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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 86

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ADD PAGE TO WIKI -- Rapture Reborn MMORPG Role Playing (and Revamp) Section :

Since we have these possibilities (complex Player Asset Creation), we can have the ability for someone (several/many people/project to do all the work to do them Right...) interested to create the 'Side-Game(s)' of being able to play these various characters/scenarios/campaigns :

  • Little Sisters (back in Classic Rapture fun times and Civil War/Chaos Rapture)
  • Big Daddies (Classic and New Rapture)
  • Big Sister (Origin, Lamb/Post-Lamb eras)
  • Sea Slug
  • Ryan Security and City Constables
  • Security Flybot
  • Ace Corona PI
  • (Should you get to play as Sander Cohen ?)
  • Splicer (Classic Prewar/Ryans/Fontaines, Persephone therapy, New Rapture, Ex-Splicer training).
  • AE Engineer/Conductor, AE Dispatcher
  • Kashmir Incident (bystander)
  • Recreations of the Full (corrected) Adventures of Jack, Delta, Sigma (and Johnny T, and heck why not Mark Meltzer too ?) in classic Rapture, upgraded to the new interactivity.
  • Eleanor's trevails bringing back Daddy (see how many 'fails' she had to clean up...)
  • Andrew Ryan's twist on Fontaine (hint - Ryan Amusement Animatronics)


Remakes of System Shock 1 and 2 (Using the MMORPG Engine) As A 'Game Within A Game' :

You're in a 'movie' or some Splicer's Nightmare (heh, the MMORPG is an adventuring gateway even more powerful than Elizabeth's ocean full of lighthouses... BTW, Elizabeth falls in and drowns anyway - you can't learn to swim by reading a book ... Bwahahaha )


I suppose you could remake Infinite:BS from Elizabeth's perspective, though the activities are a bit limited to : Acting ditzy, Looking at things in wonderment, Haranguing Booker, Throwing stuff at him (all the interesting bits are Cut-Scenes...), and hiding from the shooting and mayhem.

--- --- ---

Add A Wiki Page for ADAM Products/Technology :

Explanations of individual plasmids

Why/What they were intended for

How they might work (ditching the worst of the physics defying aspects)


A General Mechanism to Make Plasmid Effects More Plausible (To Sci-Fi Follow Natural/Physical Laws) :

For Teleport your brain is being jammed/distorted more completely, so that your sense of time and your environment (specifically the Splicer) is blocked sufficiently, and meanwhile they do some things (like go distances or climb) without you realizing it until they "re-appear" as the jamming ends.

With perception type mechanisms like that, many of the ADAM effects become a little more possible, rather than them being Physics breaking magic (this could also include the perceptions of the ADAM user themselves - as 'Teleport' was sold as a 'Time Saving' product).


Unstable Teleport Plasmid Seen In BS2 :

Theres been discussions about whether the Teleport done by Splicers is real 'Teleportation', or it being more a kind of mind-jamming, which between locations the user walks (allegedly in-game you can see the Houdini Splicer's steps going through water while they are invisible - in Triton Theater Lobby I recall).

Anyway, The Bottle flying around/hovering (uninjected, yet with a mind of its own?) and teleporting YOU (and your flybots?) may likewise have another explantaion (versus some physics defying magic potion) --- It just being an induced hallucination (I forget - we get dumped at the end in a different location -- well we sleep-walked there while under the delusion...)

Heh, We could just as well used its hovering/flying ability as a separate Plasmid/Tonic (Hmm, its got the levitating Quantum Particles in it - to suspend you in the air as well as to 'keep your breath fresh !!!' as per the advertisements).


Simple Reason Teleport (plasmid) Not Included (for the Player) in the Bioshock Game :

It would break most of the mechanism that kept you (Player) from getting past obstacles and cause more places you could access (and thus require more terrain detail they would have to do properly, instead of from the floor's limited viewpoints). - The map levels would have to be more complicated to support the ability.

- Teleporting to other side of windows (past locked doors)

- Teleport past many opponents, security systems, traps, directly to grab goodies.

- Teleport easily around movement-limiting obstacles (messing up triggers to set-piece situations).

