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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG   

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Part 94

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Rapture's ADAM Tools to Further Genetic Developments :

Use of genetic mechanisms now were easier to control using ADAM related technical processes.  Biochemicals  used as tools to manipulate organisms are complicated/expensive to synthesize.   Methods could now be  created to genetically modify existing organisms to produce these chemicals much cheaper (like today where   E Coli  bacteria are manipulated to produce Insulin in the real world).

Many of the medical 'Tonics' (the first USEFUL products) are formulated to generate/moderate various  biochemicals in the human body to cause various effects and restore normal function.   Some are temporary  theraphies while others are permanent introduction of the corrections and repairs/regeneration.   Some  human tissues can be simply modified the same way - leading to the cosmetic uses (the NEXT set of  Products).

Various ADAM type projects desired by the City could be available for the Player to assist (lots of fetch  missions for materials, tools, knowlege, knowhow  -- without requiring the genius or PhDs in genetics).

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Its All There in The Actual Theory ... :

Infinite BS  should have been called "Quantum Farts"  (the Pseudo-Science was alot of "passing gas" - which  BTW is ALOT closer to quantum sized objects required for Quantumz Effects to take place - too bad its  usually required to be at near Absolute Zero)

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Why did the Dump on Sinclair ? :

Sinclair, who had pride in his own ability to create wealth, wouldn't begrudge others their chance to make  their own wealth (unlike those like Fontaine, who ultimately wanted to steal the wealth and power of  others).  Sinclair did seem to have disdain for those who had wealth but who hadn't seemed to have done  anything to create it, and those who stupidly wasted theirs.

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Ultimate Evolution :

Big Daddies  (and all the Maintenance Cyborgs) to gain sustinance could just shove barnacles into their  ingestion port to be pur'eed.

There might have been a (crazy) movement to convert everyone to such  'Cyborgs' to make Rapture fully  self-sustained...   The true Rapturite - The Future ....   (Sounds like a fun Faction to run into in the  MMORPG)

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I don't really think it likely any time soon and certainly not with the things I propose. I have no serious  expectation - few companies could do it properly, and if anything we would instead get some lame warmed  over content (like most other MMORPGs seen these days).

Rapture isn't really that small (and if done right you COULD go outside freely into the Sea, as that  environment could be largely expanded on for more variety).  

We also actually saw only a tiny bit of all of Rapture (the city was supposed to be one of 20000+ people  and we saw the businesses and residences of a few hundred at most).

Go waaaaay up in this WIKI's wall-of-text  and it explains how it would need to work (Modular Design,  better Tools, Auto-Generation, tapping into Players for alot of the Creation).  Any one of  those things is a major project that ALL the companies just don't want to take the risk - just to ATTEMPT  to make a breakthrough on.

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Anachronistic Music

Even in-game Music Videos (TV technology being in the city from its start - just begging for innovation to  create some very Rapturesque musicy things) 

Remnants from Raptures 'golden age' (records fortunately arent affected much by 'damp'), and whats to be  seen in New Rapture now.

Could have evidence of various other 'later' media formats being done by 'artists' pushing the envelope  (not just stuff from the 20s 30s and 40s) :

ie- Rap music  (note - the forms mimicked by Player Creators to be recognizable  -- but NOT any copyrighted  material)

Rock and Roll  (seeped in one way or another  -- would it be labeled 'PArasite Music ???)

Disco  (the sight of Splicers dancing to this should be enough to call the retreat...)

Synthesizer (electronics was Rapture specialty and there would have been alot of 'garage' inventors -- even  IF there werent any garages).

Have some of the classic/historic reactions voiced in the media as to citizens reactions  (comments like -  "Artistic Freedom we understand, but for garbage like this WE have the freedom to call it Crap",  "Remember  when music was Good, like the way Benny Goodman played it ??",  "Is that even music ???"

