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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG  
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Part 62

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'Hacking' Games Expanded :

The Pipe Laying game and the Crazy Needle game - how to twist them into MMORPG features and 'fun' for tablet/smartpone mini-games.

Pipe Game Ideas :

- Imagine the pipes with 2 dozen different colored 'circuits' (need support for color blind Players - stripe patterns) and an expanding set of components to offer additional levels of difficulty.

- Mixing colors of the pipes ( 3 or 4 way connections !  Mixing depends on flow directions or it acts as a splitter)

- 'Components' exhibiting a variety of new functions like Cross-overs and Valves  crazy machine pix

- Add Hex tiles used in place of the of square tile system  (increasing the need for Player tile rotations )

- 3D layers (much higher difficulty...  visualization issues make harder). Walls of a room would be a 3D thgat really is a 2D problem.

- Components added from a Players 'Parts inventory' and 'salvage' from a scenario to have components for a later game.   Some tools might change possible tile manipulation options.

- Valve - inserted to temporarily cut off an active 'circuit' so it can be worked on. Installing the valves themselevs requires shutdown, but they can be inserted quickly with only short interruption

- Spills out of an unconnected end cause side effects (and 'cleanup')

- A pattern of Pulse/Wave driven 'circuitry' instead of constant flow (allows a limited period that changes need to be done in)

- Timed puzzles (like original) or no time limitation (for ones of greater complexity) or combination (like repairs being done during a down time before circuit reactivates)

- Combining the Crazy Needle (or something like it) INTO the Pipe game (as a sensor that tells you where you have to lift the floorboards... where the problem is).  Tracer type games where  you piece together clues as to where to 'dig into the wall' to fix a problem.

- A tie-in to fixing machines/mechanisms you use in the main game (done when both in and out of hectic adventuring situations).   Player's in-game 'base' utility infrastructure.

- Repair Missions - tracing lines/wires/pipes to find/fix the fault  (with leak animations)
Scaffolding structure is another flavor simulating useful 'work'.  Setting up a piping system for a hydroponic farm is another scenario flavor.

Some of these might be In-Game activities like the original 'hacking' as part of the 'adventuring', but others would represent more mundane tasks (without something firing at you while you are trying to 'fix' the thing).  Generally the 'game' would have some main-game rewards generating money or goodies/resources to use in the residence/business/adventuring parts of the game.

--- --- ---

Additional Varieties of Bioshock Rapture MMORPG Mini-game Interfaces :

- Chasing the 'bug' like Pac man ???  Watch out these bugs bite...  Hmm 'bugs' you need a pistol for...  Prestige points with City as "Vermin Exterminator".

- Squishing the bug/rat - Whack-a-mole style (touch screen)  That gratifying crunch you no longer get crushing Splicers skulls...   More Prestige "Harbinger of the Doomed Rat" or somesuch.

- Mechanical puzzles ( Infinite's IR flash game example of one simplistic kind - imagine that with 10X as many different parts and types of interconnections and gimcracks you have to solve.)   In game work credits for repairing City infrastructure of various kinds (lots of THAT to do in this place).

- Macro puzzles - Player and their lackeys walking THROUGH real terrain, treasure hunts(find that spare part the whatzit machine needs to restore balance of the effluvium ether or something like that ).

- Pulling apart piles of wreckage to get salvaged goodies, without the pile falling on you are collapsing away where its no longer accessible.

- Fishing - not a sport, a survial skill in Chaos era Rapture (Food for your Team and for sale in the market.)  Lots of variations and now doubt bait and lure upgardes and that sorta stuff.

- Turn the "pipe game" into a real Pipe Game - plumbing solutions (infrastructure repairs) - you'll want to do at least your own residence to save on the money and to get what you want working (and upgrade it later).

- De-fusing a bomb or trap (mechanical mechanisms), hacking a sensor/alarm system to 'sneak' in to some unfriendly place.   There are potentially all kinds of these game and how they relate to the Game World and other Player activities.