- More complex 'destination' targetting is required (it can't just be within sight to 'aim', we've seen that Houdini Splicers aren't limited to that)

- Teleport up/down where normal movement couldn't reach (ie- out of range of Thuggish Splicers/BD physical attacks).

Having such a Plasmid would have invalidated the typical choreographed situations (would be able to bypass many of the simple blockages/limiting terrain features), and would require too much scripting to generalize its effect everywhere in the game. So cutting that Plasmid was simply a practicality.

Fake Teleport (illusional) -- maybe they could have done (for the Player to use) . You still have your limitations on movement, as you are basically just Cloaked - it could have been a game effect like Frodo putting on the Ring (with similar weird/interesting visual effects). To keep you from employing it endlessly, you might get disoriented yourself if you use it too frequently, and/or it could use up a very large amount of EVE (like 2 shots worth).

--- --- ---

How To Build A Rapture City :

Not as 'Big' Chunks'. Building a city the size of Rapture, even in prefab building form, on the coast, would have been too noticeable to the government/public. Getting prefab buildings/large sections towed/floated out to the Ocean site in good weather, sinking them and finishing construction underwater without being noticed would be highly unlikely. The cost and effort involved in moving a city (hundreds/thousands of miles through stormy waters) constructed on land and down to the seabed, and anchored, would be counter-productive.

A realistic way to build an underwater city would be to use distributed prefab factories on land to make small (generic looking) components, which could be easily transported by railroad, then freighter. Mass production techniques could be fully utilized, and the components deceptively appearing usable anywhere for the (1946) post-war building boom.

Rapture would start as a construction camp, still largely connected up on the ocean surface (Lighthouse) for power, and the materials being transported down to the building site. Prefabrication of building modules is easiest at (and above) the surface. This construction would be located in the shallowest area near the Lighthouse, where surface workers/machinery and conventional divers could operate with the least complications. The prefab building sections would then be sent down to position onto the prepared city foundation to be assembled (built using maximal automation and the fewest possible men in high-pressure suits). Once sealed and dry, the insides would be added by workers in the normal atmospheric pressure, the workers housed in the earliest finished buildings (like Hotel Monsenor).

Post 1952, the later expansion additions could use prefabrication from facilities in Rapture (no surface facilities used), with airlocks large enough for components and some reasonable sized building modules. Elsewhere, I've elaborated about tunnel building being used (cheaper) for this second city building phase, which minimized use of 'buildings'. The Hephaestus complex would be one of the first things built up, as its power facilitated further construction, powered the new city, and eliminated the need for power sources up on the surface.


If Ryan had (to make his fortune) an Industrial business building Oil Drilling Rigs (or something similar like Maritime/Port Construction) that would help (definitely, with the 'knowhow' to construct Rapture). But he could also just have the 'parts' built for land 'building construction' in one city redirected and shipped by water (many parts too big for Railroad transport), and just have them keep going out to sea using his fleet of freighters.

It depends how large the prefabricated building sections are. Sections of wall panels, the huge compression struts which cross between external walls to oppose the water pressure, etc.. They are still only 'pieces' and can look fairly generic (so with not 'too many questions asked'...).

Now THOSE sections can be pre-assembled into larger assemblies on-site at Rapture (That Lighthouse means there IS a shallow zone where IT is possible to do alot of work at/near the surface or partially on land). You could then either lower those down to assemble into the City's buildings, or smaller buildings structures could be almost entirely assembled at the Surface. Work at less than 100 feet depth can allow use of normal diving/scuba equipment, while at city depth (600 feet?) the same work requires really complex diving hardsuits - and ADAM doesn't exist at this point to bypass that need).. It is much more efficient to largely build at/near the ocean surface.

--- ---

Stormy Waters :

A mid-50's singing group with lyrics Ryan had Cohen specially ghost write to remind people of how dangerous being out on the sea was. It was an attempt to subtlety insert ideas against the desire to 'leave' Rapture. (300 miles to the nearest land and that a deserted freezing wilderness.) --- ---

Steel (and other stuff) Is Hard To Make At The Bottom Of The Sea :

No underwater Steelworks - there is no workable iron ore. For such, you also need large amounts of coal to turn into coke (purified carbon), and the right kind of limestone. Those materials for steel would have to come from the surface. Ditto for most other metals that would be used. A cement works might be possible, but only for the later self-sustained self-sufficient period. Before that it would still be far cheaper to get the required materials from The Surface.