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Huge Fake Things :

Columbia's monumental construction would have originally been for an "Exposition', and not meant to last  more than a year. That would have been plaster and lathe construction of pretty (but fake) edifices, which  long before the time of the game would have been collapsing and crumbling to pieces.  It usually cost  enough just building that.  It might have been more Symbolic to have the decaying place being obviously  patched up to try to keep the illusion alive, but still with the reality showing-through to match the  delusion and falseness of the 'society' living there.  (Such opportunity was lost on the writers).

Real things of monumental size cost fortunes, something unlikely for a charlatan like Comstock to weedle  out of anyone (particularly the government and the taxpayers .. another BIG fantasy).  Even in a floating  city, the laws of physics still apply.  If some wonder technology makes all the impressive/extravegant   architecture possible, then why all the pointless trappings of the antiquated industrial age WHEN you COULD  have built a closer match to a heavenly abode ?     The first to go would be the unsightly slums and the  unsavory/impure minorities with them.  They only contaminate the 'holiness' of the entire city.  Fink's  Tear stealings should have easily allowed angelic servitors - automatons leaving the citizens free to  pursue their higher goals.

Huge fake history and societal ills are perpetrated (feebly watered down), along with a nonsensical  religion to generate animosity with the world and the lower orders of humans kept around in the city  (seemingly just for that purpose).  Sorry, but Allegory is supposed to be portrayed through real  situations, so that people can relate to them, instead of some gun-filled absurd idolatrous never-never  land.

Fail at a Meta level - the game itself.

--- --- ---

No Police Force ? :

The game mentions 'Constables' alot and that isn't usually a term for 'Security Agents' (or Private  Guards).  That title is usually used with officially (civically) assigned Officers of the Law.   In Rapture  with its mercantile philosophy, most companies won't pay for 'private' security of an entire area that  includes public places (AND it would have to be the local community that would have to authorize it, or any  'enforcement' isnt legally binding ).   Security within private property - no problem (within societal  limits), but thats only part of the City.   Ryan Industries runs Ryan Security as a law system for the  entire city (civic entity)?  Isn't that really a 'police force'?  An entity which is answerable to the  Rapture City Council (and therefore its Citizens) ? 

Rapture was not created originally to be an unrealistic utopia (it was meant to start as a reflection of  the American world) - it practically would have 'security' for handling the rough edges EVERY society has.

It would be closer to the pre-socialist/progressive era America, which Ryan sought as being freer.

Quite different from Lamb's parasitical society (feeding off of the remains of Ryan's system and his city  which such parasites could never have built).  She had "Lamb as God and Law, and Lets do Away with  Individualism(humanity) in the World to make it Perfect - OR ELSE", a delusion we know never has worked.   Its like the 'pure' (theoretical) communism held up by some as 'the goal', when history proves the actual  implementation never gets anywhere near a 'stateless' society (the opposite happens and its tyrants murder  millions of people in the process).

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Old-Style Data Display - Basically a Marquee Light Matrix :

Can be improved using a CRT type system, but the input is a punched tape (could be magnetic) fed infront of   the camera/sender, and outputing what is linearly recorded on the tape (translated/shaped into letter  patterns or via the holes in paper tape directly...).  Multiple 'lines' - if a TV screen type display is  used.

Visiting the Interwebz searching under 'Steampunk' you see LOTS of fancy/pretty oldie-styled Keyboards and  computer 'mods' people make, but when combined into a terminal/computer it is almost always paired with a  minimally modified (fancy decorative frame at most) LCD flatscreen.   Useability... fine.  But an  appropriate archaic representation would have to be some (rear screen) light projection of some moving line  media like the output from a Tickertape (printing alphanumerics) - likely a single line of text.    Rapture's decades-later terminal screen displays would be some similar mechanism - teletype-like paper  output would still be common.  The electronics to do alphanumeric text is complicated/expensive and only  came to consumers when Computer IC Chips existed.   General use of more complex vector-line text CRT  terminals (like the Spitfire game) would thus take alot longer to be developed - perhaps just before the  Civil War).

--- --- ---

Structure Idea - MORE Arched Roofs :

Curves for arches who's physical design structurally transmits external surface water pressure via  compression down into the ground(seabed) or into the rest of the structure.   Walls could also employ the  same for sideways 'force trasmission' (its why you see the fillets in my level map wall corners).  

