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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG  
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 Part 63

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The Buried at Sea DLC is not canon to the Authentic Rapture used in the MMORPG :

The fantasy aspects introduced from Columbia do not fit with the Sci-Fi theme of Rapture and their lazy  contradictions to the original plot are not worth any effort to resolve or justify.

Some materials and ideas could be recyled for Assets.   The events wont be reflected in the games reality.
Elements may be applied to amusing dreams/delusions/vague references/rantings of insane Splicers.

--- ---

Suchongs "Death" Contradictions :

Its possible that Suchongs apparent death from Big Daddy drill (if that WAS him)  was much later with him   trying to improve an at-that-time  sort-of working bonding (explaining Eleanor and Delta out 'gathering'  New Years Eve 1958 - the BS2 snippet doesnt give long showing of how well their 'pairing was working and  there is also the possibility that the conditioning at that point was hit-or-miss/inconsistant and in need  of alot of improvement)

It is possible to weasel some of the Audio Diary positioning as them not necessarily having to be found AT  the location/incident site their recording sounds like (Sullivan's at the drilled corpse..). In general  they are pretty vague and there might be enough vagueness to beat a full contradiction.

Consider that 'faked deaths' were not unknown in the plot....


Other employment for Little Sisters protected by Big Daddies :

Might be possible Little Sisters could have been used (or was attempted) to take ADAM out of living  Splicers ??   Insane ones in Persephone being warehoused there. cURE rESEARCH? OR JUST TO MAKE THEM LESS  DANGEROUS??  But they needed something to protect them while they were vampiring live Splicers...   Thats  going pretty far out on a limb, but we DO have at least one example at the end of BS1 where the LS did  that to Atlas/Fontaine while HE was still alive......

Littles Sisters only drained 'dead' Angels?  It would not have had to be the final/only  'conditioning'/mode of operation tried out with them (alternately trained LS then could accept draining   Living Splicers...).   Later they would then have been modified for the growing number of corpses from the  Civil War (sometime (years?) later).  It is mainly to prop up logically the in-game indicators that LSs  being (sort-of) bonded to Big Daddy 'Protectors' were around before the Civil War (when there WERE enough  corpses to have a reason to justify having LS out gathering in the streets and then needing Big Daddies).   If contrived explanations are needed, Eleanor/Delta MIGHT HAVE BEEN on their way home from such a 'Live'  session at Persephone, or even Fontaine Futuristics (there recovering ADAM from some failed experimental  subject too messed up to even let IT be seen sent to Persephone).  That justifies (?) them being seen  (sort-of) 'bonded' that early.   The other conflict with Alexander saying he achieved success after  Suchong was dead... it could simply be about a BETTER 'bonding' conditioning  for 'street' Gathering...)

--- --- ---

Strange things Splicers might use for 'money' : Besides ADAM/EVE which likely gets used up too fast (Though EVE might be alot easier to generate)

A variety of Splicer (and Survivor) 'societies' would exist out there in Rapture, some using their own  'type' of currency.  Ryan Dollar money is so prevalent as to be worthless (at least after all the old  machines have been emptied). The coinage form had its own value as a useful material (metal) source.

- Bottle caps?   Certain rare brands like "Fontaine Figgy Fizz"
- Sander Cohen Pogs/Trading Cards ?    His comic books for large transactions.
- Sticks of Chewing Gum (handled til they are not really consumable any longer)
- The Skulls of Dogs
- The 'Un-Volunteer' token used in the Crazy Lamb Realm.
- Simple barter with Hard Tack - a peculiar dog biscuit like semi-edible consumable that can also double  as body armor.
- Big Daddy Bubble Lenses
- Real Cigarettes (didnt last long as soon as one of the remaining Smuggles groups flooded the monnsy  supply.
- Relics of Andrew Ryan (all fake since he isnt actually dead).
- Accu-Vox Audio Diaries - with original recording preserved and varying significantly in value
- Sewing Needles

--- ---

Day-Night Cycle - Time Passage in the MMORPG Game  :

Is there a night cycle in the city ? (dimming the lights to simulate a normal daily cycle for the  inhabitants) ??   Helps with some natural biological cycles.

Daily schedules (expectations of 'nighttime' lulls in the City, open businesses - normal operaing hours).   How long would this cycle be??  Do you do a 2 hour (120 min)  'day' some games use ?

