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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG  
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Part 58

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Public Propaganda :

Mary : Capital punishment! In Rapture!  This isn't what I signed up for!
Jim : Now hold on there, pretty lady!  The only people who face capital punishment in Rapture are smugglers.  And that's because they put everything we've worked for at risk.  Imagine if the Soviets found out about our  wonderful city, or even the U.S. government!  Our secrecy is our shield.
Mary : A little capital punishment is a small price to pay to protect all of our freedoms.
Jim : Now you're talking, Mary!

Improvments ?

Jim : Hey Mary, you hear about that thing called a Hydrogen Bomb the Parasites on the Surface have created ?
Mary : Yes, its quite frightening, they say they are even worse than the A-Bombs.
Jim : Well, we need to keep those rotten Smugglers from bringing those Parasites here.
Mary : Its a good thing Mr Ryan and the Council are keeping them under control, thats for sure.


Jim : Atlas's terrorists are murdering people in the streets again, while he hides away not getting his  hands dirty.  That a dirty rat.
Mary : I signed up today for the civil defense in our neighborhood. They are going to give me gun training.
Jim : Yeah, and I'm reporting tommorrow to learn the best way to kill those splicers and counter their nasty  tricks.  The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist.
Mary : We'll have to do whatever we can to back Ryan up, his leadership is our only hope for Rapture's  future ...

--- --- ---

Point and Click, the Rapture Way ... :

I never did understand how the Research Camera film was able to reproduce innate advantages or spit out  concoctions like an on-the-go chemist's lab or drug store.  What does the processing of light have to do  with it?  The extra damage info enhancement is some kind of information tipping you off to vulnerabilities -  type of ammo or where to hit them, etc.. - something you learn.  Though that general info could just as well  been in one or more "Killing Evil Denziens of Rapture for Dummies" pamphlets (which WILL be in the MMORPG).

For its 'smarts' , maybe the camera has a tie-in to 'The Thinker', a special database or somesuch radio  connected system to do the analysis....

The 'Tonic' output remians a bit odd, as it makes a genetic change to you (without asking) which would have  to be more an indivdualized customization for it not to already be a standard 'product' (and thus simply  offered at the Gatherers Garden machine).  But, yes, a very sophisticated device to do stuff like that  (maybe again its just a simple (heh) nucleotide sequencer being fed instructions from some far off  computer).


The Genetic Research Camera itself could have ADAM-based genetic technology in it, that is more than  processing 'light' - I dont like Psi stuff for Sci-Fi but there are potential real world equivalents that  might deal with brainwaves (elctro-magnetics), etc... Various 'tissue' based biological components could  have been incorporated into it. (Ive talked of having tiny TV cameras using SeaSlugEye components and  bio-electronic computers based on SeaSlug brain tissue elsewhere to help make up the +40 year  micro-electronics tech gap).

Reading DNA from a distance is a pretty neat trick to do (Sound a boit like marketing hype). In the game  they already had the 'genetic key' scanner technology that the Security Scanners and Locks used (tho in the  book it was a Friend/Foe electronic flasher ID a person carried).   Maybe a 'dart' to take physical samples  - no wonder the target gets pissed off when you use it.

The main thing is introducing another element that breaks up "There is an enemy - Lets just shoot him"  monolithic mechanics of the game.  Taking picture of not just the NPCs but also landmarks could be something  of interest/an activity like that. Teh MMORPG can have al kinds of associated tasks like thate (and the  player a 'memories' snapshot album).

--- ---

Im Going Out Of My Head :

One of those interesting Role-playing episodes showing (maybe) a little of what it was like as a Insane  Splicer ( "A day in the life..." ) with that twisted mental state caused by ADAM disease.  Theer likely were  many variations and many degrees of the mental effects.   The delusions (whisperings in their head) telling  whatever remained of the person's will to do things -- coercing them into their terrible behavior, making  whatever to be logical and proper.  A definite opportunity for a (creative) Player Asset Creator to come  up with some strange and twisting weirdness to subject the Player to (to illustrate what might be going on  in such a Splicer's mind).

That Little Sister Vision (experienced in BS2) would be minor distortion compared to the things many  Splicers see of the world around them.

Many games have presented dreamscapes and distorted realities.  Far Cry 3 had some quite interesting  interactive ones with bizarre altered perceptions and illusions.   Actually with 'biologicals' potentially  being used as weapons in the game such real-time effects might be a significant element of the MMORPG, if  not simply for 'altered states' for wounds and such.

