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Lots More fabulous items/ideas for a BioShock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 123

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Freedom Ain't Free :

Freedom has to be combined with responsibility to survive for long. Society has to have some appointed authority to enforce and arbitrate (in many societies the fundamental one is the family). Something as complex as a City cannot be built or operate or long survive under 'anarchy' (so Rapture must've had more responsibility at work in it for its Fantasy pretending (the 'keyhole' view you see in the game) to be realistic).

Having the sane people in Rapture NOT side with Ryan (or just omitting such support from the game) shows a lack of understanding of THOSE people who would have been in Rapture. But the 'plot' required the situation shown in the game, so logic was thrown out willfully or out of ignorance. The usual strawmen and scapegoats were marched out by the game writers - simplistic explanations for the Failtopia needed for a mass-murdering Player's experience (Oh, its OK they are pretty much crazy Zombies who strangely aren't given much else to do besides attack the Player on sight - and its all caused by that Capitalism and Individualism evil ...... yup yup yup, DERP!!!!)

"Its a Game" (how many times has that been said...), but hints, at least, are pretty easy and cheap Asset-wise to add to a game to fill in its logic better. Really wasn't done, so there must be another reason for the lack of logic/understanding shown of the games proposed setting.

--- ---

Coulrophobia - The fear of Clowns :

--- --- ---

Problem : When you make a Pile of Girder Rivets, you Don't Suddenly Have a Skyscraper.  :

Oh yes, Fink just 'saw' things through Tears, and Viola lots of amazing things for Columbia ...

Magic wands aside, making things when you dont have all the missing parts usually isn't so easily done.

Leaving the Player confused : Explanations left missing when they can be provided through fairly cheap Assets (ie - audio diary elaborations ...) But this does require applying logic/reason/consistency/attention to detail, which may have been Infinite BS's problem.

Problem with fantasy explanations : It might expose how little that imaginary World's "great" achievement(s) really were (Columbia supposedly took 6 months to build right after Comstock got into the Prophet business as per the badly chosen timeline dates), and ignoring how much more MISSING work is required to really MAKE all those 'magic science' (advanced/not-existing-yet) things - how impossible it would be for the game setting to exist under that slipshod logic. Grounding the imagined world in reality - Good for Sci-Fi, Bad for Fantasy. When you have less systematic/less-understood/ non-real-world elements, it can take ALOT of background explanations to justify many seen things' existence -- to have the story make any sense to the Player (and not just toss some ill-used buzzwords at the Player to try to do so).

--- --- ---

Mimes (We just say say "no" To Clown Splicers, but Mimes not so bad....)

--- --- ---

"Art" - When the Title is More Important than the Actual Rendition ... :

Gimmick of the 'Faux-Artiste' said to be 'good'/'great' by Art "Critics" looking for attention, and the following commissions from people stupid enough to buy into their touted 'knowledge' and self declared 'correctness'.

The Age of the "Art of the Scam" ... Modern 'art' that looks like a gorilla took a dump on a canvas is 'Great' and 'Significant' -- and if they stuck some sticks into it it would be 'Revolutionary". Such is the state of the 'critics' universe.

(Oh, You Thought I Was Talking About In The Game ???).

--- --- ---

Museum of Orphaned Concepts - a Few More Sets of Usable Data Assets :

At least a starting point (the themes look) for reworking and expanding the data to what would be needed to be operational in the MMORPG. With the Players doing most of this work (once given proper tools and processing), all kinds of goodness can flow.

BTW - With Splicer Dreams(tm) you can have just about anything you want (perfect place for the weird Infinite BS fantasy...), so it doesn't matter how lame or wrong the objects are in THAT environment.

Other things (sealife, diving suit and Splicer variations, ...) can be represented as main game Assets.

--- --- ---

Cake Go Boom !!!  :

You can blast the cake in the MP level Kashmir Restaurant (one of the few non-standard interactions).

The whole 'testing' scenario for Sinclair Solutions Home Consumer Rewards Program thing is rather tenuous for the main game story (it was added to justify the whole Multi-Player situation which would never be as extensive as what that portrayed). Testing is done, corrections made and then the stuff is deployed, there no use in a huge,long, chaotic testing effort. More logical would have been "Ryan's Legion", a Rebel/Terrorist hunting scenario (which you could still have both sides played). That would have been more a guerrilla anti-insurgency type of fighting closer to Atlas-controlled areas (instead of the simultaneous operations of Ryan's Security who would take more militaristic and more coordinated action -- used largely to isolate the 'rebels').

