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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG  
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Part 59

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Bathysphere Stations with Arrival and Departure Schedule Signs - Illogical :

And these capsules holding only about 8 people depart for hundreds of different places on a schedule ?
'Schedule' usually means that the unit will go whether there is anyone on board or not - on to its next  specifically scheduled Stop, so that it is 'On Schedule', needed there to then transit on to its further  destination (so empty units cant simply be 'cancelled').

These Stations mostly have only one hole (docking spot) which one Bathysphere fits in at a time (a pretty  significant chokepoint to all operations if you consider it).  Loading time - likely doesnt need to be more  that a few minutes and with some additional time to clear the tunnel out into the Ocean -- before the next  capsule can dock.  But scheduled things NORMALLY do not leave ahead of schedule, so they must sit there and  wait - extra time monopolizing the loading area )or requiring a tight juggling act to try to get them in   and out as quickly as possible, making any delays a significant problem).  It adds upto an awful lot of  overhead time wasted if nobody onboard is going to get-on or get-off a capsule (but that time IS required by  the scheduling system).  Late capsules interfere with smooth operations of other scheduled runs.

If you have fewer destinations (string them as routes) then there are still the Stops along those routes to  get to any possible destination and lots of wasted time consumed on average to get anywhere.

A subway train can arrive, stop in seconds, take whatever time unloading and loading, and then doors close  and it is gone in a few seconds. A bus can do similar, their stopping time can be minimal.  Not so with the  Bathyspheres we see.  These Bathyspheres stops are nowhere near that fast -- there are airlocks below that  have to be guided through at relatively slow speed, and stopped for and then exited.  Lifts to raise the  capsule above the water. It all takes quite a bit of time.   Meanwhile that one dock is being monopolized. 

Scheduling - How much time passenger waits for another one going same direction/to their destination (if you  miss the one you wanted).  To get people to where they need to go, the routes criss-cross Rapture and  potentially many 'transfers' are needed to get to a specific destination (taking up even more time).

- There need to be more holes (docks) - even the small stations should have t least 2 just for simple  redundancy, should one have some problem.  Typical passenger throughput must be increased (this is a City  aint it ??  LOTS of peopl need to conveniently get around.)

- ALOT more holes/docks at main Stations - a need to increase capacity of people throughput the system  handles at these key 'transfer' points.   Even if the Bathysphere system is more 'exclusive' (as I propose)   it still needs more capacity that the pathetic showing we see in the game.  

- Ditch the Schedule system and have the Bathyspheres go where the customers need them too. Often, there  simply are NOT 8 people all going to the same place (or place along a route), so these capsule on average  will only carry a handful of passengers.  Much better if they go DIRECT to the passengers destination,  bypassing stops they dont need to make.  No point in having so many traversing the ocean carrying noone or  stopping at stops which are not needed, or waiting when they dont need to.  A supply of ready emopty  capsules is needed for an 'on-demand' system (and a system of sending empty ones where needed with minimum  delay).   The RODIN computer system could handle such allocations, and adjust for customer destinations flow  and loading.   'Phoning ahead' might be encouraged to allow prestaging the empty capsules.

Arrival and Departure Schedule Signs - I saw one laying on the ground in the Station in Point Prometheus :

Station     Arrive    Depart
.............02:00     03:45
.............11:30     05:00
.............04:10     06:25
.............09:40     11:05
.............10:30     08:15
.............12:20     02:35

Hopefully those are semi-randomized numbers (barely) otherwise the times with different overlap between  different 'scheduled runs' being in-station will overlap (a physical impossibility).

No AM or PM indicator - sloppy... (or did they only operate that 12 hours a day ?? sure that explains it...  not).

So few listed.  Really? That few people moved around a busy city?   Yet more evidence of much less use than  implied of the Bathysphere system and reliance on the Trolley to actually move the larger number of citizens  about the city.

- A proper sign might be more like this  (even if the system is 'on-demand' customers need to easily tell them  where to board (which dock) for their trip)


TIME is Departure, Arrival isnt that important
There should be many more DOCKs now, and the passengers need to know which one they will board at
DESTINATION is the next stop along a route (this might instead be a 'party' name if the Bathyspheres are  operated On-Demand like Taxis (a more logical system) and in that case would be the leftmost column.

With those fancy huge interior of the stations you might expect Station personnel to actually organize  activities in the Station with more organized service than the self-serve methods used with Trolleys.

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The Quantum Entanglement may really have been the BS that Suchong called it, but massive  rebuilding/repairing a body is a pretty good achievement by itself (is at least within the genetic tech  realm versus teleportation or star terk replicator-like).  With my attempted explanation, there is no  teleport, it is you (a near corpse) being dragged to the Vita-Chamber for repairs (by what I call the Corpse  Gnomes -- thought they might be some machines - we have enough robotics in the game to justify that -- or  Tenenbaum sneaks out and drags you with a rope block and tackle for all you know - who knows how long you  are unconscious...).  Your stuff (which aint no way part of your DNA) thus comes with you (and you have the  same wepaons/ammo selection you had when you are dead - not plausible THAT would be replicated with you  except if it was all non-Rapturesque MAGIC).

