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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG 

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Part 72

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Speargun Amusements (Things to do After you Played the Game the 5th Time):

One of the more novel aspects of the Bioshock games was the Speargun pinning the Splicers to whatever was behind them, in conbination with the 3D Ragdoll Physics for the struck bodies (often dragging/flying them a ways til the Spear pinned them in place).  Actually the Spears appear to strike with rediculous force able of making the body fly a dozen feet sideways, or carry it up to be tacked to a ceiling.   Real Spears are sharp, with a low effective transmission of friction - in other works it would really tear through bodies if it had that kind of force.


Interesting things to do to Splicers

Anyway , I could see expanding that mechanism to include :
- Grappling hooks or for zip-lines
- Wedging doors (open or closed/) with spears (important for airlocks that wont open opposite side til firts door sealed).
- Making steps (out of spears) to climb a wall (handholds)
- Whacking people with furniture, and such, and making them fly... (greater use of the Physics Engine)
- Using 'spears' to quickly string defensive wires (alarm tripwires and not just electro-juice fun).
- Or for some needed construction activity, stretching a line across a gap (everyone should carry rope ladders and portable bridges with them).
- Good ole Dynamite on a Spear bolt...  (conversely a Medi-Pack delivered to someone out of reach)
- Firing messages to someone who either you or they dont want to get close for otherwise.
- Administering antibiotics to Alexander the Seasick Sea Serpent.

Lets not forget that the Spear should do this even if the enemy ISNT dead.  Pin the Splicer to the wall where it squirms and shrieks in pain (or not if you just penetrated its clothing).   So we could continue our Speargun fun in our no-longer 'slaughter-fest' themed Bioshock MMORPG.

--- --- ---

"Bathyspheres surface carrying Splicers, who slaughter the crew and apparently capture the submarine and its missiles" - Bizaare, but Unlikely.

Evil Jack gets hisself a nuke ?  Or apparently not ?   Speculation ?  Who says they (Splicers) captured the sub ??   Apparently nothing much came of this, whichever way it went, for the storyline of BS2 to follow.  Imagine a nuclear depth charge going off at Rapture, after the US Navy understood that one or more nuclear warhead had fallen into the hands of some unknown enemies.  The concussion will instantly crush every building and trun every inhabitant into tasty fishfood.

In any case,  Ballistic Missile subs (Boomers) would not be sent to investigate a jetliner/plane crash (this is in the middle of the Cold War, and none of the 'Boomers' would EVER have had orders to do such a thing).   Likely no sub would, as surface ships and airplanes are much better at doing such a mission.

The US had a naval airstation at Keflavik Iceland (south western tip of iceland).

--- --- ---

"Use of the phrase "Would You Kindly" - Actually Jack Hijacked the Plane after READING that Phrase on a Note Attached to his "Gift" :

Anybody thought of that before -- that this particular WYK is a textual instruction (versus all the other trigger usages being verbal).  Conditioning-wise it is a whole different thing, but it is likely Jack had been programmed  with both types of trigger (so it is not illogical to have that flexibility).

BUT, if that was therefore to work, THEN here is a good *Twist* for the Game : In Ryan's Lair, in Rapture Central Control, the words "Would You Kindly" are on the wall in BIG letters (hard NOT to see them).   Seeing that should have had some effect on Jack (like make him stand there endlessly waiting for the following instruction command).

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MMORPG Players Get Tired of the "Grindy-Grind Grind" :

Lets face it, most games have/make you do alot of the same things repeatedly,  -OR- they are over in very little time (The Devs just cannot offer (be budgeted for) sufficient unique content/game mechanics, EVEN WHEN they sell millions of copies).  Not just the same old objects, tools and endlessly repeated actions, skill ramps, Reputation grinds, but even to the way that ALL the NPCs/terrain react (doing the same things the same generic ways for most of the generic 'encounters' couched in flowery story descriptions).

