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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG  
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Part 61

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Illogic be Legion -- Rapture's storyline isnt exactly 'watertight' :

Raptures Welcome Mat:

Was it not rather stupid to leave a Bathysphere at the surface (Lighthouse Station) where it might  be a bit of a clue of Rapture's existance?? (Ryan is supposed to be paranoid, right?- well isnt this  evidence he wasnt quite as paranoid as they tried to lay it on ??  Or just that they never bother  much with logic when they get a plot going ?)

If that Bathysphere was sent there for his arrival (in case it wasnt normally left there) then that  should have told Ryan his system wasnt as locked down and someone (Atlas?) was upto something (I  actually think the whole suicide thing by Ryan should have really been a setup against  Fontaine/Atlas, where Ryan has figured it out and turned the tables (faked HIS own death)  -- its  certainly would have been a more Epic Twist and could justify odd things like having a Bathysphere  obviously waiting).    Maybe if it arrives suddenly when Jack is there and Atlas tells him to  'kindly' get in??   Maybe if it was one of the old Smggling subs??

Maybe the whole arrival thing was just more 'memories' and Jack never left Rapture ??? 

--- --- ---

Pheromone Control mentioned (Multiplayer) ? :

Rank 36 :   "Well, that old rumor mill is at it again, friend! This time, our competitors have made  up a wild story about additives in our Plasmids which make you vulnerable to brainwashing!"

The final entry makes it seem like what  ? - that the 'Final Reward' was a trip to the cells in  Fontaine Futuristics to become a Big Daddy or another demented/insane Splicer test subject ?"

How about instead you are gone (no longer show up at the battles) because you are now sitting at  home (or going to work), all nice and calm, under the 'Mind Control' which has made you simply stop  fighting (pheromones are simple brain chemicals and would only allow very simple 'control' -- not  something like "Hunt Down Altlas and bring me his head").  Jacks WYK was a far more complex  (chemicals, genetics, supervised audio/visual/physical conditioning ...)
Eliminating the destructive fighting, and Nullifying Altas's Splicer Army would basically all but  WIN the 'Civil War' for Ryan, and leave just Atlas alone with a dragnet of Ryan's security men  closing in on him.  (which makes Ryans 'suicide' so utterly rediculous.)

--- --- ---

Hypnotize :

The hypnotize thingee (orb..polyp) doesnt work (where did Sophia get that ??) bounces off the suit  and the Big Daddy thinks his Little Sister is under attack and turns his assault cannon on her and  her lackeys.
Heh, in that case it would be Sofia that Eleanor might have been reconstituting from 10 year-old  rotted corpse tissue instead of Johnny Topside (or whoever Delta was).   Likely Jack would have  fried Sofia on the spot if she tried to pull her little escapade on him.   (Actually thats a pretty  good 'alternate universe' plot with sufficient Twisty-ness - so Flashbacks All Round in the MMORPG).

--- --- ---

Stacks of Contraband :

Why would Fontaine smuggle this stuff, if there was no buyer for it ?  The difficulties/expense of  smuggling goods would make anything smuggled have a premium price.  Crosses could be made locally,  literally tons of Bibles and newspapers (which can be shared and arent consumed) - and all (we saw)  never delivered ?  Overused assets to make some point? - perhaps.  Booze stolen from Rapture Port  Authority (that path supposedly shutdown in 1952 - so why is it still here? as booze seems to sell  pretty well in Rapture).  All the 'Seized' boxes elsewhere (incluuding 8 years later at Fontaine  Futuristics) - probably not any contraband goodies in them or they would certainly have be pilfered  long past.

--- --- ---

Rapture enigma - Lighthouse for a "Hidden City" :

Lighthouse lights are quite powerful and often can be seen as far away as a ship can see it  (curvature of the earth - 50 miles?) and raised up to be seen further as well. Some of the most  powerful lights ever built were put on lighthouses .....

Now that it can be seen ... Whats it doing standing in 1000 meters of water 200+ miles from  nowhere.... (built on tiptop of a Sea Mount that just touches the surface - would not THAT be on  maps as a navigation hazard??)  A very odd looking Lighthouse too. Wasnt it rather  stupid/odd/illogical that it was not torn down soon after 1952, when noone new/supplies mostly  stopped coming (IF Ryan was as paranoid about secrecy for Rapture as they imply).  But then that  would ruin the 'scene' and the burning plane effects (amazing how 4 years old Jack flew the plane so  precisely to CRASH 100 yards away - was he conditioned with jet flying lessons too???  Logic/plot  holes you could fly a Zeppelin through...)