In the MMORPG, ALL objects will be physically interactive (and destructible), and its likely a whole area of playing will be seeing what happens with the various actions Players are capable of (if all else fails junk brought back from The Ruins can be used in the target practice range in the City Center).

--- --- ---

I Laughed ...  :

I find it hilarious that the 2K/dev people claim that they consulted with an actual Quantum Physics expert while making Infinite BS. Unfortunately it seems all they acquired from that expense (you need only go to your local library to find a book on the subject) was a bunch of buzzwords to bandy about [1] in the game, and some concepts they (VERY) loosely made use of. Unfortunately, they then wrapped-in and connected this 'quantumz' stuff to a whole flotilla of other game concepts (attempted explanations of those 'neat' scenes and various ideas they thought up) which have little to do with the Science and application of Quantum Physics (except to be BS).

--- --- ---

Dimwit Investigations (a Weird Dream for the MMORPG)  :

Relive at least the first part of Infinite BS (or both BaS) except with a personification of Dimwit replaces Booker...

Amusing voice and clumsy actions and suicidal decisions (which ARENT REALLY YOUR DECISIONS)

Slo-mo death scenes (alot like those stupid things people do videos of, except much more fatal and fun)

--- --- ---

'Dimwit' - First Recorded Use Of That Word Was In 1922  :

Would they use this for a popular entertainment thingee where simplistic long time recognition by the patrons would be logical ? A new word stolen from the future doesn't work for ordinary folk for quite a long time (and probably unused until the time Comstock 'stole' Columbia and he could start this whole weird culture).

"Feeblewit" might be just as good, no ?

'Birdbrain' ? Nah, that might seen as a criticism to Songbird and by extension the Founders (punishable by 'hard labor' on one of those prison barges...)

Duke & Dolt ?? ('dolt' first known use 1553)

Duke ? The original American founders didn't cotton to Aristocrats (Prince/Duke/Queen/King were names Americans gave to dogs). But then, hardly anything in Columbia reflects any real America.

--- --- ---

Should Have Sander Cohen Complaining About TV Ruining the Theater Show Industry in Rapture :

This period is where that happened (a great deal) up on the Surface world (the 50s, when TV ownership exoloded). Tech advances had brought TV costs down, and multiplication of stations (and networks) and shows (particularly News) distributed nationally.

The public had wanted Movies (had on average gone to movie theaters several times a week) and now TV is throttling that ...

Rapture didn't/couldn't have a large film industry (the production costs for anything WE think of as a big-time studio produced movie just cannot be recouped with only 20000 potential customers, and thus the business isnt viable). Art films with low budgets have limited appeal. Film Serials and newsreels could still be done, but what else could get customers for movie theaters? Ryan COULD have let in an selection of *appropriate* Surface movies (before 1952, and even after that) to fill this need. Definitley materials about the Wars/Cold War would serve his purposes, and there might be alot of benign subjects which wouldn't work against Raptures Philosophy.


How soon in Rapture did TV become commonplace ?? 1946 it was still in its infancy, but lots of additional people emigrated to Rapture upto 1952 when TV was well on its way up there.

Live television can work in Rapture, but for the same reasons, have to be fairly crude/of limited "production values". Some Rapture 'Tech' advances might help a little (ex- more portable TV cameras). By BS1 (~1960) we saw TVs everywhere in Rapture.

Vaudeville died because of Radio (a similar pattern - 'stay at home' convenience).

TVs crushed much of the Film industry (in the 60s when many of the big studios abandoned the part of their business where they ran Theaters).

No color TV (might have been if not for the civil war/chaos).

TV dinner adverts...

--- --- ---

"Would You Kindly Play My MMORPG ... " :

Theres no WYK phrase taking control of you (your character) in the MMORPG. Such hypothetical conditionings are hard to create, and you as an ex-Splicer aren't to have been in the 'tank' for 4 years like Jack was.

Well maybe in revisited 'Jack' scenes (roleplaying aspect) ... But consider there 'Jack' couldnt have been like a real person, and could only react beyond specific mission conditioning with a child's brain development. (There would be a better simulation of THAT).

Unfortunately, narrative solo games have to force you through their 'maze' (can't have you wandering off their narrow path into areas their budget couldn't let them build/detail/script). But the MMORPG is a big 'sandbox' environment, and it is upto its intended clever design and programming to see that you are NOT obstructed.