You are near dead and unconscious, so you have no sensing of being carried/dragged or how long the repairs  take.  "Corpse Gnomes" lead into that topic of 'Lttle Brothers' too ....

I just remembered that when you are Delta and die with a Little Sister 'adopted' she is standing outside the  Vita-Chamber when you come back to life.  SO what that indicates about the process might be debated. She  wasnt dead -- so did the machine pull (teleport) her too ? (and outside the machine?) - lotsa hard questions  about all that whole mess.

Actually the Vita-Chambers are there as a game mechanism for avoiding save reloads and pretty bad for  consistancy with real physics.  (Did we really need this reality breaking mechanism in the first place?    SAve and REload work too and it really isnt too neat to still have lost all the resources when you 'reload'  this way and having to redo a hard section of the game DOES stretch the play time a bit longer when the  trend is the average play-trhu hours keep shrinking).


Oh and as I mentioned previously, the 'Teleport' done by Houdinis are not real either - just Psi type  distraction (which at least has potential of some biological method of influencing brains at a distance) and  that puff of smoke (a typical magician trick) we see as part of it.

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AccuVox recordings wind up in Strange Places :

You say to yourself "What is this thing doing here ??"   Maybe some were placed in your path by 'Atlas' or  Sofia ? (how likely did any of them fit into their swindles that much ??)   Why would many recorded by  influential people with many personal thoughts be scattered so widely, away from wherever these people would  keep such personal things.  A few were messages/memos to someone else, but should phone messaging or real  memos have sufficed for that ??

Of course maybe they became items of trade between Splicers, who carried them everywhere/anywhere in  Rapture.  Entertainment is where you find it.  They can lose their value if re-recorded over (any  moron/Spider Splicer can find a ton of old Accu-Vox machines, but ones with neat messages, those are much  harder to find...)

A good one you can trade for a whole roll of pre-Civil War TP !!!!

MMORPG - we look for them and the City Council/Archives are interested in any with OLd messages intact and  no doubt there would be some general use for them by the Player as well (and possibly parts of them or their  functionality).

They did fit in the Pneumo, so maybe there was a convenience factor if you didnt have to cart too many  around.   Really how big are they ?  -- The leathergrip handle makes it look like it is 12 inches tall and 8  inches wide and probably at least 2 inches thick.   THAT is pretty big/clumsy, and as was done real world  would call for removable media instead of single-use'ing that entire mechanism).   A magnetic coated metal  disk possibly would be a decent replacement for some more complex and long playing cassette type mechanism.
Potentially smaller fist-sized models might have eventually been developed.

--- --- ---

Genetic Key Technology :

How it would work ?

We already had the Research Cameras which uses some kind of 'genetic' tech (sort of - though how you sample  DNA from a distance?  Hmm, a retractible sampling dart ? That might get the attention of the target. The BS2  camera is not quite same though).  Maybe it was Brain Waves and different Splicers/machines have different  signatures??? A 'sniffer' that samples the skin cells that go floating off all humans constantly?  Thats all  a subject for another article).   Not sure how you get 'genetic' data-whatever from/for a machine (security  cameras/turrets) - did all of them have bio-electronics ?

Reader unit that can read Basic DNA markers  - that has limited use (the 'releatives' issue...)

Not sure why you would HAVE to have a physical 'Key', as the idea is that the machines genetic reading  'Lock' is supposed to take the sample of the user and decide if it passes (like the ones allegedly on the  bathyspheres, but probably much more secure).   It does restrict use and the card itself would serve as a  second ID component (internal electronics containing complementary 'key' data).

Third data component should have been biometric data of some kind at the reader (hand geometry biometrics  are pretty easy).  The combination of three of 'key' components would make it harder to break/hack.

Different keys?? Could have different (limited) permissions (ie- Graces Key).  We never hear that Sander  Cohen or Steinman have their own keys.  It would be logical for some of Ryan's Constables and security  forces to have various 'keys' to be able to operate Bathyspheres (and other things).

The key to get into Persephone was just a generic key loaded with Gil Alexander's DNA sample ...

Of course as Pablo Navarro said : "Sure, the boys in Ryan's lab can make it hack-proof. But that don't mean  we ain't gonna hack it.".  SO years later after BS2 any/all such locks could have been hacked by that time.