Again this is a reason to greatly extend/expand the game content using Player Creation as a primary feature of a  MMORPG.   New content continually and the imagination of a hundred times as many talented people.

--- --- ---

What Does Elizabeth Really Change by Her Actions in the Games ? :

Simple - Nothing.  As an infinite number of other people are ready to step into the 'Comstock shoes' in INFINITE places which Elizabeth, if she travels across dimensions til Doomsday, wont touch.  What of the several 'Multiverses' she leaves thru Tears, now left to their own devices (heh- too, possibly better off without her meddling ?) - has anything now been achieved in them ?  Infinity is a bigggg number, and no matter how many Bookers she murders, Infinite more remain.

Mr Bigglesworth in universe 876th Row, 17 Down (the Cat Scratching Post Lighthouse)  got the Catatopia Columeow built and played out the very same story (minus the tuna and kitty litter incident).  Finkelpurr's Automoton Warriors are now invading numerous other dimensions, spreading their freedom and bounty to benighted kitties.

And so it goes.....  The best laid plans of developers and men come to naught.  Screwed by their pretentious misunderstanding of the Pseudo Science they invoke.

--- --- ---

SHhhhhhhhhhhhh, Secretsssss.... :

If it is SO important for Rapture's existence to remain a secret for Andrew Ryan, how did all who came to Rapture learn of it in the first place ?   Did Ryan put an ad in the papers or something saying "Hey, I built a really cool underwater city, so everyone who is smart and rich and not a fricken Parasite come on down!"

Seriously how many people would come to Rapture sight unseen? So how was it handled if that wasnt the case ?

Flashbacks are our Friend.   The ENTIRE Rapture story can be told (retold) in a logical and cohesive fashion.  Dislike a vague or contradictory (or just plain stupid) section of the Rapture story ?  Propose a plausible revision/elaboration and let the community digest your improvement.

--- --- ---

ADAM-Infused-Plants (Fontaine Futuristics Project) :

Not sure what ADAM really is.  It should be something that causes body cells to revert to a Stem Cell form to be repurposed into different tissue and be succeptable to gentic modification (and it is NOT Stem Cells itself .. definitely not human stem cells).  With that function it could (its origin, reason for existing) naturally act like a venom, disrupting an organism it was introduced into, either as a poison defense or to disable and eat prey - the natural reason why the Slug would have it.

ADAM-infused-plants might be an attempt to produce ADAM - a project disrupted by the Civil War, or failed by being impractical in being too hard to cultivate, or not containing sufficient ADAM, etc...

- Those Hypnotic Orb thingees (plants seen in FF Secret Section) were a possible attempt.

- The plants that Gil Alexander sought like a cat does tunafish - a good start - at least containing ADAM precursors (as a 'slug' he might be able to process their nutrients to produce ADAM).  This possibly was an attempt also to improve a food source for captive Sea Slugs to produce more ADAM.

It is possible that Sea Slugs could eat some natural plant and concentrate ADAM from them, but obviously such hadnt been a key source one way or another, as that plant was never found.  More likely their system synthesized it from whatever nutrients they consumed.

Hypnotize Polyps on same/similar plants ?? with specific Plasmid built in to the plant produce that effect.. That is a seperate issue (possibly as a subsequent project after the ADAM-production project failure.. (-OR- is it actually as seperate NON-ADAM mechanism -- like easily absorbed LSD/Roofie type chemical ?????).

Others (besides Fontaine) may have been working on developing this idea, as a cheaper more plentiful source of ADAM would have broken open the entire industry and made whoever developed it quite rich.

--- --- --- ---

An Awful lot of Paperwork in Rapture with all those Filing Cabinets We Saw :

What good is paperwork without laws to back them up ?   Accounting to track things internally (at least midling sized commercialism), but if the accounts dont match up to what they are supposed to be, is it then upto individuals to enforce their own rules and regulations and punish any crimes ?  Contract enforcement ...