Many of all the squat buildings (versus teh tall thin ones we rarely are inside of, in-game) that Ive done  maps of could have their roofs be  of a curved shape (and the insides can still have flat looking false  ceilings - you need space up there for venting and such anyway...).   Many buildings can have a honeycomb  of walls to supply this same support of the buildings exterior.  Larger open areas need to have their  ceiling (with all that water pressing on it) supported, and the wider the space is, the greater the problem  of leverage increasing the forces applied against the structure, and thus the more massive the support has  to be.

A Stadium I theorize for Rapture (where else can you play footbal ??   GO SEA BULLS!!! ) would have a  massive open interior, and probably the thickest walls of any building and still require external  buttressing to help hold itself up.

--- --- ---

Schrodingers Cat ABUSED !!!! :

Its funny, but the articles on Quantum entanglement only say that certain reseachers CLAIM to have seen  this effect, when publicly touted accounts seem to imply that it is a fact.   Anyway, it is all just  gobbledeegook in BS1 to try to justify the Vita Chambers, which are just part of a game SAVE mechanism  whereby the Player doesn't have to constantly save their game.


The Copenhagen Interpretation :

First - a 'Cat' is not an object with wave–particle duality (concept or otherwise).

The random mechanims that sets off the Poison Capsule (in the allegorical box) is actually the 'quantum  thingee', and the Cat is just something that makes plain the apparent state(outcome) 'when you open the  Box' (the Observation).  The theory goes : That at the time of Observation the Quantum Effect will be in  one of its Possible states (while the Quantum Effect is in progress the objects existence is a probability  of states, and in constant flux).  When observed, the quantum object settles into one of its possible  states - it is 'Entangled' - upto that time it has the potential of being one of its probabilital states.

Unfortunately (as misapplied in this game story writing) people are NOT Quantum objects either, as they are  constantly/completely 'Entangled' in their environment.  The Cat symbolic 'object' being in a Box is  supposed to illustrate the (isolated) lack of Entanglement (of not being observed), which then suddenly  ceases when the observer opens the Box (when the object IS observed at a moment in time). 

It is incredible (or not with todays mass media pushing pseudo-science) how this Quantum Theory stuff gets  misused to be whatever this bunch of game writers needs.  Most game writers likewise probably don't know  how their car engine (or computer) works inside, even though THOSE things CAN be explained using common  enough knowledge.

Infinite's Abuse of Science - Quantum Theory in particular (and its exploitation of ignorant Players) :

- Time Travel

- Floaty levitating Super-Conductor 'points' WITHOUT the required supporting magnets

- "Tears" interfacing between alleged multiple 'dimensions' (with bleeding ears 'merging' effect BS)

- Prescient God humans who somehow can manipulate it all      

Sorry, NONE of that matches the various REAL theories/observed effects (which DO often make sense/have  consistency within the constraints of the universe and working Science).  Fantasy is fine -- UNTIL its game  employment start endlessly bullshitting/misusing/misrepresenting existing Science that IS actually a real  discipline -- its why 'Warp Drive' in StarTrek was wisely never really explained in detail -  Levine & Co  made the mistake of endlessly hyping (and patting themselves on the back for)  alot of stuff that is plain  illogical and inconsistant with itself.   Allegations that they 'consulted' with 'scientists' about quantum  physics apparently lead to dubious results.

--- --- ---

Lil Doc and Nurse :

The Audio Diaries and public announcements actually expressed that 'disquiet' about Little Sisters,  even  with Ryan saying so himself in one.  It just doesn't seem to correlate with the other simultaneous  descriptions/story info you get in the game  (like the logic that sufficient bodies are laying about in  parts of Rapture enough to warrant the project to create Gatherers (and then the Protectors needed for  them) --- Though an imaginative solution might be that it was started MUCH earlier as some way to extract  the deteriorating ADAM from an increasing numbers of dangerously insane Splicers (a partial cure, or at  least a way to disarm them) --  a BD 'nurse' to holddown/restrain the living Splicer 'patient' while the  Lil Doc did her thing.  Of course this would be at some designated loaction where apprehended Splicers  would be taken  (I dont see a likelihood that Big Daddies would be used to chase down crazed (live)  Splicers in the Streets, for the 'Lil Doc' to neutralize.)

