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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG 

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 Part 45

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That Green Goo Grown in Bathtubs :

- Human Edible Algae  (best with garlic) - amazing what you will eat when you are really really hungry ...

- A way of making EVE (the actual EVE plants live IN that water which turns a brackish green from the  sunlamps).    EVE plants spread across Rapture and only a complete imbicile couldnt extract useable  quantities of EVE from the plants.  (if all else failed they could eat the leaves, even if they did tast alot  like raw sewage).

- Habitation for pet SeaSlugs (other varieties exude hallucinogenic chemicals, instead of ADAM)

- Water Bed FAIL.

--- ---

How to explain Ghost Stories we saw in BS1 (but not in BS2) ?  :

Stuff fed into Jacks brain while he was 'growed up'  -- the N-Gram patterns used to 'mature' his thinking  beyond his true 4 year old age (hmmm was it seen neccessary to teach him to talk? might explain him being  silent the whole game).

Mentioned by others (being seen by others) like McDonagh in  an audio diary  - (  )  - "bleeding ghosts" - but was this the same thing we (as  Jack) saw or just various reported ADAM induced hallucinations (alot of that going on by that time...)

--- --- ---

Question of how 'justice' worked in Old Rapture (was this ever explained ?)

Constables would apprehend people seen doing a 'crime'  (again the strawman stupidity of declaration 'no  laws' for Rapture ...  We dont get much detail abouit how this was supposed to work - instead its implied  they are mostly Ryan's thugs).   The Novel really offered no enlightenment on this.

But where is a Judge (if not jury) to assess guilt and pass sentence/penalties ?  Ryans City Council would be  doing nothing else (judging petty criminals)  if THEY were supposed to be the arbiters... (and even then  could hardly handle the number of cases there would ordinarily be).  Rapture has  20000/40000 people ... who  handles all the lesser issues that come up between Citizens ???   (we will have to fill that in).

Had to have something like a real set of Law Courts to handle crimes and civil cases (disputes, etc)  that  are bound to come up.   New Rapture (in MMORPG) probably would show such a system  (disputes between NPC/NPC  NPC/Players would have to be formula).    Courts call for Judges and advocates (Lawyers) ....

>>>>>>> look up objectivism and libertarianisnm  to see potential systems/methods ....

"the law courts, to settle disputes among men according to objectively defined laws"

'government' has monopoly of force used to maintain society (individuals counterbalance against  corruption/abuse of)

Final penalty would be Exile ???   Or imprisonment (Randian Objectivism didnt prefer Death Penalties)
Who enforces either of these ('Exile' means not letting the exiles interact with the City where they  disdained/ignored the laws)    Sending them out/away might not be possible (for Rapture) if the boundries are  not run like checkpoints/containment to preserve Rapture's secrecy.    Imprisonment requires expensive labor  and resources -- a reason many societies used Exile or even Death as a punishment.  (Ryan objviously saw the  need - and Ive mutated Persephone to be the City's Jail as well as a place for the Criinally Insane, as well  as a place of Exile.)

--- --- ---

How many Players per Server World (which each are multiple server/cluster of machines)  :

Out of  1000 paying players how many are on at any one point in time ?   How many of those have an in-game  presence which is noticeable -- the scenario is for a smaller Ex-Splicer city population, it would be bad to  have the place (One Server World) swamped with 10000 very visible Residences/Businesses/signs/etc...  Too few  and people cant interact as they might.   This game's auto-generation mechanism can grow the World, so CAN  accomodate reasonably large server population.

Money $25/$30 a month x 1000 Players  (none of that Store/F2P/DLC crap for this game).   Paying keeps them  serious and keeps out the 14-year-old mentalities looking to make trouble/abuse.   Keep the Worlds  populated...  Casual Player (tourists) vs Hard case  -- try to slow down turn-over of Players, if there is  alot to explore/do.

Shared Server resources (to maximize utility) - dynamic Server farm architecture to assign server resources  to 'load level' Abstract operation (Running NPCs 'lives') of the City (World) with local servers Zones of  'active' places within eyeshot of Players.   Having multiple Server Worlds doesnt use excessive extra  resources (costs).

Staff requirements to maintain operation?  Even the big MMORPHS have cut this to the bone (eats profits, and  they cant have that happening, resulting in lower quality service and "pennywise, pound foolish" operations.)
If you do things right, there is alot less support (GM) staff required to 'fix' things.  Generally this  scales to number of Players not Servers.