How to run a commercial society (civil law, as well as criminal law) with no law courts, no judges, no lawyers, no police ?

Quite naive to assume there was not any such things - a city the size of Rapture (town actually) with its commercial and private property and business interactions simply could not run for the 12 years (46-58) it was shown to exist in a state of anarchy.

Ryan should have been able to call upon such institutionalized organization, and be bound by it (due process) -- Thats why he had to get 'proof' about Fontaine's crimes, and also for the exile of Lamb for sedition, and fpr various other criminals (all long before the "Civil War's" crisis, which mandated escalated enforcement powers to Ryan to battle the threats to Rapture).

--- --- ---

Ideas for Alternatives for Results of Combat/Conflict :

- Player is Captured,  Splicers have more goals giving them more options for what to do with a captured Player
--- Ransom
--- Stealing the Players stuff and just leaving them
--- Taking the Player to 'The Boss' for someone else to decide
--- Left for dead, Player is Rescued by fellow New Rapturians or a friendly Faction (or an un-friendly one)
--- Confusion and fear of reinforcements arriving, and just running away

- Player is cornered (not disabled) - standoff (til Calvary arrives or the other side just calls it quits)

- Bribes (before combat) can work for opponents who may not care for the risk of being killed themselves

- Player is wounded significantly - needs to be hauled back to civilization - Mission scrubbed. (Ditto for Mission critical 'Team' NPCs).

- Splicer is cornered and surrenders (knowlege/hope that the City folk are allegedly 'saving' Splicers, or just doesnt care to 'die') - Players may encounter Splicers who don't like their miserable Splicer life, and have hope that being "Cured" will change things

- Negotiate, "Parley" - both side would rather extricate themslevs from a situation.  Some Splicers are fighting other Splicer groups and would barter for cooperation.

- Power Play - Players may encounter Splicers whose ambitions make them want to remain Splicers and prevent other Splicers who they have power over from 'defecting'.  Territories being defended.

The same would apply to non-Splicer NPCs you will run into in the Wild areas, and even inside New Rapture (ie- criminals) as there are Factions/groups/individuals in the city with different motives, which sometimes could lead to combat situations.

So that the Groups and Factions dont remain static in their behaviors -- particularly with the dynamics of the map as New Rapture grows and Player make contact (and start influencing events in more remote areas), some higher coordination might be needed to (intelligently) control those entities in a high-level manner. Gamemasters who set policies for the various groups and factions after reviewing any changed situations could  adapt behaviors as appropriate.  Control of areas is one of the more fluid aspects as Splicers move about and hold control of various resources in the ruined city.

--- --- --- ---

Lets Rap about Rapture !!! :

There be this Ryan who wasnt a Hawaiian,
coulda been a Lion but surrenda monkey'd out an dyin'd. 
Just hafta be mo' Mayan if yo wanna be like my bro' Brian
So's you getz to Zion, I aint not here be lyin'.

Actually makes a bit more sense that what you usually hear Splicers Sayin ... (before they be slayin')

--- --- ---

Morality in the MMORPG ??? :

Ken Levine and company PR releases talked endlessly about "Moral Choices" and responsibility in Bioshock, but in the end there was very little choice or real decisions (supposedly ones like 'Harvesting' versus 'Rescuing'/'Saving' Little Sisters).  The results of making those 'decisions' were about the same outcome in the game either way.  Meanwhile to progress in the game, you had to slaughter countless humans merely for the reason they were in the way of you completing goals which the game was forcing you to pursue.

