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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG  
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Part 80

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Speculation - BDs Canon Clarity or Warpage :

BD things predated 'Protectors' (logical with all the maintenance Rapture would require).

The Buried at Sea 'first 5 minutes' video (pre-civil war) shows several Big Daddies at work, doing repairs (out in Ocean) and firing his big drill (point) like a grappling hook to pull himself to a different location (I wonder who thought THAT one up...).   Pump-Pressurized Diving suits of that type (those arent hardsuits) don't  allow a human to survive the pressure at the depths Rapture is at.  They are also too big a volume for a normal human and would be really really heavy (600-800lb) which takes alot of strength to move, let alone work in (or walk/do anything out of the water).  So a genetic mod (like Brute strength Tonics minimum, if not also Tonics to prevent the Bends) is required for a 'diver'.  Thus for the use shown they couldnt have been used to Construct the City except ONLY very close to the surface.

"Big Daddy" was a later name it seems (Protector Project monicker), but whatever they were called (what we saw in that video, pre-Protector) at the time of the Kashmir Incident, the divers were most likely not quite human any more, but not necessarily as conditioned/modified as the 'Protectors' were (and we really dont know to what varying extent THE Big Dadies had free-will or consciousness/personality, etc.)   For all you know, even in Lamb's time (BS2) you go to the Big Daddy Depot and you find them sitting around a table playing cards. 

I figure that some of the diving suit maintenance guys/workers seen were recycled insane people (whom there were alot more of by then thanks to Fontaines ADAM products).  Later their form/equipment was used for the Protectors.  As for carving up rocks, there would be big machines for doing that (of course by BS1 times most of the new construction had ceased).  There would be lots of scraping jobs to which that 'drill' mechanism might be better fitted.

Johnny Topside (real name unknown, and whom Ryan thought was a spy from 'The Surface)  was locked up in Persephone (never specified how/why he managed to 'volunteer' to be a BD  -- perhaps he was effective in belittling Lambs philosophy and had to be 'eliminated'...).   Some inmates may have volunteered for 'experimentation' (to get out or for better treatment) and then were messed up so much by it they may have been turned into BDs (instead of leaving them in an isolation tank for the rest of their lives).  Sofia Lamb "volunteered" her own followers  (or other uncooperative inmates ?) while in Persephone to further her agenda.

Meltzer, who Lamb considered a danger to her projects, agreed to be a BD as a last chance to be with his daughter.   Otherwise  SOfia Lamb would have simply murdered him (as is shown she did to many others).

Did others earlier outside of Persephone volunteered for other reasons (like debilitating ill-health - like Handymen)?  Then it is possible whoever was recruiting for BD service may have told the applicants whatever they wanted to hear.   Who knows how many 'inconvenient' people Fontaine earlier had converted to BD (if the City was paying for 'Maintenance Workers'...) to sell to the City?

Alot of this stuff, we barely got clues and the story was obviously shaped to blame Ryan for everything.


Contrary to anecdotal evidence and the intended impression upon the Players - It wasn't clear that Ryan's men were doing the Little Sister kidnappings.  A large number of earlier LS were 'orphans' from Fontaine's orphanages, and already slug-implanted for ADAM generation (if parents put them there, having their daughters turned into glowy-eyed slug-symbiants probably wasnt mentioned to them).  Those LS were ALREADY existing when Ryan 'nationalized' Fontaine Futuristics, and there must have been many of them.   How many 'new' Little Sisters were created (?) isnt really mentioned (just some incidents of 'kidnappings').   Other ADAM producing operations may not have had the scruples that Ryan would have had,  and how many of the kidnappings could be attributed to them also isnt known.   Ryan industries may have bought ADAM from independant operators, but then they may always have done so.   Stories about  many small 'ADAM Farms' spread out across Rapture may be something for the MMORPG to elaborate upon.

--- --- ---

"Sander Cohen is a two parts suck-up and ten parts hack. And that's being charitable." - Culpepper :

Professional jealousy that he was making alot more money than she was and was more popular as a performer ???  

SHE is in Rapture too, likely escaped from mediocrity on The Surface (Why would Successful Artists come to Rapture).   "Takes a Hack to know a Hack" ?