--- ---

"Johnny" - King of ________ :

BS2 - As an Alpha 'out on the street', what part of Rapture would you like to get stuck in ?  You are  Delta's  clone "Johnny" who appeared in Adonis Luxury Resort sometime later when the Vita-Chamber shorted  (and those  adorable Little Sisters were never told to stop dragging Big Daddy Suits to that Vita-Chamber  and filling its reservoir with ADAM).  With all the wreckage left in Delta's wake, you wont be able to get  to Lamb in Persephone, or Eleanor (and maybe you wont die from the LS seperation conditioning and only go a  bit insane instead).  Since  Splicers/BD seem in adaquate supply (they just keep showing up), you can live  off their loot forever, even after depleting all the freebies (or can you ? 'Hard' mode might be a  challange).

Possibly a long 'special' Quest in the main MMORPG, where you get to re-experience Johnny's solo adventures  on his path to help found New Rapture.   (Hmm, he wrote a book "How I Saved Rapture from Itself, by Johnny  T"...   pretty good for someone who only could communicate via Morse Code and poorly hummed ditties.)

Might be a whole campaign - say around the same time as Minervas Den and BS2 with Johnny overhearing some of  what transpired in those situation (and maybe more of what really happened than Delta heard).  Can include  some places we never got to and running into a few of the same special Personalities

Maybe Johnny goes the Other Way from the AE Depot - theough "Fontaine Court and gets to see whats left  of Rapture University  on the other side of the blockage erected to contain Lamb from contaminating the  rest of Rapture (hint - something Ryan's loyalists organized).

--- ---

You either solve the puzzle or dont. There is no 'try'.  - Yoda (is that a Czechoslavakian name ??)

Puzzles in the MMORPG game would have to have solutions scrambled/different with sufficient combinations to  thwart online listings of all the solutions - Player cannot look up solution on internet - would have to use  their own know-how and problem solving skills to gain the reward.   Procedural Programming and proper  modular game system makes that not too hard (more a matter for Player imagination to come up with all the  many alternative factors).  

Seriously - imagine the replayability they might have had in BS:Infinite if it wasnt such a "lead by the  nose" closed path with such static events and props.  Freedom of even just that Skyline they showed in the  early trailers would have been a major improvement ... c'est la gare .  The best laid plans of Mice and Men  get Botched.  (tell me again about the Rabbits George!!!).

--- ---

How to look at my revised maps for best effect :

Use a program like IrfanView (Freeware) which allows you to quickly flip (button click) sequentially (back  and forth) between picture files in a directory.  The floor/level maps are superimposed, aligned, and have  the same pixel size allowing you to get a 'sort-of' 3D visualization -- to see how the levels connect with  stairways and elevator, how open spaces continue thru levels, how the building structures work, etc...

You can use that program to save the .bmp pictures downloaded/captured from the file repository (imageshack)  into one directory to be easily flipped thru (via next/prev file button in IrfanView).   Its actually quite  a handy image capture/manipulation tool.

--- --- ---

Space (in Rapture) the Final Frontier :

With 20000+  people  (more like 40000 if outlying places included) the space needed for them in Rapture  (reside/work/play/transportation/resource production)  is a pretty good size, even with  more than a little  vertical construction.    Rough idea of the size  -- assume a suburban housing sprawl 20000 people would  take up an area about a square mile just for residential alone.   Add an equivalent business/commercial  space.  Add many times that for raw material production and processing.

Well, for an MMORPG, you want a good sized world map, and continuing supply of new unexplored places .  Raptures buildings are also somewhat spread out some (not really the massed Manhattan skyline view - thats  largely artists licence - explained at length elsewhere...)

--- ---

In Infinite Elizabeth will do this and she will do that :

Such Hype, they ought to be ashamed.

MMORPG would show the Player what a real AI can do -  'Team' NPCs.

--- ---

Whale Ranching :

A "Get Rich Quick" scheme which didnt quite work.  Wonderous claims were made but didnt pan out.

Some rich retiree investors lost their money when the venture went bankrupt  (how are bankruptcies handled  when there are allegedly 'no laws').

This guy named Ahab put me onto this - its gonna be the next huge industry after ADAM - gonna make  millions....

Actually, how many decades ago, (in Popular Science?) they mentioned 'milking whales' -- yes actual 'idea'  ((but then they promised us Hover Cars way back in the 50's ... didnt they.))