Player communities in-game ?   You need a sufficient number of serious Players on a Server World to make some  things work (but that seems largely gone in MMORPGs these days, when people have alot of trouble being on at  the same times consistantly - even for small party groups of only 6 players who need to work in a cohesive  way).  High turnovers of Players destroys alot of community building.

How many Players will come play this game (do you NEED lots of Server Worlds) ??   Bioshock was fairly  popular (cant say yet how many lost interest after Infinite).    The MMORPG has to pay back the R & D  and  development costs  (the huge toolset would/should be used across many other games - only way to probably pay  for them to be created/developed).     Lots of continuous paying players would be good  (dont want to spread  players out over too many Server Worlds - some games Ive seen are virtual Ghosttowns - at that point you  might as well be playing a Solo game.

If multiple genres and game themes are created (using same Tools to create many different 'niche' MMORPGs),  does that water down the effort to get just one game done properly ??      Critical mass of how many Players  needed to do the 'Creation' part of game  (thus VERY important to have tools easy-to-use to maximize those  Players who can do it... And if possible, have Assets which can cross-over between Genres - minimizing work  to adapt them for additional games).

Gives reasons why costs have to be kept under control...  Game wont be a childish ego driven, shooting  gallery game, or a game with limited/inefficiently produced content and not likely a Mega-game (only a few of  those who have the bucks to generate sufficient constant new content needs - and even on them the Players  quit/stop paying for months at a time after playing thru drops of new content).

Serious effort to NOT have "the patches break more things than they fix" or leave game disrupting bugs in  place for rediculous amounts of time (or never fix them).   Past MMORPG games lost huge numbers of players  because of outright incompetance.   These 'better' tools are supposed to help make that possible. 

--- --- --- ---

What a Little Sister does with that Syringe ( ***GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING*** ) :

Blood makes up 7% of the human body weight and the average adult has 10 pints of blood.

16 oz/pint x 10 = 160oz ( gallon is  128oz and a gallon of water weighs  8.35 lb )    - So the question is  how many times its own weight per day does a Little Sister drink in blood  ??  Average weight of 7 year old  is ~50 lb.

Do they have an anti-coagulant they inject into the corpse to 'loosen' up the ADAM-laced-blood for extraction   (exactly how fresh does the corpse have to be ?  -- yum, such enticing details here )

Do Little Sisters ignore corpses that you've turned into bloody hamburger (and have bled out) or do they lick  the blood up off the ground  (Enquiring Minds Want to Know...)

The Splicer's enlarged Adrenal Glands are particularly tasty to Little Sisters, so that is why you see them  sticking their syringes into corpses heads and fishing around so much...

Hmmm.  Thats a hole nuther genre - Horror Tales from the Rapture (sorry, no real Vampire or Were-whatevers  ... dont need them).

--- --- ---

What exactly do Little Sisters drink out of Corpses ?? :

T-cells form into tissue (become the modified tissue which Plasmids/Tonics use to refoem the body for their  physical effects).  So thats not actually IN the blood (unless you catch a Splicer right after injecting  itself). 

So the ADAMs active ingredients must be something that stays in the blood (actively intervening with the  body's original genetic structure to keep it from reverting back to its normal form).  The components  eventually degrade and lose their effectness and the original genetics reassert themselves (though with  possible distortions/disruptions that lead to tumors and further side effects).

The ADAM (in blood) is then reabsorbed by the Seaslug/mutated tissues of the Little Sister, from where it can  be 'extracted' (some method we are never told).  There does not seem to be an ADAM multiplier effect in the  normal human body (as there is in the Seaslug/Little Sister Symbiotism), othgerwise Fontaine would have had a  vampire 'farm' of  humans to feed blood to LS to greatly increase his business output (heh, doesnt mean he  didnt try it).


Those Little Sister's Glowing Eyes :

There seems to be a bioluminescent component to the ADAM producing mutations which Little Sister get as part  of their Symbiotism with the Seaslug.  Pretty colors of the Seaslugs....  Lotsa glowing goodies in the City  after they did research into that area  (tech based on  bioluminescence ...).

--- --- ---

What kind of game rewards should one get for experiencing Flashback sequences ?  :

One hopes to see many of these Flashback 'experiences' in the MMORPG as an expression of Players imagination  and skill (and the easy-to-use tools can deliver).  

Basic skill advances might be possible from some of it (since there isnt generic XP in the game).   You get  some Civic Duty points (for learning the City's history) - one hopes they are interesting enough for many  Players to want to see them anyway.    Inspiration Points ??? or rather some unlocks a immediately offered  related Quest, involving what was seen (lost if you decide to ignore it).

