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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG   

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Part 90Edit

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Raptures Chaos Era/Area Currencies :

ADAM used as Currency in parts of the MMORPG's Rapture ?  Unfortunately it is a currency where its substance is frequently consumed, and thus can lead to wildly fluctuating 'value', which makes it more a type of barter commodity.  Sander Cohen brand PrestO-Logs (For that woodsy atmosphere in your very own fireplace !!!) used as Currency would have the same problem (dried fish used as currency probably would be worse).

What else would be accepted as a "medium of exchange", which would have intrinsic value, but available in far short of a highly organized/sizeable society -- which can have 'value tokens' (promissory notes) which don't have intrinsic value (but are 'convertable on demand' ?)

- Breath Mints  (Dr Zhoidburg's Fresh Mints (Non-EVE containing ones) had a very good shelf life and harded into a sortof resin).

- Audio Diaries (except we found those lying abandoned everywhere, apparently unwanted .. too many)

- ADAM/EVE Syringes? (ditto, but maybe the BS1/BS2 settings were not 'chaotic' enough to have them easily found  full)

- Strangely shaped glass Nostrum bottles (a bit fragile to carry around)

- Preserved Cat Corpses (so THATS why we saw so many lying about ....)

What thing which cannot usually be used up (like bullets or cigarettes can be) might be such a unit of exchange ??

Payment for consumption requires a non-trivial stable regenerative source for the item of exchange.

The MMORPG's New Rapture would have to come up with something to be used as 'money', to allow more flexibility in expanding commerce, than barter.   Hephaestus Power/Air/Basic Rent/Labor tokens might be workable.

--- --- ---

Dial "L" for Lamb and Lunacy :

If you read Sofia Lamb's psycho-babble (And heard her audio diaries), it is quite obvious that she was deranged WITHOUT even having been effected (as far as we know) by ADAM as an excuse.  But then, isn't it often the same with certain people in history to whom it doesn't matter how many people they murder to achieve their delusion ? 

--- --- ---

Bury Her Memory (Audio Diary) :

"Ryan : " Sinclair, I don't care how you accomplish Lamb's removal from the public eye. Indeed, I'd rather cease contact with you altogether. But allow me to make this plain. I don't want to see Lamb on the streets again, peddling her Bolshevik fever dreams to my people. Bury her memory, Sinclair. Bury it, and salt the earth."

Sounds like this is before Sinclair got Poole to join/infiltrate Sofia's 'Family" to look for evidence of her sedition/treason.   Why go to all this trouble if Ryan/Sinclair didn't actually follow the laws/conventions of Rapture, which require proof of crimes, and then legal conviction (however THAT is done).

Ryan knew what Lamb was up to, and apparently the evidence wasn't "fabricated", as it usually is in a world run by people like Sofia Lamb (assuming they dont just murder inconvenient people 'out of sight'...).

So, this Audio Diary would be some while before Sofia Lamb was sent to Persephone for Sedition, and Eleanor was kidnapped to be sold on to become a Little Sister (can't blame Ryan for that one... So must've been a Fontaine arrangement -- always needing more children Slug hosts to generate ADAM for his booming business.)


An Empty Niche (Audio Diary) :

Fontaine : "This Lamb twist went after Ryan all cockeyed. Solidarity angle was smart at first. Poorhouses and breadlines? High-grade bunko. And that religious rights debate -- hahahaha! Gotta wonder if she staged it just to watch Ryan squirm up there in his monkey suit. Lamb's only problem is she really buys into the whole song an' dance! Savin' the world -- hah! Rapture just ain't her town. Ryan's got her on ice somewhere now... and I figure that opens up the charity scam for the professionals."

This apparently was AFTER Sofia was sent to Persephone,  and it sounds like Fontaine organizing his  'Little Sister Orphanage'/'Home for the Poor' might have postdated this recording also.   

Were children still being directly kidnapped to turn them into 'Hosts' for Slugs before this ?  How big could Fontaine's ADAM business be if it was limited by NOT using them ? (20-30X increase is alot profit-wise)  Then you would have thought that the Newspapers/TV/Radio would be filled with 'missing children' stories IF it was any large number.  (If they were willing to bark at Ryan by arguing 'rights' for traitors and anarchists, the Newspapers certainly would have cashed in on "child kidnapping" headlines and stories and calls for action, etc...)   The game writers never included such - it interfered with their plotline making everything Ryans fault and the SUDDEN fall into wreckage causing Dystopia.

