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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG  
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. Part 51

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Automated Toys and Widget objects :

Lots of imaginitive things will be created for the game, not all of which will have much utility (Players would just do it because they can).

Should use Compiled (for CPU load reduction) Script programs to drive behaviors of these objects, to make them interactive (all the choreographing tools and trick used for the larger game can be employed to make interesting objects.

Many can be Client-side executed for much of their effects (animations, sounds, particle effects, activation interface and local behavior) if they dont interact with other objects.

Proximity activation to react to the immediate situation. Generally they wont be active unless the player is close enough to observe whatever they do. Since Rapture has semi-intelligent machines they forseeably could do fairly complicated things.

Players who create of collaborate on them should get visible recognition.  Wont do the Second Life thing of players selling their creations in-game, as that limits exposure to only their Server.   Better would be for them to be fed randomly thru Rapture (possibly needing repairs before they work).  Player who created gets ONE for their character automatically (Note - this is for widget type things and not 'guns' and such which would alter their game abilities.

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Empty Vending Machines :

In Bioshock there were the machines placed by rather mercenary manufacturers who did not care much about selling to both sides/everyone.

As time went on and Rapture's economy and order took a rather major downturn, production of much of the common items would have been drasticly reduced or (particularly more sophisticated ones) even stopped completely.   Eventually there would be little restocking.

People would run out of money or the money itself would have little value (nothing anyone was willing to sell that helped their own survival or could be bartered).  People would hoard important items.

Less Order meant more machines would be broken into.  We saw at least one machine (Fontaine Futuristics which when a hacking failed killed the Splicer and a Booby-trapped on in Hephaestus, and numerout damaged ones in many places).

Stockpiles would dwindle with few (if any) replacements.  Factions (like Lambs) might be able to keep making various items, but one unobtainable material or component and that item can no longer be produced (and its usually very hard for workable substitutes to be found).

By the later (MMORPG) period, machines in no-mans-land would likely all be empty or even taken for spare parts/components/materials.   In organized Faction territory, vending machines would only have basic items (and even then most supplies would be manually controlled).   The money such machines accepted likely would have been changed (too much Old money floating around).   Machines in sealed areas might still retain their original inventories, but these would have been sought out over the years.

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An Altruist is not the same as Altruism :

An Altruist is someone who advocates Altruism but not neccessarily for the good of those others.

More than a few Altruists seek gains for themselves (the opposite of Altruism) by being seen to advocate Altruism (and some with little cost to themselves for the actual Atruistic actions).

Is it more likely that 'Altruists' are really what Ryan didnt like, when actual 'Altruism' is actually an individual's choice ??

--- ---

After Lazarus Vector released in Arcadia : "Oxygen levels normalized. All bulkhead doors now accessible. Thank you."  :

Bulkhead doors sealed because of oxygen issues ??   In a sane system there would be overrides (if temporarily) to allow people to escape a life-threatening areas OR airlocks that maintain containment but allow egress.

Not enough trees shown (to generate oxygen) for more than people in Arcadia, let alone rest of Rapture

Oxygen in that much volume would take weeks even months to run out if the trees just stopped photosynthesizing.

They had most of the lights turned off?   Trees need sufficient light (like equivalent direct sunlight) to efficiently produce oxygen. Not some dim cavern like most of Arcadia appeared.

--- ---

Prometheus brand Charcoal Brickets :

(Prometheus 'who brought fire to mankind') made from real wood (lesser brands are made from pressed seaweed).   Someone figured out how to farm mesquite adaquately (or something close to it) to bring out that classic BBQ flavor.

--- --- ---

Some people really dont like Needles :

We have been shown Needles used to inject Plasmids, and some we find in Bottles laying around (Wouldnt addicted Splicers have searched every inch of Rapture for 'free' Plasmids and Tonics by the time we get there ???)

But many people dont like needles, even moreso self-applied injections, and needles the size of those used for knitting especially (yes, I know its a graphics caricature....)

So later consumer grade ADAM products would possibly come in Oral form to fully reach its market, or might we assume that a large number of people in Rapture never used any ADAM products if they didnt have to (when they might have had a doctor administer it, and in that case likely also didnt do it extensively enough to suffer the side effects of the 'Splicers' we saw in the game.)

--- --- ---

Big Daddy Recruitment in Persephone :

This would be something interesting to have shown in detail (subject for Flashbacks and such in th eMMORPG) -- more of how prisoners were convinced to volunteer (no proof they were forced for similar things -- except by Fontaine or Lamb later)

What all was involved in becoming a Big Daddy may have been truthfully spelled out in the recruitment -- Instead of Life Exile for Crimes  - become useful or jump into oblivion (without really committing suicide)

What was the actual life for Big Daddies - an actual society that might be a bit alien to us

Its also possible that there were terminal medical cases which even the new ADAM technologies couldnt fix who might volunteer, if it meant continuing to live (again to live something more than some mindless state or in a endless nightmare).  Yes, something like the Handymen in Columbia, except no constant pain...)  Jack was partially converted to a Big Daddy, so there were degrees involved.