--- --- ---

Securis Door Design :

The doors are designed to hold an excess of the depth pressure from either side and to close and seal  sucessfully even if there is debris in the way.   The doors we constantly see opening and closing are NOT  the Primary pressure seal doors.  Instead they are outer lighter doors which normally keep the primary door  slot free of blockage.  The Primary doors are made of a light/strong titanium alloy, but still weigh well  over a ton (a bit heavy to constantly open and close quickly on a Citizens whim).  The Primary Door only  slams down on pressure seal activation.  A hydraulic ram has sufficient force to drive a blade edge of the  door thru most common objects and past the receiver slot, forming the seal.   The heavy Primary Door  structure has double curved structural plates ')(' welded together, which redirects the surface force  into  the heavily anchored door frame, using both compression on one plate (like an arch) and tension on the other  (like a suspension bridge).

Seals are always a problem for high pressure situations, and this is solved by using the force of the water  itself to press the door against the frame it sits in.  A softer material which can deform and close off the  open space (required for the door to slide easily) coats the seal surfaces.  Once the Primary Door is  engaged and the water force presses upon it, very little water will get through.

Titanium alloy was used on the standard doors because of its high strength (three times as strong as steel  per volume and being 3/7ths lighter in weight).  Aluminum (with same strength as steel, but at 1/3 the  weight) in one thick slab, is an alternative for doors upto a certain size (ones smaller than the typical 6  foot wide, 7 foot tall Securis door opening, like the many maintenance hatches and utility fail-safe  bulkheads).


A submarine door is usually designed to act against pressure on one side.  Securis doors are meant to secure  from pressure from either direction (since you dont know where the failure is going to be).   Submarine  doors are also usually smaller, shorter and half the width of the standard Securis door.  The bigger the  door the more cumulative force will push against it (and the frame it is mounted in).

There should be an alarm for any door being held open and a bypass if the pressure sensor triggers the doors  closing. (Chopping one person in half is preferable to hundreds of deaths).

There are Bulkhead doors much larger than the standard 6 foot by 7 foot tall standard Securis, which have  similar construction - except they span a larger area and thus are thicker and far heavier.  They normally  stand open (do not open and close) and more of their function is dedicated to closing and fully sealing to  protect flooding from spreading through large areas.  Reopening them usually takes significant work and  override by authorized personnel.  

Structural safety regulations (and maintenance) were enforced by the City (not left up to local  citizens/building owners) because failure effects more than just the immediate vicinity.  Much building was  done by Ryan to his standards and other construction was required to adhere to the safety systems.

The abysmal showing of Securis doors failing at Sirens Alley in BS2 really wouldnt happen (and having the  doors tampered with well ahead of time by Lamb just in case YOU showed up would be ludicrous).

The thing truely stupid (Sirens Alley) was the Airlock to the outside having both doors simultaneously open  to the sea -- they would SPECIFICALLY be designed NOT to EVER allow that to happen under any circumstances.   You literally would have to destroy both doors to force them open like that.   Every bit of their design  would be to prevent anything like that happening either by accident or design.  Securis doors would likewise  have such Failsafes and it would be unlikely any kind of remote override would be allowed to exist (and no  they are not all remotely controlled by The Thinker - a simple electric eye system works just fine for  1/10000 the cost).     ((( But maybe this is like the bizarro-land magnetic hook jumping in Infinite - some  Devs 'good idea' cuz it will be neat....  Major/Minor stupid details dont matter to hack game writers)))

--- --- --- ---

City Center Hospital - Remedial Cure Therapy :

Player's Avatar character can have relapse of 'Splicer Disease', after-effects and delayed side-effects

Various therapy activities including audio visual "Dont become a Splicer" (Reefer Madness type) warning  films,  a Mr Mackey clone (South Park)  telling you "ADAM iz Baaaad..."

Conditioning machines similar to the potato chip/shock type we saw in Persephone/Point Prometheus (but with  more varied sequences).

Mission activities of various kinds and choreographed 'scenes' in "The Clinic"

--- ---

Coulda had at least One :

Ghost scene in one of the restrooms - titled  "Bad Clams" (actually thats a David Letterman Joke for a Top  10 worst Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post pictures list)


Supposition - Ryan ordered all the unspliced citizens to report to his officers - presumably because he  wanted them spliced up ??? :

Maybe they were to be armed - crazy Splicers are a liability to Order which is what Ryan wanted/needed  restored.  Getting the remaining people (perhaps a very large number who simply have been keeping their  heads down and out of the streets where Atlas's Splicers have been murdering people) organized - like the  Home Guard in WW2, where strength of numbers with conventional weapons and guarding of key resources was  needed.   Unspliced citizens can be trusted.   Ryan would be the one most of the population would bet on for  their survival and renewal of the City, not a murderous anarchist like Atlas. (these are post-WW2 people in  Rapture, not 'kept safe' modern day Know-nothings)

--- ---

Freedom for the Artist - that means TV too :

Can you imagine then what kind of TV programming there could be on those 'other' TV channels ?  Technology  advanced Rapture had to have a cable system (radio signals go poorly thru water) to deliver TV  transmissions.  Thus, you likley had the equivalent of what we got later - Cable Television - likely with  'Pay' channels (certainly in Rapture) and unsual programming which would not have been overly restricted in  Raptures freer environment.