A possible use (justification) as a Quest flavor would be to 'test' N-gram (mental) Recordings, from before  the City 'fell'.    This would be to explore what is on them and to determine if there is any  value/usefulness. ( Classified as 'work for the City' with scale pay rates... in an attempt to locate  important 'lost' resources and information).  

This recording 'playback' process would be a direct stimulation of the optic and other sensory areas of the  brain using the N-gram recordings -- NOT a permanent impressment as was done in Jacks 'conditioning'.   Actually someone in old Raptures 'Golden Age' was researching and trying to develop this as a new  'Entertainment' ($$$) technology - apparently it was never finished.)   The required machinery is similar to  that used as part of the Cure process (mental therapy).

--- --- ---

One of the 'Visions' of the Bioshock Rapture MMORPG :

Is seeing the City being rebuilt - the remaining good bits being scraped together and fixed up to be like it  once was.    Not just having the satisfaction of seeing things restored, but Players take part in the process  themselves.   The Solo games showed a sad image of Rapture mostly in ruins, but in the MMORPG there will be  the new hope as it is reborn.  (Sounds like a speech given to new Citizens ...)

--- --- ---

Ideas for 'What if' historic scenarios for the MMORPG, which Players (if/when created) could visit (or play  thru a chain of choreographed events)  :

Scene where Stanley Poole drowns Dionysus Park (recreation of the Titanic-like scenes - doomed pretentious  rich people, whose fate their money cannot buy their way out of...    Star-crossed people drowning at the  bottom of the Ocean - hmm, the irony...)

The messy failures while Eleanor tried repeatedly to reconstitute Delta (Little Sister says : "Eleanor you  made us big bunch of grape jam - yum !!  Even Mr Bubbles couldnt eat all this !! "  ... "El'nor it went  splody again !! " etc..)

All kinds of strange little Vignettes ... (creastivity will be this games great achievement)

Ryan's 'asssination' seen through his eyes...  (voice-over of his thoughts while its happening...)  as his  life-like animatronic dummy is beaten to death by Jack (or maybe a risky use of the Working Vita Chamber on  the floor below)

Rapture Prime "back before the fall"  - Interesting to see, but not overly exciting for gameplay...

Machinations of Fontaine, showing his gangsterism in his rise to power  how he got there as detailed in the  Novel, seizing ever more control of Neptunes Bounty businesses (I can see interactive with 'tree' of events  you get to make decisions for, and his sense of 'humor' as he has competitors/those who get in his way  murdered or thugishly coerced).  Heh - you get to play one of his victims - sent to 'sleep with the fishes'  when you refuse to hand over your business to him...  

Be there at the attack on Kashmir's etc etc...

--- --- ---

PVP side-games (MP - independant - it wout interact with main game) :

We have the technology (isolated server bubbles, modular scenery/objects, tools) ...

Alot of games with MP lately have rediculous artificial 'skill'/tech advancement gimmicks which have little  to do with actual Player skill.   They often have a weird unrealistic speedup of physical movements to feed  many (dumbed-down) Player's crack-monkey conditioned mentality (and BTW exaggerating internet latency/lag  issues.   Why? its GOOD ($$$) for Companies who sell cheap rubbish for the least-common-denominator, and dont  see any need to simulating anything that approaches reality or even offers real challenges for Players).

This MMORPG would make use of the same primary game mechanics (and players experience level from the main  game),  and because the Players have real human opponents (tricky, clever, unpredictable) they will be  challenged much further than by any AI.

--- --- ---

Common Rapture Slang :

"Take a Bath!" - More affluent people could afford to constantly travel via the Metro Bathyspheres when  others had to take the less comfortable Trolley and do more walking.  Said by people who can afford the extra  expense and thought more of themselves for it.

"WHO IS FATLESS ?" - jingo for New Sinclair Weight Relief Tonic

"Lamb Chopped" - what Sofias minions used to call the order to eliminate some inconvenient person

"Tweeters" - slang for the Security Fly-bots (from sound they make while patrolling)

"Augie's" - The Sinclair Deluxe - actually one of the better flophouses in Rapture (at least until it was  under 'new management').

"Frickin Mutants" - what many unspliced people called unstable Splicers.

"Wrath of Cain" - the violent intestinal distress sometimes suffered by those partaking of bad bootleg ADAM  products.