If it came to getting more Buffs/Stuff, versus doing the "Right Thing", which path do YOU think MOST Players would go ???    What if the game Coerced players to murder children ?  Looks bad, very bad.  We cant have that.   At the very end of BS1, you finally find out the outcome of your 'choice' without you really knowing the criteria required to decide it --- it turned out it was some simple in-game math equation - a Little-Sister-Slaughter threshold (Interesting - You apparently got 'one' murdering/disembowelment of a child as a 'freebie' -- not to be counted against you),  kill X-many of some Bosses, but some other 'Bosses' didnt quite matter if you slaughtered them, etc...  (it WAS kinda arbitary).  While throughout the game, you violently slaughter/burn/blowup countless 'Splicers' and Big Daddies (who really are just minding their own business), but there is no counting THAT mass-murder for calculating the Ending (Oh, some attacked you on sight, but what about the ones YOU initiated the attack upon - did THOSE count against you in the mathematics of death ?   Nope.)

SO what is to be different in the MMORPG ?

A goal of saving people (turns out that Splicers are 'people', which aint too hard to understand, the plot says YOU yourself were one of them until recently).

Visible displeasure from your Peers in New Rapture (Loss of Prestige) for killing (even 'accidentally') potential Ex-Splicers/Citizens, and for wasting resources the City will need.

You still may have to use force (to incapacitate) upon the Un-Cured,  if they don't want to go willingly.   It could be more interesting (skill-wise/challenge), IF you have to figure out how to 'get them' without inflicting too much damage.

--- --- ---

Air Vents as Secret Passages :

Note that on many of my extended Rapture level maps 'secret passages' thru the air vents (the square vent covers you can break out and get passage through to access spaces usually blocked by other obstacles) are indicated for the ones existing in the Solo games.  There would actually be many others (full systems of them in fact) on the full MMORPG game maps, as well as various access to other utility systems within the walls.
Rapture is actually a rabbit warren of such pathways needed to access the many systems that keep Rapture livable - air/electricity/heating/water/communications/pneumo/sewage - all are distributed throught every part of the City.

As previously mentioned, Terrain Creation Tools would be provided to autostitch together such details when composing game building interior additions using the standard templates (and new unique sections would comply with the various interconnects used by the City's utility systems).

Understand that Splicers also know about these hidden passageways, so dont be suprised if when you come to that sharp blind corner in the ventway that you meet a Splicer face to face, or some nasty suprise one has left for you.

--- --- ---

The Resurrection Machine :

Eleanor did massive modification (and possibly tried many attempts) to reconstitute Delta (versus the Vita-Chamber's originally intended  Resurrect function to be performed on a still warm body dragged to the machine).  Changing any genetic locks would have been only a small part of making it all work.  The Thinker or Tenenbaum probably did that much for Sigma to use the Vita-Chambers.

Lamb might have booby-trapped the Vita-Chambers (also after 7+ years how many machines would still work ?).  But then, the Vita-Chambers not working - that would have gotten in the way of using the Game-Play-Save mechanism (the whole reason to have that fantasy-type mechanism (teleport and 'entanglement BS) inserted into the sci-fi Rapture world).  So they ALL somehow survived to BS2.

Eleanor probably had plenty of time to un-booby-trap the one she intended to use, and maybe even do repairs (with access to parts from many other machines).  She could probably even could work on pieces of the machine herself, with the Little Sisters and their Big Daddies running errands for her.  That is if she actually couldn't already 'Teleport' out of her confinement (or skipping that fantasy element, simply pick the lock while Sofia was off strangling kittens or whatever her hobby was.)

--- --- ---

Big Daddies Post BS2 :

After BS2 there could still be quite a few Big Daddies wandering about (and Little Sisters too).  Rapture is a large place, and we saw only a small part of it (in all the games combined).  Delta apparently is killed in BS2, but that is not for certain (and he could yet be revived again, as he was once already - couldnt he?  WE CAN REBUILD HIM!!! THE $69,000 MAN ...).

DNA might be only part of what was needed.  Delta was a special case, being a test subject for the Protector program, and they may have had alot more research stuff/recordings/samples/brain patterns from him, which made him more unique (Resurrection-wise).  It also took Eleanor's efforts to make it happen (and alot of help from Little Sisters and maybe their cooperative Big Daddies).