Allegedly she was killed because she started to trash Cohen too much, but unseen because of the vagaries of the story presented it is more likely/logical it was because she started singing against Ryan's Philosophy AND in support of the anarchist Atlas.  (Grace was never locked up or murdered ... and Sofia Lamb got exile).    Possibilities that Cohen actually 'did the deed' (Sullivans Audio Diaries are quite vague) himself.

Treat it like one of those mystery stories where  the real story isnt what it seems from first sight.  ("When it was done" -   could be just Sullivan confirming Culpeppers reported Suicide ... For some reason it is not spelt out HE did it  (read it again).  It might imply, it but its no definite declaration.) 

--- --- ---

Ryan Security (Brownie Points) Mini-Game :

Campaign type game back in old Rapture, where working for Ryan as a Security 'fixer', you face down various criminal elements while preserving law and order.    (Note you get to see Rapture's official City Ordinance so you know what is illegal or not.)

Rapture's Dark and Seedy (sounds like a health food) Underbelly, where unmentionable things unimagined on the streets above happen.

Sounds Like LA Noire style playing (which could be greatly shortcutted in being produced by interested Player Creators using the general mechanisms/tools the MMORPG would have).

Lots of good backstory involvement from Raptures 'old days'.

Possible advancement in 'Main' Game with Player supposedly examining casefiles  (various appropriate skill advancements ...   and possibly clues to still existing sites in Rapture)

--- --- ---

For a While the Saturnine  were the SaturTEN....

But one moved to Columbia.

--- --- ---

My Vision of What a Bioshock MMORPG Should be :

Post BS2 withing year or two - new civilization reasserting itself from the pieces.

Not to change too much from what the first two games showed/indicated.  Keep the themes along the original game's - the nostalgic aspect with that familiar deteriorated Urban Noir feeling.  More filler from that flavoring - a big city built into the size of a town.

- No further significant advancements in technology, and what is there to largely be the 40s/early 50s 'retro' we saw.   The City has been largely in chaos and organized advances would be virtually nil.  Few new Plasmids/Tonic and those mainly the more mundane ones that would have previously existed (Migraine/Back Ache medicines, Cures for Cancer, Happy Tonics for Depression, etc...)

- No major outside involvement - No Soviet/KGB invasion, no Marines shooting the place up with 60s or 70s weapons and mindthink.  Connections to the outside would be tenuous and the remains of old associations that intrude briefly.

- All the denziens would be leftovers, no new Big Daddies except maybe 'scrap' Daddies with ad hoc repairs made to them.  NO major NEW Splicer flavors with ad naseum recombinations.

References to old characters, some still around (and shown to survive).  More showing of the ordinary types who made up the majority of the original population.

The workings of Infinite BS and the DLC are rejected for the most part as being significantly contrary and magic-fantasy (Infinite BS stupidity regurgitated badly).

--- --- ---

Basic Public School in Rapture :

1/4 to 1/3 of the people in Rapture, by the time of the Kashmir Massacre, may have been School age children.

Public teaching of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic for functional literacy, and then Rapture-type Civics/Citizenship/History.  Anything past that being paid for by parents, or companies funding vocational school or work training.  Home schooling on demand.  There could be potential use of more advanced audio-visual methods for labor saving instruction, and later the Learning Tonics.  What grade levels would be provided/required (ie- upto 12th grade ) ...  not sure.

Rapture University for higher degrees of learning.  Likely with more than a little business funding to provide sufficient abilities for the future, and qualified new workers/employees.

Numerous small private schools of various specializations would exist.

Vocational schools for various skills -- available to adults also - thinking all those 'construction' workers would just sit on their asses and put their hands out begging was assinine and there is plenty of work to do -- when you allegedly had a bunch of 'rich' people, then they pay to have things done and wages are subject to supply and demand like everything else.

Learning on the job, as usual.  Part-time Starter jobs for kids.

Child Labor laws might be an issue impacting this (school requirements...) ?

What were Ayn Rand's views on that (as a starting point for what Rapture might have had ?)
Automation alternatives might make many classic 'child labor' jobs unneeded.

We saw  Ryan The Lion Preparatory Academy (preschool and daycare) in BaS, which would probably exist, but NOT in a high rent mall location, and especially (if Ryan's) not in anything Fontaine owned.