--- --- ---

Private Bathysphere Customers :

Private Bathyspheres probably would have had only the richer citizens  (top 5%? or fewer) affording them because of the facilities they required to operate.  They arent like autos where you can get out anywhere off or on a road/curbside, or run them on a shoestring (any serious fault leads to death of the occupants).  Look at the size of the facilities required -- the dock at the MultiPlayer Apartment  is close (doesnt have to be quite as grand)  and to get anywhere there would have to there be a Bathysphere station and parking area (never seen)  which is likewise an expensive facility.  The Bathysphere station we see in the game themselves arent sufficient for any real 'Metro Transit' for a city of tens of thousands of people (even with only a small portion affording the premium fares ).    The maintenance costs for them also would far exceed what we think of as for the 'every man' automobile.

Still for those who could afford them, Deluxe Bathyspheres (or rather they SHOULD be called  'submarines') could be a sold product (more like expensive sportscars/limos/airplane and not particularly to 'housewives').

'Private airplane' probably IS a good analogy for what they would be in Rapture (Rapture is based on good ole 50s technology and not some fantasy 'startrek' tech stolen thru quantum dimensional holes or whatever to justify the game situation.)

--- --- ---

Getting Rid of the WTF Moments - Terrain/Movement Defects:

It came to mind that "getting stuck on the scenery when you clip corners" is also something in need of improvement.  Too many Triple-A games still have this issue that leaves you saying WTF after you die, because you unrealisticly got 'stuck' in your movement.  Your vision is limited  peripherally and you really have hardly any sense of your avatars dimensionality (or your distorted bounding box the movement calculations are using).

- A Clipped sharp corner/obstacle should turn you instead of making you 'stick' in place .

- Running into wall at a diagonal should have you slide along it not simply stop moving

- Hitting an UP edge/some low obstacler at your feet should pitch you over forward (possibly to scrape on your face) NOT stop you cold.

- No puny Little Sister stops all 400lb of you in your BD suit from moving forward. You would bowl her over when you want to move in that direction (saw many comments of how stupid this was in the Proving Grounds BS1 level).   Sure you might trip, but at least you wouldnt get the repeated WTF situation.

- Get rid of stupid unclimbabble 'maze wall' terrain that you should be able to climb (particularly when you are allowed to in other places), but the choreographed scenario "doesnt want you off the path" so yoyu will apporach the staged scene in just the right place or so the scripted opposition doesnt have to be scripted to handle more than the your 'pre-decided' movements.

--- ---

ADAM NOT being Stem Cells :

Recent (real) research on Stem Cells has a theory that the Stem Cells introduced may not actually be used to build new tissue but may release chemical triggers which are used by the cell tissue to induce regeneration/generation phases within the cells.   That might explain how the SeaSlug ADAM, allegedly Stem Cells, might happen to work, when they ARE be from a distinctly different organism (quite far from "human" Stem Cells).  That they are a mechanism to introduce the chemicals that induce Stem-Cell formation and/or regeneration of human tissues (which then for the game are used to  re-form body tissue applying the extra DNA from the Plasmids).  That would also account for cases where the small volume of ADAM taken results in large amount of body tissue reformation.

--- --- ---

Have to find a way for Players to have time to think :

This MMORPG would have more commands/actions, more options, which increases the chance of 'fumbling with the controls', when things are happening quickly.

It is simply no fun to have game situations constantly fall apart (maybe you dont die, but it messes up a Mission so that you simply have to abandon it -- this isnt like Call of Duty Modern War 4 where you can reload the same hard Choreographed situation over and over when it repeatedly goes wrong, having the Zerg Rush (like half the Russian army) you are supposed to gloriously kill (largely by yourself) kill you -- as any such situation actually would in Real Life .... Sorry Deluded Game Players - ONE BULLET into YOU in real life and YOU are out of action.

Improvements :

- Smaller encounters (quality not quantity), more variety of handling the 'problem'.

