Potato Chips

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'Johnny' likes Potato Chips... :

- "Much like Subject Delta, Subject Sigma can still eat and drink despite having a helmet on."

- Apparently 'Johnny' (the Delta clone involved in the MMORPG plotline) does also.

- Training of Little Sisters partially used 'treats' as part of their conditioning process. How many bags of Potato Chips could they get one child to eat before it barfed or got too thirsty ??? (Then the water becomes the 'reward'?) It is possible that the Big Daddy's (of all kinds) training process may have also used some similar 'incentives'. BDs being more heavily modified, that may required some significantly different 'rewards' (than just 'Potato Chips').

- Special ports to allow ingesting solids/liquids/vapors/injections would be built into the suits to make this possible (and objviously for just regular caloric consumption to stay alive).

Big Daddies seem to collect money (Rapture Dollars) for some reason - maybe they find many less accessible vending machines still with "goodies" in them (possibly some have 'stashed' them, intentionally or its part of the system of 'payments' that keep them functioning). Intelligent actions take more than a 'dumb brute' to carry out, so similarly the system of maintaining control of them would likewise be more complex.

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