • Frying Pan with handles
  • Metal Stove Top
  • Stovetop Ventilation Hood
  • Stack of large pots
  • Fluted Drinking Glass (BaS)
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Ceramic Can/Bowl with Kitchen utensiles
  • Stove with double Oven  and Fancy Oven Hood
  • Chafing Dish
  • Metal Bushel Tub (with handles)
  • Creme Cake (packaged)
  • Box of Small Fish
  • Pile of Medium-size Fish
  • Big Fish (Tuna?) on hook/chain
  • Cake slice (BaS)
  • Tuna, Whole
  • Small Fish (1 foot)
  • Rotting Pumpkin

Honey Jar (large and small) Fancy Paper Napkins

  • Wine Barrels (of many sizes)
  • Glass Jar with narrow neck
  • Glass Jar with wide screw top
  • Broken Honeycomb
  • Popcorn Cart  ??  dup
  • Cloth covered Serving Table

--- Agriculture ---

  • Beehives
  • Bags of manure
  • Fertilizer bags
  • Incubators
  • Irrigation sprinklers
  • Shovel/Rake/Hoe

--- Building Materials ---

  • Stone blocks
  • Wall textures brick/fieldstone/cement,cinderbloc,metal panel wallpaper
  • Lathing exposed
  • Metal girders
  • Corrogated metal sheet
  • Wood beams
  • Wood boards
  • Wood panels
  • Glassbrick/Glass brick sections
  • Floor tiles
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Steel Plate (walking surface)/ Safety mesh

--- Security Systems/ Prison details ---

  • Alarm systems
  • Gun Turrets
  • Cellbars/barred doors/walls
  • Electromagnetic Lock
  • Fingerpinting Rig
  • Flybot with TV
  • Handcuffs
  • Metal doors with food/observation slots
  • Prison Cells
  • Prison toilet & sink/ bunks
  • Resisters used on magnetic lock (for some reason)
  • Security Annunciator Panel
  • Security Blocade
  • Flybot (of various flavors)
  • Security boxes
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Monitors (CRTs)
  • Wall height chart
  • Wall Manacles (Fail-Safe brand)

--- Clothing  ---

  • Hat/masks
  • Dress
  • Shirt/coat/pants
  • Shoes
  • Purse
  • Clothing on drying line
  • Jewelry
  • Little Pink Dresses (LS)
  • Hats
  • Shoes
  • Glasses/Eyeglasses

Policeman style Cap
Mans Hat
Pair of Shoes
Hat on hook
Jacket on hanger
Womens Handbag
Jackets on hangers
Folded Shirts
Workers Cap
Chain of Pearls
Mannekins (floating in Ocean in BaS)
Mannelin Head (for hat display)
Suit Jacket on hanger
Dress on Hanger
Folded Pants

--- Communications /equipment /media ---

Portable TV
Desk Telephone

Signal Beacon (a radio transmitter)

Police Call Boxes (in streets)  see in Infinite and in LA Noire(same era)

Warning signs/posters
Loud speakers/microphones
Telephones (wall and desk)
TVs (camera and monitor)   console/station/portable
Radios one-way/two-way  station/portable
Telemetry displays
Announcement Speakers
Microphone stand/desk
Camera tripod
Photo enlarger/darkroom equipment
Printing press
Film projector
Public TV
Bulletin boards/chalk boards/note boards

Standing announcement board with light

Periodic table
Notice stands
A-frame signboard
Memo papers/clippings/document-sheets/pages/diagrams
Signs unlit/generic/neon signs/placards/standing/marquees
Mail letters/postcards
Bundled files
Open folders
Photos/newspaper clippings
Posting boards
Records in/out of covers

Photographs of people
Birthday Cards
Mail package (too big for auto sorters)
Stickers and posted notices  ( like "Seized" )
Plasmid/Tonic Advertisements
Sofias Big White Book (TP proof paper)
Punchcard box
Punchcars on floor
Rolls of printer paper
Spiral Binders
Magnetic Computer Tapes
Punchtape rolls
Punchtape strips on ground

Wall intercom

Recorded Presentation switch

Book - Evolutionary Biology, by Keating
Book - Applied Genetics, by Wahl
Book - Dawkins Law,  by Sturievant
Book - Applied Headology, by F. Griffith
Book - Mendelian Practise, by Keating
Book - Practical Eugenics, by Foberg
Book brown blank cover
Book - Pressure Mechanics (cover)