You'd think they could at least have turned the light off??

--- --- ---

No Parasites Need Apply :

Ryan (and his organization) searched out people who he thought would be interested and didnt  disclose too much detail until it was more certain about them.  Many people who came to Rapture  still didnt realize it was as much as Ryan had implied.  Those people then knew other like minded  people (networking ...). 

Incongruously, Ryan's letting a Collectivist like Lamb into Rapture made no sense, and his vetting process should have been more than enough to turn up her beliefs so to have him immediately reject her (but the  almighty plot cant have that, so blah...)     Likewise, the game makes it look like there were  countless grunt  'construction workers' who, when the City was finished, would be 'out of work' and a problem.  Somehow that too would be overlooked.

--- --- ---

Toys sold 'Cheap' ? :

Evil Sinclair is making people make toys/etc.. and making a buck off it....
Reference should be made that the 'cheap labor' might be the effect of cutting out the middleman.   If people in Paupers Drop dont want the offered jobs, they dont have to take them.    Rapture for all its advanced technology and appearance of a Big City is still the size of a small town and does not warrant assembly line production for many products.  SO, hand labor would be much more common  and it is fully possible that the laborer could make as much or more money as classic assembly line workers did.   The flexibility of working at home was another bonus to the worker, as well as being able to do it part time.  60-70 years ago people were commonly still doing this kind of work, the  writers needed to get their 'heads into that era' a bit more.

--- --- ---

At this point most (if not every) Splicers were controlled by Ryan : 

Were they??  IF so,  then Atlas already should have been quickly dead  (takes just one Splicer finding him -- and Atlas is unspliced too - weak in comparison).  You have to sleep sometime.  Think what Bounty Ryan  would have put on Atlas (1000 ADAM for Jack would have been measly by comparison ... think Bounty  "10000 ADAM" and Atlas likely would be dead the next day) and  where could Atlas hide??   He came out of the woodwork in the Smugglers Hideout ... hardly something done by someone who would be instantly killed on sight by any and all Splicers.
Ryan is shown doing the Bount thing against Jack, why didnt Ryan do it against Atlas, the bigger enemy, likely long before  ?? 

BTW, Smugglers Hideout was crawling with HOW MANY Spider Splicers ?  And Atlas so conveniently evades them and makes a retreat without them all rushing after him and chopping him to pieces ??? Quite convenient.  He might have put up a bit more fight than that wimp "Johnny", but should have been fishfood in mere minutes.

--- --- ---

Sinclair Solutions Test Program - Played a major part in the Fall of Rapture ?

Did it ??? Or that is just supposition, when so much else was going on in the City (like Atlas'  Splicers killing people in the streets and shutting down much of the economy).  How many of Raptures 'normal' people would actually play for 'Team Atlas'  when all Atlas has to offer is disorder ?

Sinclair sold to both sides?? (I dont recall, did any of the Sinclair product recordings say GO  ATTACK RYANS FORCES ??)  Was it easy to tell which side people were on ? Were Atlas's forces ever  really that large ?  Would Sinclair want Atlas to win ? Do YOU assume he stupidly wanted Atlas to be in charge of Rapture, with the threat it would mean to his own survival ??   Perhaps he intended it  to be sold to good Citizens to protect themselves for Rapture to survive and resume normalcy, so  that he would have some customers left by the end of it all  (he WAS a businessman after all).
Thus it might have been a more one sided 'Test' of arming ordinatry citizens to fight Atlas's barbarians wandering their streets.

All in all, pretty contrived (now as 'canon') to justify a MultiPlayer addon game which had only one mechanism for how the players got their Plasmids/weapons

--- --- ---

SitS - Puzzleboxes Boobytrapped ?

Did Lutwidge ever say that these things were boobytrapped?  An easy way to solve them can be to cut  them open and look at the mechanism.  There should have been at least one that got damaged, would  not function and Meltzer would be forced to do that (possibly to get some help if he was  mechanically challenged - and the puzzle would be solving the mechanism's guts instead of the crazy  puzzle outside). 