Crazy people (by our legal standards) cannot volunteer (or be volunteered).  There may be a grey area about this for the criminally insane who constantly have to be restrained - wouldn't getting "Daddied" similarly be a restraint (as well as allow them to pay their own upkeep).

--- --- ---

Those Nifty Cartoony Video Visuals :

TOOL - Flip Card Commercial/Presentation Maker App (40s style media animation we saw for Plasmids/Tonic)  for Player's creation of similar Assets  (all are still subject to content vetting on submission).

Static display frame of Black&White stylized graphics with audio.  There are the many existing Assets which can be mimicked/modified (easily/easier?) for reuse and the style shouldnt be too hard for many Players to create new ones.

Player's can use this to create media Assets to fill in the TV programming with simple Commercials (customized for businesses) and public announcements, etc..   In-Game Tutorials of various kinds can also use this media format.

Need a fast-track to get such Assets thru vetting on submission - moreso for Rapture News content which has a need to be presented more timely in the game.  Templates/standard messages/images (prevetted) could be automatically applied to TV coverage of happening events (quite a spectrum of them would eventually exist).

Is New Rapture too small/disorganized/stuck in survival mode for such things as this??  The City is attempting to recreate "what was" to show people Rapture is well back on the road of civilization.

Estimated population 5000 for New Rapture ? (if you include the outside communities that are now tied to New Rapture).   New Rapture may have the feel of a boomtown built with 50s tech.

--- --- ---

More Better Game Ending stuff :

I find it highly illogical -- Why should Ryan, when he was winning the Civil War/Rebellion over Atlas (had turned most Splicers against Atlas or passified them) and had a chance to rebuilt Rapture,  suddenly give up.  Its contrary to everything we've seen of Ryan.  (No, burning a forest down is NOT committing suicide).

What good does it do to 'show' someone who is a mind-controlled slave??? (Ryan apparently had worked out  about the WYK compulsion).   Just grab Jack, deprogram him THEN show him what a 'Man' is.

They also ruined what could heve been the best Twist of the game  - Ryan faking his own death (as Fontaine did), turning Atlas's Pawn loose to go after Atlas, and then telling Atlas before he was killed how he figure it all out long before -- that he let Jack get thru all along, and 'played' (fooled) Fontaine the whole time.    Ryan lets Jack 'kill him', but there ARE those Vita-Chambers, OR in Jack's psychotic state let Jack THINK he killed Ryan (animatronic dummy - like ones in Ryan Amusements) and then hand over a fake control key....)     Jack then bird-dogging Atlas for Ryan who then sends swarms of Splicers/Flybots to finish the criminal off....

Jack could still have gone to the Surface and had that little 'moral choice' consequences stuff  -- keep the soppy 'Good' jack ending, threatening Evil Jack ending   (OR  better ones with 'good' Jack staying to help rebuild Rapture (Ryans plan to get rid of ADAM -- Raptures curse), or leave Rapture to make his way in the World (like a 'Man' deciding for himself (Evil ending?))

--- --- ---

Home Computer :

may have also been a connected sub-station 'smart terminal' for the Thinker or more likely one of the other large centralized computers at Rapture Central Computing  (where its use could be 'timeshared' to lower the cost -- large computers in the real world in those years cost millions of dollars).

Computing is still largely the domain of 'the rich' who might have one for business purposes (many companies might use a computing service for their billing).  Still a rather expensive technology for common 'home' use.   The Civil War expedited the development of 'intelligence' for the Security Devices (Turrets, Scanners, Flybots), and that technology would have later moved into the consumer markets.

--- --- ---

Eleanors (Telepathic) Link to Delta should not be 'psychic' -- should be something physically 'real' :

Should be be a link using biological plasmid mechanisms,  (which could forseeably operate like radio interface into brain - notice she sends to us but we dont to her).  Eleanor may have links to alot more infrastructure (machines) to make this work (like transmitter boosters/relays on specific frequencies the Plasmids make use of).  

Some could consist of transmitted Audio/Visual stimulation via a Plasmid 'receiver' growth in the brain (connected to parts of brain which do those functions).  BDs likely got lots of such changes to allow them to be centrally coordinated in their work (not easy for them to use a pay phone), as well as operate their suits.

There is also an in-suit radio (and TV camera apparently) and probably a HUD (with video)  for BD used in their maintenance work (work orders, maps, etc..).   Some of those Eleanor messages Delta got may have come in that form.   BD conditioning might make what gets actually transmitted to us and what Delta (and the BDs) see inside their skull,  very different (ie- compatible with the delusional state BDs live in).