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Jet Postal detail (Sub-Station Sorting) :

We saw the smaller glass tubes (and letters whisking thru them) you see in some Jet Postal Pneumo  substations (like at Atlantic Express Depot) which are too small for the real system's large transport tubes  (the ones that move stuff using pneumatic cannisters (12x12x24in capsules?) long distances).  Instead they  would be part of the Stations sorting device (which puts individual letters into the individual post-boxes).   Their mechanism would use high pressure air to move the individual letters/light packages, and could work  short distances (heavier/large packages would be hand sorted from the cannister bin), and simple flapper  actuator valves could guide the letters into the correct mailbox ( alot simpler/cheaper than the full-blown  cannister dumper mechanisms used at package routing Stations).   The individual loads would have to be  seperated by intervals to keep them from jamming.  The short distance tubes would allow integral de-jamming  and cleaning systems.

URL of Jet Postal mechanism diagram

The food cans and bottles we get out of that broken Pneumo pipe at AE Depot might possibly work with high  enough pressure and air volume (for a short distance), but I would not count on how much damage they might  suffer -- they would need a buffer to prevent them crashing violently into existing contents at each  postal-box.  And the wear in the pneumatic tubes would be a costly a maintenance headache.


Because of its utility, there probably would be more than a few private Pneumo system in Rapture, it being a  labor saving device.  In real life they were used to move paperwork around in businesses and even hospitals.
Persephone looked like it had its own restricted system.    New RAptures City HAll would want a system back  in operation if not just in the City Center, but to all parts of City Limits.  Restoration outside that area  would be eventually done (handy for sending loot home/to base ??)  Needless to say that there would be a  need to isolate/regulate that outside traffic from New Rapture's internal system.


In Rapture there were all kinds of odd projects, like the one trying to train Brain Boosted cats (using a  variant Kitty version) to sort mail and file paperwork.   Needless to say, cats being cats werent always a  reliable mechanism to be employed for this.

--- --- ---

Masks - collect them all... :

MMORPG Players would be able to create new ones and retexture existing shapes.

An obvious candidate for a contest and possibly useful as a introduction Tutorial in using the texturing  tools (without initially having to mess about with Shape/Mesh Editors).  More advanced would be new shapes  (3D Object Editors)  and possibly a further complications/features of Lighting and Particle effects.    Citizens would no longer wear masks as they did as Splicers, but there might be events were they are  applicable.  Certainly all othe 'wild' Splicers still out there could use more flavors of masks to wear.

Additional flavors would include 'crude' homemade appearance, Original (pre-Kashmir) styles,  "Bizarre and  Deranged", and other creativity.

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Nixie Digital Display Tube

Nixie Tube Displays :


Based on a neon glow effect and contemporary tube technologies, with 'cold cathode' (unlike electronic  vacuum tubes).   1955 - developed in Real World and used for decades til LEDs took over.
They (in Rapture) could be fabricated from 'Surface' description (tech info was one of the things smuggled  into Rapture if not one of the officially sanctioned/authorized 'continued imports').

A standard Nixie Tube 'template' could be provided with the game tools to incorporate as working Numeric  Display into interactive objects, and also as a 'widget' for the Tablet/Smartphone interfaces which look  sufficiently 'Retro' (intended for little difficulty to add for the person creating the 'App').



--- --- ---

'Art' in Rapture - can be SO much more fun ..... :

Looks like a 'still life'.   Too bad we didnt get titles along with all the pictures we see in all the  Rapture games.  Those can be even more amusing than the 'Art'.   This picture - is that a corkscrew in front  of fruit ???   No real imagination needed to interpret those concepts -- Yes, Sander Cohen's greatest  ambition was actually to open a small Bistro in Paris....  "Le Grand Lapin".

MMORPG we CAN have titles (including for all those old pictures including 'restored' ones)  and new  additional artworks (it is so civilized to have one of these 'masterpieces' in your residence or Team base,  you might even obtain one of Cohen's "Plaster-pieces .... preferably one wiythout a cadaver inside)


Fontaine the Literary Giant :

We never see any of these later in BS1/BS2 because the inmates at "Fontaine's" used up the stockpile as TP  during their internment.   Sofia Lamb was smart enough to add abrasive glass fibers to the paper of her book  "Metamorphosis" to forstall that same likely fate for it.

--- --- ---

Small windows are Good :

Pressure outside at typical Rapture depth(my estimate 600 feet) is 280psi (pounds per square inch). DO the  Math:  A 3 foot by 5 foot window has (36x60 = 2160 square inches Times 280 pounds for each square inch = 302  TONs pressing on its full flat surface.  Do you wonder any more why these extended level diagrams have such  massive thick walls?  They need to support THAT.  Think about those windows in Neptunes Bounty - 30 feet  wide - how much force THOSE have pressing on them, so how absurd (and the Infinitized DLC Rapture have even  LARGER windows).  Sometimes 'artists license' turns into pure fantasy, which is bad for a game originally  supposed to be even marginally Sci-Fi based.