Actually, if they were boobytrapped (and Lutwidge WAS a known 'nut'), then many people (Meltzer  included) might be rather wary of having anything to do with these bizarre toys --- as the 'nut'  might try to prove himself 'superior' by intentionally trying to kill whoever tried to play his game  -- instead of cutting them open and defusing them as HE Lutwidge (being so smart) would have done.

I'll have to go back and look at when Lutwidge made up the puzzles (somewhere they mention one  puzzle thingee strangely being sent to Meltzer when Lutridge was supposed to be in the loony-bin).   If by the time Ryan had rejected him, he may have (in the way unhinged people sometimes are) been  trying to prove to himself that HE was the smarter(est) one, and not caring about leading anyone to  Rapture anymore - rather, sending something like a boobytrapped kaboom to anyone else involved,  'just for fun'.

--- --- ---

Ryan the Cardboard Cutout Villain :

Ryan intervening in the 'civil war' only when normalcy is long gone : "was damned if he did and  damned if he didnt" -- now when he finally intervenes for public safety he is labeled a tyrant.

Maintaining order WAS one of the things that Ryan had a mandate to do.

Apparently seizing Fontaine Futuristics was the 'breaking point' that enabled 'Atlas' ('Ryan the  tyrant' propaganda) even though it was the source of the poison and was being used to arm the gangs  of murderous Splicers that were disrupting Rapture (crazy Splicers murdering MANY citizens to the  point they couldnt go to work or even out to buy food).  Ryan should have shut the company down and  let Atlas's Splicers wither away as their ADAM was cut off -- instead of the lame excuses showing  him running it 'business as usual' -- you dont have business as usual in the middle of a War.   Poisoning further Citizens instead was a bad decision he probably would NOT have made (except the  plot said so) -- Rapture IS its Citizens.  There is NO 'market' to be 'free' when psychotic maniacs  are shooting everyone in sight.

The later 'Control Pheromone vs Free-Will'  ISSUE would not have happened (the supposed 'final'  abandonment of his principles...)   Even with THAT measure, hadn't the Splicers already surrendered  their Free-Will to their ADAM addiction (the Pheromones control ONLY worked on Splicers geneticly  modified by Plasmids...). Freedom to murder other people?  Not quite that kind of Freedom in Ryans  Philosophy.  Instead the game makes Ryan only interested in profits.

So Ryan waited too long to go against his 'principles' - only when Rapture was heading for  destruction and Splicer armies were taking over, and he finally had to take strong measures and  fought back instead of simply surrendering to those who would take all the power for themselves (and  destroy any hope of going back to Rapture's founding principles).

Was Ryan intelligently allowed to follow his principles? Or was he really just turned into a  inflexible cardboard cutout tyrant to set the stage for a blast-fest shoot-em-up game in a flimsily  contrived 'ruined city' ????

Nothing, even logic, gets in the way of 'The Plot' apparently.

--- --- ---

Bad Ending - Just an Assumption ?? :

Easy enough that 'evil' Jack simply dies of something (Childhood disease maybe??) before he was able  to do much to The Surface or to Rapture.  BTW, no SLBM submarine (Boomer) would EVER be sent to  investigate a plane crash like that  (Cold war was still on, surface ships are for that, etc... )   So sorry, no nukes for Evil Jack.

--- --- ---

Ryan Gotten Wrong :

Ryan did not hate 'altruism' (he did it himself by expending all his worldly wealth to build Rapture  and to save at least part of mankind).  Instead, he hated 'false altruists' -- which are people who  use 'altruism' for their own ends (as in causing/making other people to be 'altruistic' and  profiting in Wealth or Power).  Forced collectivism destroys individual freedoms and since (shown in  the novel) members of his family were murdered in the name of communism/collectivism, there was a  good reason for him to hate it. Likewise the Russian Church was powerless in stopping the  mass-murder.  

The problem is that labels are thrown about in the game (it is a shoot-em-up blast-fest game which  makes these ideas far down in priorities to bother with addressing them cohesively).  

"The Great Chain" is a form of Collectivism (using the basic definition), so when Ryan says  'Collectivism' he must mean something more Real World specific.  Society still works together, but  collective actions are limited to those which dont interfere with individual's reasonable freedoms.