"Line 47 South East Branch" - euphemism for being sent to Persephone (the Jail there beside the Exile Prison  made this a frequent destination for various miscreants, visitors).

"The Showboat" - Sander Cohen's rediculously ostentatiously decorated Submarine Limo.

"Stumbler" - a popular drink concoction of High-Proof Rum and EVE.

"Oneway Trip to Crushville" - early Bathysphere tests didnt go well

"Shit on a Shingle"  -- Chipped Beef-E on toast (with unspeakable gravy) - a common meal served in various  work commissaries

"Atlantis Express"  synonym for Atlantic Express.  Newly arrived immigrants often rode the AE to see the  Cityscape.  And Rapture was pretty awe inspiring to view (as intended) - I wonder if Ryan had postcards made  to show prospective immigrants who wouldnt "buy a pig in a poke".

"The Slug Races"  Penny-ante entertainment in various 'dives'

"Slug-Ugly"  - unattractive person.

"16 channels, and nothin good on any of them !!!" - complaint about Raptures average TV programming

"Walking Dead" - Rumors were that Big Daddies were made from dead people - thus the gimmick popularity of the  Crematoria with windows "to make sure" ...

"Mayhem Monday" - the day the first Depression started with the AE layoffs and the Bank Run in 1953.  It took  months to reorganize (Most banks held securities on loans and it was more a matter of finding people to  restart the businesses to get things moving again.)   Various kinds of unhelpful disruptions instigated by  people like Lamb and Fontaine for their own financial (and other) gains, didnt help.

"Six Miles Below the Ocean"  the distance to the hellgate bridges that crossed over  to the other ridges (on  the side of Mt Ryan) where other support communities were built.   Misinterpretted by somewhat insane  Splicers to think Rapture is 'miles deep').

"By Ryan's Golf-club, I will Avenge thee!!" - Bad running joke line from Sci-Fi Parody movie made in Rapture

"This Chicken tastes like Fish !"  - common food complaint

"The Mold has Mold" - saying about various flophouses in Rapture not usually known for fastidiousness in  dryness

"Kelp Therapy" - Probably offered in the Adonis Spa - Later was a euphemism for Sofia Lamb's disposal of  someone 'uncooperative' .

"Wicked Witch of the South"  (and obvious variations..)  - Sofia Lamb didnt have a good reputation in the  rest of Rapture.

--- --- ---

Interface mechanism for manipulating objects :

Ive been playing around with using Telekinesis in hard-mode BS1/BS2 to maniputate objects (piling up  bodies/lockboxes Im too full to take stuff from, making 'mines' from the explody objects(trap rivet trigger),  clearing empty lockboxes/corpse so I wont have to check them again, holding up object to sweep and spring  wire traps, etc...).   A little tedious but still workable (if you have time to do them - not usually in  battle situation).  Effectively you could do similar without Telekinesis.

Keep the 'activation' key press, but you still have to correctly select the targeted object first (a problem  noticed when loot is next to  vending machines).  Finer controls - MMORPG machine use 'buttons'/controls that  might require zoom when more than one In-Game control object is next to another (otherwise huge caricatures).

Ability to Pick up stuff and hold object without holding down a button, and then still to do stuff with the  unencumbered hand (somethings will also require using both hands).

Change to object orientation while being held (no control pressed for 'hold') to facilitate placement and  stacking  - possibly precision 2 axis control by mouse working a popup rotation trackball control (click and  drag).   Any tediousness must be rewarded (and minimized as much as possible).

A fabrication 'Workbench' may be a more 2D view/manipulation (a bit more complex than a 'Minecraft' workbench  - Drag-n-drop is still a better interface when applicable).  

Tool manipulations - sticking crowbar into that door to pry it open..  (or wedging it ino a door to prevent  that horde of Splicers to open it and make you into Chutney).   Tools should have multiple  'use' select  applicable to object in activation range  (ie -  locked/jammed door in range of crowbar lists that as an  obtion )

The 'Rigging' (ad hoc assembling) of machine components to get something done (ie- force a door, repair a  life-support system, pump out a flooded room, etc..)  will rely on the ease of this interface type to place  the components.

--- --- ---

Rapture Noir (previously mentioned as a feature in the game) :

"There's a million stories in Rapture City. this is just one of them."

Rock Flanagan P.I.

Ad for Research Camera  "Keep up! Buy one today!" (amazing piece of technology, made cheap enough to sell as  a consumer item).