Sunlight doesnt much penetrate to the depths Rapture is at (a few top floors of really tall building might  be able to see a little difference - when you are looking out the windows, but they are still over a  hundred feet below surface).  The glowing Abyss mass doesnt change much.  So little or no external  differences.

The city's (remaining) external lights probably shouldnt change (on 24 hours a day).  And since so many  havent burned out or gone they mustve been made pretty good.

Out in the ruins/wasteland, in most of it, nobody shifts the cycles.  What lights remain stay on. Some  Factions may have their own system.

--- --- ---

Expanded Underwater Effects :

The general mechanism would have to handle the flooding actions/effects  -- including the explosive  immersion that happens when a huge leak/opening lets in water at 280Psi (lb/sqinch).   A 1 inch hole has  enough pressure for a stream of water to easily knock a man over.  A wall of water would flood an area  virtually instantaneously, fatally blasting everything it passes thru (propelling them against any  opposing surfaces).

The water environment effects actions, and transition cases complicate simulations further. Electricity is  directly conducted, fire is only immediately projected, projectiles slow down quickly, explosive force is  directly transmitted, movements are sluggish.  Weapons like the spearguns, originally designed for use in  water become most effective.

Water currents outside depend on your location. Most of the city is in a protected zone in the shadow of  the seamount/volcanos walls (still with some turbulance eddies).  Beyond that and on the outside slopes of  the volcano there is the ocean currents which shift seasonally. Closer to the surface they would be water  effects cause by weather (The North Atlantic is known for its dangerous storms).

Pressure differential effects depending on the depth. A number of 'farms' and industrial site were located  in the shallower sections in and near the city because less complex diving suits could be used for those  working out in the sea (alot of prefabrication for the City took place there).   Deeper and the diving  hardsuits are required (the Big Daddies/Maintenance Cyborgs have pressure-change resistance Tonics).

Light is absorbed relatively quickly by water - through 600 feet even intense sunlight is completely gone.  Many of the Solo game window/outside views are wrong, unrealisticly showing light going much further.    That effect is easily done with GPU graphics.

The MMORPG would have various water vehicles - boats as well as submarines (and automated equipment).

--- --- ---

Selling Poison in Rapture

A company that withholds information (as did Tenenbaum/Fontaine regarding the addiction and degenerative  effcts) and willfully poisons or kills it's customers would be considered liable and sue-able in an  Objectivist society.  It is perfectly acceptable to sell toxic products, however its not acceptable to  falsely market them as 'safe', as did ads playing down the problem as the "Plasmid Blues", etc...  Free  market Capitalists and Ayn Rand make a philosophical point of Deceit being a form of Coercion, and want  the governments control of legal proceedings to remove all forms of coercion.

Ryan probably could have shut down Fontaines selling of his ADAM products after public outrage was heard,  but conveniently for the game these effects for some reason took a long time to manifest themselves -  years in fact when just a few cases of tumors and insanity etc..  would have had news stories blanketing  the free press.   Poisoning yourself is one thing (as a frightening element), but Insanity causing the  user to harm others or destroy others property is not a 'freedom'.

The game's narrow minded drive for a plot 'twist' eliminated any real voice/common sense of Rapture's  Citizens, who actually would be the real power in Rapture.

--- ---

Research is fundamental in Rapture - producing modern marvels that improve 'quality of living' :

Behind every Edison is a staff of 57 competant technicians and assistants (Edison may have had the ideas,  but it still took ALOT of work to produce a workable and practical solution).

Brain Boost (and its own advancements) compounded the ability to do productive research/development.

Likely a higher literacy rate and general intelligence couldnt hurt.

Actually having more incentives/efficiency NOT being blocked by the actions of 'Parasites'.

Rapture could also short circuit alot of 'research' by tapping into Surface developments (wonder if Ryan  had them pay royalties in repayment for those others 'seat of the brow').   It would be likely that a flow  of 'authorized' items continued long after the general 1952 'closing off to the outside'  such as  technical information, critical materials and tools and possibly some additional expertise to fill in  unforseen gaps to make Rapture 'self-sufficient.