--- --- ---

AMMOphilia  (the strange possession of ammunition objects seemingsly designed for the Player to obtain) :

So many Splicers carrying 'Rivets' ???

Yet did you ever see ONE firing the rivet gun weapon ?? (or any normal rivetting tools lying about?)

So why ?   Maybe people paid-off Big Daddies with them ??  Bribes to the ones (BDs) jobbed with cleaning up Little Sister vomit ???

All those Ion Cells, every other Splicer in Minervas Den carried?

"Drill" Fuel....  etc..

Some warped form of 'money currency for all of the above ???

--- ---

Little Things Like Telekinesis Not Working To Get Tonic/Plasmid Bottles or Accu-Vox :

Ever try to 'pull' one of those locked away objects with Telekinesis -- but it didnt work ???

They could simply have had consistant behavior of Telekinesis and just been more creative in placing them in a way that would block the Telekinesis 'pull'.   At points in the games where you couldn't possibly have Telekinesis yet then theres no problem.

For the MMORPG, things should work the way you would expect them to work, so you don't have to get mixed up or double think everything you do.  (Of course Telekinesis is a sham/fake, just mental warpage to simulate Telekinesis, and so something truely 'out of reach' couldnt be 'pulled' -- UNLESS it works via some  Spiderman Spider Silk (physical) mechanics...   If you can spit balls of flaming material out of your hands (physically possible), then WHY NOT a strong sticky fiber being extruded that fastens and shrinks pulling the item back towards you ?????)

--- --- ---


Mundane repetitive MMORPG stuff -- "lets catch and cook 100 fish to sell them for a pittance, so you can level up and cook 100 virtually needless soy patties next ... (before you can make the ultimate food on the fabrication skill ramp that nobody really needs in the game anyway)..."

Unneeded travel through routine terrain (allow Players to do other activities while their Avatar moves to thgeir routine objective).  There won't be any 'Teleporting' around the map as a shortcut, as many MMORPGs have.  If Players have gone through all the work to Create most of the Game World, you won't be skipping past it  (its the journey, etc... )

Have many 'idiot-proof' useful interface tools to pre-organize things the Player deals with routinely (nothings worse than a 3-deep menu selection interface to do the same idiotic grind task every one of a repeated 100 or 1000 times).

Automatic actions/tasks/activities by NPCs (doing useful stuff - making their own low level (logical) decisions to carry out orders/policies)  Kind of a little RTS element then...

Something of possible interest anywhere you look (or there to find) -- so dont automatically ignore it.  

--- --- ---

What Would Ryan Have Said About The Landing on the Moon ?? :

"A great Achievement, but NOW WHAT ?"

" Good Idea - I'll get Sinclair on it, right away! "

"If I built Rapture on the Moon, would I have as many of these F#%$in whiners as I do now ??"

--- --- ---

Rapture's Surface Facilities :

During the primary construction phase ('46-'52) a huge complex existed up on the surface (near the Lighthouse) to facilitate the City's Construction.  They included docks for the ships and cable trams to transfer goods and materials from nearby anchored ships, as well as docks within a breakwater for smaller boats to transfer goods and people.  A construction yard above and below water (shallow area on the top of the old underwater volcano) was used to assemble the structural shells of buildings (using pre-constructed parts brought by ships and some larger sections towed from various land production facilities).  Bulk cargo had a seperate cargo cable system which descended down to Port Rapture, which was half a mile south of the Lighthouse and near 600 feet deep, where transportation to the rest of the City was connected.

With continuing (post 1952) minor construction in Rapture, there should still be a prefabrication site operating near the Ocean surface, doing any additional significant building work -- still done where it is far easier to do the work (conventional divers, machinery and conventional work above surface). 

Even after 1952, some city expansion was still being done (Tunnel type construction had expanded greatly, largely eliminating creation of new 'buildings').  Some faulty buildings may have needed replacing.  The large complex at Persephone (one large complex built late) would be obviously floated into place in sections that fit through the cavern openings, before being imbedded into the rock walls (working without a seabed adds huge difficulty for any work).

Fontaine's (the department store/mall) would have been built late -- its radical design didn't match the City's normal safety standards - probably saved alot of money -- for the 'effect'.  We know that Fontaine wasn't particularly concerned with it lasting any longer than he needed, and so it was a disaster waiting to happen.