--- --- ---

The Man From R.Y.A.N.  :

Realtime Yachtman Advisor Network

The Thinker (rather a predecessor computer) could do navigation problems quite fast, and moreso track positions to guide around known obstacles (the system maintained detailed maps) - very important to avoid sub collisions with buildings.

Of course you really cannot fit such a neccessarily huge computer on a vehicle (this isn't Infinite Harry-Potterland), so it was done 'remote'.

Encoded signals were sent using sonic transponders (radio waves go through water very poorly).

Earlier loud sonar beacons used by earlier navigation aids (ie- for the Fishing Sub Fleets) were judged by Ryan as too likely to eventually give away Rapture's position (He had his spies on the Surface tracking various 'navy' technologies).

--- --- ---

Spear Gun Fun :

In BS2 you got the Speargun which could pin a corpse to a wall or ceiling, but was an insta-kill because they didn't want to do complex human body animations of a still alive Splicer hanging by the various possible extremities (basically you got a limp flop which was easily done with the 'ragdoll' physics system they used).

The MMORPG will have much more emphasis on Non-Fatal injuries, and with added proccessing capabilities and added programming (fundamentally open to Players ), many more 'live' animations of all kinds can be done.

Pinning your Splicer opponent will be one of your tasks (you have to keep them from running away if you want to capture them), and that will be done by a whole range of different methods (Splicers do them to you as well) , necessitating lots of appropriate animations and sound effects and 'caught' Splicer interaction behaviors.

--- --- ---

Ryan's Rapture was NOT Anarchy :

When you first see Rapture as a Player, it is shown as a wreck. People running around shooting at you, without you having seen what it was like before ADAM and Fontaine created the disaster. What you see has forced Ryan to counter with alot of additional public security "War Measures" as the Civil War's violence and disorder (actually terrorism) descended on the City ... The game's writers never bother to show you the majority of Citizens DEMANDING protective measures, and then having the still-Normal Citizens moving about furtively in the safe areas (The areas the security measures protected). All we got to see (or were told about) was only Crazy Splicers running rampant.

There were still "lines that were not supposed to be crossed" in Rapture's society (it is bunk that there "were no laws" ... Ryan just said HE would MAKE no laws but the one he added later that he saw as a serious threat to Raptures safety). In BaS, in the Market/High Street scenes you get to see the more orderly environment which would have prevailed through most of Rapture for more than a decade previous.

Law-wise, order had to be maintained, and there would still be arguments and drunks and other sources of disorder to contend with. Handling of miscreants need not require gunfire and local Constables would handle things as cops in most real cities did - and these would be professionals in public places -- members of the Rapture Constabulary, and not just hopped up Mall-cops as some people might mistakenly expect from the little evidence seen and vague details about the city.

Ryan is painted the Villain for trying to preserve Order and Safety, which Rapture had been originally created with. Consider then how WW2 America (rationing, restrictions, military everywhere) might be seen by today's Know-Nothings (and history-deprived public school pupils) as a Nazi police state if presented with little explanation about what happens when there is a War. SERIOUSLY, some people today DO see America then and now like that, and you would get a rather skewed story if you ONLY got to hear what people like THAT have to say.

Consider that most of the BS1 story is told to you by someone (Fontaine/Atlas) who is a congenital liar and psychopath, and Sofia Lamb is about the same. Other evidence is kept limited to preserve some plot twist the writers don't want to 'spoil'. SO what exactly do you KNOW about Rapture then, which you cannot realize without 'Reading Between the Lines', and knowing something about the society/culture which Rapture was shaped-as/is-mimicking (America of the mid 40s) ????

--- --- ---

Infinite BS, Why you Have the "Skyline" 'Tracks' Up In The Sky ...  :

NPC too stupid to get out of way of moving trains on the ground - scripting AI more than the NPC combat AI ... You might actually have to show larger numbers of NPCs actually doing things rather than stand around like mannequins when you went past them close up. And many more when you move quickly (as it was, they had to limit the 'levels', which in the case of the game's Skyline was an absurdly small traversal for an alleged citywide transportation system (ditto having them always running in loops).

Real trains (ones on the ground) are 'game' vehicles (mobiles) which would have to be accomodated (more processing) by the programmed game simulation (not just as a shifting platform, but also as 'cover' for shooting or sighting). Tracks on the ground would be automatic paths to get places contrary to the games linear plot. All those split-off city sections (if the Skyline traversed most of the city, as was fraudulently shown in the promotional trailers) which didn't need to be (as) detailed.

