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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG  

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Part 69

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MMORPG Bloopers Reel :

All kinds of wacko things can be produced with the MMORPGs Tools, things which are not supposed to be in the Game World, but can be placed to the side for Player viewing and (hopefully) amusement. (Parodies, Scenes you would want to see, Bizaare little vignettes, etc...)

  • Wouldn't you like to see a recreation of Sander Cohen's Quadtych self-congradulation scene - him coming down the stairs at Fort Frolic as his confetti-loaded fireworks go off, and HIM tripping and bouncing down the stairs (head over heels) and the some appropriate punchline  -- OR a sickening crunch as he lands and breaks his neck and then silence and the words "Few artists are appreciated during their lifetime" being shown (or somesuch)
  • The scene where Jack swings the golf club at Ryan way too low ...
  • Delta breaking through the Glass into the Isolation Room as Sophia is Smothering Eleanor ....
    Or The end scene where Delta gets his hands around Sofia neck and does a Sally Pop on her.
  • Fontaine doing a Heckle and Jeckle imitation (google it), and then Cagney and Groucho Marx on an Audio Diary (give Players Creators a chance to show off their mimic abilities)
  • "Would you kindly - sweep up the room and then clean the windows."  (Ryan suddenly has an idea...)
  • A Big Daddy doing "Puttin on the Ritz" like in Young Frankenstein
  • Spider Spicer playin the Banjo (Southern Comfort scene)
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales - Rapture as a ride at Disneyland...  (The disembodied voice says "No Kings, No Gods, Only Man" before you plunge down into the water...)

The potential is endless.

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The Iconic Diving Helmet on guy wearing Gorilla suit :

- Inspired by some 'Ghost/Dream/Memory' escaping  Rapture to the Surface??

Google image "robot monster 1953"

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"Greatest Disappointment"  :

Not sure why Ryan should be so down on 'Jack', who is so obviously been manufactured as a creature of Fontaine's (which Ryan is shown to have figured out in the WTF Room in Rapture Central Control).  Instead of making Ryan become "a quitter"/Gotterdammerungesque, it should have reinforced his resolve to rebuild  Rapture and eliminate the Pheromeone Control he was forced to use, and go on to give humanity the environment to reach the potential of its 'Free Will' --  FREE of the endless manipulations of the Parasites, on The Surface (and in Rapture).  Atlas would be ended and Rapture would be reborn.

--- ---

BS1 Hacking Fly-Bot (Mini-Game Animated Backgrounds) :

Watch the mechanical goings on behind the BS1 Mini-Game on the various machine types, seen while Hacking - amusing to watch after you've done your 30th machine hack (watch it after you completed your path as the liquid slowly flows to its outlet)...

On the Fly-Bots 'works' - The Chain Drive on right side moves at twice the speed of the Sprocket Gears it connects with (driven by).   A Problem with some Developers - they recreate things they don't seem to have the foggiest notion of how they should work.   Yes, its a game (heh - WITHIN a game), but that doesn't stop YOU from doing it better.

Anyway those interesting little Hacking background mechanical thingees, Im sure the Player Asset Creators can  come up with all kinds of interesting (odd/amusing/strange) things like that for the MMORPG.   More Creation Contests for the Players (add a whole line of 'Development Kits' which reuse various Assets for in-game 'fabricated' mechanisms, and as the basis for additional Mini-Games) ...  

Why the Door Lock Hack used the same animated background as the Medical Station ? -- not worth bothering with creating a whole 'nuther one -- too few Players would actually Hack those doorlocks, since they usually had little trouble getting the 4 digit lock key code??  (Hadnt they ever heard of flipping an Asset across the X-Axis to make it appear different ??  A Basic game rendering trick. Guess not.)
Anyway saving money - the MMORPG has that as a fundamental idea too (it is a business after all), but having Players do much of the creation for the game ISN'T just to save money, but to turn loose the Player's imagination.

--- ---

Simpler, Less Complicated Violence :

Alot of the fancier weapons brought in for the Civil War would be lost/damaged/broken/out-of-ammo ...

It was somewhat fun those early parts of BioShock 1 where you had just the Wrench and the Pistol.  It might be good in the MMORPG to vary the play because every Player doesn't/can't/shouldn't carry the "kitchen sink" around with them, or often even possess the bigger/fancier/more complicated weapons.