Eleanor is asleep, not unconscious (OR PRETENDING to be asleep ?), but looks to remotely tie into a link (Little Sisters may have a similar brain interface/linker/transiever - and Eleanor had been one with the special conditioning link to one Big Daddy).  Its also possible Eleanor managed to get some direct physical connection so some compatible apparatus (or something that expanded its capabilities - like devices Sofia Lamb uses in her control of the Little Sisters/Big Sisters).

The Little Sister Network ??  YOU get linked in BS2 to a Lil Sister - something like that could have been employed (and same for Eleanor, who used LS to setup the Vita Chamber Delta was revived in.)  

Some of the visions/images Eleanor transmits to you may alternately be activated 'conditioning' from the brain scans (N-Grams) used to rebuild Delta's brain (no 'quantum entanglement' (whatever that is)  or DNA/RNA memories - too small a data set to build all a brains wiring of a personality).   Eleanor could be clever enough to insert special images which would help convince Delta to come rescue her.

--- --- ---

Duke Nukem Forever Object Activations :

Example of what it is like for a game to have many more interactive Objects  (activatible by the Player) even though it was still a magnitude fewer than this MMORPG would have.    Many are just incidental for amusement, but could be more useful for a variety of activities (NPCs would also make use of them - and be seen to make use of them  - thus part of the object's attributes mark them with what utility they have for generalized  AI behaviors to make use of).  Lots of detail everywhere to get rid of the 'pretty desert' most games are.

In that other game, having many Objects react the way they did in Bioshock (actions leaving animated marks/effects/blemishes/dents/burns/cracks/chips)  would have improved the feeling of the game much more.

Future games will have much greater graphics capabilities - a good thing because games like this MMORPG will need that to present much more detailed scenes.

--- --- ---

Avoid turning Player into Manic Magpie like they did in BS:Infinite :

Did it seem like more than you did in BS1/BS2 ?? (Why have one garbage can when you can have two?)
How many Players would have seen even half the terrain in Infinite if they didnt have to scrounge so much ?   How much shorter the game (timewise) would have been OR how much more terrain they would have to have built ?

MMORPG's 'Team' NPCs to assist in searching out stuff (there will be skills in finding and recovering to be developed)  -- they find stuff, but dont just throw it at you like Elizabeth does.

You can pick up just about everything (objects) in game and you have limited capacities, so its more about taking the right things.

Goodies should be in logical places, not in nicely spaced out illogically unattended/discarded container objects.   All obvious placed objects would have been picked over by the ambient Splicer population.

You will have to figure that things have already been picked over by a generation of Splicers (note - intact containers themselves are valuable items...).  But what Splicers thought valuable and what YOU think is valuable may be different.

Garbage and rubble will be far more common than anything else.  Broken things get thrown away.

No 'Bag of Holding' for unlimited capacities.  The most important thing to bring on an expedition may be a wheelbarrow.

Found items may need to be repaired before being useable.  Not everything will work or be fixable (but parts are still valuable).

Stuff does not just respawn.   Actions of active objects (like Splicers) may deposit/move objects (their possessions included) in the course of their normal activites (or abnormal as they drop crap when they see you and run...).  Some Splicers make things.

--- --- ---

Lambs Persephone Gambit - too easy :

Sinclair (and others) should have known what was going on in Persephone, and told Ryan who would have Sofia's power/air turned off, then begun 'negotiations' for return of control of the facility.  Subsequently placing Sofia Lamb in solitary confinement permanently (her criminal insanity also may have required lobotomization).

The Player was robbed of a REAL 'morale choice' - the decision to kill/maim Sofia Lamb or not  - Delta, now informed, (for a proper 'choice') of what an impact it might have on Eleanor,   instead of that arbitrary hidden effect, not explained til 'a-done-deal' at game's end.

--- --- ---

Not just a 'Blastfest Shoot-em-up Game :

For players who dont soon learn the lesson of "Strategic Retreat" (running away), there could be some very interesting situations when they are caught by  Splicer NPCs opponents and are subjected to various indignities and humiliations  (again, the game is NOT an endlessly insta-fatal reload-save slaughter-fest).  The Splicers should be more than one-dimensional kill-bots, and have some very interesting motives and activities and ways of handling interlopers in their territory.

- Hold you for ransom - your 'Team' would try to buy you back or stage a rescue or somesuch or other players might try to do a rescue (some clever way to make it work if YOU dont happen to be online...)

- Take all your stuff, paint you purple and dump you at the City Checkpoint

- Attempt to brainwash you (possibly inject you with rather crude ADAM products)

- Make you into their slave working a farm plot

_ Try to use you to break into New Rapture to steal some good stuff

- Remove bits of you for 'experiments'

- Imprison you til they figure out what they want to do with you (you having an opportunity to try to escape)

- Sell you to some other Splicers for any of the above.

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