Blast furnaces/foundry/rolling mills just adds to Raptures overhead/costs - anything used to produce the building materials on the Ocean floor ITSELF has to be constructed first. You would have to ship all the ship Iron Ore/Limestone/Fuel/Etc.. from the surface, as most raw materials just wont be available 'locally' (there is far less bulk to the finished product).

So sorry, no big Steel-Plant -- the ores adaquate to make steel (and the limestone and coke and other fuel) all come only from limited places on land to be able to practically make steel cheaply in large amounts (costs 10X 100X as much are prohibitive). So you might as well produce it Up there in a US Steel Company plant and ship it (which BTW will take a fleet of ships and not just 'The Olympian' for all the stuff Rapture took to build). That IS ALOT of Shipping (and Thousands, of miles to Rapture)? Shipping an even larger bulk of raw material required to make Steel would be EVEN MORE expensive to get it there. Besides the difficulties of getting a steel-plant actually working down IN Rapture (and steel-making requires ALOT of air, and the installation gets VERY hot and the process generates LOTS of very hot noxious exhaust).

The amount of premade steel/aluminium components (rebar, reinforcement frames around windows) is small compared to the amount of concrete that would be used in Rapture's construction. The aggregate (rock/sand added to the cement) might really be the only locally available component material. The fuel used to make cement is also one of the bulky raw materials... you'd have to ship that in (Hephaestus power might in time be sufficient for a smaller operation). Cement, like the steel, is much easier/cheaper to make at efficient cement plants on land, with optimal materials/process/cost.

There still is a great deal of construction work to do down below. The building prefabrication talked about so far is just the structural shells of the buildings, and those have to be joined to the built foundations, embedded and tied together, and be made water-tight and pressure-resistant. There are the interiors to be installed once they are pumped out and dry and cleaned. There are many miles of utility pipes/conduits/venting/cabling to be installed and connected. Lots and lots of machinery that needs to be in the buildings. All the carpentry/plastering/masonary/finishing work has to be done there to create the fancy interior spaces.

--- --- ---


Steel and cement/concrete would be more easily missed in America's economy than aluminum (and materials could be transshipped from around the globe, too). Aluminum also costs a whole LOT more. Aluminum, as per that BaS blurbage, was really just pointless/illogical/ignorance.

The story of prefabrication as complete buildings, even with some cover story for 'ahead of its time' deep-sea drilling rigs and such - not really practical/safe/secret. With the skyscraper-like multitudes of windows typically shown in the skyboxes, it wouldn't be fooling anybody.

Those Windows just for show? Simply many could be lighted fake windows, made just for looks (and lower cost/complications) as the small windows ARE problematic to have in the ~8 foot thick concrete walls. The MMORPG will just show them as they would have to be (fewer and further apart windows, and many fewer floors on less tall buildings).

The Rapture book author mentioned Ryanium (Scotty's Transparent Aluminum ??) which probably would be needed (in its transparent form of course) for anything even close to the big (rediculously huge) windows... Maybe it could also be something like earlier-than-real-world Polycarbonate. Materials exhibit their best strength when curved/arched, which few windows were shown as in-game (MMORPG can fix that.) Smaller windows, maybe of thick Pyrex, or the equivalent of later Gorilla Glass.

Use fictional technologies that parts of Ryan's billionaire wealth might be base on (high energy electrical/plasma processing /whatever). But nothing too far advanced (no carbon-nano-tubes, etc..)

Melted Basalt...

--- ---

Those Tears be da Whak !!! :

How exactly would Fink obtain so much technology allegedly just by 'looking' at things through Tears (even with recordings/notes/photographs)? Shouldn't it take more than that ? (Answer - VERILY YES) The danger of constant Tear exposure wasn't in evidence for Fink to the extent it was for Comstock (Comstock may have gone through the Tears more ?? While Fink kept his own exposure limited ?)

Gathering actual objects ? Use those Long Pickup Tongs? Darts with suction cups? Lassos? Minions/Lackeys who only lived so long after their employment, going through Tears to grab things for Fink ? (which would be the most effect method.) Songbird used to steal things like a big magpie (AFTER he himself was created using such technologies...)? Carry off scientist who now slave in Fink's secret R&D dungeon (versus his non-secret dungeon and slave labor camps...)