Developing skill and training instead of Gene Tonics for player development.   Cleverness and learning how things can be used to your advantage ...  Fights should also last longer than seven seconds giving a chance for tactics and handling unexpected results.

--- ---

Evidence Ryan was producing ADAM products BEFORE he took over Fontaine Futuristics in 1959 :

That Presentation in the Bathysphere as you descend, has an Incinerate! Plasmid advertisement with Ryan Industries as the brand.  Why would that little Welcome Presentation be reworked with new content like that? -- since by then noone was coming to Rapture to see such a thing (-OR- was Ryan bringing more people down at that late a time - still hardly the ordinary immigrants that spiel was originally created for??).

Signs on the buildings... Who has time to put up advertising signs during a Civil War and when noone is riding Bathyspheres any more to be able to see them ?? 

So this may imply that Ryan Industries (and others) were creating there own Plasmids/Tonics (maybe not the volume or as many types as Fontaine was producing, as he had a bigger ADAM supply, and a major head start on development and research).  Timeframe mid-50s maybe ??  Ryan, taking his own advice to "make a better product" ?  It never was made clear how many others (like Sinclair), eventually also were in the ADAM producing business.  Perhaps quite a few were, and many of them specialized -- like for the many various medical treatments.   We did see evidence of bootleggers of these products.


Hmm, ADAM Cancer Therapy Drugs to be sold on the Surface to a few rich people willing to pay anything to continue living - that might make an interesting plotline to include in the expanded 'canon'.

--- ---

Wales Brothers were Supposed to be 'Great' Architects ? :

Why replicate the Chrysler building (probably the most iconic of the Art Deco skyscrapers) verbatum ? (several times if you look at Raptures 'skyline') - not too original.  But then assembling a whole cityscape - its overall effect may have been the larger goal.   Dozens of famous architects created that NYC skyline of iconic buildings (not Ionic - thats a blue 'gel'), so its not unreasonable that 'copying' the work of decades of genius could really be the only way to produces something like that in Rapture. 

--- ---

Tired of the Splicers All Looking the Same ?? :

In the MMORPG they (the Creators of NPCs) would have use of the customizable Avatar 'look and feel' system, The same mechanism used for the Player's Avatars and NPCs, with all the accessorizin' goodies the Player Asset Creators can come up with (open a magazine from that era to get ideas...).

Real mirrors ?  Will the Face details be good enough for the results to be more than *yawns* from most Players?    

Faces Significant to gameplay?  Emotes part of stories like LA Noire ? (More stage directing control...)

Quite a job (imagination AND skill) Reworking all the known previous characters into more realistic detail (long dead ones still show up in surviving newsreels and TV documentaries).  More detail equals more contention between the fans ...   Emotes and Mannerism to expand on - that might take ALOT of imagination to do right.

Splicer's face mutations added to the basic face - all flavors of those (and to the body detail).   Lots of ammo for the Program-Generated-Detail System to use to create content 'on-the-fly'.

--- ---

Apollo Worldwide Airways System   (ticket on luggage in Porter's bunker) :

add to business list??

Had this been one of Ryan's corporate businesses (like Hughes and his TWA)  ??

Using seaplanes to get to and from Rapture may have been done on a small scale, though the North Atlantic's weather may have made it problematic much of the time.  This for smaller shipments not warranting an entire ship.  Dropoffs/deliveries of cargo (via parachutes) and recovery by submarine/boat may have worked for some high value/critical cargo.

--- ---

Apollo landing on the Moon -- Face Palm by Ryan saying "I should have built Rapture there ...."

--- --- ---

"Voice of the People" .. BaS is BS :

Fontaine/Atlas in there with a bunch of Fontaine's thugs, not 'down and out' poor folk that Atlas is supposed to be a handsome rebel leader and savior for.   Those thugs (add them being half-ADAM-crazed into their mentality) might not think much of some newcomer (never seen before he did his identity switch), calling himself by the pretentious name of 'Atlas', setting himself up as their 'leader'.   Many likely might think THEY could do a much better job in that role, or at least not much care to be told what to do by some Joe-Blow.  Its called "Putting too many rats into too small a cage" - they kill each other.   Atlas isn't a Splicer, he might not even be half as good as many of the thugs with weapons.   Why would they have/want/tolerate HIM as their leader - I can just see several saying " Who Elected YOU God ???" - BLAMMMMMOOO.