- Static situations or slow dynamic ones (player has time to see and react and correct mistakes)

- Have few suprise popups, suddenly appearing threats that simply shoot you in the back. Blind corners, etc...  Any moron can create a Player-Killing Scenario.

- Have Team NPCs give you hints for something that really is a bad idea - forwarning

- Interesting things happening at a distance before Player is 'in-range' to be affected - Player can see ahead of time the situation they are walking into (or are offered differnt approaches) and have time to prepare.

- Things that happen but are 'taken care of' by your Team NPCs (their computer control can ALWAYS shoot straighter/faster than you ever could.  (Games ARE all artificially dumbed down to make sure you survive).  It is often hard enough to have the game present the happening so you actually realized what happened, let alone YOU actually taking action against it. 

- MMORPG - NOT a twitch game. It is rather dim that many Big Name Multi-Player Triple-A games have actually accentauted the latency/lag problems to feed the unrealistic expectations of the  'Crack-Monkey' mentality Players, who would, acting that way, all be stone dead in 30 seconds on a REAL field of combat.

--- --- ---

Humor :  Dead cat in Point Prometheus Optimized Eugenics was called "Jean"  ...

jean == gene ...

--- ---

Here Catch --- MMORPG - your NPC 'Team' members need to be a bit better than Elizabeth... :

That convenient 'finding stuff for you' sidekick NPC behavior...  Strange how avoids the constant hail of bullets.

Funny would have been her throwing the stuff to/at you and you (Booker) missing them, and the stuff falling all over on the ground or even breaking/smashing against a wall (ever try to throw a stack of coins 20 feet to someone ?? and them using their 'off' hand to try to catch it?) .   A few sounds of breaking bottles and blue/red puddles on the ground (and some nice cussing or 'oops' responses) and the Player having wasted time under fire (or now having to scramble to pickup the stuff).  Having her throw some of the more normal loot - "Here have a Pineapple or Watermelon"....    Even better - hitting you with it when you were a bit concentrated on the Zerg Rush of baddies coming at you ....

It just got very repetitive, like the lame lockpicking dialog and action.  Actually you have huge guns - why couldn't you at least have shot the locks on some of the doors ?   Or some Splicera (who also have guns) might have already done such (you would be finding some doors 'unlocked' that way....).

This all was hyped as somekind of achievement in NPC behavior, but not all that much is really done  in general situations, and the canned 'special' scenes are not AI at all, just terrain triggered stuff.  Battleship Bay ... sorry 'quantity' (of precanned responses and limited options for the player) are not 'quality'.  Each NPC has their little staged scene/interaction and if you go back they become the same old mannequins.

--- ---

Social Game stuff that is so popular these days :

Players can visit other Player's  'Team' Base which can be shown off along with their various trophies/decorations/prestige-awards/knick-knacks.  Recordings of their recent adventures - a slide show' could be viewed.  Some Players can be very inovative and others have real talent in creating assemblages of decorations.

Im sure some kind of 'Like' equivalent could be arranged  or if that is Copyrighted, than you could have a 'Disdain' or 'Revile' click to apply.

--- --- ---

Old 50s Las Vegas - RApture's Gambling Venues :

Jackpot machines were the games women played while waiting while their husbands played at the real gambling tables.

Do we even see a real gambling table : Poker or Blackjack or Craps in Rapture ??  The dealers might be gone but the tables so prominent in real casinos of that era would still be there.
MultiPlayer Fort Frolic - Pharaohs - a weird card table with playing cards lying all about, but with markings for some kind of a Dice game (2-12 etc..)?? Odd....    All others in the place are Billiard tables.

Pool Table in Sir Prize not quite qualifies.  Is actually out of place in a 'casino'.

--- --- ---

City Mission - Accu-Vox Recovery :

Players submit 'Found' data items, turning them in for 'Vouchers' for Research time (for mission/skill advancemment) - including Accu-Vox mechanisms, no matter how garbled or in what condition (parts useful to repair other machines at worst). 