Nurse Ratchet - BD in a nurses uniform - that should give you nightmares.

--- --- ---


It wasn't Gatherers Gardens ONLY that sold ADAM products in Rapture --  other sources  : stores/shops (we  saw signs), Medical Suppliers selling to doctors, bootleggers on streetcorners (cheaper/subtandard instead  of illegal, unless there was Patent enforcement).

Likewise, Fontaine wasn't the only generator of ADAM.  Other companies produce the stuff and anyone having  a 'pet' Sea Slug might produce some.  Of course raw ADAM isn't particularly useful, and its being refined  and combined into ADAM-based products is a further factor.   Later, 'independants' may have run their own  stables of kidnapped children to supply the ADAM they sold.


When were the Gatherers Gardens machines added ?   Fontaine may have had them built while he was still  around to 'Cut Out the Middleman'.  Ryan talks of the Little Sister image in Marketing_Gold and that  may have only been about adding it to existing machines, to correspond to a big new advertisement campaign.   But then when ?  It would be somewhat discordant (Ryan sounds so mercantile about selling the LS motif in  that Audio Diary)  to have such a businesslike attitude during a 'Civil War'/panic post-Kashmir situation  -- unless the Atlas/Rebel emergence and increasing mayhem took some longer time to develop post-Kashmir  (which runs contrary to McDonagh saying panicking people started 'lining up around the block' to get  Plasmids to defend themselves from the anarchists).

Paying for ADAM with ADAM (in the GG machines)?  Where, that early, do citizens get it.  ADAM becoming the  'currency' that early (again - WHEN?)   They must've taken CASH initially.  They must've had a sufficient  advantage over Pharmacy sold ADAM (and possibly long-term plans by Ryan to use the limited access to wean  his citizens off the poison).

Something about Atlas causing riots by declaring there was an ADAM shortage  is mentioned... (that is  post-Kashmir).   No doubt with Fontaine Futuristics disorganized, production would have declined.

Sept 15 (Shootout) - Dec 31(Kashmir) --- 3.5 months to seize/reorganize/rebuild/resume the Fontaine  Futuristics component of the ADAM market (including continuing to run those "Orphanages", which were  probably a large part of the City's Raw ADAM source).   That is actually alot to accomplish in such a short  time (real world, they probably would hardly be started on just drawing up plans for it all in 3 months or  3 years if typical bureaucrats were involved).

--- --- ---

Splicer's Keeping Busy By Doing Crafting and Fabrication :

No, not fabricating a Splicer (though that is another interesting idea - "How To" Splicing (pre and post  Civil War pamphlets)   Hmm, Instructions from the Companies selling ADAM Products - "How To Become More  Than You Are, A Citizens First Plasmid" - the instruction booklet and pricelist).  Medical instructions to  doctors administering ADAM treatments in the early days. 

Anyway - Splicer Item Creations made with the same fabrication mechanism -- same tools and templates and  skill systems - with Player's Creations of Splicer gear/props being added to the game.   Splicer  fabrications might be a bit more esoteric (kludge and rube goldberg, etc..) in the parts used and  potentially odd operations of 'mechanisms' and their logic.

Finished (created) item patterns/templates then to be used for auto-generated terrain and mob/scenaio use  (against Players and other Splicers).

--- --- ---

Jack Not Affected by Massive ADAM Use ? :

Seemingly, the detrimental effects of ADAM require long-term use, not just a large quantity.  Like how  alcohol makes you sick with a large dose in a short term, but long-term use is where the real bodily damage  comes from (though you can poison yourself with too much alcohol and die from it).

Detrimental effects might largely start after the ADAM in your system (or whatever changes it makes/it is  converted/breaks-down to) wear off, and your natural genetic patterns start reasserting themselves.   Now  you have conflicting DNA patterns which interfere with each other, resulting in the tumors and damage that  causes insanity/etc..