Again, it is so much 'jumping the gun' in the plot, just recycling later stuff and inserting it WAY too early.  Compressing events til it all is WAY too rediculous.  Limited project time and budget are still no excuse for stuff like this.

What would those 'poor' people, who Atlas was supposed to be savior for, think about such a band of cuthroats around Atlas ??

--- ---

"WHO IS FATASS ?"   -  the Slimdown Tonic,  advertisement poster ....

--- --- ---

More Attempts at a Plausible (sci-fi) Plasmid Explanation :

How NOT to burn your own arm off ?

The flaming 'Incinerate!'  chemical (whatever it is) doesn't have to be ignited inside the body (ever see a fire eating/breathing act ?).  Superheated chemicals on contact with air might burst into flame, but why not just have a body/room temperature fuel that isn't likely to do damage to the body (even with genetically mutated insulation built in (or whatnot) flame heat is bad).  Some mechanism to ignite it in flight...

A Bombardier Beetle (google it) actually produces steam internally to PROJECT its foul liquid a good distance.  That mechanism might be useful for the 'fuel' blob projection, or alternately, there could be a muscle contraction super-soaker-like structure formed into the body (a muscle surrounded tube that constricts - seriously you might no believe how far your heart can squirt blood out of a chest wound).

Spew an alcohol/paraffin/some-other HydroCarbon fuel with some air-reactive enzyme/catalyst to ignite it, etc...   No need to parboil yourself on the inside.  Just spew the self-lighting material at the target.

A much harder Plasmid to justify is the Cold Projection type (ie- Winter Blast) .  It is much harder to pull heat out of something than to generate heat on a target - cryogenic fluids in the body can be bad (hard to generate/store) - thats why I would substitute some kind of fast-setting crystalizing/gluey gunk for some 'frozen effects', though the 'shatter' effect shown in the game needs something else to work as seen - Stuff shatters and the body is gone ??   Well how does a body turn into a 'lockbox' magically, or eventually disappears by itself - some of these game facilitating mechanisms just have to be dismissed from any needed explanation short of "They couldn't figure out a better way for the Game - and it looked so neat THIS way" (AND we NEED to remove bodies, or our rendering budget is blown for people with mediocre GPUs).

--- --- ---

Sofia Lamb Controlled Rapture - Who Says?  The Delusional Sofia did? :

Sofia Lamb's Collective may have been only be a small part of the City (would be in the MMORPG).  Prentice Mill talks of his trains being in the old part of the city (which might be the South East edge).  Other post-Ryan Factions probably didnt agree with Sofia's attempted Dictatorship, and may have simply cut her off, destroying the physical links to the section she occupies.  (She has submarines? Well they do too...)

Lots of people didn't Splice, and Ryan had all but won against Fontaine/Atlas by the end of BS1 (and order was being restored, etc...)    We really only have seen a very small part of the whole city, and the 'Violent' Splicers we saw (in BS1) were out for the Bounty Ryan offered on Jack (1000 ADAM), and anyone else probably headed the opposite direction with all the shooting and mayhem in Jack's vicinity. 

Same is likely with BS2 (that narrow path we took through many marginal places) -- people have to eat, so probably will congregate more around the farms and other food sources (like Neptunes Bounty), and the saner ones are largely the ones left surviving after ~ 10 years - those who avoided violence and damaged areas,  AND delusional murdering despots like Sofia Lamb.

--- --- ---

Quantum (Entanglement), etc... :

The original "Quantum Entanglement" for Vita-Chambers -- it is minor as it was a lame adjunct to explain how a game Auto-Save mechanism worked.  I can come up with some plausible reasoning showing that explanation could easily be intended as potentially just Marketing Hype.  Strangely it has no operational  consumer-use of THAT 'Resurrect' feature, which was allowed only to Ryan (never demonstrated or advertised as you might expect), and it is clearly DEVELOPER FABRICATED for the Player (who is now potentially a crazed Splice, who sees ghosts) to make use of it (AutoGameSave). 