Besides the point that the last we see of him is his body drifting back down to Rapture and its many Vita Chambers.

There are doubtless more Alphas somewhere (seemed like too many for a 'failed' model).

The cyborgs that do city maintenance wouldnt likely be attacked much (with no Little Sister full of tasty ADAM to draw the Splicers) and there would have been many of those.

Even while the Schrodlinger's Sofia was in a state of being drowned/not-drowned, Big Daddies and Little Sisters still probably roamed the rest of Rapture -OR- maybe they (the Factions) got smart and had the Maintenance Cyborgs bring the corpses to a safe protected location for the ADAM recovery (assuming there was that much ADAM still to recover, or sufficient corpses any longer).

--- --- ---

Robotic Little Sisters - Veryify it Works BEFORE you Start the Assembly Line :

The main problem was that IT was a robot.  The Sea Slugs require a human host (with organs and such) in which to live.  If they could have done this artificially, then what need for the complexity of using children ??   Another problem - the Big Daddies didn't seem to bond to robots, due to the bond itself being based on psychological involvement, and a robot just couldn't simulate the subtle behavior required.  Either issue was enough to put-the-kibosh on the project.

--- ---

Bait and Switch  - Infinite BS :

Actually that may be a clue to Infinite BS's problems !!! -- All that wonderful stuff portrayed in the trailers and released vids and endless interviews  -- which they, in the end, DID NOT deliver on.   Many many features were cutback/changed.  Was that because they'd contrived mockups to sell the idea, which actually were NOT viable prototypes -- things they already SHOULD have discovered which the Game really  COULD NOT DO   (like the extensive Skylines in those quite large/impressive cityscape 'levels', or those special Complex Tear Scenes) BEFORE they Marketed/Hyped it that way.   I dont recall them giving back the Awards they had won at the Game Industry shows.

--- --- ---

Oops, Look before you Leap... :

The Luteces made the mistake of stepping thru a Tear into the Cat dimension, and before they knew it THEY were in a closed box with a poison capsule, made part of a feline's "Thought Experiment"...

--- --- --- ---

Andrew Ryan initially suspects that Jack is a CIA spook, then comes to the conclusion that he is NOT - based on his behavior :

How come Andrew Ryan did not notice Jack's entrance to Rapture was with a Bathysphere?  While of course Atlas does (but then Jack is his pawn), and the order went out to get Jack to Rapture, and Fontaine may have made sure a Bathysphere was there waiting for Jack.  

If Ryan DID notice, might he easily figured out Jack is his own blood (that stolen embryo... etc), therefore he could now be playing a game with Jack (and Atlas).    But then how did Fontaine arrange the Bathysphere to be there (not having Ryan blood for the Genetic Lock), if the system is supposed to be truly 'locked'?  Was the Lockdown system not as lock-tight (as they made you believe in telling the story -- "Sure, the boys in Ryan's lab can make it hack-proof. But that don't mean we ain't gonna hack it."). 

There supposedly were many privately owned 'submarines' (mis-called "Bathyspheres") and even Fontaine Futuristics made some.  But that was a Metro Bathysphere (still with the old Ryan gtreeting message).

Ryan might notice the event anyway because there should have been NO Bathysphere waiting at the Surface station (nice and ready to take anyone wandering by on the sea down to Rapture ???).  Sorry, with Ryan shown to be so serious about secrecy and preventing detection, it should not have been left there as part of any normal happenings (heck he should have had the Lighthouse torn down long since).   So much for Ryans 'paranoia' by not keeping a better watch on the entrance to Rapture... or did he know more about what was going on - setting up 'conning' Atlas ?).

Because of the Vita Chambers ("Set supposedly ONLY to Ryans Frequency")  Jacks use of those might have been a tipoff also (The outraged Splicers wanting their Bounty Reward (1000ADAM) definitely would have complained to Ryan).   This story detail all could be skipped as being tainted 'Canon' because of the game's Auto-Save variation they created employing it, but if "ITS CANON" then it could be more evidence for Ryan to know well ahead of time who Jack must be.