--- --- ---

BaS and the Illogic Continues .... :

BaS - I understand why they would use Cohen again (very popular char from first game ...) - but  'Jumping the Gun' :

But having him at the time of the Kashmir Incident murdering people publicly (before order fell  apart ALOT more at the time Jack shows up) is just too limited-skill recycled idea fiction.    Dumping his rejected art models into a vat of purple pudding (alive) would be more 'artsy', and then  heaping witty ridicule upon them ("Get out of my ssssight YOU uninssspiring dregssss ! ! ! ") would  have been more imaginative/proper for the context.

Why would Cohen know where Sally is ?? (heh, 'twist' would have been Sally being one of Cohen's  'plaster-pieces' by the time they find her...)  Why aren't Booker and Elizabeth horrified by the  outright murder of two people (the eal slaughter really hasnt started yet...), or even of Kidnapping  of children???  (Rapture hasnt gone-to-hell quite yet...  cite - All that talk of things being 'back  to normal'...)   Was this whole DLC plot all just the first ideas they came up with, written on the  back of a Denny's napkin ?

People dont like being murdered and the City Constables would be round to lock ole 'insano' up right  quick.  Possibly this is yet more evidence of this not being "your father's Rapture" and some  bizarro alternate universe, inhabitted by a Booker and Elizabeth which flipped a different quark  somewhere down the infinite line?? (good ole "Butterfly Effect" plays hell with ""Constants and  Variable""...)

They also were hanging from those cords/ropes, but yes it is possible it was done for effect by  Cohen (certainly outrageous enough --- as  'performance art'  and missing a commentary on the low  quality of dancing accepted  'these days'.)   Still should be pretty horrifying for Booker and  Elizabeth -- this is supposed to be PRE-Havock Rapture).   Some hint (artsy-fartsy Cohen-ism), while  the two other 'killed' dancers are being pulled upto the ceiling like puppets with confetti and  sparklers popping out of them and striking dramatic pose in the background, just as Booker/Elizabeth  are wilting from their own 'shock', might have been somewhat clever.

Consider in BaS,  Cohen PUBLICLY murdering people (or appearing to, as the various people have  commented/questioned) which is far beyond the things the game mentioned before --  perversions/insanity which he did in private/the shadows.  As Ive said, it would be no problem after  such evidence in BaS for the Constables to put an end to Cohen for something so blatantly criminal  and repugnant to the majority of Rapture's citizens -- who STILL largely were living in a climate of  normalcy.

"Cohen was already depraved and insane before Rapture collapsed" -- WHY then would the City Council  place children in HIS hands ?? :

Also remember the children in the orphanages -- were there really being used by Fontaine as ADAM  producers - it is not clear for the transition when Fontaine's holdings were "nationalized" - but it  is likley Ryan's proxies who continued its operations (since there was no reversing it, and ADAM was  in high demand - not even to make profit, but to keep an addicted population from coming apart).  SO  who would be these people Cohen would be selling children to?  Taking them away from where they  already were "in-use" ??  And for what reason??  Pedophiles? We saw some LS with what looked like a  Victorian Age schoolmarm in the street in BaS.  That looked like the orphanage system was still in  effect (and not "shut down", and the 'orphans' tossed onto the street (as some may have  thought/implied Ryan would order).

Rapture was coming apart ?   Market and High Street didnt look like that to me.  Remember the New  Years Eve party was supposed to show that things were(had) gotten back to relative normality after  the shocking events at Neptunes Bounty (Fontaine's Takedown). Thats why the Party attack was such a  shock and touted as being so demoralizing and causing the "run on the banks", etc....

Upto this point things had been 'handled'.  The methods people were used to (use mind-think of a  1940s American instead of todays PC 'sensitive' stuff).  Suddenly a massive attack on bigwigs (and  rioting elsewhere was hinted at I think) breaks the confidence that ANYONE will be safe from these  mudereous monsters.  That leads to the citizens panicking and the economy falling apart (as per  BS1/BS2 history).

All of this adds upto my comment about "Jumping the Gun" and making Rapture FAR more 'gone' than the  previous games talk about at the timeframe point of BaS.  They wanted to showcase Rapture "BEFORE",  but then had to offer the shootem-up gunplay part of the game (and Cohen more like what he was a  year later).  I found the way they did that pretty weak (thus quickee ideas written on a 'napkin'  simply being implemented).