Still, it is pretty much fantasy for Fink to do much at all with just ideas, even after obtaining a working object -- to reverse-engineer something when you don't have all the materials required (or the tools needed to handle those materials, or even the fundamental understanding of the (many) properties/technologies involved). That for soooo many of the things he is shown to be producing (as consumer products, yet...). Genetic manipulations for the Vigors would be on the quite-difficult end of difficulty (when the understanding of genetic mechanisms was early/only starting to be known in Rapture's era, and that for very basic things even THEN).

--- --- ---

"Alexander The Great" said Delta was a well known Tester Demonstrator at Fontaine Futuristics :

He most likely was "Spliced" routinely for the Demonstration Shows while still in ordinary human form, BEFORE the ADAM excesses causing his physical and mental deterioration (to the point of insanity?), at which point, when the Big Daddy development Program came along, he became an early candidate (Alpha series) - a well documented test subject.

If Delta actually was "Johnny T" (an explorer who was sent to Persephone by the City Council as a suspected spy) then there was an obvious long span of time during which : first he was incarcerated at Persephone, 'recruited' to be a test subject, his Show stage-run as a Plasmid Demonstrator, and then his being recycled into a 'Big Daddy' Alpha test candidate, and eventually being deployed as an operational Protector (possibly one of the first).

Those ADAM Demonstration Shows seem like something that would happen BEFORE the Civil War started (Kashmir Incident), and before too much Chaos began in the City. The need for Gatherer-Protectors would come only WELL AFTER there were sufficient casualties to justify them (otherwise you just don't have bodies left in the streets -- its only after the disruptions/destruction/disorder is significant).

As a test subject upon which a Protector project followup development inquiry would be carried out (to find out what went wrong), Delta later may have just been left 'on ice' in one of the facilities (Civil War disruptions having him be forgotten), to still be there for Eleanor to find years later.

--- --- --- ---

Should have a "This Is How It Would Work" section in WIki :

My "Thought Experiment" to come up with reasonable explanations - ways and reasons certain things were done/existed (Sci-Fi-wise) in the games (less magic fantasy - at least a possible technological explanation) ...

Genetic Research Camera

Hephaestus Power System

Atlantic Express

Metro Bathyspheres

Trolley System

Pneumo System

Bio Electronics and Artificial Intelligence

Security Devices

Genetic Keys



Genetic Key(s) pix :

There seems to be more than one type of lock mechanism involved with these so-called 'Genetic' locks.

1) One kind (apparently) which were deployed on The Bathyspheres (and Vita-Chambers ) were said to be 'genetically locked' (and "any close relative can use them" ... how convenient...). That implies the use of some kind of real genetic scanner 'lock' reading a person's DNA/Genetic Code to unlock it and give access. Jack has no Physical Key, so these locks are (somehow) 'sampling' him genetically .... That is really a fairly complicated mechanism. Genetic sampling done from a distance is much much harder/impossible (Bathyspheres/Vita-Chambers could/might have a simpler contact sensor ON the controls that PHYSICALLY obtains a sample --- "PLEASE SPIT INTO THIS TUBE TO UNLOCK THIS VEHICLE"...). A system which then determines genetic patterns from even a physical 'sample' is quite large/expensive/complex/failure-prone. You wouldn't have alot of them mundanely employed (and the plot really didn't really need this) -- (and Even Today a lab full of machines at least the bulk of an entire Bathysphere would be needed to get results after several hours.) So you wouldn't have it on every Bathyspshere, instead it might be a single unit, like AT the AE Station control consoles. There are other ways to achieve the same "people can't leave because" or "people cant use" restrictive situation in the City for the plot atmosphere.

2) There seem to be many control 'locks' in Rapture which use Physical Keys (objects which we have seen, ie- Grace has one) to which the term 'genetic' probably refers to their mechanism being some complex (very hard to be replicated) Electronic/Bio-Electronic based lock, with a key that contains a horribly complicated unique matching 'pattern'. Additional security could have been a database lookup (radio/data link) in a secure central pattern/cipher database, to increase the complexity and thwart somewhat any direct access to/hacking of the lock.