I would expect alot of ad hoc programming, as with so many channels with so small a viewer population meant  that advertising monies were quite less that what we saw with the real world 3 National Networks (ABC NBC  CBS)  and affilated and independant local stations.

The Sander Cohen channel ??  (give all new meaning to 'rabbit ears' for the TV).

"Playhouse Fontaine" with live commercials of dancing Plasmid injectors ...

The Nightly News, with Walter Crankcase (on the RBS - Rapture Broadcasting System)

Childrens cartoons...  (Terry and the Parasites.. based on a popular Newspaper 'funnies' cartoon)

Its too bad in the Bioshock games they didnt do more with the TV aspects.  Maybe with the MMORPG and Player  imagination and creativity in effect you can get alot more interesting stuff.   Consider a 17+ rating for  this MMORPG game gives you a little more leeway of what could be created and shown.   For the game's setting  (Rapture with 20000-40000 people at its height), the advances of technology BETTER be able to eliminate most  of the difficulties/costs of producing shows or the viewing possibilities might be rather meager.

In the MMORPG setting of post-Chaos Rapture, it would be the case of mostly showing old materials (still  need to be created reflecting the 'old days' Rapture) with some new stuff created by individuals -  encouraged by the New City as a sign that things are getting better - beyond mere survival.

--- --- ---

The machines, the machines, they taunt me !!! :

ALL of the machines in the MMORPG would be damageable.  It would make it more important to not fight near  one (or certain ones).  But then, Players also would have broader Skills repairing them and there would be a  wider range of possible damage and side-effects (they also have value if you can manage to move them back to  civilization).  With a general lack of maintenance, it might be rare to find an undamaged machine out in  The Ruins and/or an exposed one that still had anything valuable in it (unless someone was maintaining  the machine as some Factions did - they also might repurpose them.  It was simply game play requirements  loopholes that some machines could be damaged and others could not (actually that did alot to 'dumb down'  the game -- if useful machine HAD been able to be damaged it might require you THINK more).

Hacking/repairs are in real-time so whatch out what might be creeping up on you while your attention is  focused on that activity....


The Depth of Stupidity in Rapture:

Fontaine says "six miles under the atlantic" linky in a radio msg   but that must've been a common  saying in Rapture as it is beyond rediculous technically (its getting close to 1000 atm (14000 psi) pressure  that deep).    We hear insane Splicers saying that phrase elsewhere, and maybe by this time (he says it in  BS1) Fontaine has already started 'hitting the sauce'...

Perhaps it was the punch line in a Sander Cohen play or a popular TV show or the slogan for a brand of Corn  Flakes ???  Its absurdity (dont count on game devs for any sense of reality) might make it a likelihood of  something like that.    An equivalent of being 'six feet under' for some of Atlas's propaganda ??

--- ---

The REAL story BaS :

It might have been interesting to hear Fontaine start issuing decrees (as Atlas) once he 'had control' of  Rapture in BS1, but then maybe there still were alot of people around who didnt like him (who knew he was  their enemy), and Rapture wasnt quite as automatic (Ryan's supporters still did alot of work running things  including things like operating the Pheromone system).

Perhaps with Ryan not being dead and the 'Genetic Key' being largely fake/useless to Fontaine, there were  alot of frustrating things that Fontaine did NOT have control over at that point.

He says he was planning to leave and take the ADAM technology with him to the Surface and possibly he would  still be keeping his head down while trying to arrange that.  It all can be spelled out in the MMORPG with  the Players finding clues to many of the things (stories/history) that we never REALLY heard about or only  got vague hints and opinions about.

Of cousre if Ryan HAD faked his own death (which would have been far mre logical and Epic), Fontaine may  have eventually discovered he really controlled very little and was only being set up (resulting in his  turning in desperation to Plan B -- of Splicing up).