And one of the City Missions is to take one of these damaged Accu-Vox machines and to 'recover' any recording content for the City Archives.  Players no doubt will find them.

- Cleaning  - some of them have been in rather bad environmental conditions for a decade.
- Mechanical/Electrics Repairs to machine including replacing 'salvaged' parts
- Removal of Media to a working unit
- Recovering of recorded-over content (requires some skill and better tools)

Players might prefer to do this fix-up operation BEFORE handing them over to the City, to be able to take advantage of any potentially profitable information on them.

MMORPG could have hundreds of different 'recordings' for players to 'find'  (and accumulate more as it is basically an audio recording that even a smartphone can generate these days).   Content obvious would be vetted...   Player creativity employed to generate amusing content or filler info for Rapture's Story.

Note - for Logics sake I would have the 'Accu-Vox no longer be a 6"X10" machine, but some kind of removable media (like a sleaved magnetic metal disk) used by ONE machine a person would have (or even public recording booths).  That way many cheaper recordings of 'thoughts' could be made inexpensively (better justifying every vagrant in the city somehow having these things) and slipped into the Pneumo as an alternate to letters (justifying why we find them everywhere).

A possible In-Game 'personal' voice message to be sent to another player or to be kept.

--- --- ---

Porter was a Big Daddy for 8 years ?  :

pix walking into sunset

A full conversion ?  Assume thats after the Civil War started for Ryan to react in the way they portray.

Thats a bit more work for Tenenbaum to undo, when they got to the Surface, than what Jack needed (after he basically just wore a BD suit for awhile).   A 'cure' that used up all the ADAM she took with her ??

Linky to pix

Also imagine the attention they might get on The Surface if Porter does not get that suit off pretty quick,  AND worse that he doesnt get fixed up right quick with what he probably looks like underneath.   Likely a good reason why he wound up in Area 51....

That scene we saw at the end of Minervas Den may actually have been only a 'dream sequence' or at least from quite some time later (after many attempts by Tenenbaum).

Tenenbaum was experimenting on her 'Cure' at the time and it may have taken quite a while to achieve.  The MMORPG plot has them fail to rebuild The Thinker on the surface (for many reasons and the reason she returns yet again to Rapture) so she wasnt able to use it for the calculations she needed (and even after getting back to Rapture, and having access to the original Thinker, the 'Cure' process still was not simple.

Could be an interesting 'Flashback' (player created) story sequence to play to show what happened in those events.

--- --- ---

Businessman's Mismanagement (Suchongs a Complainer...):

So some employee delivered one pair of BD boots to the wrong place, and that defines 'mismanagement' on Ryan's part ??  YOU try running a City in middle of Civil War with monsters wandering the streets murdering and destroying, and YOU try to hire decent help when most people are hiding at home.   One hopes Suchong didn't treat his fellow employees the way he did Little Sisters  - maybe someday we will find the HR documenting complaints against him.   Perhaps it was actually a fellow employee pushing Suchong's face into that BD Voice Adjustment machine, and the BD drill thing (Artemis Suites Clinic) was just a coverup (poor BDs get blamed for everything).

--- ---

Drilling in Rock - Sorry - NOT that thing -> that Big Daddy Drill :

Rockwork in RL you drill and blast (explosives) and the clear broken rock (shoveling).  Using a drill which is long narrow cylinder with cutting edge on its tip.

That BD Drill spiral shape is perfect for getting stuck in rock and the the BD gets jerked and drill thingee wedges in real nicely and has to be reversed and torqued to un-stick itself.  Nice huge cutting  surface to disperse force and maximize sticking friction (couldnt have a better design to fail there).