Another 'Detective' is on the trail of a homicidal maniac cutting a swath through Rapture.  The mass killings  and destruction follows this fiend as he moves from place to place.   Of course its Jack  you are trailing  and finally catch up with.   Why you fail has more to do with a bad Fish Taco than your skill as a  detective....

--- --- ---

House Clutter Issues :

One of the things that MMORPGs usually do is to have the Player's "House" be a seperate simulation node  (isolated bubble, seperated entirely from the rest of the game World), cut-off/independant from the rest of  the Server terrain so that it simplifies the game's Player data feeds (Otherwise, if you walked by outside  the "House", all the objects/activities inside have to be observed thru windows/doors/etc.. by the Player and  all that data has to be piped to their Client). 

There usually was a huge number of non-'baked' objects (not part of the static level data)  given to Players  as decorations and trophies (often almost completely useless for anything more than that) which could  saturate the download datastream.    I recall in UO (Ultima Online)  you would actually stall/freeze  for  upto minutes when you moved near many large Player owned buildings -  unfortunately the local monsters would  come and continue beating on you til you were dead at the same time. 

So the question is : Will the MMORPG  design for less realistic game experience to try to minimize the data  and avoid choking'?   In this (Rapture/Bioshock) MMORPG , even with better compression of the World  situational data and Client 'Dictionary' caching alot of object data, there can still be a significant data  transmission load  (Serverside as well as across the Client connection) to let you get the proper view.

Most Residences will have closed doors and windows into their interiors ??  Apartments are usually like that,  and I suppose the Ocean water could be made opaque enough so that someone with a telescope/binoulars wont be  spying on you from an adjacent building.

You open the door to go in, then the download starts, and hopefully the default fill-in mechanism will be  good enough to not have the scene 'pop' too much.   When you enter your own home (highest frequency for this  event)  most of the detail stuff would already be cached, minimizing the transfer needed.

--- --- ---

Auto Diary of Events (Player Tool) :

Basic descriptions auto-entered with Player able to add comments (later)
Reference links (hypertext) to minimize bulk.
Media tags/markers insertable (so its not only text)
Pictures (view captures, etc..)
Maps flags marking progress
Tag entries for people/Players/objects you meet to build up a bio database 
Quest references

(You will probably remember your expedition - when you slipped in the Splicer dung and broke you leg but not  the name of the Player you met who helped you -- when all this happened a month ago in real time....)

Some people dont want/need this feature - have it vary in data collected/disablable.

Extended data gathering features could be included, to allow recording bugs when they are found and  recreatable (useful to the developers also -- many existing games have Shit-Poor(tm) tools of this kind, and  only makes attempts to fix them that much more difficult -- likewise Player Creators will use to assist their  debugging activities).

--- --- ---

One of 'those' ideas :

Previously mentioned being able to play in Rapture in the 'Golden Era' and also having some interesting  "Noire" type adventures in that setting (New Rapture isnt quite to that point yet, and Constables are more  concerned with keeping vermin invasions from 'the Ruins' under control).

Constable DeWitt,  ex-Army, ex-Pinkerton, works for Andrew Ryan's City Order Enforcement Unit, keeping down  the low-life elements and criminals of the City.

He gets a toothache and after accidentally taking some tainted Dental Tonic has a strange fever dream about a  Floating City (floating on water) where all kinds of disturbing idiocy happens, with lots of pseudo-science  babble and some pretty Girl keeps setting off fireworks and handing him stuff, and there is some preposterous  overhead crane that doesnt seem to go anywhere.  A large mechanical pidgeon menaces him and he wakes up.    Good thing he is in sane Rapture where everything is normal and plain and portends a great future.

--- --- ---

Idea for Audio-diaries to be composed 'on-the-fly' :

Is Voice Synthesis possible to use 'on-the-fly', to have mutateable content for Accu-Vox Assets   (auto-generated Quests have script controlled changeable 'fill-in' details and various optional  wordings/details).   (Note-- because Quests presentations usually are not 'real-time' the specific asset need  not be generated in 'real time').

The Voice Synthesis converts text (possibly a more phonetic form than plain English) which comes out as voice  (and sound effects/bacjground sounds).   One would hope that Voice Synthesis advancements include inflections  and accent variations by the time of this MMORPG (otherwise the 'recordings' will sound more like Stephen  Hawking than like real people).

Lore type content is generally fixed, shouldnt much change. (its alot of work to fit variations into the  whole fabric of the plot, without introducing conflicts).