The City's surface facilities were downsized, and unneeded visible structures were demolished.  Some facilities/structures had been pre-planned to eventually be moved - some were added as farm supply warehouses for the expanded Tunnel Farms near Ceres Green, and at least one became a community center at one of the satellite suburban locations.  Some industry may have reoccupied useful sections close to the surface (where air was a important resource).

For some reason Ryan had not yet had the Lighthouse itself demolished (being an obvious giveaway and having the potential to attract unwanted notice/attention).  It is possible that was in planning at the time of his 'Death'.    It is possible that if we saw no view of it (ending BS2 1968) that it may have had some alterations by that time (at minimum the light may no longer work with lack of maintenance).  It was mentioned as 'Lighthouse' in SitS, and still had a working Bathysphere, but not much specifics are given.

--- --- --- ---

Whole Thing a Contrived Failtopia :

Ryan not wanting Parasites in his City - Selection would be designed for most people to NOT be the 'wrong type' - unionists, communists, socialists and New Dealers, government bureaucrats, Stalin and the Pope need not apply.

Fontaine/Lamb(both Parasite Master's) seem to so easily convince people that they should deserve/demand parasitic privileges, and of course lots and lots managed to fall for it (or so it is portrayed - except we actually are only allowed to hear mostly anecdotal whiners, and NOT what the majority of Rapture's Citizens had to say).

Rapture's City Plan would have made allowances for the City Construction ending.  Construction workers of course IN THE PLOT somehow turn out to be skillless, powerless, unprepared, ready to fall into the clutches of the Parasite Masters' promise-making hands.  In reality the construction workers would have been more like technicians than hand-laborers (prefabs placed alot of 'construction' at the Surface - and those workers did not have to come down to live in Rapture).

Timeframe 1952 - 1958 - the Post-Contruction period - things are back to normal after economic distress (isolation, bankruptsies, bank run, etc..) - people adjusted/retrained (there wasn't todays automatic expectation of a welfare state, and people didn't WANT to be bums or be subject to government meddling).

Rapture would have an increasing population, as people had children (ratio debatable, but by 'Kashmir' they had 12 years of population growth).  Growth and job opportunities.   Self-Sufficiency likewise would bring business opportunities to those who were innovative.

People came to Rapture because of a likely future of World Nuclear War ?  Still Ryan wouldn't have let in anyone who looked to be a potential parasite to poison his City.  (He'd probably say something like "leave them in the world they created.  We'll have no Rats abandoning their sinking ship HERE!".)  

Fontaine could NOT have been much like a Capone in such a small place (20k-40K ?).  It was so easy for the PLOT to say that the efforts to prevent that Smuggling operation (generating the big money which allowed the subsequent ADAM monopoly...)  failed completely -- for years.  Rapture is really such a small place and it is hard to cover up things like that.    Fontaine extorting his workers into silence ? - Rapture's Newspapers would have been all over it (murdering and brutalizing people would still be a crime), and it just took one 'tough' determined person to put a bullet through Fontaines head, or an anonymous letter to Ryan with sufficient evidence (BUT instead these 'workers' were conveniently all sheep).

As Ive said - to have the game's mass-slaughtering justified you just needed any old failed environment (doing it convincingly/plausibly is somewhat harder skill-wise to do - requires more effort and intent).

--- --- --- ---

Gas in Rapture Red Pipes - Hydrogen :

Can be manufactured in Rapture via electrolysis (using electric power from Hephaestus so it doesn't have to be imported.)   Hydrogen doesn't generate polution - only water vapor when burned with oxygen from the atmosphere (and Oxygen is the other by-product of generation - a saleable product itself).   Hydrogen burns with a blue flame (when we see the leaks it is not a clean flame so impurities can be adding some color).

There (likely) may be Methane production from garbage (another Sinclair Opportunity ??)   Possible used as a fuel for long range subs (like the ones used for fishing - distances too far for batteries alone).   Methane is more compact (energy dense) than Hydrogen (an important factor in a vehicle), and can be catalyzed into larger-moleculed gases which can be easily liquified.   

We saw many high pressure gas cylinders laying around in the game, and it is likely they contained such fuels (produced locally in Rapture).

--- --- ---

Legendary Weapon :

The 12 inch 'Monkey' pipe-wrench modified to be the Mk3 Whack-o-matic was specially produced during the Civil War, with its comfortable sure-stick grip and dual bevelled bone crushing serrations.    Thuggish Splicers who didn't have this little beauty felt like second-class citizens in their Splicer community.