It is possible that some 'research' flowed the other way, to help pay off continuing expenses as the city  was still being built.  Materials and Goods for the 'Hundred Years Stockpile' (needed things Rapture could  never produce) would cost for the items themselves, as well as the transportation and the overhead for the  significant security measures required.   There may have been more than a little expense incurred just for  an ongoing effort by Ryan's Surface organization to keep Rapture hidden

--- ---

Why there would be no 'Magic Resurrection Quantum Bullshit" in the MMORPG :

"Sinclair Solutions successfully manufactured this potentially world-changing device for Ryan Industries,  who proceeded to take it public"

Is this true?  I dont recall seeing a label or any mention of 'Sinclair Solutions' making them.  Research  and development is one thing, manufacturing and servicing is another.  Thats a bit  of a larger task than  Sinclair Solutions might have been capable of (and Alexander/Suchong worked for Ryan/Ryan Industries.)

"Introducing the future of health and wellness, The Vita-Chamber"     - Ad from Ryan Industries

The Little Undertakers (what happened to the 'Little Brothers') drag your corpse back to a Vita-Chamber  (no need for physics-impeded Teleporting or this 'Quantum Entanglements' stuff).  Its all part of the  service - and Jack with Ryan's genes is signed-up already.   The Vita-Chambers, less this advanced  'deluxe' resurrection features, were a way for Ryan Industries to compete with ADAM, accelerated to break  the ADAM addictions (and forstall more), and potentially sometime soon implement a cure.

--- ---

BaS1 -- that 'Department Store' was a Lousy Prison contrived for FAIL :

The place isnt a very good prison - unsupervised/not secured and apparently full of weapons, supplies and  Plasmids for Fontaine's (and now Atlas's) goons.   Prisoners would in real life be thoroughly searched  before transport to this 'temporary' prison. Temporary probably because there wasn't space in Persephone  (yet).  Perhaps it would later be 'floated' over to Persephone and appended to the Penal Colony there.    Food seems to be being supplied for the inmates, and the heat/air/power/water are still connected (not  exactly sure what this 'sunk' actually implies then - BTW the model diorama doesnt show the 2 seperate  'department' buildings floating or solidly connected to the central structure, yet they somehow came with  the floating part ???). 
The entire 'prison' should have been cleaned out (at least while looking for evidence of Fontaines many  crimes and gang members) OR be suspected to hold hidden caches and thus never be used for that purpose.    The prisoners would be the people involved directly in Fontaine's criminal schemes (the Smuggling in  particular), and those who attacked City Authorities when they came to arrest Fontaine (The Shootout), and  NOT just the ordinary workers from his other businesses. 
There probably would be few public supporters for the criminal Fontaine, as there would be later for a  'rebel' Atlas.  Customers and ordinary employees should have been fully cleared from the building before  the Prisoners arrived (and they might as well have removed all the merchandise, certainly anything that  could be used as a weapon).    SO that would take time?  Then standard procedure would have all the  prisoners restrained in chains first in some other location after their arrest (the cooler in Fontaine  Fisheries perhaps with the cooling turned off) until this building was sufficiently prepared.

The whole 'sunk' thing sounds like the invention of journalists (if not just sounding 'good' to hack  writers), as it wasnt apparently the case in the DLC (even just moving it somehow without disconnecting  the lifesupport is absurd).  Proper preparations for the building would start with closing-off and sealing  all exits except one controlled and guarded access.  The store layout wouldn't be designed for proper  prison operations or even hygiene, so movements within could be restricted with heavily armed guards  moving small groups of (likely shackled) prisoners to use facilities or to be fed.  Any inmates who  attempted to escape or attack guards would be shot down (this was standard 40s mentality when prison  inmates werent coddled).    Eventually proper prison facilities would be created in the City.

Legal proceding would meanwhile be happeneing in the City which would secure the release of those barely  involved in Fontaine's crimes (may have largely happened by the time of BaS1).

--- --- ---

Mini-Games for the MMORPG

There are many of Bioshocks fans out there who have the skills to create 'Apps' that could do mini-games  for the MMORPG.  I would want it to be easier for them and others less skilled to also create them.  Many  of the mini-games have a similar form (like a pipelaying game or a platformer style or tetris-like or tile  slider or even a 'Farmville') that premade game skeletons could be created for (all that reuseable  template stuff my modular system 'wall-of-text' talks about).  So the Players would have to provide mostly  the data for them (pixel art, various option selections, some scripting) to have them work.  And once the  game existed, it could be incrementally improved by other Players who have more skill finishing and tuning  games.  Once vetted and accepted, the games then would be playable by thousands of the MMORPG Players.    Not all of them will be gems, but linked to the main game for rewards/payoff and useable in short odd  times of day, they add a broader element to the MMORPG.