--- ---

Fontaine's Plan C - after Jack (Plan B)  (Plan A was just trying to take over the City with his Spliced  minions (back when the Constables barely had any weapons), but was headed off by Ryan going after him for  Smuggling at Neptunes Bounty -- the Shootout - which was staging for Fontaine's later plans).  I'm not sure  where "Leaving Rapture with the ADAM goodies to become rich on the Surface" fell into these set of plans.
Fonytaine DID already have that sub we saw in Smugglers Hideout (unless Ryan had already disabled it (not  disclosed in game) and thus Fontaine could use it as a prop in his WYK 'fool Jack' plan).


Fontaines Lair at Prometheus Point (that tall building at the end of BS1) :

What exactly was this place.   That machine that Fontaine/Atlas keeps going back to does not seem necessary  with all the self-injection of ADAM everyone else seemed to use ( ??? Somehow Fontaine was planning on doing  THIS and had this monstrosity ready (Plan C) ??? ... he organized it BEFORE his faked death ?? ) 
Excessive ADAM use leads to deformities.  Fontaine was in for a good one with the amount he looks to have  taken  (maybe that machine was needed to keep him running - but what would the exit strategy be once he was  so Spliced up (maybe there was a means to flush it all out of his system - or he hoped there was...). 

It might be an important Player goal in the MMORPG game, to investigate if Fontaine had known some method to  do this 'flushing' that would help with New Rapture's "Cure" process -- one of those mission things that  take the players into it,  but they never quite find (but lead them through an interesting tale) ???

--- ---

Those 'Power To The People' Upgrades :

This must have been for a set of standard weapons, to have 'bolt on' upgrades of the various kinds in  effectively a self-serve vending machine.   Some weapons, like the Chemical Thrower and Grenade Launcher,  would then be not quite as 'kludged' together as sometimes implied -- ex- the cute "we used vegetable cans  to build these" look they had in the game.

Funny and more realistsic would be : every additional mod to a weapon made it more likely to  malfunction/jam/fail and force the player to switch quickly to a different weapon (more interesting gameplay  then too...)

--- ---

Remember to Turn the Lights Off :

The Wiring of your 'Team' base might NOT be upto specs (yet) or have the capacity for all the things you  have plugged in and Power IS one of those things not as abundant as the previous 'old days' normal Rapture  (particularly in places on temporary battery power or portable generators or with ad hoc wiring)

The math for the electical objects attributes and interactions in the game are not difficult to simulate and  to make the work in-0game somewhat like real.  Interesting things start happening to equipment when  something is run at under-voltage.  Shorts and fires can happen, breakers can trip. Lights go out...  All  events giving Players something to do and reasons to have improving things as a goal (and acquisition of  stuff to make that happen - which includes interacting with other players or going out to find the required  components).     

As per the game design, alternatives to doing these tasks yourself are : paying to have them done by others  (NPCs or Players) so that any disinterested Players can simply concentrate on 'Adventuring' if they wish.

Remember though - in the Great Gold Rushes of history it was often the saloon/shopkeepers and suppliers who  made most of the money and got rich, rather than most of the miners.  DAMN - Rapture MMORPG is turning into  Oregon Trail ....

Besides all the pretty glowey thingees you will collect look much better in the dark...

--- ---

An Obvious Solution that would have Changed the Bioshock Game :

1) Fact : Advanced Genetic Engineering was done in Rapture
2) Complex genetic manipulation researched to modify humans (a complex organism) via Tonics and Plasmids
3) Seaslugs not producing enough ADAM (warranting weirdness like kidnapping little girls to turn them into  lil Vampire freaks)

SO why not apply the know-how/techniques/tools/etc.. then available to improving the SeaSlug's ADAM output  (and not just by 20-30 times, but maybe lots more than that !!) -- All within the SeaSlugs themselves.

The biologists figure out what the symbiotic relation is between LS and SS and genetically make it happen  within the Seaslug itself or alternately magnify it in the LS.

Suddenly Brain Boost allows greater/further advancements which allow SYNTHESIZING the ADAM chemicals  involved or mass culturing the Stem Cells (which isnt really what ADAM was, but could be done externally for  individuals -- which is what is the REAL blocking point of Adult Stem-cell Technology - the embryo-based  method has gotten virtually nowhere in real word, BTW)

Why not just make sufficient changes to domesticate them so the Sea Slugs can be multiply like rabbits ???

Rapture would be a very different place ?  Insanity even faster with even more massive use?   No monopoly for  Fontaine ??   More Brain Boost resulting in side-effect-less ADAM ?????????

--- ---




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