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Lots More fabulous items/ideas for a BioShock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 119

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Stupid Absurd Alternate Raptures (Greater Artist's License)  :

Wild West themed, Roman themed, Medieval themed, The full 'Westworld' treatment ...

1893 SteamPunk (But please don't try to explain the Sy-ance - and don't be so limited when it is Fantasy anyway - have creativity and imagination without the need to preach about some simplistic view of history).

Turns out it was all a Dream (*cliche warning*), and so "AR" wasn't Shot ? So many far less absurd details can be employed.

Nazi run Rapture "Entrückung", Cat run Rapture, Clown Rapture, EVIL Clown Rapture, Backward Time Rapture, RAP-ture ...

--- --- ---

From "Crawler"  :

"At the September 2011 Sacramento Anime convention, Yuri Lowenthal mentioned that the developers of BioShock 2 originally intended for the "Crawler" to have an Appalachian accent, but that direction didn't seem to work, and it took a good four hours of looking over the concept art and revising his voice until he developed a good sense of the character being more insane."

'Kid' from "Deliverance" maybe ?? (a meme all by itself)

With Ken Levine's new found (never heard of before the (?) 2015 interview) idea of Character "Authentic Diversity", when funny enough previously his 'diversity' seems to be making half of the primary characters Jews or Irishmen), so THEN why not also have 'Crawler' also be a Jew ?

  • Oui vey, these walls are cold !!
  • You just can't get good brisket out of a corpse no more ...
  • The Kapos were just like this !!! Meshugenah !!!!
  • "When You Have Your Health..." ... Hey wait a minute there boychik !?!
  • You Putz !!! You come back here !!

Etc ...

--- --- ---

Smile, You're On Ryan Security Camera !! :

Sign (seen in Neptunes Bounty) says Surveillance 'Video Taping' -- when was that invented ?? (magnetic wire before magnetic tape - you cannot have EVERYTHING so advanced or even forced to be invented in Rapture).

Ryan/Fontaine/Tenenbaum/Lamb/Sinclair do sure know in detail what you are up to for so many of the comments they make in-game. There must've been more than a few Cameras about everywhere (and not just the Security Scanners with their Flybot legions). Some might be accounted for by agents shadowing the Player (peeking out of vents and such), but there are places that explanation was impossible.

Mighta thunk that hidden cameras coulda been employed to 'get the goods' on Fontaine's smuggling operation (story there for MMORPG of why it didn't work ... Its too stupid unless there was MORE to it).

Remember that in Sinclair's Hideehole in Ryan Amusements there were a bunch of TV monitors there ?

--- --- ---

Radio Message Analysis

"Smuggling Ring" Audio Diary  :

Sullivan (found in Neptunes Bounty) : "I'm closing in on the whole ring. I'd pat myself on the back, but let's face it... these aren't exactly bloodthirsty desperadoes we're talking about. Rapture's full of poets, artists... tennis players, not hired gorillas. But this leader of theirs, this Fontaine... he seems to know his way around a grift. He keeps his nose clean, but not so clean that the right people don't know he's not to be trifled with ..."

First, its probably NOT the "poets, artists... tennis players" doing the smuggling. They though would be guilty of funding and receiving contraband. With Fontaine strong-arming other Fish company owners out of business, and turning his workers into serfs... SO how exactly has Sullivan missed all that ??? (Plot... "cuz" - the last resort of the hack writer.)

Rapture couldn't survive without ordinary working people, thus this is Sullivan's hyperbole (speaking to himself, or more likely working out arguments to give carefully to Ryan or to his associates). The thuggery Fontaine seems to have used implies he does have some dangerous goons working for him to do his dirty work. We heard some Audio Diaries about the thuggery Fontaine is using on his workers.