I was checking what (game engines/computer languages) could be used to create mini-games on the widest  number of devices, and because the low-end hand-helds (ie- smartphones) are largely  proprietary/underpowered/klunky of interface, they would mostly only be useful for the basic text/menu  Apps built by the game company to access in-game mail, bulletin boards, auction house, the NPC 'Team' task  system, inventory juggling.  Other content might be made available via web browser based methods (like  Rapture TV/Radio/Films, research materials, and the Newspapers).

The highest end mini-games might require some of the 3D capable tablet type game engines (many which have  development tools that cost money) which again could be created via a 'data-only' approach to eliminate  the complicated system programming for most Players Game-makers. 

Of course anyone who wants to make a full 'App' game themselves that ties in to the MMORPG could probably  be accomodated (with all the appropriate vetting of course) and communication methods for Score recording,  scenario DownLoad, and game completion data (in-game payoff) would be provided to tie in to the MMORPG  servers.

And remember that 'creation' includes adding new parts/scenarios/levels/expansions of existing games -  collaborating as a group wll result in more/better animations, new skins, additional scenarios, help  instructions/tutorials for the games (yes, some people make great games but are LOUSY telling people how  to play them).  There is also the 'in-game' part where the mini-games tie into the MMORPG, including score  boards for people who like to compete and of course the Quest/Mission credit in-game you earn by doing  many mini-games.  Some games like the continuous Players Farm system actually would correspond more  directly to in-game assets.

--- --- ---

SO where do we go from there with the MMORPG ? :

'The Plot' is now Lore/Canon. The City is a Wreck and the Players are now tasked with bringing Rapture  back to life.  Further lame and illogical excuses can be avoided for the continuing story. New  explanations might disclose further events that explain better what happened and why. Explanations  directly from Ryan (New Audio Diaries) explaining WHY he had to make certain decisions with factors not  previously disclosed -- plans that went wrong, unforseen circumstances, betrayals by critical people at  critical times...


Ryan had to fight fire with fire, as his conventionally 1950s equipted security men could not handle the  Splicer's inhuman abilities (it took heavy hardware he equipt them with to fight a face on battle, but  terrorist hit and run attacks upon civilians are hard to counter).  He equipping his organized forces with  Plasmids (and ordinary citizens with guns) to counter the enemy, before half the city was killed and the  other half starved to death - the disruptions were that severe.

Again and again being told there was NO TIME to develop certain things he would rather have used.

The Pheromone Control scheme to try to nullify Atlas's Splicers being rushed into use (and needed because  his own spliced forces would eventually go down the same uncontrollable path).  The Pheromones control  effect would NOT be like 'Would You Kindly', with exact orders, but would be a general mood changer -- to  make Splicers passive when needed, so that disruptions would stop and Rapture's essentials could be  resumed (when Jack was there things were still running and noone but Splicers were in sight - so who do  you think was doing all the work??)

The long-term plans to use ADAM technology to wipe memories so that problematic people could be sent out  of Rapture safely.  Vita-Chambers were being developed to handle the addiction without the  chronic  debilitating side-effects of ADAM 'disease'.

A 'cure' would have to be looked for to fix the people already addicted and poisoned by ADAM.

ADAM still held alot of potential, but would have to have the insanity/genetic mutilation side effects  eliminated (and would be banned/controlled until then).

People who he had trusted were spies (or worse) for the enemy and they needed to be contained (all the  ones he had 'locked up' are not emphasized all that much -- remember Persephone).  Instead a 'trophy' wall  a handful were crucified on was created as an easy scene for 'the plot' (but how many people were ever  allowed to that place to see if it was supposed to 'serve as a warning' ???)  Even the hung people in  Apollo Square should have had signs on them ' 10 trips to the surface and 10 possible times to give  Rapture away to the KGB or CIA" -- it would have given a much clearer message.
Thats assuming 'Gene Traitor' wasnt actually retributions made by Fontaine/Atlas after Ryan was dead at  that point in BS1.

The game needed to give a simple explanation to those who might not understand that WAR changes things.   Real war isnt a computer game that you can turn off and go get something to eat then go watch TV.  Most  people who play this game hardly know what real war is.  Strong Measures not usually considered under  normal circumstances become necessary to avoid losing EVERYTHING -- unless you think its better to  Surrender and then be at the mercy of those who dont care anything about fairness or even any law.  Would  not THAT reality have been a significant point to make in the game ???