--- --- ---

Lutece Particle Uses Time Travel (an attempt at explaining "floaty")  :

In the BioShock Infinite panel at Momocon 2014, Troy Baker provided additional information :

"I wish that the explanation of why Columbia was in the sky was explained, it was originally supposed to be a way bigger part of, it wasn't supposed to be just like a Vox-o-Phone that you found. It was supposed to be like really big, and how that came through, and I wish that would have been more clear, because I think it was such an ingenious conceit, that it was because it was continually going back in time to the second that it wasn't falling."


Unfortunatly real quantum physics has nothing to do with Time Travel either.

--- --- ---

Nazis in Rapture :

Escaped after war (since the war in Europe was well over (May '45) by August 1945 when Ryan made his decision). Many displaced persons in the confusion to hide amongst.

Might be a little stolen art along with various artwork the Nazis stole and sold on to some of the people who eventually came to Rapture. Virtually NOBODY was just "Picked up off a Beach" to go to Rapture.

Splicer's crazy antics might expose what might've been hidden away. Nothing says crazy Splicers cant 'go Nazi' a few places (Might not be able to sell the game in Germany, but will that really be a loss ?)

--- --- ---

Mishmosh :

Ryan for the severe actions he took had the excuse it was a 'civil war' - an anarchists rebellion actually ... He had to take 'war measures to protect the city and citizens of Rapture. What excuse does Sofia have?? Resistance to her deluded 'philosophy' ? Sofia's Rapture (really, how much of Rapture did she really control anyway ? Sure, she could claim to control Rapture, but as the game went on she sounded ever more deluded/insane) with many people still hiding behind closed doors (shooting .. not my job...) Crazies are after Delta (her minions, as ordered by Sofia, or just 'incidentals'). What a mess the place is - this is order ? This IS living off the rotting corpse of Rapture (Parasitic). Control ? Its just falling apart, with many sections looking like a refugee camp/homeless encampment.

Sofia is really aiming at a "Utopian" for the Surface ?? (its like communists who say that 'its just a phase that has to be gone through to reach the final goal society without a government - which never seems to happen ... no matter how many millions they murder.) Her delusion has convinced whacked-out people (apparently with more than a little 'persuation', as per the bodies nailed to the walls as 'examples') enough to make her part of Rapture operate - but still a state of shambles (Maybe more congratulations should go to the people who built Rapture so well for it to survive so long without much active maintenance).

Ryan built Rapture, and Sofia is presiding over it mouldering away.

--- --- ---

Machine Age :

The period between WWI and WWII (when Art Deco became famous) was called the Machine Age. During this “Machine Age” there were many significant technological advancements, which resulted in mass production of a variety of technological devices and products for most of society. The economy got better during the “Machine Age”, increasing significantly due to the industry of technology. Art Deco designs played a significant part in this economy and society. Much of Ryan's Industrial empire was build during that period.

--- --- ---

Rapture Businesses : A Jazz Club shown in a 'Better' part of the City  :

Not quite as daring as 'Slumming It' at Sinclair Station (the redeveloped Maintenance Track 47) at the Limbo Room (maybe it was the illicit 'Splicin and Slicin' that was the draw in THAT place ? Heroin after all was the 'badge' of the Jazz musician...). Its not really a thing to have in a high-rent district (only one reason being the high rent ...).

Big Band/Swing more acceptable to many people (to make it pay, it couldn't be just 'Jazz')

Sander Cohen appeared to have been a throwback to the 20s/30s and earlier era styles, but then is shown to embrace alot of 'edgey' (for the 40s/50s) ideas. Perhaps it was the ADAM which inspired this (he would have had his Absinthe from the start, and before).

--- --- ---

Another Missed Infinite BS Opportunity :

Shouldn't we have found lots of portable records (for those too young to know what they are - those plastic disk things with grooves, usually having a recording on them and played upon a machine called "A Record Player") to pick up and listen to all over Columbia ? (Prerecorded music/whatever - since the devices don't/can't record onto the media --- it just doesn't work that way despite what Infinite BS shows in its strange cobbled together Fantasy). Cylinder form recordings even better, as that was the earlier format.