Solid drop-forged metal. Good Lead-based Red glossy paint - guaranteed bloodstain corrosion proof.

It doesn't quite glow blue when Splicers are around...

Wrench 'Buffs' keep theirs in mint condition, squirreled away in safe places in the original box (lest they loose their collectors value...)

--- --- --- ---

Economic Planning 101 :

It is hard to think that anyone as experienced as Andrew Ryan would NOT plan to handle the inevitable stoppage of the majority of Rapture's Construction work.  Particularly with his aversion to potential sources of Parasitisms.   Planned transitioning of Construction workers on to other professions would be logical.

Minimizing the number of workers which would have to stay in Rapture could also be done several ways :

- He would have as much structural work done back on land (where it was the least costly and easiest) and have the result shipped to Rapture's location.  Thus all THOSE workers wouldn't even know Rapture existed.

- Alot of construction would be easier on the ocean's surface at the site, again with many workers NOT needing to go down to Rapture or know exactly what it was. (Shallow water with conventional divers is FAR simpler than deep diving work -- by a magnitude or two).  The workers could largely be prevented from knowing where they are geographically.

- Alot of interior materials and machinery could be built on land and shipped out to the Atlantic site.  Only the workers doing the installations down inside Rapture would thus 'know'.    Construction in-place - assembling and placing of buildings, installing and tying together utilities, detailing and finishing interiors, building the transportation systems -- those would be the jobs that would need to be done below - largely by highly-trained machine operators. 

- Workers Income (for those staying) going to things like their prepaid Residences -- so the Workers would partially be paid in property and own something that would save on their living expenses in the future.  The money stays in Rapture - Ryan might have been rich, but it took much more than he had, and every way would be used to maximize what it bought.

- As mentioned elsewhere, many of the 'workers' were more technical people, machine operators who's skills were transferable to other jobs.  Many jobs would be repairing existing 'used' items in Rapture (when there was hardly any reason for a place so small to have assembly-line scaled industries producing most goods).

- Retraining would be planned for as well.  Consumer goods would increase as a requirement with the population.  City Maintenance would increase after the initial construction.   There would be many food related jobs like farming, fishing, harvesting and food processing for the ex-construction workers (and many of those would be technical/semi-automated, ie- hydroponics, conveyer belt factory systems, high density farming, etc..).

--- --- ---

Too Early Little Sisters Again :

The writers defined the game with certain images in mind (I remember the Big Daddy and LS on the Box several years before I bought it)  so they just created the rest of the game around those images.   I think it wasn't until BS2 with the BD(Delta)+LS(Eleanor?) at Kashmir before they elaborated that the 'Gathering'/Bonding  was to have happened that early (previously no BS1 in-game details were specified).

They really did not have to have the 'Sofia kills Delta in front of LS Eleanor' to coincide with the Kashmir Incident in BS2's plot, and thus needlessly introduce that illogical timing constraint(there was no reason to 'gather BEFORE the Civil War).   Then the BaS DLC re-foisted the same early LS, again no matter how illogical for it to be that early except to prop-up the bizarre Sally-Elizabeth plot fragments.   Maybe some MMORPG creativity can allow explanations that this all wasn't as has been portrayed.

Now if I was running things in Rapture (or they didn't unaccountably make Ryan into an inept loser), then no LS would be out on the streets (they were supposed to be too important, source of ADAM, etc... Civil War being fought, and all).  The Splicer corpses would be brought in by the BD/others into fortified positions  (Safe Splicer Recycling Centers ... no 'deposit' paid because it would encourage 'murder').    

But then that's not quite as exciting : no ambushing Big Daddies to get their Little Sister, no nice corpses laying about for that homey 'ruins' atmosphere, less of the cute banter from the LS, and the whole Harvest vs. Save thing (which was supposed to give you the so-called 'moral choice') gone.  Attacking the Little Sister Fortress maybe could have been a plausible thing (BDs to the rescue), but not quite as cute a scene of them wandering about (we're left merely with BD fights to capture the forts or ambushing them, sans LS, as the ADAM couriers)....  

Maybe we (in-game) just got run through the crappier/chaotic parts of Rapture each time ?  Or those were Bootlegger's (or Atlas/Fontaine's) LS+BD - he didnt care if they were slaughtered, plenty of human fodder amongst his followers...

Awful Idea - Why should the Little Sisters be the only ones that can remove 'ADAM' from corpses ?

