Primary Construction

Rapture Phase 1 - Initial construction of the City beyond worker infrastructure.

Building in the area of Welcome Center  which would be some of the first facilities needed when large scale immigration started.  Its proximity to the Lighthouse facilitated transfer of materials, supplies and personel.  It would be the first foothold of the normal building structure of the city.

Air circulated from the Lighthouse intakes would provide until the permanent systems were in place (the Farms)

Administrative Offices - operational coordination and control of construction

Monsenor Hotel - Allowed worker residences to be moved from the Work Domes to a more normal environment.

AE Station - link to the growing train system which greatly facilitated city construction.

Establishment of  Neptunes Bounty, Port Rapture, Hephaestus and connection of them to the transport network  followed to provide the basic resource needs for further expansion




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