--- --- --- ---

Are Plasmids/Tonics Sci-Fi or Fantasy ? :

Gene splicing is within the realm of possibility (in the real world), but it would be more likely to have a working result when it is a modification to create some natural (existing) mechanisms, IE- body regeneration or enhanced muscle strength or faster reactions (more Tonic like things).  So, would Rapture, with a scientific/technological expansion of such genetic manipulation, make possible Bioshock's much more spectacular Plasmids (like Electro Bolt, and Incinerate!) ?  

Look at existing natural Biological Analogies :

- Extreme Speed/Reflex Reaction (way cats kill poisonous snakes even better than mongooses do, and with better coordination).

- Electric Eels which charge up battery-like cells in their body and can shock with hundreds of volts (usually expressed as 'Enough to Stun a horse').

- More accurate and/or Heightened sensory abilities (cats see in near darkness, bats hearing in extended supersonic ranges, dogs having olfactory accuteness hundreds of times of humans, etc...). 

- Regeneration of Tissue - amphibians can regrow limbs (slowly). Your liver can regenerate itself (cut half of it away and it will regrow).

- Great Strength (ever read about a person on PCP, or the steroid swilling athletes ?...)

- Squid that Stun/Confuse prey with scintillating light/pigment flashes (also their ink trick...)

- Sound to Stun prey (dolphins use their sonar to stun and catch small fish)

- Magician's magic tricks (misdirection and distraction to cover quite ordinary physcial manipulations - combined with speed and deftness)

- Fire Breathing Act (fuel from all that alcohol you drink in the game or biologically produced, methane..)  

- Projected OR on direct immediate contact (contact incindiaries or strong painful/burning sensation irritants .. just bio-chemistry)

- Psychophysiological Effects.  Brain function enhancement, focusers (all those expensive concentration drinks they sell these days).  Acuity/awarenes - better interpretation of small clues.

- Spraying/squirting/emanating Chemicals, (snakes spit venom...)  Various noxious poisons/hallucinogens/irritants.  The Incinerate! Plasmid doesn't have to be real fire.   Possibly, Jack or Delta are shooting superheated chemicals from their hands, similar to the Bombardier Beetle.  Couldn't a genetically altered human with appropriate physical structure be capable of this?  

- Cyclone Trap effect could be a mass of explosive gas (biologically produced methane) and act like a mine being disturbed (a frothy mass to contain it (ick) and make it persist)

- Rage Inducing  -  Berserker drugs used to psyche up warriors in many cultures - projected at opponent.   A documentary I saw a few years ago talked about Zulu medicine-men giving their warriors a chemical which greatly magnified their 'rage' in fighting (turning them into a variant of a berserker).  Viking Berserkers were notoriously problematic because they often attacked friendly troops beside them if they werent concentrated upon an enemy to attack.  Projecting such a quick acting chemical on someone via a Plasmid blob projectile (bio-potato cannon) sounds plausible (with NO Magic required).

- Hallucinogenic substances (lots) to enhance effects, distract/impair opponent (goes a long way to assit various implied 'Psi' effects.

- Alot of Placebo Effect (imagined effects) - enemies brains fill in the details for Plamsid effects which aren't quite what they claim to be.   Mental Distractions, Confusion, etc...   Consider that alot of Splicers are pretty 'mental' to begin with (when previously the reality might have been a 'joke' with consumers'.

- Vita Chambers allegedly using Teleportation could just be a  marketing ploy or rumors (you can be carried to it or crawl yourself and forget you did it)?

Direct effect on the User of course is simpler than projecting upon an opponent, but there are ways to accomplish that.


Some Plasmids effects are really hard to justify (as Sci-Fi) IF they actually were to be what they appear/claim to be.  But, What IF they are substituted with something else, something more physically possible, which might LOOK like they do something 'magical' or unreal (Psi effects on the user as well as the target...  that could account for 'what we see' ).     The Teleport thing has been reported in-game to be artificial/faked, as you can see the 'teleporting' Houdini Splicer's steps moving thru water (seen probably at the Triton theater lobby ...)

You will notice IN THE GAME (thus canon...) that many ADAM powers, IF they literally were what they were called, should have operated differently than how they did :

Telekinesis did NOT work thru windows (like for remote hacking the Jedi way...) and you didn't seem to be able to 'english' your projectiles around things and it was line of sight.