That could lead to some creepy scenes, and even activity for the Player.  Your sucking of green goop out of a corpse isn't quite as bad as murdering a child, no?  (That is still happening when you 'Harvest' even if they tried to not show the gristly task.)   And when you come down to it, there really WASNT any real moral choice - so not much lost there.

--- --- ---

Ambient NPC Prattling :

The Recordings needed (MMORPG) of all the sounds for this - the huge number of voice assets : different voices, accents, inflections, vocabulary, and of course all the different subject matter ...   (Might Computer  voice generation be better by then ??)

Many variations to be relevant to current situation  (screaming in an emergency is different from something said in mundane daily life).  You can still stitch sentences together from sets of phrases, but the flow of the sound can require quite a bit more processing to sound good.

There is the time delay to constantly load sound Assets from secondary storage (More people will have SSD by then - Good, speed will be needed for this kind of intensive data variability...  Even if we have much larger program memory 32GB RAM is not uncommon now, it still has to get into the RAM from secondary storage and that takes time.)

In-the-distance type conversations might be a mumbling droning sound which doesn't have to say anything quite recognizable (in-memory voice can be mutated into this and slowly start to sound better as you get closer).

Voice text bubbles, if all else fails ??   Player pointing to set attention to listen to specificly chosen interactions would be a good feature, but the player may still have to move closer as you would for real to hear conversations clearly.

Many people might tune-out this kind of background chatter, as being distracting, but it adds to the situational effect - the feeling your aren't just in a sanitized desert filled with dead mannequins.

--- ---

And then the Splicers started getting into the plumbing...


"Rapture Reborn MMORPG - Innovative, strange and amusing. Will be Game Of The Year with certainty." -- Wall Street Journal

--- --- ---

Lockedup in a Department Store ???

I usually use the phrase "dangerously insane", as in someone too disruptive/dangerous to the ordinary population -- too bad we didnt get alot of Newsie evidence of what the unstable Splicers were starting to do (just as individuals, befor Atlas's coordinated actions).  There should have been public support for locking such miscreants up, even by people with family members/friends as the ones 'restrained'.  This isn't a case of 'for their own good', but for Public Safety.   Supposedly the Department Store 'Prison' was to be temporary (that might justify the way it appears thrown together haphazardly, if the authors much thought about it logically).  Containment there for an interim for public safety (the dates used in the story indicate a very short time, upto the BaS present time -- even if extended more across the 3.5 month from the Neptune Bounty "Shootout" Incident).  Persephone has its Therapy Wing (at minimum to neutralize troublesome inmates), so Ryan obviously didn't just discard (kill) the affected people.  It is possible that family members would pay to have their ADAM-Crazy loved ones be treated and 'recover'.

In any case, Fontaine's whole organization wasn't just in the Fisheries smuggling, but there was the whole of : Distribution of the smuggled goods, the alluded-to Extortions he did, the operators of the orphanage Child Enslavement (and those up the food chain of that illegally generated ADAM, and who knows what other criminal operations).   Hundreds of people across Rapture were probably suspect, and it is likely many were let go as not being directly involved, or had been proved as being forced under coercion (jails cost money, so Ryan would probably NOT incarcerate people who merely had worked for Fontaine...)   The numbers (including the corpses)  we see in Fontaines in BaSx are only a few dozens  (which also begs the question - why so asbsurdly large a place ?).

--- ---

Ryan : Little Sisters are Marketing Gold Audio Diary :

I could see a reason Ryan would have The Little Sister Motif - to justify (to sell to the public) the idea of  weird/creepy children now walking the streets "Doing it For The Benefit of All of Rapture"  (probabaly with soft-sell explanations about how the children can't be restored "yet" (so are working for their keep), and then clues/disemination of information about the effects of ADAM's addiction (WHY ADAM production couldn't simply be stopped, and to try to prevent additional addicts).   ((I still reject that 'Gathering' existed yet without mass mayhem and corpses existing BEFORE the Civil War was well under way... To me it is obvious, and any games assertion for that is pretty stupid)).   This "Little Sister" motif also can be a reminder to the City of what crimes (taint) Fontaine had hidden - and why the FF ADAM operation was correctly 'Seized' to bring it all out in the open (and the fact that Ryan inherited and got stuck with its problems).  