Roll of Film
? Film Cannisters (35mm)
Interoffice Envelope (yellow)
Pile of paperclips
Paper tags (type you tie to things)
Pages of Sheet Music
Music Score folded
Manilla Folder
Dark Green Paper (not sure if this is a folder )
Stacks of Newspapers
Wet Newspaper sheets on floor
Stamps on Envelopes
Tram Tickets ?  with cancellation punches
Postage Stamps
Stack of Posters
Daily Post folded stack
Rolled-up/Rolls Computer Paper
Roll of Computer Punchtape
Consumer Rewards Program paperwork
ID Badge (ex- Rapture Central Computing)
Framed pictures (assorted)
Picture on clothsline with clips
Round Airlock Hatch
Photo Developing Tray
Large Camera
??Camera Tripod
Stack of Newspapers "The Daily Post"
Bulletic Board with various papers/memos/forms
Photos taped to wall
Newspaper article clippings taped to wall

--- Medical  ---

Medical Cabinet
Medical Supply Drawer set
Medical Refrigeration Cabinets
Surgical Floodlamps
Examination/morgue/dentist/operating/therapy tables
Electron microscope
X-ray machines
Dialysis machines
Incinerator/crematoria/boxes of ashes
Surgery lights
Surgical Sinks

Plasmid/Tonic bottle
EVE/Plamid/Empty injector
Bottle of poison (one was a big bottle, looks like it was ragù ?) Rubber arm gloves
Rubber contamination/environmental suit

Electroshock therapy equipment
IV Stand
Capsule Pills (blue)
Dialysis machine
Repirator Tanks cart
Instrument Cart (wheeled)

Examination Table (top) Bone Saw
ADAM Harvesting Tool    replace ?
Blue Pills (pile)
Petri Dishes (with cultures0
Large Forceps
Chemical Flask (like for Lot 192)
Specimen Jars (various interesting specimenes)
Bottles of Chemicals (rectangular, screw top)
Gas Regulator Outlets
Microscope, different model
Table Lamp, flexible neck
Medical Seperation Curtain (Space Divider)
Medical Respirator
Folded Blanket
Chemical Gas Control Stand
Box full of Medical Supplies
XRay Viewing Board
Bottle of Iodine
Medical Syringe
Various Medical Poster Diagrams
Bunsen Burner and stand
Rack of lab coats (on hangers)

--- Entertainment  ---

Record Players/Phonograph and records
Listening radio
Reel-to-reel tape Player
Slot machines
Gaming tables
Billards/pool table
Piano (baby grand and upright) /guitar
Rope stantion
Klieg light
Console TV/ Art Deco TV(tabletop)
Console Radio  floor/tabletop
Music/reading stand
Guitar/guitar case
Picture frames
Blank stretched canvas
Jars of paint
Sculptures of all kinds and awfulness

Record Player

Animatronic Human Simulation

--- Vending  (machines and shops)---

Cash registers
Vending machines
Bubblegum machines
Dispenser (eve)
Sales racks
Display cases display windows (adjacent to shop doors)
Popcorn/food/water cart
Shoe Shine stand
Newspaper vending machine
Oxy-fill station
Fuel station
Dressing dummy
Mannequin heads
Weighing scales
Wine Bottle Racks

Health Station - Prime Health Unit
Bot Shutdown   (actually would be an alarm activator - unless cancelling alarm by paying 'fine' was much

Power to the people Machine (preprogrammed machining system)

Big Daddy Fuel Station  - Pan Scales

Shoeshine stand

Plasmid demonstration machines (various kinds)

Stages used at the Plasmid demonstartion showroom

--- Animals ---

Dead Cats (all seem to be clones of same one... )

Seaslugs in Jar
Fish   live/dead/guts

Whale skeleton
Giant fossil fish/ammonite/trilobyte
Fake fish/squid/seaslugs/kraken/crabs/sharks/corral/sea plants/rocks/sand Jellyfish
Swinning fish/whale/giant squid
Birdcage (gilt)
Fish flopping on ground
Hypnotic Polyp

Fossils of various types

Dead Cat

--- Tools  ---

Diving suits  (the canvas types we saw cant be used by a ex-Splicer not using 'Bends-Begone' Tonic)
Large format cameras/flash camera
Reserach Camera, still and motion
Crates and sticks of dynamite
Pesticide sprayer (flit gun)
Cranes/ traveling crane/ electromagnet /fishnet
Cables/ropes/chains/padlocks/coils of rope/pulleys/hooks
Conveyor belts
Sandbags  (container)
Flood lights
Tool boxes
Rake/shovel/wheel barrow/hand-cart
Bench vise
Wall tool rack
paint brush/paint brushes in jar
Drafting Table
Adding machines
Workshop equipment,  machining tools