People listening to their Fink 'Port-a-Music' SHOULD have been a big thing in Columbia (if you would let those Lala-land Voxophone devices exist, then entertainment versions would be an even better/natural idea). Early ones worked (real world even in 1893) and were ALL mechanical (later tube electronics came along, but even then it took far longer after that to make them 'portable').

How much music from 1893 could still be copyrighted ? Lots of Assets there free to grab and add to the game with minimal effort/cost. They could also play newly contrived Columbia-themed theater/stage show audios, as well as lots of 'Inspirational' talks/propaganda from the Prophet himself !!!

The problem with the writers of Infinite BS was they only thought 'big' (overblown sizing of uninteresting mostly empty terrain, having a few mannequin-like inhabitants, etc...), when they should have been thinking 'BIG' -- as in better/richer detail ideas to create a plausible world, instead of merely the caricature backdrop for a rather lame shooter. It was actually simplified over what the previous games delivered. There coulda been lots more interactive goodies to fill-in that long linear slaughterhouse ramp plot.

--- --- ---

Crass Advertisements ?  :

Kashmir (MP level) seems encrusted with advertisements (even a "Silk Lounge" sign INSIDE the Silk Lounge ?)

Yes, MP reused lots of stuff (cheaply), but "You's would tink a hoity-toity place like dat Kashmir woulda have a bit more class, and NOT all them common adverts ..." Really, was it too much work to create a few more of their typical art works ??? There was lots of pretentious art from the previous game (and BS2 itself) which could have been employed for that.

--- --- ---

A Streetcar Named Trans-Orbital Lobotomy  :

(One of the Few Non-Sander Cohen Plays ... Maybe Culpepper wrote it ???)

BTW - They have Streetcars in Paris also (and maybe some Doctors there can administer a Trans-Orbital Lobotomy to Elizabeth to try to rid her of that those crazy murderously vengeful desires that plague her).

Maybe a new craze of 'Performance Art' to see a real Lobotomy On Stage ? Something Sander Cohen might be interested in to be presented at some of his at 'special shows' ? Maybe combined with ADAM (to affect repairs) can offer radical change/correction of personality. (Look close. Did any of his "Plasterpieces" have bleeding around the eyes ?? Lobotomizing his 'subjects' might calm them enough for them to be entombed in his white stuff alive.)

Sophia Lamb herself then might be interested (OR WAS VERY INTERESTED TO MAKE USE OF THIS). THAT would be something interesting to add to her 'treatment' facilities (or clandestine activities before she ran the place) in Persephone. That would help explain why so many people fell under the sway of her demented Philosophy). Mind Slaves working in 'The Gardens' to feed 'The Family' really don't require much of their 'mind' or 'personality' to remain to do their work. That would fills in a major gap in the narrative (Collectivist slave labor - who woulda thunk it ??).

Come to think of it, Fink probably could make use of such methods to 'calm' and 'pacify' many of Columbia's menials (and the ones he rents to the Citizens as servants). Much cheaper than making mechanical men to replace them. So there's another missed opportunity for that game (the list is now quite long ...).

--- --- ---

Yes "Rabble"  :

A good descriptive for many of the people shown as Atlas's followers.

In the revised (Retro) BaSx Canon, many of Atlas's follower are shown to be criminals/crazy. Exactly how would having THEM as followers impress any new ones out amongst the 'poor' of Rapture ?? Scare many off leaving others who might not care much about the conventions of any society. Being 'The Boss' while not playing/appearing 'the boss' ("See, I'm just like you") could be rather difficult when some softer 'poor' people are to be dealt with. How many of these 'rebels' existed ? - any number would be rather difficult to provide for (you can't hand out a limited supply of food for very long - example - the "Department Store" was cutoff - remember ?), and even stealing from shops doesn't last very long when the production ceases -- the harder types start seizing from the weaker ones as long as there is anything left). Same goes for BS1 'Atlas' stirring up crowds Ghost Stories see).

Following someone who 'tells them what they want to hear' - go kill people and I'll give you some canned food ... SO they wreck things and then complain that things don't work any more. Alot of people aren't stupid enough to destroy things that keep them alive.

Many are crazy/unstable from ADAM ? Would all the rest of the previously allowed drugs in Rapture have not long previous produced the same type of people ? A deranged person can do plenty of damage/destruction without ADAM even being involved (but those were handled apparently just fine BEFORE).