So for the designs to work : many small panes, thick 'glass' (or rather thick AND something much stronger  than glass) and sturdy framing, lots of support for smany small window panes, use of compression curves as  much as possible, no windows or only small ones where big ones really arent needed (ie- Neptunes Bounty  industrial complex).

--- --- ---

Mitochondrial Plasmid :

Plasmids are a name for loops of DNA existing within cell organelles.  Mitochodria are orgonelles within  cells which convert sugars to the chemicals (like ATP) used to power operations within the cell.   Increased  Powering of cells/tissues is important for many of the plasmids effects to work as seen.

Think of Electro-bolt or Incinerate! which require not just generation but also storing up energy to  'let-fly' with.  Chemical energy conversion of significant amounts are called for in trhe specialized  tissued the Plasmids form in the Splicers body. 

Other 'Plasmids' would be the genetic cell modifications localized to parts of the body involved with the  ADAM Plasmid effects in concert with Stem Cells (malleable new tissue) used to construct the neccessary  tissues which perform the Plasmid/Tonic's features.  Early research (see The Novel) turned test subjects  into globs/messes of tissue, so localization and coordination of modifications to the body would be of  priority. Isolating tissue changes and NOT disrupting the rest of the body is critical to success.

(See elsewhere for (hopefully) plausible Sci-Fi justifications of the Plasmids/Tonics/Slots)

--- --- ---

Frankensteins Monster wasnt Pretty :

We never much see what Jack looks like (pre-Rapture photos/security camera views taken early?)  And Delta is  completely hidden.  linky to fanart    A good thing there were no working mirrors?

Consider that Jack/Delta were ADAM'd-up far more than most Splicers in a short time.  Cumulatively/over time  who knows, though ADAM in amounts WE got seemed to still be exceptional - especially with many being  'Combat' Plasmids which make more severe changes to implement such powers (as compared to earlier Consumer  products,  ie- BIC lighter fingers).

Anyway, what about the 'cosmetic' affects upon Jack - might he have been a frightful sight by the time he  faced Ryan, or worse, by the end of BS1 when WE had even more ADAM in our system ???    You thought the  Spider Splicers were creepy looking ?  Did Jack have Dr Strange tentacles dangling from his mouth by the  time he went into the Big Daddy Suit ?

Not quite as endearing to the Player if they realized early what 'good ole friendly' Atlas was doing to them   pushing ADAM use onto them.

--- --- ---

Widgetry :

Looking at things like Yahoo Widgets  currently on computers now, gives more hope that things like my  MMORPGs tablet/smartphone/desktop(new)  game interactive widgetry will fill in the MMORPG's more  tedious/mundane things, and help maintain interest while the player isn't able to play the main interface  (required for the full adventuring activities).

Looking at things like these : itor-Yahoo-Widget-353796509?_sid=7f39198f

Those are Steam Punk, but detailed stylings along Diesel Punk themes matching Bioshock could be similarly  done.

--- --- ---

Face it, Rapture is a Heap of Concrete :

Yes, some spectacular parts of Rapture are gleaming metal, and those impressive expanses of windows, but the  vast mass of the place would HAVE to be reinforced concrete.  If it were to be all that miraculous Ryanium  stuff, how many million tons would be required? (assume that some of the 'metal' and almost certainly those  large windows would have to be made of some super strong material to withstand the likely depths which  Rapture exists in -- BUT NOT that rediculous 5-6 miles deep crap neither - merely around 600 feet, enough to  allow buildings tall enough to plausibly resemble the spirit of the views we are shown).  Materials with  high tensile strength usually dont work well when compression forces occur as well -  because of being weak  under shear forces.  Concrete works best in compression with added reinforcement to give it some partial  tensile/shear strength (for Rapture, Ryanium Rebar?).  This combines the properties to handle all three  problems.  The architecture would take advantage of these properties - thus thick walls allowing compression  to be employed most of the time, generally a monolithic form for the same reason, internal bracings (between  floors) which channel the compression across the whole structure using the honeycomb pattern to generate the  required solidity.

All of this is largely hidden from the interior except for for some thick walls, and extra corner  reinforcements, so doesn't change the original games' appearance much.

--- --- ---

Im Popeye the Sailor Man :

Popeye cartoon (1929 comics, 1933 film) - apparently some brand of 'spinach' actually turned out to be a  variety of kelp harvested off the coast of Iceland and was apparently often laced with juice from certain  crushed Sea Slugs.  This would account for the miraculous strength the cartoon character acquires (by Eating  his Spinach) -- or at least in the odd tales/rumors that certain Splicers hold to be true.

In the MMORPG we might do more than a little sneaking about and (continuing that feature from the Solo  games) overhear conversations between Splicers, of all sorts, and subjects and flavors.   Yet another  Creative output for Players.

--- ---



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