( Hmmm - all those respawning Splicers - them using it might have been justified in the Game, well they obviously didnt think of alot of things...)

They (those game developers) then went on to built(warped) a whole fantasy game around even worse 'Quantum' pseudo-science in Infinite BS.   Regurgitated that fantasy stuff again when the Infinite BS DLC tainted BS1/BS2 Rapture with the same rediculous pseudo-science multiverse/time-travel/god-making 'magic'.

Next Bioshock : The Hello Kitty-Harry Potter-esque Purple Unicorn Continuum - it'll be all about Real Historic American Social Issues again too.   This one also will include visits to a 'Prime' Rapture.

--- --- ---

The Mark Meltzer SitS Materials - List of Kidnap Locations and Victims - Langauge Issues :

Look at all the locations where children are being kidnapped from  -  The list of beaches ? or at least mentioned all the other newspaper evidence Mark collected of the kidnapping incidents...

How many languages will they (Sofia's minions) have to train the new Little Sisters in ??

An awful lot of travelling around by long range submarine (slow and potential exposure to Cold War navies and civilians) when they all probably could have been taken from just a few English speaking locations in a very short period.

Seems also a bit complicated, scoping out victims on land, from the water, to locate their house to steal thm away from at night,  and getting them into the sub without some significant number drowning (that would be a story in itself -- heh, a minigame - The Big Sisters Roadtrip Mini-Game).

More mysterious I guess than having a gang of Lamb's least spliced-up goons do a mass kidnapping from a few coastal towns, and then get them out to a sub or even just a boat.  Massacre anyone who got in their way - Sofia Lamb's Delusion Must Be Achieved - to turn Humanity to Borg !!!

--- --- ---

Joe Shmoes in Rapture (Mundane Economy Too) :

How was this Citizen Vetting (filtering/selection) done to result in the spectrum of people a real City would need to actually run ?  The criteria cannot be simply "excellence".  For many, it would be the honest acceptance of Ryan's Philosophy -- a desire NOT to be a 'Parasite' or subject to them (whether that be stealing the profit of others or becoming a burden by being lazy and asking for 'welfare', or to willfully impair others out of spite/jealousy, or trying to force others into those behaviors).

Not everyone could be 'the Big Man', 'the Leader of the Pack', 'the Richest'.   There had to be far more ordinary mortals who lived well enough and used all the nifty things produced (goods and services) by those who excelled in creation and efficient production.   If some new whiz-bang object replacing another came out every week, would anyone (or sufficient customers) be able/need to continually buy them ?  A workable system of ordinary people using the things the 'exceptional' produced to carry on normal lives would be required for a stable society.

How many such needs/uses would exist in most Rapture Citizen's lives so there would exist enough channels of replacibility/consumption, so each consumer could be simultaneously buying the product of N other producers, AND those producers (in turn) would buy/consume from THEIR N producers - a balanced system ??

Remember, it is  N  times the Profit, not the Sales Price of the items sold.  The overhead cost of production MUST be paid for first, and expenses are not available as pay for the consumption of the individual running the business AND their non-working dependants.

Raw materials used for the production are part of the same system (the raw material producer must have sufficient sales Profits to buy his own consumer goods/services -- income beyond the overhead costs of HIS production - tools, wages, etc..).

Labor and tools similarly are consumed in producing a product, and are thus also overhead costs. Those elements provide in themselves a 'business flow', just like the final product/service.

So it is not just 'whiz-bang' goods/services, but just plain efficient/consistent/sufficient production of mundane things which makes the whole economic system run.   THAT takes ordinary workers, usually with ordinary skills and ordinary tools being allowed to do their ordinary work adaquately.


There could be some offset of the above pattern by people coming to Rapture and bringing more than a little wealth with them - not (worthless) Surface money, but goods and tools and materials which could be sold/traded in place of a working income.  That could allow some individuals to be 'excellent' in partially-/non-productive pursuits for years (when it eventually ran out, then they would need to fall back on working).  Sufficient wealth could likewise fund 'starving' artists, who would otherwise have a difficult time in Rapture's "pay as you go" society.