Workbench Table
Jumper cables Saw horse
Can of paint (open)
Paint roller


Big Hook (crane pulley rig)
Artists paintbrush
Diving suit - body with helmet/boots/glovs/tank units
Tool Guages
Tool extractors
Parts drawers
Monkey wrenches
Ratchet wrenches
Metal solvent cans
Hand dolly/truck
crescent wrenches
Pallet dolly
Wooden parts boxes
Cans of spray paint/lubricants
Overhead Beam Crane
Push Cart
Paint Brush
Ceiling Jacks
Loading hooks
Mop pail
Drafting board

Spools of wire
Circuit tray

Bolt cutters

whole assortment of tools/machinery/parts/materials  mounted on boards

Ladder (leaning type)
Rubber Maintenance Suit
Small Shovel
Worklight mounted on tripod
Metal Pail/Bucket
Box Saw
Plant Growing Workbench/Rack  (with lamps)
Wooden Tree Planter (with/without various kinds of plants/trees)
Mop Wringer Bucket
Canvas sheet
Pile of Rope
Chain with a hook
Bunch of Chain with hook (ugly)
Carpenters Hammer
Welders Mask
Big Daddy Rivet Gun
Monkey(pipe) Wrench
Artists Paint Brush (single)
Wrench 12 inch Laplante  "Forged in Rapture"
Battery, Car style
Multi-drawer Toolbox
Blocks of Wood
Slab of Metal
Foot Pedal Control + wire

---Lab Equipment---

Glass jugs large /medium/small
Ceramic Jug
Chemical bottles/flasks of various sizes/shapes
Metal tubing and plug fittings
Bunsen Burner and heating stand
Chemistry flasks,
Beakers and Testtubes/with stands,
Glass tube apparatus,
Mysterious  Chemical flask
Chlorophyll Solution
Distilled Water
Enzyme Sample
The Lazarus Vector.
Siphon tubes

--- Toys ---

Big sub (child gets in - would be odd to at least once find a splicer in one)
Submarine windup
Shark windup
BD doll
Wooden blocks
Firefly bottle
Lil red wagon  (Lil Sisters use these)
Music box
Miniature furniture
Tea set

Golf club
Baseball bat
Tennis Racket and ball
Tin of crayons
Jigsaw puzzle
Music box
Ray Gun
Big Daddy Dolls
Seahorse toy
Big letter blocks
Plastic balls

Toy trains (actually look like trolley)  not AE style
Toy Ship
Toy sailboat
Box on wheels toy  (looks like boxcar)
Giant Russian Nested Dolls
Little Sister Doll.
Toy riding horsie
?? Wooden Letter blocks
Individual Crayons
>> Childs Music Box
Tennis Ball
Rolled Exercise Mats
Basketball Hoop, Backboard and support post.

--- Decorations ---

Wooden indian
Trophy heads
Stuffed bears/polar bear
trophy cup award
Wall paintings/murals
Tile patterns
Wallpaper patterns
Mirrors  broken mirrors
Planter urns
Vase (including square ones)
Flower pots/flowers/ferns/houseplants
Potted plants/trees (...palmtrees)
Decorative ponds
Plants - trees, bushes, grass
Burial urn
Planters ceramic and concrete
Globes (large)/ Small globle on stand (shelf sized)
Standing human cutouts
Decorative bunting/flags
Poster frames with lights
Decorative curtains
Carpets (throw rugs flt/half-folded over)
Ribbon bowtie
Bunches of cut Flowers
Wall Pictures
Decorative framed Photgraphs
Statuary of many kinds
Large concrete vases/planters
Square Planters
Desk picture frame
Ivy plant
Water Lily Pad
Bear display

All kinds of decorative insets for walls  brass/ceramic

The Great Chain decorative metal wall sculpture
Wrought Iron Stone decorative wall inset
Oversized New Year Eve masks (decoration)
Balloons (confetti inside when broken)
Streamers hanging from ceils straight and curved
Picture Frames (various sizes)
Paper Lantern Square (decorative)   red and white
Paper Lantern Spherical(decorative)
Decorative Waterwheels
Bar Sign mounting bracket
Decorative Column with Art Deco Capital
Propellor from Metro Sign
Palm Tree in a planter tub
Fancy Frame for Advertisements
Square Inverted Pyramidal Planter
Square VAse black
Cut Flower - Lily
Fish Sculpture bronze
Tall planter cruciform base
Sconse (wall decoration)
String of Lightbulbs
Flower pots
Sharks Jaw (large)
Planter Vase, floor
Various Bronze decorative statues

Rug Eve's Garden
Funeral Urn
Wooden Coffin

Rug Pharaohs Fortune Casino
Pharaohs Fortune playing cards
Betting chips individual and stacks , various denominations/colors