Flames generated (things set on fire) seemed to go out rather quickly (as if self-extinguishing).

Gravity Well did NOT work through walls/windows - did NOT pull things on the other side of windows/walls (real gravity is NOT impeded by other matter)

Electricity doesn't shoot out through air the distances shown when the return ground is at the throwers feet (electricity follows the shortest path and is drawn to it...) or arc direct across their hands at the required 'throw' voltage.  A projected liquid or other conductor towards the target CAN instead conduct sufficient electricity with lower resistance.

Various Lasers dont go through Windows.

Strangely, I have seen Cyclone Trap be projected/placed through SOME windows (so there obviously is a inconsistancy issue here also).   The combining with other Plasmids which would require an active user would complicate the 'Trap' modifications to the Cyclone Trap, but these could be plausibly dropped.

--- ---

Players Bulletin Board :

A mechanism much like SitS Meltzer's extended wall and various other office objects, or Ryan's WTF wall.  Would be used to organize a Player's game in a little more interesting way than the usual MMORPG Quest/Mission List.  This one would not be static like those others, but allow the Player to place their momentoes and mnemonic markers spacially as desired and to whatever extent they want.   Maps and diagrams, memos and pictures, little flags and red strings linking objects, all that good stuff.

--- --- ---

"One man chose a city, free of law and God. " - Sofia Lamb (has head where sun dont shine)

Except that Ryan's Rapture could NOT be free of Law.    You cannot have a modern society (which did last 1946-1958 without significant failure)  without some laws.    It was more "Free from Government" which Ryan saw as a channel for parasites to gain power over others.   There still would be a Social Contract with agreed upon limitations of individual Rights (as in - your freedom ends where it starts interfering with someone elses freedoms).  

The writers are ignorant (willfully??) or avoided of the parts of Objectivism which makes for a working system.  Again, a  Failtopia for a shoot-em-up game  -- literature-wise, the backstory would be rejected even by even desperate pulp fiction publishers as unrealistic and stilted.

Oh, "Its only a Game"  -- Yes, and since it supposedly got acclaim for superior detail/story, then it highlights the overall low-standards for that element in the products of the game industry.

--- --- ---

Explanation for the Ghost Stories :


--- --- ---

You Just Cannot Produce Certain Materials in Rapture :

Stuff brought from the Surface would include things various people needed and just couldn't get from the Ocean.   A toolmaker would bring his own supply of tool materials - a whole stockpile of them - knowing that replacement materials would likely be non-existant, inferior or horribly expensive.

Some materials are not that hard to come by.  Organics are often the base materials of plastics.  Materials like carbon are used in numerous industrial processes and can be in the form of charcoal - made from heat purified organic matter.

Some materials like copper/rubber are used in large amounts in the modern industrialized world, and even on The Surface the places producing copper/rubber are few and far between.   SO again, many materials will simply have to be massively stockpiled - sufficient replacement for Rapture's lifetime (100 years?)   Rubber can be made artificially, but at much greater expense and using materials that still have to be obtained specially (goes for most plastics as well).

And some of the items made from those special materials you might as well have them built-up/created on The Surface where it can be done cheaper (so hard-to-make spare parts might as well also be stockpiled).  Remember, alot of industrial processes used to produce the materials (and parts) is quite specialized,  requiring skills that there just wouldn't be enough people in Rapture with for so many (it is not JUST the material, but all the tools required for those processes).   Scale of Production also is a factor.  Economy of scale on the Surface can be magnitudes more cost effective than a small scale shop operation in Rapture.

--- ---

Rooms by the Hour (seen in Fighting Mc Donagh's)  :

Yeah,  McDonagh's Inn was very family friendly...

When it come down to it, McDonagh was into making money, as everyone else was....

McDonagh might have been too high in Rapture's pecking-order for Fontaine to try to strong arm and coerce a takeover of McDonagh's business right next to Neptunes Bounty.  (Or who knows, the way McDonagh sold out Ryan, McDonagh might have been not quite the person portrayed...  Fontaine kept evading/slipping the noose of Sullivans attempts to catch him "red handed" (Watch_Fontaine but "He always manages to be where the evidence isn't"), and an insider in Ryan's Inner Circle might have been really useful.)