Ryan's men would need to be able to access the Bathyspheres (and many other such security locked things) to do their jobs. THEY would need to be able to unlock/access them, AND security would dictate having seperate Keys to unlock/access different (specifically controlled) things. There is no mention of all their Genetic Frequencies (whatever that is) also being 'on file', to give them universal access, so it makes sense to have had many Physical Security Keys for authorized personnel to carry, which could work alongside Ryan's/Jack's "genetically scanned" Master Key (If it actually was this) access.

The Physical Security keys actually could contain a complex genetic-based (cypher) pattern. Remember, we had to get Gil Alexander's DNA sample to build a Key that worked on the Persephone Entry Lock. It doesn't mean that the Key IS genetic material, but rather a pattern was extracted/obtained FROM it, and programmed into a Key's electronics to match the lock whose pattern was originally built the same way. How many different keys open that same lock?? Nothing says that Sofia's DNA couldn't have also later been used to build a replacement/additional key that would also work on THAT Persephone access door (parallel locks installed). In reality, any lock can be got past eventually, and it is more a matter of controlling/restricting the environment of that lock to prevent alternate means of getting past it.

3) There also seems to be some more generic identification 'scanning', which the Security Devices do. In BS1, Splicers/BDs initially are not attacked by the Security devices (?? a marker used for the Pheromone controlled Ryanists?? But then Atlas's minions also seem "Friended" - so that needs straightening out), and we seem to be able to hack the devices to change their behavior (change them to accept the Player as Friend and Splicers/BDs as Enemies (simple disablement would seem to have been a simpler hack). With whole changeable groups of Friends vs Foes, it can't be JUST be "Ryans genetic code" for that system to work (The Rapture Novel had active signal 'flashers' (coded pattern of blinking lights?) which Ryan's people wore to handle this Friend-Or-Foe identification by the security machines -- a much more plausible mechanism).

4) Various different areas/systems of Rapture have local control mechanisms (and there is the Master Control in Ryan's Office). SO what securely-controlled method was used to originally create all these Keys (and the corresponding locks) ? That process has to be secure. We do build a new Master Key for Atlas/Fontaine in BS1's plot (which is a special Universal Key apparently) right there in Ryan's office (just as in the Real World you have to secure/protect the key making process, and usually one system only issues the 'key' authorizations).

It would have been would have been a logical safeguard for some additional manual password to be simultaneously entered (or just some complicated sequence) which only Ryan knew, to prevent/protect against the obvious methods of defeating the whole Security Lock System (obtaining a stolen key, getting access to that room/machine, or taking tissue from Ryan). But of course, Jack couldn't break that extra security measure, so it would not work for the plot. (In the MMORPG, Ryan had NO intention of having Atlas/Fontaine have his Master Key, and the whole death scene was a sham, so such logical extra security wouldn't be a problem.)


A possible 'out' (to alleviate some of these unworkable contortions with the alleged 'genetic' scanning) -- That radio Jack carries to talk to Atlas might have a built-in Security Flasher (arranged by Atlas), and the Bathyspheres by then might have been largely hacked, so anyone could use them (OR were pre-hacked for Jack -- again arranged by Atlas in the path he takes him). The whole Genetic 'Lock Down' thing could have really just been rumor or a story intended to cover the actual mechanism (or something tested but was later reverted/abandoned). The Security Locks were likely all Physical object operated (with keys and lock modules, issued by Ryan's secured code machine, and installed on important doors, Bathysphere controls, and important machinery/infrastructure. Of course, post-Ryan, just about anything could have been hacked, if the systems weren't kept up (which some of the MMORPG Factions may/could/would have done).


Keys/Locks for the MMORPG : there would be the old systems, while New Rapture's could be modified (as Splicers seem to commonly hack older systems). Reverting back to 'good old' mechanical locks and combinations systems would be obvious, for want of anything more complex. Locks can't stop determined attack - when you simply physically tear the door down, so the security always has limitations (and only few places could have the equivalent of 'bank vault' doors).

Private keyed 'genetic' locks might have existed outside 'official' security (and not just combination locks, or like the ones WE were allowed to 'hack' through a convenient hole in the barrier). Genetic (complex) locks might be usable by Players (their complexity would make them hard to come by/expensive). New Rapture City Security might employ something like them for important things. Most of such security locks might be on systems found in the old parts of the city, which the players might have to defeat (or bypass when they've stopped working).