--- --- --- ---

Booker in BAS1 implies that you signed a contract before entering Rapture agreeing that you would never leave :

Would most people sign such a thing without being aware of what they were getting into ??

This would be evidence that people HAD to know what Rapture was to be, and under what rules they were supposed to exist.   People who thought they could be slackers/wanted to cheat the system would have been sufficiently warned off (and many eliminated from being allowed in, when they were submitted as candidates).

This actually makes what the game writers present as much less likely - ie- Construction Workers who dont/cant move on to other jobs, who didn't plan ahead, didnt prepare and save up for the eventuality of their joibs ending.. (and who likely would be more machine operators than manual laborers).   Tons of other wastrels that so easily (got into Rapture) fall into the clutches of Parasite-mongers like Fontaine, Atlas and Lamb are so convenient ...   So many mouthpieces for a welfare state, when you dont hear much of anything from the majority of the Citizens who came to Rapture to avoid it.

Scenario for MMORPG Flashback : Vetting Rapture Candidates - One of many Surface Offices (it takes a significant organization to 'find' 20000 people and can be hardly the 'just people disappearing on a beach' as the storyline repeats).  All the questions candidates are asked to make sure Rapture wasnt importing 'Parasites', to prevent poisoning its future ...  Ryan's surface organization interviewing people, sifting prospective candidates, handling th eodd troublemaker who 'knows too much', etc...  This would happen well in advance with minimum details given to candidates (in case of rejections), with 'stages' of confidence to maintain the secrecy.

Then there would be the 'disconnection' for those people going - converting their holdings to wealth which they could bring to Rapture, a cover story for their disappearance, the transportation of themselves, and what they brought along.  Disconnection from the 'doomed' Surface World.

--- --- ---

Persephone 'Volunteers' - Carrot rather than the Stick (or club) :

I went back to look at all the posters on the walls (turned out there were fewer than I remember, the posters being advertisements for 'better treatment').  They seemed like they were emulating the thing done in real prisons/jails during that era : When they offered early release (and probably better treatment) to inmates who volunteered for some medical experiments (usually was some kind of drug testing and not conversion into a soul-less zombie mechanoid or gene twisted mutant).  The poster with the bag of money at the inmates feet looks like it is implying the inmate is being paid, not handing his money over to get some 'sooner' (or better) treatment.

I would figure with the ADAM-driven insanity, the early extreme cases would wind up in some facility (probably an Insane Asylum at Persephone, or whatever other facilities predated its creation) where they had to be 'warehoused' at public expense (families no doubt paid when they could at 'private' facilities).   Criminally insane people would often have to be held in isolation, if not being completely restrained as well, so as not to hurt themselves.  Look at the history of such places in that era, 'lobotomizing' of such patients was common -- just like in the good ole USA back then, when a court would decide their disposition once someone was too insane (mentally incompetant) to decide for themselves their situation (not euthanized though).  But someone would have to pay for it all, and in Rapture that would be a sticking point in such decisions.  I suppose you could consider being 'pacified' and turned into a Big Daddy as equivalent to unending restraint, or  mental obliteration via lobotomy (with the benefit of the inmate being made useful in society/paying for their own upkeep).

Some (mentally competant) inmates with Life Sentences (remember this was also a general prison, not only an alleged 'gulag' for exiled traitors and seditionists, which the writers might have implied) who might voluntarily 'opt out' and volunteer for Big Daddification (it is also not really clear how much personality still remains after that conversion).   Terminal patients (particuarly indigent ones) might be further potential candidates.