Shouldn't Sullivan, an experienced ex-cop, recognizes the pattern of a career criminal ? Why didn't Ryan then send to the Surface (the remnants of Ryan's world business organization would still exist) to try to find out more about Fontaine ? (Plot... cuz) Might then find out details showing he wasn't the Fontaine fishing boat captain after all - and set up for the COUNTER-TWIST (which the story begged for, but was completely missed).

That Last line implies coercion in play, possibly upon City Officials (certainly upon Fontaine's employees which IS heard about in another Audio Diary). That may explain why it was so hard to get proof of the crimes (when Ryan attempted to handle it legally) -- tipoffs from some of the Security personnel, witnesses 'disappeared', etc ...

Having it go on for years, and as big as the operation allegedly grew, THATS the part that needs the reality check. (Writer's Plot - "cuz" again ....)

--- --- ---

"Splasmids" Another Typo Funny  :

Plasmid, not just for adults -- now for children too...

New child flavorings, for little mouths - no needles needed.

Make Johnny a genius or a sports star OR BOTH !!!! (advertising hype)

--- ---

Corruption in Rapture's Government ?  :

Well if its 5% the size of typical (period) US government, then it has 1/20th the corruption of that 'normal'. Less power of government (than even typical socialism of THAT era - far less than NOW) then less ability to use it for gain, and less possible to hide it from the Public.

--- --- ---

City Hall/New Rapture City Center  :

In the MMORPG there will be one main 'Town' environment, concentrating the various high-end Citizen resources (and Player shops/businesses, etc..). Outlying areas and some outposts would have basic resources (plus via whatever extent of the repaired Pneumo system is operational at that point).

No need for (game's) duplication of simplified economy facilities that most MMORPGs are limited to (with Players passing through routinely or congregating, AND THEN WITH all the interesting things going on there (in the center) they won't be missed).

--- --- ---

TV Game Show on the Rapture Broadcasting Corporation network (RBC)  :


- Tick !!

- Mugger !!

- Communist !!!

- Union Thug !!!

- Cult Leader !!

- Smuggler !!

- Round worm !!

- Cuckoo Chick !!

- Politician !!

- Amoeba !!

- Lawyer !!

- Another Lawyer !!!

- (***Contest for more Here***)

Wonderful prizes for the contestants (A Months supply of Beef-E ...).

--- --- ---

Televised Elections in Rapture  :

Yes, there WOULD be elections (Objectivism prefers LOCAL government when its neccessary) with offices for various things in Rapture. Election of Dog-Catcher ...

TV was more advanced and prevalent in Rapture (1960 presidential election was the first really televised election in America), and having results reported via that medium would be commonly done.

After elections were done, the people would want to know what decisions were being made by their elected officials, so THOSE would be announced also (and what deliberations were being made so that the inhabitants should 'bend the ears' of their Representatives, and make their views known).

"Im Joe Schmoe, and I endorse this Paid Political Commercial..."

When you think about it politics is really all about 'branding' (and being sold)

((Fontaine 'ran for the Council', but he looked all sweaty and had five-o-clock shadow and the lighting made him look shifty, and Sinclair had proper makeup done which swung the vote for him.))

--- --- ---

Ryan's "Make a Better Product" - Thus the MMORPG for Bioshock Rapture ...  :

Just gimme $100-$200 mil like Levine had (wasted) for Infinite BS, and watch me ...

--- --- ---

Chase Scenes - For Game Missions :

With somewhat better AI tactics for opponents (Splicers), who will run away and try to lose you in the ruins, or lead you into a trap. Where you have to (learn to) use your abilities to maneuver and follow their trail, and actually be observant of the situations you pass through. (And you might not always catch them.)

Vehicles can operate in some parts of the City (ie- motorized bicycle chase scenes !!! ...)

In reality alot of those stair 'steps' on main throughfares wouldn't be there (reality/convenience trumps 'dressing up' a game to look less plain, in the real world.)