The more repeats of ADAM use and the more DNA garbage accumulates....

Jack likely didn't have time to have the Plasmids/Tonics decay (the events of BS1 were likely just a matter  of days at most).

It is also possible that Ryan, once he took over Fontaine Futuristics (and thus a larger portion of all the  ADAM product production), started having them produce Plasmids/Tonics of better/safer Quality, maybe with  the features built-in to minimize the side effects -- after all, why would Ryan want more insane people or  citizens of HIS city dying ??? (Fontaine really hadn't cared).   

Jack got his Plasmids/Tonics (the better quality stuff ?) mostly from the Gatherers Garden machines  which  were Ryan's system (theres an audio-diary by Ryan about Fontaine not knowing how to properly market  plasmids somewhere).

--- --- ---

Vita-Chambers - Lets make them Logical :

Theory : The Vita-Chamber's function included cleaning up genetic garbage  (kinda like anti-oxidents do to  free radicals) using a whole different technology (Ryan was an electrical genius in his own right).   Or it  could 'revitalize people to allow their bodies to fight the genetic damage better.  It was a completely  separate product/service, giving him an exclusive for a 'Cure'  Maybe also with the Pheromone Control, he  could get all the existing Splicers to use the Vita-Chamber machines and eventually recover - or even  long-term have it allow ADAM to be used 'safely'.  (We certainly saw ALOT of Vita-Chambers all over -  including may places Ryan literally WOULDN'T be caught dead in).

--- --- ---

Cheap_Son_of_a_Bitch :

Suchong : "Fontaine scary son of a bitch, but Ryan cheap son of a bitch. You can no reuse protector suit.  Take a man, graft skin and organs straight into suit, otherwise suit not work. Ryan say Big Daddy too  expensive. Ryan can go suck egg."

I suppose there are other things that Suchong could have worked on for Ryan before working for Fontaine  (Ryan in this Audio Diary might be a customer of Fontaine Futuristics at the later time). Suchong elsewhere  is mentioned to have Fontaine as a Client, so may have been largely independant.   Suchong come to Rapture  possibly before Fontaine arrived and most likely before Fontaine had built up his criminal empire (to  afford to create Fontaine Futuristics or a predecessor company).

Suchong might have worked for Ryan back then -- and there still was the pre-ADAM problem of outside City  Maintenance - when having someone permanently in a Diving Suit might have been a solution (exiled criminals  that early ?? Nothing new in real world about using prisoners for experiments -- Cyborgs dont have to be  genetic and might be using non-ADAM chemicals/conditioning.)

To have the 'Big Daddies' (a later name) already largely developed for in-water maintenance (even better  WITH ADAM employed) - that would help explain the "Protector" development not taking many years (when half  the work was already done, and used in operational 'units').

--- --- ---

THATS THE ONE ... GET HIM !!!!!! :

Other Splicers might have been sane enough to talk to the Player, if Jack didn't have a 1000 ADAM Bounty on  his head.  "If you're going to shoot, shoot, don't talk!" -- Tuco (The Good The Bad and The Ugly...)

Some people out to get Jack might even NOT have been Splicers (who kept Rapture running for Ryan ??) You  can buy alot of tasty Fish for 1000 ADAM.

--- --- ---

Delta - Back From the Grave :

We really don't know all the ins-and-outs of how the Vita-Chamber operates -- maybe the Corpse Gnomes(tm)  bring your body and stuff-it into the machine BEFORE you are fully dead.  You are unconscious, so who is to  say how long or what is involved in fixing you up ??  It could take a while to do its work, depending on  the injuries.  Those Medi-Packs we otherwise use do seem to work awfully fast, and likely fix up some  pretty horrendous damages -- so why can't this machine and whatever chemicals it might pump into you ???    This is a little more reasonable than 'Quantum Entanglement' upon macro objects or Real Teleporting (versus  fake teleporting).     ((Speediness can be mitigated as a 'game' requirement to get things back moving  again without some boring delay.))