Chipping/abrading rock off a small surface, maybe, for as long as the power is available - wherever that comes from :
Compressed Air? - it has to vent to ocean already at a high pressure, making it inefficent. 
Combustion? - fuel AND air storage is required - possibly.
Electric Battery - quite low capacity for that kind of extended work. )  

Proper cutting requires significant bracing to force the tool's cutting surface strongly against the rock being 'shaved'.

Much larger automated machines (even plasma cutters) would be needed to do sufficient 'rock' work (as in a large amount) for 'expanding the city'.   Foundations and anchors go deep into the hard rock.

Chipping/cleaning/unclogging accumulating sealife (much softer or brittle) OUT of a tube/pipes or off/across a flat surface like the inside of a large concrete tube the BD walks into -- much easier , but 'drilling' still must be powered and recharged frequently (same thing could largely be accomplish with an oversided putty knife, though wouldn't look as 'cool')

Drill - Probably is NOT applicable for cleaning windows.

Thing might marginally be useful for stirring cement, but is ineffcient/clumsy shape for that.

Best use - for scaring and possibly grinding up/impaling humans (where its 'sticking' friction is actually an advantage).

--- ---

Fontaine's Plan D :

9/11/60  Several Bathyspheres full of explosives fly into Rapture Tower at Welcome Center, causing collapse and flooding of most of the building.  Death toll well over 100.  Ryan doubles the 10000 ADAM Bounty on Atlas's head and calls on all citizens to eliminate the remaining rebels and terrorists - Dead or Alive.  

--- ---

"Everybodies a Critic"  that old phrase....  "

For someone insane (ie- Cohen)  then it makes a perfectly good reason to kill 'everyone'/anyone.

'An artist once said, "All critics should be assassinated." I just might take him up on that.' -- Sander Cohen (BaS1)

SO, we later see corpses aplenty coated in Sander Cohen's signature white plaster....

Weird would have been a few corpses in his Apartment behind a busted up plastered over wall -- showing Cohen was up to his tricks BEFORE things got so chaotic in Rapture and allowed him to be more extravagant (and free) in his 'artful' murders.

Why should Cohen ask Ryan to have Culpepper killed ? (why would Ryan comply without it being something more along the lines of her conspiracies with Fontaine over the embryo thing? )
Cohen would have done it himself (though proof in Audio Diaries was that Sullivan did it - though it doesnt say for what reason...) in some suitibly 'artistic' manner later  (perhaps MMORPG a audio diary might be found detailing 'twisted' ideas Cohen was having for doing just that...)

Such as : A String Quartet playing some classic chamber music while a thug in a Clown outfit slowly drowned Culpepper in her bath, with Cohen sitting there sipping campaign painting the scene and shouting "More Feelig!!!" (and we find the painting in his apartment later ...)


Wisdom : There is a fine line between good World Building, and rambling on about pointless crap. A few players out there are genius at doing this, so lets find them...


The Great OZ :

The Thinker big Spark making crap - - a bit of theatrics...   Real computers, once you get over the pretty flashing lights, are fairly boring.    Somewhere was a sign that said 'no tours of the Thinker', but its set up as if they did have tours at one time into the room 'The Thinker' edifice was in (even though its actually most of that entire building.)   Why else have a title sign hanging on it, or Vending machines.
At minimum, it would be shown to customers of the computing service Central Computing provided.

--- ---

Materials in Rapture :

Based more on what raw materials are easily available and cheap.   Also based on necessary processing using abundant/cheap energy (you can alot with alternate materials if energy is cheap and a little effort is expened).

Aluminium/Iron for metal - conversion of the raw materials from common impure minerals requires cheap electricity.   Potential salvage from wreckage (closer to shorelines with natural hazards prefered for 'wrecks' to accumulate).  Remelting and refining scrap.

Glass and ceramics - purified and fused under great heat(energy)

Cement and concrete - Superior aggregate (filler material) for concrete can be made to make concrete much stronger (which would be needed to build Rapture)

Plastics can be made from organic/inorganic materials, and it is the patterning process and the properties of the molecular patterns that is the complication.    Rapture would have gotten information on plastic technology for a long time after its founding, and via officially sanctioned channels after the 'closing off' of 1952.  Technology/scientific information  was likely one of the more valuable 'contrabands' smuggled into Rapture along with the cigars/quality beef/crucifixes.