--- ---

Aluminium This Sucka !!! (Take your Steel and ....) :

Ryan says Building_the_Impossible! he will use Aluminium, because Steel might 'tip off' the Government ...   Just more know-nothing hogwash by the writers.  The quantities of Aluminium used would get even more government attention than Steel being used.  ('Water is Buoyant' -- huhhh???)

Aluminium is stronger than Steel by weight, but weight really isnt an issue for Rapture (for planes/Columbia it is (or should be)).  But it (Aluminium) did cost more than Steel (quite a bit more - then and still now).   

But then only part of Raptures structures is the reinforcing metal, and the bulk would likely be concrete, as you need compression strength to withstand the massive water pressure.

It is logical to do prefabrication where it is much easier at the waters surface, or as much as possible even back on land, rather than at some deep water depth where complications/difficulties multiply by magnitudes and costly special equipment/skill is needed for everything - deep diving hard suits are NOT used by Joe-Blow workers.

This prefabrication also offers less and less excuse for there being so many 'construction workers' to be allowed into Rapture (they are used in the plot as the excuse for all the 'poor' 'downtrodden' 'out of work' people who cause so many issues.   If they worked on the surface/on-land then they really never had to see Rapture (and could be prevented really from knowing where it was), so did not have to be allowed to live there (that suignificant reason of 'so they wouldnt reveal the secret').    Most of the 'construction workers' who were let down below then would be more machine-operators and technical people, versus manhandling grunts/gophers.  The ones let in would also CERTAINLY be told that construction would eventually end, and they had better be ready to take up new professions (City Maintenance would absorb more than a few doing similar type jobs).

A feeble attempt to have a 'workers revolt' to legitimize the anarchist/terrorist Atlas and to paint Ryan as Jacks 'the enemy'.

--- --- ---

When You Think About It -  A dying Dr Zhivago and his tram could have taken out 'Columbia' :

What the heck am I talking about ??

Seriously, going after a bunch of rebelling Chinese who still had muskets isnt really saying much.


The US government wasnt amused and with public outcry shouting at the politicians, action was taken...

--- --- ---

Cat-ure Continued :

"He owns the Nip so he's the Guvnor" - FluffyMcDonagh

Katmandu - the Cat Paradise/Utopia  - Until the Catnip farms failed and the population went insane !!!

Tuna !!!  The Great Catbox pulls everyone forward...

Katmandu's Fluffiest of 1952

--- --- ---

Smuggling Became a Crime with a Death Penalty  -- When ? :

Death_Penalty_in_Rapture    Its not really clear when this was enacted.

It could have been before Kashmir Incident  (though very likely AFTER the City is Cutoff from the Surface around 1952).

It could be in response to the inability to 'get' Fontaine's Smuggling ring ... Upping the Ante,  or there could be, after Kashmir, when smuggling continued  (maybe Fontaine had preplaced some resources for his 'revolution' or possibly there were others doing smuggling the whole time.

We see the corpses on public display labeled 'Smuggler' but thats in 1960 - year or more after Kashmir  (and the audio diary is heard when Jack is there, made when Ryan was still alive, etc...)

Is that the game writers trying to make a dig at Ryan as being a paranoid to implement such a thing ? (or like certain countries who have to build a wall to keep their people in ?)   But then Cold War politics and 'ant people' mentalities being real to the people At That Time could easily justify it as definitely NOT being paranoia (remember Ryan BUILD a whole city to get away from them, and then requiring 'secrecy' to protect it).

--- --- ---

Alpha (BD) Weirdness :

The distinctive tied-on suit-weight and Divers Knife pix

If anything you wouldn't want, it is MORE weight with all the stuff the BDs carry on their backs (the original canvas type suits had no tanks, instead had an airline fom the surface).

The real use of that knife allows cutting the rope holding the weight, in an emergency,  causing the air filled suit to gain buoyancy and rise to the surface - something pointless for a Big Daddy.

Makes me wonder if the game asset designers even knew what these things were, and instead, they simply copied them ignorantly from picture of old-time divers.

They also have made the suits with barnacles growing on the cloth (canvas and flexible) sections of the suit, which wouldn't happen.