Large (Sea?) Turtle Shell & skeleton
Giant Ammonites Shell (fossil)
Whale skeleton
Fossil stone slab display frame (wood)
Giant Fossil Fish in stone slab (still has skin)
Pillar of Rock with imbedded Fossils
Large Fossil Fish in rock slab (skeletal)
Desk Picture Frame, Art Deco

--- Portal/ Building Structures ---

Elevators/elevator doors/cages/ladders
Doors and frames
Windows and frames  seaview or interior
Stairs and bannisters
Sliding ladders
Barred panels/chainlink panels
Safety cages/gates
Little sister vent (really an air-vent though should have a screen to keep things other than air out)
Morgue doors
Fireplace logs/gas
In-wall cabinets
Securis doors/ other seal doors
Airlocks doors/valves/controls/indicators
Locks/ Door locks
Grilles, screens/windows/partitions 
Access plates/covers/panels
Wall safe/stand-alone safe
Floor to Ceiling tied-back Drapes

Floor tiles
Wooden boards
wooden beams
Sheet Plywood
Sheet Corrugated metal
Latice Girder
Chunk of cut stone
Metal Safety Tread plate
Pipe sections
Electrical conduits
Concrete Reinforcement Beams
Big Reinforced Water Tubes (seen in Persephone)

Jet Postal Postalbox Door (seen in Jet postal stations)
Pressure Doors
Metal cage (bars) Door

--- Misc ---

LS syringe
Dollar bills/coins

Genetic Key

Accu-vox Vacuum-bot

--- Weapons ---

Shotgun sawed-off/full-sized
Grenade Launcher
BD Drill (several styles)
Gattling gun/Multi-Barrel Machinegun
Rivet gun small and BD sized
Hunk of Pipe/Metal Rod
Whale Harpoon


Ion Laser
Sinclair Solutions kit (guns/palsmids/tonics)
Munition boxed
Sinclair Solutions Kit

--- Ammo ---

Shotgun shells (individual)
Bolts individual
Pistol rounds/clip  normal/anti-personell/armor-piercing
submachinegun rounds/clip  normal/anti-personell/armor-piercing
50 Caliber Rounds    normal/anti-personell/armor-piercing
Drill Fuel cannister
Grenade (can)/homing/proximity
Hack Dart   remote/automatic
Hack Tool
Rivet normal/heavy/trap
Shells (box) buckshot/phosphorus/exploding/slug
Spear  standardl/rocket/trapwire
Ion Cell laser/thermal/burst
Miniture Turrets
Chemical  napalm/electro-gel/liquid-nitrogen
Bolt  steel-tip/incendiary/trap   bundle
Film for research camera

Individual Crossbow Bolts
Trap Spear with wire and wire end clamp
Individual Speargun spears
Thrown bomb (from 'Nitro')
Deployed Trap Rivels
? Grenade Box

--- Consumables ---

Present box
Plasmid/Tonic bottle
EVE/Plamid/Empty injector

---Smoking/Drinking Paraphenalia---

Cigar individual
Cigar boxes
Smoking pipe

Smoking pipe
Ashtray (with butts)
Individual Cigars
Cigarette butts
Lit Cigar
Cigarettes (individual)
Pack of Cigarettes

-- Wreckage/Debris---

Debris/rubble stone/chunks concrete with/without rebar
Twisted  girders/railings/pipes
Hunks of Wood/beams/lathing
Pools of liquids

in-wall exposed plaster/lathing/reinforcing bars/beams Machine gun Shell casings (on floor)
?? Pieces of Fly-Bots
Wrecked Turret
Pile of Soil
Large Chucks of Cut Rock
Wooden board (large)
Wooden Pole
Wooden Beam 8x8
Wooden pole/post
Wooden Panel board
Metal Wall Panel
Broken up Floor Tiles
Pieces of Wooden Boards (1x6, 1x8)
Big chunks of concrete floor with tiling
Rounded Boulders
Glass Brick (individual)
Wooden Board
Wooden Plank
Reinforced Hose
Light Door with inset window panel
Sign Panel Board
Bent rods sticking out of wall
Broken Glass (from bottle)
Destroyedd Gas Cylindar
Destroyed Turret
Destroyed Medical Station
Sections of large I beam
Metal Doors (halve)
Broken Standing Book Shelf
Shards of Glass

---Particle Effects ---

Pieces of paper
chips of wood
chips of stone
Yellow goo
Purple wine
Blue Sparks
Yellow sparks (bullet richochets)


Bible (Book)
Box of Bibles Crucifix/Crucifixes in box

Bottles of Booze (wine)

Generic Wooden Box with black hand (smuggler) Movie Film Cannisters

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Possible useful Asset stuff from Infinite :

Style of various items would not be an anachronism as Infinite BS's period predates Rapture's and not everything  in Rapture needs be Art Deco



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