--- --- ---

We should at least have the excuse that this isn't the original (BS1/BS2) Rapture, so NOTHING seen  in that content has to be true anymore (but then other 'talk' here is about Levine saying it IS all  the SAME both Booker/Elizabeth and Rapture...)

--- --- ---

Another puzzle is : Why if the 'orphanages' are still in operation, should there be a need to kidnap  them (Sally, etc..).  There possibly were others running their own ADAM-farms (we've seen  bootleggers operations, in BS2), but they always in-game seem to imply that Ryan is doing all this  'kidnapping'.  Atlas would be a likely perp, to supply his minions  (He tries to temp JAck at the  end of BS1 with "all the ADAM you could want...").

--- --- ---

Actually Booker in BaS talking about murderous Splicers as if they were common as drunks makes it  different from the original story plots, where McDonagh makes comments about Splicers he saw  ("demons out of the Bible they were "quote) as like they were something not seen before (instead  of being common knowledge like Booker says) and the dialogue in the previous Rapture games about the  Constables having to uprate their weapons to face this new thing...  IF there was such an obvious  (to citizens) link between ADAM and common occurances of violent dangerous insane people, it would  have given Ryan more than enough excuse/mandate to shut Fontaine's or even the whole ADAM industry  down as a public hazard (like people selling poisoned/infected food).  Freedom stops when it leads  to murdering other citizens.

--- --- ---

BaS was also pushing things (for the game's flashy Booker used stuff) by having Combat Plasmids  being sold blatantly in Fontaine's Department store.  That would have dated from before Fontaine was  'killed'.  Why would Fontaine want to hand away a major weapon (powerful Plasmids) to Ryan or  anybody else at that point of time (or even after).  You look at the advertisements in BS1/BS2/DLC  representing Pre-Civil War Rapture and the Plasmids are for either convenient consumer tasks or  citizen defensive measures.

--- --- --- --- ---

Killing Grace ....

I recently paid Grace a visit (after having to listen to her bile yet again) and using the cheats  (ghost/fly) and put some Trap Rivets in her little spider hole.  I went back to normal mode outside  to approach via the original sequence (hidden button/wipe the porthole/etc) and heard a Trap Rivet  fire, but her little 'evil tin daddy' monologue continued as normal and on entry you could whack her  repeatedly with little effect (her game-object probably was flagged as already Dead, so would not  trigger her falling down 'death' animation).  After taking the key and getting Sinclairs 'killed  her' message (while she was still standing there) I left and the the game went on following the  normal sequence of her being dead (Sofia's blatherings, etc...)

That is a demonstration of what happens when you have choreographed scenes that normally dont allow  you to do anying else (cuz it breaks the script's limited logic otherwise).  General  adaptive/versatile behavior takes several hundred times as much scripting logic - quite difficult -  which is why game companies wont do it that way ( $$$ expensive and ALOT of work to test to get it  work adaquately ).

The MMORPG incrementally would have many many times the work done in that area. It is another one of  the 'Asset Creation' areas where just a few expert amateurs can generate something that drasticly  improves the game for many thousands of other players.  Bit by bit the NPCs would get improved  'logic' to handle more and more situations.  

Pie in the Sky ??  Ive actually seen it done in a game called Neverwinter Nights over 10 years ago  when a few Players were able to improve the games generic Combat Logic to far outdo the original  Game Company provided code -- and that was with really feeble tools and ass-backwards mechanism only  being available to the Players.

The Game Company WOULD have to include a reasonable level of competency for the NPC behaviors from  the start (before Player involvement could seriously start), but with the ($$$) savings on all the  other game Asset Creation they could allocate ALOT more resources to starting that off properly.   Most important WOULD be proper tools and a game engine that facilitates the whole process (not just  for subsequent player usage, but to make the initial Company work more efficient as well).

--- --- ---

Killing Gil Alexander (or whats left of him) :

I usually kill Gil, but its a mercy killing. I know I wouldn't want to live like that (and when he  was sane he understood what an abomination he was going to turn into).  Is there another motive that  he could continue to impede you quest to get to Eleanor ? - you really dont know what other suprises  he might have in store for you - can you really take that chance ?    So if you are actually role  playing as Delta, do you want to take that risk ?   It would be funny if in the game you let him  live, then he (50% chance) turns around soon after and does something that makes it impossible for  you to move forward towardd YOUR goal - effectively losing the game for you.   Have every 'boss' you  get such an option with be the same way .... they may or might not.    Would you now play the game  differently?     (Do game companies ACTUALLY want you to have to think for yourself ???)