The Gatherer's Garden may have been rebranded (being called something else/plain like The Gene Banks, when first deployed by Fontaine - if LS 'gatherers' didnt exist yet).   The LS decorations look like something that could have been appended later to the original machines.   It is possible that before Fontaine was killed (perhaps quite a while before) he created those machines to sell ADAM products directly to the public (cut out the middleman - maximizing his profits) --  Possibly when improvements were made to allow the self-administering of ADAM.  Ryan in the Audio Diary Marketing Gold is talking about the LS marketing ploy specifically  ('new Plasmid machine' might have meant newly modified/decorated to employ that 'cute' children motif, and having additional such machines then being deployed around Rapture.)  


Note that with Ryan controlling these machines, the Pheromone Control adapted ADAM products could be deployed effectively (and likely tempt Atlas-siding Splicers to use them when their other supply of ADAM was running short).   As preparations go, controlling the ADAM distribution would be a first step in measures to wean Rapture's population off its ADAM dependancy.   It also might help bring under control bootleggers who sold defective/side-effect causing ADAM knockoffs. 

--- ---

Ryan Profiting from the War - Thats Pure Garbage :

Wars are costly.  Besides the basic destruction/deaths, there is also the disruption of the normal economy and the uncertainty/distraction of the Citizens.   Since Ryan's holdings were a large percentage of the 'establishment', any 'War Profits' (and the losses)  would be coming out of his own pocket anyway. 

The same logic goes for Sinclair somehow wanting to arm people who wanted to kill him (Atlas's terrorists) in his Home Defense product testing.   (( That can be de-emphasized as Canon because it was sloppily used to facilitate the Multi-player DLC  subplot)).

--- ---

Atlas's Followers Murdering Little Sisters :

Today's_Raid  McClintock, spurned by Ryan, is out murdering children for her new idol Atlas...

Somewhere there should have been Atlas's secret Little Sister Farm, where stolen Little Sisters were kept (instead of being killed) to generate new ADAM - you'd probably get alot more ADAM that way even without 'Gathering' (unless Atlas/Fontaine somehow had a huge stockpile and didn't really need them, and only used the LS killing to deny Ryan's forces the ADAM).  Of course, who could Atlas really trust?  Or what place would be safe from Splicers who could probably smell ADAM from 100 feet away - or Little Sisters homing-in and flocking towards it.  So he probably needed a continuous ADAM supply to maintain control of his 'army'.

But then, whats a few more little children being killed, after the thousands of people that Fontaine arranged to get killed in Rapture ??

--- --- ---

Paupers Drop "Slum" -- Hooverville ... Really ??? :

The vagueness/brevity of the Audio Diaries (which don't really elaborate on WHEN they were recorded or of what 'then' situation they are talking about) strike again.  Paupers Drop was no doubt originally little more than an ad hoc hobocamp/favela 'under the tracks', transitioning from a RR workcamp to a place where some of Rapture's destitue found shelter ( likely happening during an early economic distress around the time city construction ended ).  A 'slum'.   But then it appears to have been redeveloped with real money behind it (Lamb might spring for a soup kitchen, but not the capitalistic enterprises we saw there) - which again (my theory) sounds like Sinclair's doing : development around his brand new 'Hotel' -- to improve the locale to bring in (more than indigent) customers for his 'affordable housing'.   It probably had a better (re)name (like "Sinclair Station" or "Opportunity Corners"  ("Great Chainsville" ?)  or somesuch).

Years later (BS2) we see "Paupers Drop" (regaining its old name ? or was it later worse the way Lamb ran things ?) in a quite deteriorated state (by even BS1 times, most of Rapture looks pretty 'slummy', as generally Splicers aren't the 'This Old House' fixer types ), so we see bare traces of how spiffy it might have once looked.

You have to take what Sinclair says with a grain of salt, as he denigrates many people/things/ideas and uses many colorful phrases ('slob', 'in his rat hole', 'fat cat', 'someone in a fancy hat', 'a big fat hooker' , 'this two-bit carny ride' .....'slum' ).   Sinclair didnt think highly of people who gave up, but with practicality (which was his hallmark) built a place to accomodate working people who were still holding on and sought the options they could afford. 

When did you last find Fireplaces in a 'slum' apartment ?  You find those in the Sinclair Deluxe.  Perhaps Paupers Drop had been a 'slum' before Sinclair (" a Hooverville" as Aunty Graces says ... It likely may have been even below 'slum'), and then reverted again later after Lamb's sychophant (Aunty Grace again...) ran the place.  It would be interesting in a Flashback to see what that area (NOT called Paupers Drop at the time) looked like back in its redeveloped (non-slumlike) improved form.

--- --- ---




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