Point Prometheus


Map images :

PP 0

Level 0

PP 1

Level 1

PP 2

Level 2


Map Diagram Color Key :
  • Light Beige - accessible floorspace from in-game
  • Black - Structural walls (reinforced concrete - primary watertight structure) 
  • Dark Grey - bulk foundation concrete (built ontop/into seabed rock)
  • Orange - Additional space within given structural walls (not visible in-game) - including many utility space (ie- sumps at lowest level)
  • Green - Continuations of a floor level (implied by a door or windows or blocked passage/door or similar stacked floors)
  • Blue - Ocean Water areas (water contacting exterior surface)
  • Brown - Seabed  and some interior structures like banister rails/outlines of furniture/machines
  • Red - Atlantic Express tracks, doors and airlocks, some machinery/pipes/cables/conduits
  • Yellow - Stairs/steps/elevators/access shafts (paths of level changes)
  • Light Blue - Window 'glass'
  • Purple - Blocked doors and passages (in-game)

--- --- --- --- ---

Map orientation is taken from the Bathysphere coming from Apollo Square - from the South East (or rather from Olympus Heights, which would have been the logical Bathysphere cableway 'hub' location).


I had to stretch the safety/Security Airlock passage link to Proving Grounds (on that map) quite a bit so that there is no overlap of the Proving Grounds building with this level's Bathysphere Station.   Note that every Viaduct connection between buildings also acts as a Safety Airlock.  They have Securis doors on each end interlocked so that if a pressure differential occurs the doors wont open, protecting adjacent structures from possibly disasterous flooding.

Since the Bathysphere Station has a window showing 'the sea' on the side up against the entryway to The Proving Grounds, I had to do 'the Aquarium fix' yet again (that stretched hall now has a long "Living Fossils Aquarium" on the wall the Bathysphere window looks into).

The Usual faked outside window view issues :

- Where the same cityscape scene is visible looking in any of the  4 cardinal directions (same view is reused), and with too many windows on the caricature adjacent buildings, the building being way too tall, etc...

- External walls that have no thickness per what a structure at the depth would need - corrected.

- A building wall seen through a sea window IS an adjacent building of the level, but they show those building facades covered in windows when the corresponding building either has no windows or not that pattern.

- A common weirdness with outside big 'rocks' (of the sea floor apparently)  being there, but so many of the skybox views make it look like we are a dozen stories above any seafloor.  Best just to discount the tall 'grand view' as we are almost always in squat horizontally spawling buildings with few floors.

- The Failsafe Armored Escorts South Wing has West windows with a sea view of distant buildings, when the Mendel Family Library building section is almost immediately adjacent. That was fixed by keeping the window, except have it look into another Test Tank. The South windows with a similar long view are OK except that they would look down onto/across the roof of the (added) Train Station on the Proving Grounds level map.

- Optimized Eugenics - Several exterior walls/pillars are visible on one window, when are gone on an adjacent window (on other side of where the wall/pillar was).

The Test Tank adjacent to Failsafe Armored Escorts has 2 circular hatches to access the interior, but they are botched by being right up against a thin wall that would pass direcly to the adjacent room/corridor (blank wall there).   This was corrected by the section being stretched to allow for thickness of walls with passages within, and also resulted in making the building simpler (more monolithic).  Complementary hatches were added to properly create airlocks (as would actually be needed).  Water passages now link to the larger 'pool' in the Suit Assembly area to make a much more extensive testing/training environment for the future Big Daddies/Maintenance Cyborgs.   An airlock to the Ocean allows Training in the real Environment.

Level 2 has lots of utility spaces and access for various machinery, as well as continuing the quite high ceilings of some parts of the floors below.


Added some of the Adjacent Building visible from Sea Windows (actually represented by caricature facade models).  Some buildings are from what is visible in the Proving Grounds level map (and overlap into this map) and overlap.  One view from the Southern end of Failsafe Armored Escorts (Candidate Conversion) is actually attached to the same building you are in, but is at a lower level (so you still see a horizon view, but not the looking down onto the roof).

Sewer level was below level 0 (so not shown) with the Metro Trolley (also below level 0) running above it in a viaduct.  The Trolley line terminates at Point Prometheus, so it has a track 'loop' to efficiently turn the Trolley Cars for heading in the opposite direction  (The 'return' loop is also below level 0, so not shown on this map).  The loop runs in a tunnel constructed in the seabed (which was much cheaper than the conventional 'viaduct' style structuring).  More than a little of the (1952-53) consolidated Metro Trolley system has tracks running thru tunnels, which lowered the additional construction costs significantly as well as straighter routes.

The usual city utility lines (heat, power, water, air, pneumo, communications, etc..) connect Southwards.  Redundant utility 'aqueducts' run SouthEast and East to other clusters and also continue Northwards towards 'The Shallows' where farming/industrial businesses closer to the surface existed (in MMORPG).  The connections are with the sewers running on lower levels not seen in this map set (see Olympus Heights maps for equivalence).