Perhaps in the MMORPG Player Created Content there would be some people willing to tell the missing parts  of the story.

--- --- ---

"Would you kindly not open until 63° 2° N, 29° 55° W"   ???? :

And Jack would know that exact position how, sitting in a commercial jet plane seat?  On the plane flights  Ive been on, they dont announce continually the Longitude and Latitude position.  Was one of the things he  was taught in his 'accelerated development' and 'conditioning' how to fly a jet airplane, or at least read  the instruments to make sure (as he was commanded) that he got to the right place ??   Then arranging the  crash landing - rather risky for Fontaine to rely on that - why not just have Jack dropped off by a boat?

If he cannot open the box til he knows he's there, then how does he get into the pilots cabin without the  gun in the box to see the instruments or work the controls (the instructions for which are ALSO in the  closed box ??)

Even in the first Bioshock the plot details could hgave been written better (without it costing much at  all).

--- --- ---

Humor (modern 'comedy' style) :

Scene - wherever Suchong did his work conditioning Jack ...

Suchong: Break that sweet puppy's neck.

Little Boy: No... please...

Suchong: Break that puppy's neck — would you kindly...

Little Boy: No... no...  *sound of violently crunching with splatter*

Suchong: !! SHIT !!!!.

Little Boy: Yes Papa Suchong ...............


Fontaine had Lot 192 made up ... what would have happened if Suchong had managed to do to Fontaine what  was done to Jack??  Slip a few twenties to Steinman to inject Fontaine with some Lot 111 ... Suddenly  "Suchong - Puppetmaster of Rapture".... (that is, if his inability to maintain detachment in his work  hadn't gotten him killed).

--- ---

Pheromone Control for existing Splicers :

Some people may have thought that Ryan would Splice the rest of the people so that her could 'control'  them.  Theres that 'Notice to Report' poster they might think means 'Force them to be in Ryans Splicer  Army'.  Arming and organizing them so that they can keep working and keep Rapture going would be more  likely.  Much better than 'splicing' additional people.  Why would Ryan want to make everyone else in HIS  city crazy (and eventually debilitated)  - thats not conducive to rebuilding/restoring Rapture.

Nothing is made clear what these Pheromones (plus their complementary ADAM product components) actually  do.  Real Pheromones are very simple signals and the effect in this control system may simply be to quiet  the 'controlled' Splicers down so they could no longer fight for Atlas.  It would NOT be like "WYK" type  command control (why would Ryan have to offer a 1000 ADAM Bounty on Jack if it did ???)   Once Atlas's  terrorist minions are nullified, Ryan's conventional forces (with support of the majority of sane people  in Rapture) would quickly defeat Atlas. 

--- ---

Dionysus's 'Famers Market' (BaS strikes again) :

Perhaps there could be one there as an artsy-fartsy  'mind joke' --  it rather being a gallery of "Still  Lifes"  (pictures, scupltures, the new film art, shadows, the 'Menagerie of Smells', etc..)

Some smaller 'exclusive' Produce MArket establishment selling 'organic food' to the  rich/artist/poser/sophisticated crowd (with prices to match) with a food court (remember Sofia Lamb was  giving jobs to 'unfortunates', and they cannot eat just theater popcorn from the Triton Theater).

We at least had some blocked doors in Dionysus that COULD have led to such a place (versus other levels  where they should have had alot of blocked doors indicating/hinting at there being more than just the  plots contrived maze of connected scenes that you got led thru in the game).

--- ---

'Mobiles' (those string hanging thingees) as Art Items :

Provide "Kits" to hang your (Players) own selected junk to make it unique (some of these things can scare  the hell out of any not-quite-insane Splicer..).   An in-game assemblable mechanism....

Splicers in Rapture have lots of time... (So expect to find many of these about out there) - another  semi-random asset to make things 'unique-enough'...

A fairly simple mechanism (graphics programming) which could largely be run IN the players GPU (taking any  load largely OFF the central Game Servers).

Seeing lots of hanging objects like these (hmm you hang stuff up to keep it out of the puddles and  damp...) would add a little motion to the static terrain might make the world more 'alive'.
It would also give the player a more complex visual environment to have to pick out objects (goodies or  threats or just amusing 'of interest' things).