Some immigrants may have worldly resources which might have been used to subsequently send to Rapture additional 'valuables', as those Surface resources were slowly sold off up there (fire-sales can be very wasteful, and Rapture wanted as much resources as the immigrants could have brought - Ryan would have organized means for people to maximize the extraction of their worldly wealth). 

Some new citizens may have invested in building Rapture 'up front' (so it would be more than just Ryan's fortune to build the whole place...),  and thus owned Rapture properties which had perpetual rental incomes.   Funny, if it turned out that Howard Hughes had 'invested' in Rapture as a possible 'bolthole', but never bothered to show up (his Hypochondria may have led to his investing in Medical research using/funding some of Raptures 'Best and Brightest' as a worthwhile gamble).

Did I ever mention that my Mania for this Rapture MMORPG concept has proven to be an entertaining "Thought Experiment" ?  After all isnt Sci-Fi about "what-ifs" and "how would that be"  ( "oh, it will be taken care of" lack of detail can dismiss/throwaway alot of interesting plot elements).

--- --- ---

Big Daddies, Dumb Brutes? Hardly... :

Big Daddies could hardly be 'mindless slaves' with the functions they perform  (it would be more along the lines of 'will' control).  But nothing says that a Reward system cannot be used within their system of conditioning and motivation.

Originally paying them would be a flexible way to do 'rewards' (from before the later times when you basically can get free cash by pilfering corpses - and then also their being little to spend it on).  They might simply use the money to buy the Little Sisters 'Treats' (good thing the LS teeth are indestructable/regenerate -- "But Mr Bubbbllessss, I dont Whaaanna brush my teeth...")

Smokes, Booze, Potato Chips, Coffee, Little Sister Trading Cards, Air Fresheners...

--- --- ---

Electromagnetic Locks (seen in Minervas Den - a different version than seen at Rapture Central Control) :

For some reason they there had nice large holes over the doors, not seen in any other doorways in Rapture.

You can fire a Rocket Spear through that hole into the room to disrupt the 'Resistors' that are integral in maintaining the lock. (versus using those Gravity-Well polyp thingees)

If the Gravity-Well thing was actually gravity, you could have merely fired it AT the door, have it stick there  (or a challenge to place one near the base of the door if they dont stick)  and have its gravity wave pull thru the door/wall to disrupt those 'Resistors'.  For some reason, this alleged gravity whatzit doesnt seem to go thru walls - thus requiring that rediculous hole that any Spider Splicer (or Splicer with a ladder) could get up thru.   I wont even begin to comment on that 'advanced' GW version that splashes acid.

--- ---

Measure Twice, Cut Once  - Carpenters Saying :

Referring to having a proper systematic Vetting of created MMORPG Assets BEFORE they cause side effects in the production game, which then takes even more work to clean the side-effects (and it is hard to patch Player confidence).   Goes double for anything with a potential Legal Issue.

Good examination and testing done as part of the Creation Community Process (and good tools to do that effectively).

--- --- ---

Sherlock Holmes in Columbia - "Its elementary my dear Watson, I'm insane and in a lunatic asylum."

--- --- ---

"There are forty thousand stories in Rapture City; this has been one of them" :

From the noir movies, ie- 'Naked City'

--- ---

When were Bathyspheres Developed ? :

Trains were used in Rapture from the early construction days when workers and large amounts of materials had to be moved about the City.

Small submarines were used as control cabs for large sea-construction equipment used to construct the city and move materials and personnel about.

A cabled Bathysphere looks to have been the main path from the Lighthouse, and was used extensively to bring down the 20000+ immigrants and their luggage/lighter possessions, though some tracked cargo capsule system could also have been used (all their furniture/worldly possessions).

The Rapture Transit System, consolidated by Anton Kinkaide, used Bathyspheres for its First Class transit  (versus the Trolley/Tram components of the system) using Cable Ways to systematicly move along a network of fixed routes.  Earlier there likely were local routes/systems run by seperate companies - those all had been consolidated/standardized into one Metro Transit system.

Independant (self-guided) Bathysphere (submarines) would be developed for personal use for those who could afford them AND the expensive facilities required to dock/maintain them (they are NOT like automobiles in our world).

--- --- ---




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