Rubber (in this case Synthetic)  are one of the critical materials of the machine age.  Synthetics could be tailored more to specific uses - some kind of self sealing plastic (like used for the clear yellow goop tanks in Optimized Eugenics). 

The indestructable windows (except to Big Sisters apparently) has to be something else (too much water pressure - glass just isnt strong enough).   That Ryanium stuff - whatever it was.

Recycling would also be much more common than in the Surface world, with many materials being not so easily obtained from outside.

--- ---

Little Brothers - Ideas :

Having these in the game would need some different mechanism, else it is just recombining/lumping more of the same Little Sister game stuff/elements/effects.

Time period would be likely when Fontaine's Orphanages, trying to not sound 'weird', had to take children of both sexes (also what about females OUTSIDE the normal LS age grouping ???)   It would look very suspicious if so narrow an acceptance criteria existed, and Ryan or others would have no problem denouncing them as 'Shady' in the press ...
And NOW what to do with the ones who dont qualify as LS ?  If they have to be warehoused at Fontaine's expense, he probably wouldnt want to pay for that.   Child Prostitutes is getting a bit dodgy for a game to mention.  Experimentation (talk versus in game representation)??  Other uses?  Workhouse farm labor? Use them as Biological Chemical factories of other kinds? (Tonics that make a human body produce serums and medicines ???)  That mystery ingredient in Beef-E ??  

"Why children take so long to grow? They eat and drink like pig and give nothing back. Must find way to accelerate process." ?Yi Suchong   So Suchong found his 'way' (he did with Jack, didnt he??)

People would notice their disappearance/misuse and Reporters would eventually find out and spread the word - Fontaine would be lynched.  The initial Little Sisters, before their use in 'gathering', could demonstratedly be shown to be being taken care of (maybe their eyes didnt glow much in normal lighting).

Later the truth was known, but then the need for ADAM became an emergency (required to stabalize some significant proportion of the population), there was better acceptance for 'Little Sisterhood' to "Save the City".  Its not clear if Ryan actually ever authorised Fontaine Futuristics to take any more 'orphans'
or whether the kidnappings were the work of criminals who set up their own operations (or shady ex-employees of Fontaine's making their production numbers look good to get that yearly bonus).


Back to 'Little Brothers -- Sounds like potential for a nice Splicer roleplay scenario :

Unwanted "Little Brothers" running around as a Gang, and you roleplaying 'The Fagin' coordinate their movements and tactics  -- and more varied missions of Mugging Splicers, Bribing Big Daddies, Stealing stuff, (simple maze solving with 'in the Dark' mode and tight passages, vents, sewers and such), Running away with crafty diversions when things get too hot....  Cannibalism might be hinted at  - all things 'feral' kids would have to do to have survived in what Rapture turned into.

Nice potential as a Mini-Game (with a bit of Player ingenuity and creativity ...  Heck nobody makes any money making Apps these days so they might as well make them for this MMORPG....)

Lockbox Gnomes mentioned elsewhere...

Players in the MMORPG might run into more than a few of them and would have a mandate from the City to capture them for 'Curing'.


McClendon's Decline  - the Ill-fated Robotic Little Sister  :

How likely is it that someone (McClendon) who had already produce multiple successful complex products would  NOT do a proper prototype (Robotic Little Sister) to test the feasibility BEFORE spending a whole lot of his  money on major production process for something that DIDNT WORK (ignored by Big Daddies).

You'd think that the concept working should have been proven early (that it actually would work - Seaslug  mechanism - major component that MUST work (OR maybe just haul the Blood back to a processing site with slugs -  but no multiplier effect there so  !?!?...), so with something THAT critical, any IDIOT tests that part first.    Big Daddy bit ? - well alternate ways might exist to achieve the same thing.
Heck - BIG Little Sisters Robots armed sufficiently to disuade attackers - fricken Terminaters in big little  girl dresses - that might be funny - keep that idea for the 'might have been' Flashbacks.)