Another problem would be that with all that equipment mounted so high up on their bodies, that they would be top heavy which would make them particularly clumsy out of the water.   Hanging alot of that stuff lower might have been more realistic (as would making it flatter and have less bits that get stuck/catch on things).   Need to see at least one Daddy Suit stuck somewhere fatally.  And one hopes the MMORPG Player's Diving Suits are better done.

--- --- ---

"Secret Church" (Sirens Alley Pump Station #5) :

Why need it be secret after Ryan is dead ?   At the time of the game (BS2 when Sophia Lamb is running things) it wouldnt any longer need to be 'secret'.   It may have been a 'secret' before, if Simon Wales was recruiting for Sophia Lambs 'philosophy' while Ryan was still alive, and Sofia was still locked up in Persephone.

The Pump Station is Not really a great spot for 'secret' if the city facility was still operational, though it is possible the workers there were bribed or threatened into silence about its presence.
Later in the city's chaos it would no longer matter.

Where exactly do you get pews (seen in the 'church') when organized religion is basically banned ?
More ad hoc collection of chairs would have been better.  Giant Pictures of their worshipped images - with the later state of RApture, where would you get canvases that large??   I dont even recall seeing any of the egotistical Cohens paintings being that large (a big one in Fonatines office in Fontaine Futuristics?)

An entire mural drawn in blood might have been more daring to present (and more symbolic of the Ways of the Family's "mother".

Corpses of people sitting there ... Simon's sermons must've been particularly boring ...

--- --- ---

Jigsaw Puzzles :

Saw a jigsaw puzzle on floor in Graces apartment, it suggests yet another (easy) Mini-Game mechanism for Tablet/Smartphones.

In-game the finished puzzles can be displayed on the wall of the Players residence.

With a standard 'puzzle' mechanism completed, all that need be supplied is a texture (picture) Asset (which most players could generate  with little effort -- more effort in finding an interesting one...)

Some variants might be bioluminescent versions (which glow when you turn off the lighting) and might have a 'hidden' picture visible only after the Player finishes it.

Is suppose some Missions/Quests may have their clues in some such jigsaw puzzle, with the answer being revealed after the player assembles it (or also finds all the pieces).

--- ---

Deck of Mind Reading/ESP Test Cards :

In Grace's Apartment on the floor in Eleanor's old bedroom.   I suppose she may have been being tested or testing herself.

No indication that ADAM gives you ESP though many of my proposed Psi mechanisms (which could more logically account for some of the Plasmid effects) do overlap with that general classification (if you can jam brainwaves, perhaps another mechanism can sense them - either that or someone gets real good at reading/perceiving face-gestures/skin-temperatures/other-indicators).

--- --- ---

Fink Hadn't See/Developed/Manufacturing  Postit Notes,  yet ...  Strange Blackboards : Blackboards for Fink's various 'projects'  (strange, Suchong seems to have started doing that also in the DLC).

Ranting on a Blackboad ? SO neatly too.   That Drinkable ADAM  requiring 10X the hard-to-get ADAM made it more expensive - THAT should have been the issue on the blackboard - did the profit of a Luxury good 'Drinkable' do better than a mass-produced consumer item 'injectable'?   What was next, 'suppository' form ?

Or maybe is there a better way to inject it  the 'Easy-Stab, Vigor Injecto-matic' ...

Offer a better product ....

--- ---

"Gat in the hand" Bogart Big Sleep 1946 (gangster slang) Lotsa good material in those old movies.

--- --- ---

Hidden Ways Big Daddies Got Around Rapture :

BDs (Maintenance Cyborgs) had to move materials/tools around (inside and outside) they used for repairs and maintenance

- Drainage sub-levels (down where the airlocks usually are), Lots of Submarine-style pressure doors.

- Sewer levels, with utility Trams  (Security also used these as did the mundane maintenance workers)

- Walking on the seafloor of course (airlocks in every building section)

- Section maintenance storage areas

- Big Daddy Depots where repair/maintenance was done on the Big Daddies themselves (its dim that they were dependant on LS - what about BEFORE the LS ever were 'Gathering' ?

- Central Dispatching to maintenance assignments/emergencies

- The BDs  werent so mind-dead that they couldnt travel via Submarines/Trams/Trains.

--- --- ---




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