Some very pretty animated (player created) effects could be made using this mechanism.

--- ---

Would McClendon vacuum-bots have made interesting mobile turrets ??? :

Imagine these things armed and patrolling back and forth instead, of always sitting just in one place like  the standard turrets.  Probably they would have to be a bit bigger, but thats easy-peasy.

- Dull robot mind (heh, its equivalent of 90% of the NPC enemies you get in all the games out there).
- Limited Ammo capacity ?  (dodging/decoying tactics...)
- Too easy to knock over ?  (make the terrain work for you against the simpleton machine)
- Maneuvering on rubble strewn floors difficult for something made to operate on a flat rug ?
- Stairs cause problems for them ?  (tactics for the player to employ)

Something that moves around and might not be expected - requiring the player to be more aware of their  environment (all this added difficulty reflected in more meaningful pay-offs -- instead of the same  endless "I-shoot-it .. Its-dead .. Loot it" pattern that too many games are limited to)

How about a creepy Spider-Bot using some of those surplus Robotic Little Sister legs, instead ???
Creepy sound effect as it crawls towards you (like those things in Return to Castle Wolfenstein - you hear  from a distance but dont know where the thing is ...  Quite memorable.)

--- --- ---

Poole, Poole, we hardly knew you... :

I recall that one hit basically killed Poole (or appeared to).  Is it possible he was just playing dead to  fool us, and Sophia Lamb (she WAS going to kill him anyway no matter what she said).   A convincing Decoy  Plasmid, the little known "Possum, Still Like A Corpse" Tonic (no breathing or heartbeat, simulated blood  spilling from his mouth...) ???

So what was his story ??   He had managed to survive elsewhere (Dionysus was flooded for ~8 years, so he  had to be somewhere else and avoid alot of Splicers/Sofia's goons).  He slipped in unobserved (on an AE  Train?) once the flooding was drained - rather good timing that. (He stepped off train as Sinclair stepped  on after, somehow, Sinclair 'got another train' into the station and the damaged one was sent out ??).

Did he later slip back out again, if you (Delta) didnt kill him, and Lambs goons didnt kill him  immediately (We seem to have liquidated most of the Splicers in the local area - at least for a while).

Maybe he could do the reverse of what you just did in BS2, and work the Dionysus's Pumps to drain Sirens  Alley and have some easy pickings there.   The AE Station was unlocked and he could take another train to  get in there. The Maintenance Airlocks (with their Safety Interlocks) down at the Sewer level can be  reopened when the other side is drained.  He would probably want to get away from the place Sofia Lamb  last knew him to be, quietly, so the Sewer might be the way.

--- ---

Game Consoles - able to Run this Game ?? :

A Full (enuf) version, and not just mini-games or a significantly feeble-ized form of the full PC version?  Do you chop the heart out of the game just to fit it to the outdated consoles?

I guess it depends how soon a game like this MMORPG (or game with features like it) could be ready on the  market.  What advancements in consoles ...    Next Generation Consoles (and likely next gen beyond that)  to be out and a sufficient number in use?    How how much better willthey be than existing the ones??   CPU/Memory/GPU/Disk-space/Network Connector.  This game calls for significant improvements to those system  resources, and consoles do get stuck for many years at the same capacity.

What console limitations would kill/hamstring the game experience ?

No additional controller buttons (limiting greater players actions inputs)?  Can we employ voice input to  get past "menu-pick-itus" (at least for 'speed' interactions like combat) ?   "Menu-itus" can ruin a gaims  flow and the existing/likely game controllers may be just too limited (well into the future).

Rendering the Graphics may not be too much the issue, as a median target hardware would be wise for even  the PC version.  (Getting them all to the client is a seperate problem).

Disk Space for the caching scheme (which would forced genericising alot of the visual effects to fit disk  limitations).  Game levels now are limited in the number of different 3D objects, which is a feature this  game would WANT to expand.

A game subset (like playing as a Splicer who has fewer options/resources/manipulations than a Player)   could be done, but would the Console Platform development difficuties Warrant it??  Of course if it was a  "good enough" game to stand by itself and resused alot of the work the MMORPG project created it might pay  off.   But then losing all the rest of the game, many of the advances would be quite bad as it would  dilute the player base into those who could appreciate its features and those who could only have the  'lite' version.

--- ---

. .

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