One other piece of evidence -  all the verbage of Lamb's followers "sacrifice" -- of subjecting themselves to become 'test subjects'.  "Sacrifice" is not generally defined as involuntary.  That, I think, implies that the subjects still had to "volunteer" - even though there may be some coercion with the offers of 'better treatment' (carrot), and whatever 'convincing' Sofia Lamb  (and her more true-believer sychophants) were able to use on her followers to get THEM to volunteer (earning HER advantages with the Prison authorities, apparently).

A prison where it is KNOWN that many inmates are dragged off and never return would be very difficult to run, and require too large a staff to physically manhandle all the fearful inmates through every part of its operation.  Thus volunteer programs.  How many of such test programs did not really harm the candidates we arent told, inmates coming back from the testing with little effect (there are many tests whichg affect the subject only minorly) would encourage further 'volunteers'.

How many of Fontaine's test candidates in the early days were 'volunteers' ??   How many were unfortunates scooped up from the poorer more noisome sections of Rapture (like the Paupers Drop slum before Sinclair redeveloped it) ?  Others may have been people who worked for him who complained about being cheated of their wages, or similar 'problem' people.

--- --- ---

Johnny T  -  We Hardly Knew Ya :

A deep-sea explorer who just happened upon Rapture (how do you get lowered nearby and NOT see the Lighthouse ???

Johnny Topside (real name unknown) who Ryan thought was a spy from 'The Surface', was locked up in Persephone (never is it specified how he managed to 'volunteer' for testing, perhaps it was arranged by Sophia Lamb).  Some inmates may have volunteered for 'experimentation' (to get out early or for better treatment) and some were messed up so much by it they may have been turned into BDs (if they had relatives you'd think there would be Newspaper stories and investigations - at least before Kashmir).  Sofia Lamb 'volunteered' her own followers (or possibly other uncooperative inmates) while she was incarcerated in Persephone to get concessions (or to simply avoid becoming a 'candidate' herself).  It is never been mentioned that Johnny Topside had been a Splicer.

Meltzer, who Lamb considered a danger to her projects, who would have been murdered if he hadn't agreed to become a BD as a last chance to be with his daughter (but what was to stop her from doing it either way ? Wasn't it more a sick power trip on her part ?)   Maybe Lamb used similar methods to convince inmates at Persephone to "volunteer" ?).   Johnny T becomes candidate X?

Delta-land. Not sure if there were others in the public outside Persephone who volunteered for experiments to get paid (that Fontaine Clinic in Paupers Drop may have been an 'out-patient' testing operation), and the later (when the LS kidnappings also started).  It is possible whoever was recruiting for BD service may have told the applicants whatever they wanted to hear.  Not necessarily Sinclair, but there could have been many people doing it freelance to supply Fontaine Futuristics for quite some time - ex- Poole.  Fontaine also probably wasnt one to 'ask questions' about unwilling candidates). And who knows how many 'inconvenient' people Fontaine earlier had converted to BD (if the City was paying for 'Maintenance Worker' candidates, and people with ADAM-fried minds were a typical source...).  

Wasn't Meltzer just ahead of us in BS2 (near the Merry-go-round in Dionysus)?  He seems to have been Daddified rather fast (like Sinclair).  A bit too quick for the BD conversion which is supposed to include significant behavioral conditioning.  Delta, on the other hand, seems to have had a long time being tested (including demonstrating ADAM products (BEFORE becoming a BD ??).  That Fontaine Futuristics Demo Theater setting really doesn't seem right for AFTER the Kashmir caused city panic.  So is that situation more likely to have been  before that -- perhaps quite a while before while Fontaine still controlled the company ??  Wouldn't Fontaine Futuristics, following Fontaine's demise, be in confusion from 'Seizure', crime investigations, then from reorganization and 'new' management in the space of just a few months?)

In any case, there doesn't seem to be much of Johnny T's personality left after his "Daddyfication", and then after being resusciatated 8 years later (which may have been Eleanor's doing, as his memories may have been tailored to help free her from her Mommy-Dearest.)

The MMORPG might fill in alot more details dealing with these events.

--- --- ---




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