Added a second Bathysphere station used by Point Prometheus companies personnel (those high enough grade to afford it) to improve traffic flow which is pretty restricted by the original single load point/dock.   The Bathyspheres Cableway mechanism is below the visible levels with the route running back towards the major hub at Olympus Heights (both share the same infrastructure cableway equipment).   Access stairs also links to lower level Staff facilities with Cafeteria and other needed functions (like restrooms).   There would be a 'Transfer' Bathysphere Station linked to the adjacent buildings Northward, as there are no connecting viaducts into the central buildings on this map.

Added AE station MK2 and Trolley station to be shared with Proving Grounds (previously Rapture Museum) in an overlapping transit hub which ties all the different transportation system together.  Details will be on that map.   A building visible while in the Proving Grounds level was selected for this and added on this map because it was in the right place to be part of a shared transportation hub between 3 different map sets (Point Prometheus, Proving Grounds+DLC Museum, and 'Fontaine' -- all are in close proximity).

Added the usual lower level sump drainage passages (basement areas largely filled with filler concrete to anchor the buildings with access tunnels thru them.  

Seabed is shown (from visible hints) in places while others are probably lower than level 0 (but not that rediculous height seen in those odd skybox views).

Point Prometheus was a City Cluster (or at least the building we are in) largely developed by Fontaine for Technical Development for ADAM tech and Little Sisters and later for Big Daddies (maybe earlier for Maintenance Cyborgs).  We elsewhere saw Orphanages, which were source of the raw materials (there must've been ALOT of Little Sisters compared to the few we ran into, and even MORE Big Daddies, as there also should have been a large labor force for maintenance besides the ones being 'protectors').  We should see in the MMORPG remnants/documentation of the Atlas period (and earlier) protests against the 'Big Daddies' stealing jobs from human workers ...).

What was Point Prometheus before ADAM existed in city planning?  Was it a later an added/added-to cluster ?  It is adjacent to a Museum that probably was originally planned and that tall building "Prometheus Point", where Fontaine's lair was (we never saw what all was inside most of that large building.)

Mendel Family Library :  An example of extensive amounts of possessions brought to Rapture by various immigrants and additional research materials brought in from the Surface.  Additional technical research materials would be brought in from the Surface and possibly even after the contact ban.

Voice box shredding machine - well Jack never says anything anyway, so whats the difference.  They really should have (in the game) had to have Jack go get some Brute Strength (equivalent) Tonics to be able to operate in the Big Daddy suit (which is supposed to be heavy enough to have neutral buoyancy in sea water -- 600+ lb...).  But then those devs cant think of everything, no matter how obvious.

The Firing Tunnel in the suit assembly line sticks way out from the rest of the normal block of building structure interiors.  It is not a problem since I just extend that entire side to preserve the clean monolithic lines of the building's structural wall (extra utility space can fill in the extra internal area that it creates..)   A similar clumsy 'sticking out' is in the "Autopsy" room in Little Wonders.

Little Wonders Educational Facility does not have a very large number of 'cells' to hold Little Sisters,  and has that sinister 'Autopsy' section -- its big enough for the morgue of a small city.  The place looks more like a development site rather than the main LS 'production' facility.   The conditioning section also is rather meager.  Of course, later we see the much larger facilities at Persephone and more Orphanages in BS2.   No Little Sisters are present, so what does that say about Ryan supposedly still running these operations - maybe by this time (with Atlas virtually beaten) Ryan is seriously working on how to eliminate ADAM from his City.

This Location had been taken over by the City Council after Fontaine's demise and the Big Daddy program had been added to the existing Maintenance Cyborg program (which predated the Little Sister stuff by several years - the purely Maintenance units may have been less heavy (less armored) to facilitate their work instead of being 'tanks').

On wonders why those previously existing Maintenance Cyborgs had not been used as weapons in the Civil War.  Perhaps they were just to unmaneuverable, but you would think that they at least could be used in defensive positions and could have had extra armor added.  Perhaps any program to completely change their purpose would have taken too long to develop, and the existing Cyborgs were difficult to change their conditioned from their original tasks (ie- non-violent considering how strong they were and that they were converted from criminally insane inmates).  Perhaps they were hard to control or without a fixation on an object for their task they did not work so well (Note- later use of base instinct in regards to Little Sister protection, somehow...).

We've seen a number of "vents" we went thru as a sneak path or way past some obstacle in the game.  Most of these building have far more such paths that are not represented on these maps.  Access hatches to various utilities, manhole covers to drainage channels, lots of ventilation ducts made large enough to clean easily.  They all are partitioned as the buildings are into airtight sections to isolate potential major leaks and have airlock hatches to allow passage thru the partitioning.  There are many subfloors and false ceilings and false walls offset from the thick concrete structural walls (which all slowly leak or precipitate moisture due to the oceans coldness, and are drained systematically).

The reason the Tall building near Point Prometheus (The 'Fontaine' level) can be the 'highest point in Rapture' (besides some industrial and farm installations to the North of this area LINKY to Rapure Map )  is because it is in the leeward (down current) shadow of the top of the Sea Mount named Mt Ryan (the extinct volcano Rapture is built on) which prevents the infrequent passing iceberg from chopping off the top several hundred feet of any building close to the ocean's surface.

The Broken windows into the decontamination passages - when there are plenty of interior windows we cant break, but these ones you would think would be quite well reinforced for security reasons ... THEY are busted.




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