Anyway, the usual (real world) process is first to have a prototype built and DEMONSTRATE that the idea even  works ---  BEFORE starting further engineering and expensive mass production of the parts.  As a successful  producer of complicated products, McClendon would KNOW all these things, and operate his business in that  fashion.   No mention that he was a Splicer becoming insane to have such a lapse.  And with the R&D out of his  own pocket, then doubly the reason to make a working prototype first.

Possibly the 'paid for all the research and alot of development himself' on a workable model was sufficient to  nearly bankrupt him (without even further waste of money production costs being needed) and resulted in his  decline (but with the scale of his business, that doesnt seem likely...  Competition maybe? ).  Perhaps the  prototype was simply too sophisticated, so that its development just ate too much of his resources.

If this 'robot' could do many of the operations a Little Sister needed to do - maneuver, sense and search for  targets, recognize threats, pathfind, climb up and down stairs and over obstacles, independantly follow  tasks/missions, communicate, manipulate the LS-needle tool, manage a Seaslug ???? (it is hard to believe that  McClendon did NO testing of any/all of these while prototyping),  THEN what was already developed possibly  still COULD have been used for many other purposes/projects (including mobile security robots -- LS-bot with a  spotlight and a machine gun,  or programmed with the 'cleaning of toilets' and cleaning windows, etc...).   And  arm those LS Robots sufficiently and what need for a Big Daddy Protector???

Heck, McClendon had whole piles of parts (we saw them)  to start applying to such ideas (he likely had enough  good people working for him to have suggested such a course).   His creating all those other robotic devices  SHOWED he possessed 'Innovative' skill and abilities which could have led to a better story.

We could have had "Little Sisters of Silence" with those Infinitely stupid ear cones walking around listening  for the sounds of leaks and structural stress damage, or Spider Splicers hiding in the walls OR whispers of  plots against Ryan.


Robot Little Sisters Ideas :

Of course wouldn't the Robotic Little Sisters also be targets of the ADAM addicted Splicers (or bootleggers  seeking easy pickings) ?    So these Robots would have to be armed (simpler than also requiring a Big Daddy to  accompany them - and suddenly no problem with BDs rejecting them!!!! To easy and wouldnt match the Failtopia  plot)  And who says they have to be that small ????   Somehow they would have mutated to look like a Dalek ???

Why not just add an ADAM Siphon Module directly to a Big Daddy then ?  !!!!!   IT can't process the ADAM unless  an artificial Little Sister Stomach with a SeaSlug is incorporated...   WAIT isnt THAT what the Robotic Little  Sister already HAD ????? (a LS symbiant simulation the Robot LS would have needed).   Otherwise the first 'Doh'  moment for McClendon WOULD have been "Well the Robot got to the corpse, sucked its blood, but "Oh Noooooooos!!!  I forgot about the part about needing a working Sea Slug to process the fricken ADAM !!!!!  *bangs head against  wall*"   Thats wasnt mentioned so does that mean ther eWAS a way to do this without a 'live' Little Sister ??  

Now wouldnt THAT have been SMART ??   Or just have the BDs do corpse collection, to some safe location, where  the LS worked, which could be built like a Fortress and largely-Splicer proof ????  "Little Undertakers" ?

Its awfully LESS a problem than those vulnerable LS walking about then, dont you think ??

Big Daddy's cleaning up (corpses) would have been part of their original (maintenance) work.  Rapture could  even have had 'Bins' where ordinary folk (any left?) could themselves deposit corpses - though if they got  paid, it might cause too many kill-for-profit incidents.    Maybe Rapture wouldn't have smelled so bad or been  as grungy with fewer corpses lying about...

--- --- ---




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