But the game track you are actually on in the Bioshock games are quite simple. Such decsions dont  matter with the limited choreographed outcomes.  The Fake 'moral choice' stuff all comes due at the  end when it really doesnt matter any more. It also is far simpler (cheaper $$$) for the game maker  NOT to have to have complicated plot divergances (even just a few).   For the MMORPG, I would want  more consequences for Players actions. But you also HAVE to have sufficient information presented to  the player so that they can JUDGE what likely consequences are -- wht the risk is going to be (you  can still have infrequent unlikely consequences to suprise the Player , but the majority of the  decisions have to make sense).

--- --- ---

Killing Stanley Poole :

So easy, just one whack and he's dead -- hardly satifying.  But then it denies Poole the opportunity  to weasel his way out of the predicament, as he had before.  Funny would be after you let him go  that he tells you something to get you to kill Sofia (thus solving his problem).  He then would be  off to find a new rock to hide under --- Where was he all those intervening years anyway ? (probably  out of Sofia's sight as she might have some questions he would rather not answer).  It might have  been interesting to find his spider-hole (and stash) there in Dionysus Park as he got there barely  moments after you drained the place (and those Lil Sisters sure came running pretty fast too)- and  the corpses seem to have kept nice and fresh after 10 years underwater -- strange cuz ocean life  loves corpses).

So having a variety of responses to your in-game decisions would be much more interesting to the  Players, and even BETTER having a wider range of possible consequences to experience and deal with.   That would be one of the strengths of the MMORPG -- with multitudes of added Quest/Mission scenarios  created with tools that facilitate creating many more options to their mini-plots.  Plots that are  obvious are fine, plots that are obscure BUT with the playing KNOWING that they may have obscure  outcomes (so that they can compensate using the resources they have and use strategies when needed  to counter the outcomes) can be more interesting.   Having DEVELOPING situations the Player can spot  and allow them time to react to, instead of the old "WHAM YOU ARE DEAD -- GAME OVER" things those  SAVE and RELOAD games had long ago will be a major improvement.

--- --- ---

Moral Choice :Riiiiiight..... :

This whole 'Moral Choice' thing is really a joke though.  We go thru Rapture slaughtering HUNDREDS  of Splicers left and right and nobody seems to care that THEY might be just as deserving to live as  any of the 'bosses'.  But then, options to sneak by all the opponents would run contrary to the game  being first and foremost a 'blast-fest' "shoot-em-up" (the standard fare these days - Bioshock  really is little different).   You have little 'choice' in Bioshock, as you arent given the tools to  even have a choice.  There no opportunity except with the phony Harvest/Save on Little Sisters -- a  'choice' which has no real consequences except to get a different cutscene at the end of the game.

All Splicers were automatically made hostile, so not much choice for you.  One thing I really wish  Bioshock 2 (and 1) had included was neutral Rapture inhabitants whom you could choose to kill and  loot, ignore, or help : Say, pockets of survivors who were in hiding from the Splicers, and who  needed to you perform tasks for them such as fight off an imminent invasion of Splicers, or guide  them to an escape bathysphere/safety/whatever, or be the only one able to shut the emergeny gates  before their building is flooded and they all drown.  Having lost of small opportunities like this  sprinkled throughout the game would not only have added more replayability, but also have made the  game world and it's inhabitants seem more real.

Infinite doesnt seem to offer much difference at all (and if anything is less creative in the  options given to you).  They hinted at some improvements in the early trailers, but like so many  things that would have been 'better', they were dropped in the final game.  Too hard to do, too  delayed, too whatever, Infinite reverted back to the old tired formula.

The MMORPGs plot specificly is not a 'slaughterfest' and would offer much more varied situations and  real decisions to make.   There would be no PERMA-DEATH, so consequences to players arent properly  real to that extent, but as a game there is no way that the player can really be provided fully for  proper decisions.  There could be a 'Splicer Role-Playing' subgame that does offer PERMA-DEATH as a  feature, but you really would not want to have that for a players avatar, as any/all character  development (which is a big part of the game) would be constantly thrown out/discared  and it would  soon become too repetitive/tedious.

--- --- ---




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