So ADAM was cheaper (to make a bigger sudden plague...) ??? To use it for the 'rush' or 'high' (over those other quite effective drugs) ??? Is it only when you abuse it that is has such effects ?? (it story-wise conveniently took so long to happen for people NOT to realize it till 'surprise' it suddenly is there a major problem -- Rapture isnt such a BIG place that it could be so easily overlooked). 'Drug users' willingly disabling themselves IS parasitic and quite detrimental to one's survival and lowers the regard paid by other Citizens - hard to stay hidden. You have to remember that in those days such addicted drug users/abusers WERE considered 'bums' by the majority. Where does one get the money for ADAM if it is expensive (and then to abuse it) ? Normal use then would have been causing it ??? So the game story wasn't handled particularly cleverly - only forced as the 'plot' required.

ADAM brain damage is making Citizens stupid enough to follow Atlas or other Anarchists ? SUch should have been reported almost immediately in the City, and Fontaine put out of business for selling poison (Rapture's 'Wonder' advanced medicine (predating ADAM) should have had plenty of experts around capable of spotting this hazard). Such brain damage would have been spotted at that early time then - shouldn't it ? Oops its not part of 'the narrative' to allow Fontaine/Atlas to be known for what they actually were -- known to (apparently) simpleton-filled Rapture, and thence to the Player.

Attacking the systems and people who maintain the City -- suicidal stupidity. "If I can't have it then burn it down ..." Yes, that's a message that would go over big with Rapture's population - even the dissatisfied ones.

Atlas Will Free US !!! (What the 'rebels' allegedly want ...) - What ? To now be up on the Surface (Lighthouse) and to head for wherever?? In the world of ~1950 there hardly is much convenient welfare state (not even 1960), or earlier as most people there would remember the World (from the time they came from it - when it was much still in a shambles). Is it a 'good plan' to die of exposure ? Or the stampede (that is if the Bathysphere doesn't break down before a fraction of these 'Leavers' can get out ... to wherever they think they can get).

So Atlas (that humble fisherman) will run things ? Or it will just be everyone will somehow simply still make things work ? (I Estimate merely 1 year before all of Rapture malfunctions and was rendered lifeless for THAT scenario). "Work for Atlas or Die" is hardly conducive to making that happen ("In six months we'll be stealing Erno's nose!" as Woody Allen in "Sleeper" said about revolution).

Atlas is leaving (to sell his 'tech' to become a Big Man Up There) ? So does he need a pack of degenerated humans loose to demonstrate to the World what ADAM-use does to you ??? So he probably DOESN'T want them to escape - it was only a ploy to disrupt Ryan's control. Fontaine would even kill them once HE had the power if needed. If he could stash stuff for his 'revolution' why not just have a submarine hidden away to escape with ?? (He hid the Smuggling base for so long, so one sub shouldn't have been that hard. Instead he lets himself get trapped/cornered - OK for the stupider BaSx Fontaine/Atlas, but untypical for the supposedly clever BS1/BS2 Fontaine)

Fontaine/Atlas probably fears having to be near all these crazies. They are unpredictable and might suddenly take a liking to his Face --- to want to wear it as a mask!!! (or maybe eat it) SO HE is really under siege more than Ryan is by all those Splicers. WHO can Fontaine really trust ???

These dissatisfied people, THEY Can't work? Won't work ? In Rapture, for jobs that are needed, the wages go up (So you wouldn't work as a farmer even just to feed yourself ???? Even with mechanization, food growing still required some labor.) There would be plenty of work to keep Rapture alive - Ryan would need work done and would pay the going price. And labor/'work' really would not be 'assembly line' type production much, so there's alot more hands-on work - jobs available just for producing basics -- and you don't really need all the luxuries when things get tough.

So are these dissatisfied people all starving "Artists" ? Well, they probably would have starved in 1952 and be long gone by now ('artist' is a dubious career). Didn't read the brochure ? And just thought Rapture was gonna be their free ticket ride ?? Such people weren't knowingly allowed in (to Rapture), and those who slipped in would be a minority when the REST of People wouldn't want to kowtow to any Parasites (its WHY they came).

Militia fighting for the sane/loyal majority (the unheard-from people the game kept hidden) - THEY would have Atlas and his terrorists mopped up/destroyed inside a month (the majority would just say KILL THEM) - and the WOULD have been exterminated like Parasites.

Rapture WAS NOT our modern day touchy-feeley, overtolerant, welfare state (the writers seem to have forgotten that).

--- --- --- --- --- ---






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