--- --- --- ---

IQ of a Dead Hamster :

All it takes to tell the big difference between Classic Rapture and Purple Unicorn/Pixie Dust Fantasy Infinite BS Columbia (and Infinitized Rapture)... Ken Levine just tried to reguritate into the previously successful Bioshock games' mechanisms/gameplay/formula, and quite inadaquately re-used it for something that didn't quite fit -- thus botching what could have been a much better game.

No Ken, it WASN'T something we "never saw before". Same thing again, just done badly. And WAY TOO MUCH HYPE making believe it was more than it was that couldn't be delivered on.

--- --- ---

How to Build Rapture (Really) :

One hopes that Rapture was largely out of the path of direct ocean currents - protected by the undersea volcano's sides, though you would still get some turbulence eddies amplified by pockets/contours in the terrain. Water is something like 800 times denser than air, and the force of a few mile-an-hour current's force then is multiplied by that amount (a 1 mph current is equivalent to an 800 mph wind). All those tall and thin buildings (the game artists liked showing) are problematic, with the leverage along that length multiplying the forces trying to bend them at the buildings base (there s a reason why deep oil drilling rigs and spindly and have numerous guywired anchors). Tall spires/towers with minimal interior space possibly might be decorative (Art Deco did that alot) and the top 1/3rd of the structure may be constructed more like a wiffle ball to let alot of the moving water pass through with less surface force.

So sturdy and squat is the rule, unless you want something which has to be expensively overbuilt to withstand ocean currents. In any case, the Tall building in Rapture could/should have alot less floors than the pictures/views indicated (many images look like 40-60 floors). Next to squat ordinary buildings, ones with 20 stories could still look impressive. Too tall and you get the tops scraped off by icebergs or the foundations needing to be too deep for practicality.

Cement structures don't bend much (cement/concrete itself has little tensile or shear strength). Because of the pressure, it cannot be like the steel girdered modern buildings which can sway yards in a high wind (and earthquakes). Plastic Deformation and Strain Hardening and Buckling aren't so much an issue with solid/rigid structures which just don't flex much (vertically at least). Compression with distribution of forces would be the long term solution for a city buildings mean to last for many decades. Horizontal geological movement can be handled by semi-flexible connections BETWEEN buildings and by safeguards in the connecting structures.

--- --- ---

(Game) Tedium - Avoid If Possible :

Im Remembering original XCOM (PC game) - having to re-assign equipment for every minion in a squad EVERY time you started a mission (skill mix spelled out what weapon they were best to use, but EVERY fricken time you had to explicitly reequip/assign them (simple 'remembering' what was set last time ... it could have been done so simple).

Advantage of hindsight (to avoid tedium) - having NPCs who equipt themselves (when given details for mission/operation) -- you can still tweak/change if you decide some special needs (but the bulk of the assignment is automatic logic/cached previous preferences). I suppose you could make 'sticky' recommendations which they could remember (in future) if you have preferences for whats needed for your own selections of tactics (mission keywords you would communicate which would cause them toequip appropriately).

--- --- ---

Player's Kodak Camera in MMORPG :

Everyone loves taking pictures (maybe not so much looking at endless piles of other people's snapshots). In-Game Pictures for web gallery online, etc... YOUR discoveries, etc... Community posted stuff, Good pictures submission to New Rapture's newspapers, and for info of things/places the City Council has Bounties on collecting (later put em on your in game bulletin board). Collect all 300 Splicer Graffiti territory signs, etc.. Add them to your info book.

Film of course isn't free (the gimmick with the original Kodak Brownie Camera which you got for Free in early 1900s, but you then had to pay for the film processing). Replacement film can be bought or fabricated (need the fabrication skill... materials) of varying quality (another skill to develop is how to shoot good pictures). Available cameras (as the equipment being used) likewise have a spectrum of quality/capabilities.. A useful tool.

Motion picture film is also possible (non-commercial magnetic video recording is fairly rare but not unknown at the time Rapture went into its tailspin). TV cameras can have various use. Surveillance cameras to record those Splicers slipping in through the sewers to steal your stuff...

--- --- ---




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