Other minor stories you would want to vary in details between Server Worlds (different in each World to try  to prevent Internet publishing from Players to get 'fixed' Evidence in the game and put it out for everyone  to read and use and spoil any challenge).    Largely independant Quests can vary in  location/personalities/other details (the mechanism allows the Quest itself to be 'created on-the-fly'  with  all details scripted).

Names of new 'semi-big' characters mentioned, might be shifted/inserted, but old known (Classic)  ones  couldnt really be modifyable without alot of complex alternate plots (way too much work, confusing to  coordinate across the wider game situation -- the people who 'vet' content have to work in a cohesive way).

Accu-Vox recordings, Public Announcements matching current game events, generated media (TV/Radio  shows/advertisements), Flashbacks, pre-recorded Telephone messages, etc...  Many uses for this in place of  dedicated voice acting.

--- --- ---

King of Fort Frolic :

Sander Cohen (one of the most popular characters and levels in BS1) is gone.  Or is he like Dracula,"Always  comes back" ?  (BTW did you kill him in BS1 ??  I thought I did, but then he was back again.)    Some pretty  weird stuff happened there in Fort Frolic, and more that we never saw.  It was largely sealed off even back  in those BS1 times (circa 1960).  Splicers have many rumors about what happened there, and many refuse to go  anywhere near that place.   Sounds like a fun setting to delve into (You want 'twists'?  we can find you  'twists' there....  --  Fort Frolic should have been called "Fort Twisted"....)

Heres another scenario for the MMORPG :

How would you like to play AS Sander Cohen (back in the 'fun old days' and/or 'the new back from the grave,  days') ?  Is that weird enuf?    What kind of deranged narrative would you have to play by and 'missions' to  get 'points for'?   Remember this MMORPG is modular, including the game mechanics, which allows many  different playing environments, modes and creative compositions.

Fort Frolic and Poseidon Plaza,  extended with the MP level area, and  my usual 'normalization' filling out  the logical/needed bits --- means bigger and better fun.

The Plaster Master Achievement ..   The Big Concert..  The Flame (Little Moth, yada)..  A New Masterpiece,  The Kickettes Return, etc...

Sounds like potential for another 'contest' collaboration (more minds equals more twisty goodness...)


Will he (you) be able to draw new minions to be under his(your) spell ?   Any of his 'Old Guard' still around  awaiting his return (half wishfulness, half dread)?

Is Cohen seeking new "audience members" to dismember ??   (Come this way, little moth...)

Did he go into some suspended-animation thingee to surface once again 10 years later ???    Emerging from his  (plaster) shell to menace Rapture, again ??    Thats the only 'timetravel' I would allow - no stupid  third-rate BS paradox plots HERE...

The Sander Cohen Show is 'Back On The Air' and the Fleet Hall is back in Business.

Still playing under the MMORPGs 'real rules'... What is the 'crazy' without the 'mundane' ?  What resources  to keep people alive (Splicers can't eat plaster after all).  Can YOU, as Sander Cohen, re-achieve your  "greatness"  (or even set NEW heights???)?

How long could Sander Cohen's troupe of Splicer Minions subsist on a stockpile of Candy-bars, Popcorn and  Booze (with a soda chaser)???

There were still connections to the rest of the City in BS1 (Cohen was able to get back to his Ritzy  apartment in Olympus Heights as we saw...).    He obviously controlled access via Bathysphere at that time,  and there also was the Trolley/Street/AE and Submarines.  His minions were likely not limited to those in the  Fort Frolic area.   He still no doubt had his ostentatious Limo Sub 'Showboat' to take him home (the mudane  simply wont do...)

Lots of possibilities ... Control outside  - the extended Fort Frolic cluster,   what other weirdness to  find...   The alleged Viking Funeral ....

--- --- ---

Phones in Rapture (they missed the boat again in BS1/BS2) :

Rapture may have fallen apart, but they still could have had the phones do something.  It would have been fun  with the phones in Rapture when activated to get some deranged Splicer on the other end ranting at you  (a  dozen or so different recording assets would have been sufficient - they spent that much effort on Epstein  the Swami), mixed in with dead-lines, busy-signals, out-of-order-recordings and ringing-but-no-answer).    Throw in a few Faction prerecordings and strange noises coming over the lines.

Thats what you might get on some of the phones in "the Ruins" in the MMORPG.

Rumor - If you did get someone on the other end, and you Electro-Bolted it - they would scream or some similar effect (burn it out, so it dont work no more - dumb though cuz a working phone is fairly valuable..)

--- --- ---




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