SO this advanced 'revitalization' process might just be a fancy resuscitation system that works as long as  you aren't brain dead yet.

Corpse Gnomes might also explain what happened to all the 'Little Brothers'.... 

It is possible that after Sophia effectively murdered Delta, that his corpse was taken back to the Big  Daddy Depot (wherever) for forensics of what went wrong (he's an early testing model, so they are still  debugging alot of the BD glitches at that point). His handlers would want to know what happened and thus  would collect his body.  He may even have been put 'on ice' intact, as well as have all kinds of brain scan  data and such being available for him (again, a test model they likely had to gather data on while his  conditioning was in progress - upto and including scans of his brain synapse patterns as well as the  conditioning tape which overlaid mental pattern on BDs minds).  With the start of the Civil War, Delta  might have been warehoused away and forgotten.

So there may have been rather ALOT for Eleanor to find to piece him back together - not just DNA, which  might be able to recreate his body (Alpha suits were likely to be had - DNA can't recreate that). But no  such thing as the patterns/memories in the brain can be stored in DNA/RNA (the mention of saving his DNA  was actually to compare it while Eleanor was searching for records of him).   The 'Quantum Entanglement'  CRAP was Sinclair's marketing hype about the Vita-Chambers which could revive/resuscitate you IF you are  recently (not quite) dead, and Eleanor modified that one to do a bit more (maybe with more than a little  help).

SO in this case it IS the same body...

Now how close to the original Delta his long-delayed resuscitation might make him (YOU) is questionable and  many memories may have been inserted into his mind by Eleanor to assist in convincing him to come save her.

His original Alpha/BD conditioning tapes could have been reapplied to a largely empty brain (similar  process had be used for Jack...)

He has no recollection of his life when he is revived :

Was that flashback of his 'death' by Lamb ordering him to shoot himself not a recollection ?  Its from his  point of view and not Eleanors (but who knows what limitations there are for false memories - Its rather  handy that Eleanor as his Little Sister and Sofia 'offing' him' is a nice inducement to come and rescue  Eleanor... 

So the whole body may also BE the original Delta's and much of his brain may still be intact -- easier to  'reawaken' then.  Put 'on-ice' after some repairs (that nice bullet hole), he might have been pumped full  of the equivalent of anti-freeze, and could have stayed in storage until Eleanor found him (all those other  Alphas were 'in storage'...).

--- --- ---

Why Eleanor Waited So Long (Awaken Daddy) :

Why might it take so long ??  Lots of difficulties involved :

- Took a while just to come up with the idea ... (Seeing Gils insanity from 'memory infusions', then  Sofia's talk of Eleanor becoming 'the one'... which didn't sound like a great thing to happen.)

- Search out, Find and Get Delta's DNA (and maybe brain recordings, or his entire body in storage).  "Delta  was a Plasmid test candidate. His template DNA is on file at FF - that's how the scanner recognizes him."

"Behind Mother's Back" she says "We (she and the Little Sisters) have found Father's body, and took a  gene sample."  -- OOOOH its the same DNA as the Blood that stained my Dress... Yaaaay!!!

- Had to find/make a safe/secure place to do this complex project (bribing Big Daddies is NOT cheap)

- Needed to Modify the Vita-Chamber machine (more than just repair/break its genetic lock) - need to learn  how to do all that technical stuff - what to do, how to fix it, parts, tools ???

- Get an Alpha suit there (thats not part of his DNA) and whatever 'material' you need to  reconstitute/repair an entire body  (Acquire whatever amount of ADAM is needed).

- Possibly retry again and again to get it to finally all work (messy failures that needed to be cleaned  up)

- All of this while doing alot of it remotely thru the hands of 7 year olds (and maybe some help from some  Big Daddies) in between the involved Little Sisters normal 'Little Ghoul' activities and bed times.

- All the while doing all this 'under the radar' of Sofia Lamb and her lackeys (possibly with Eleanor  herself sneaking away to do the more difficult parts ?)

- Building all the correct 'memories' which would impel this Delta to come to her rescue

It JUST took a long time to "Put Humpty Dumpty back together again" ...

--- --- ---




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