The traversed terrain would be simplified as attempting to show high Detail views of main MMORPG would lag too much. (This was the problem they couldn't solve in Infinite BS when they CUT what would probably be the most awesome part of the game - the Skyline movement/chase/fights within the full city (and not just some lame circular track within one map level). You need a special game mode for this (even with several years worth of GPU advancements) and they apparently discovered that late (or didn't care and just showed stuff in the trailer/E3 demos they never really intended to BE in the game).

--- --- ---

A Big MMORPG Improvement :

Problem with MMORPGs and 'Finesse' type adventures is interference (even by mere presence) of other Player characters (ie- those not in the involved adventure party).

  • Triggering enemies when stealth is being employed or of mechanism that are part of the Mission sequence
  • Taking of undeserved Loot or Quest items or Clues
  • Ringers who help too much and affect the challenge of the Mission.
  • Distractions of all kinds when concentration is required to follow plot subtleties
  • Causing lame 'waiting in line' for the Mission to "Reset"

So the Create On-The-Fly , Mission (Server) Bubbles (independent terrain partition) with controlled access for unwanted/unneeded interference stop that, and allow better control by the Mission scripting of the situation.

--- --- ---

Book (Pamphlet ?) "Atlas, Portrait of a Parasite" - Andrew Ryan  :

Explains how throughout history many pretend popular 'reformers' have swayed lower-classed people with promises, when really all they were after was power (he went thru that in Russia as a kid). And that those new 'saviors' turn out to be far worse than those they replaced, and frequently murder large numbers of those who reject their lies. Likewise, good-natured better-off people would be led to think their support was 'helping' others.

Thus Atlas, promising Freebies/Handouts to a minority of slackers and inept people, convinces them to be disruptive and destructive and even murderers -- simply to take what they didn't work for and what they don't really deserve.

Large numbers of Citizens would agree with Ryan, and wonder why people like Atlas ever came to Rapture (or the people who wind up following 'Hand Out Kings' like him). Too bad the writers of the game (BS1) hardly let such sentiments be heard from the Citizen majority (who came to Rapture to avoid such).

--- --- ---

Food From The Sea :

Peach(y) Wilkins ran Fontaine Fisheries for 'the City' after Fontaine was killed. Coerced (or convinced) into playing stoolie (turning 'States Evidence') for Ryan/Sullivan to get the evidence proof needed to arrest and convict Fontaine. Consider that Wilkins was forced by Fontaine into virtual slavery (Audio Diary - "Putting the Screws On") and into the Smuggling operation also. With Fontaine dead, the fishing operations would continue with most of the the personnel who had previously operated it (and any surviving Owners whom Fontaine had 'strong armed' out of their fishing businesses, might be back).

--- --- ---

Other Big Sisters Around Rapture :

One of the Smuggler outfits (yes others existed) got cooperation from a few Big Sisters by playing Bobby Darin records and supplying free frilly "My Diary" Books.

They did say that the Big Sisters went 'Feral' (assume typical teenager behavior...), so there are possibilities/potential for all kinds of interesting things along that story element. All the psychological cliches ...

Teenie-bopper Gangs terrorizing Citizens ...

Later perhaps, The Thinker's voice mimicking ability might be used to 'talk to them' in an effective manner (or not).

Teenager type mentalities might not be conducive to Sofia Lamb's mental tricks (or get the reactions she didn't expect).

The Big Daddies continued their activities, The Big Sisters became another factor in the Little Sister ecosystems. Their various compulsions would have shifted til they reached equilibrium.

--- --- ---

Why Should There Even be Tall Buildings in Rapture - REALLY ??? (Other than "It Looked Neat" for a Game)  :

In real life, water absorbs light within short distances (~600 feet and virtually all of Bright Sunlight diminishes and is gone - completely dark/pitch black). Any less intense light disappears at even shorter distances. SO you wouldn't see the City skyline off in the distance (as seen in many Skybox window views), and even adjacent building over 100 feet away quickly fading away (interior light from windows are just not that bright). And we have some 60+ story buildings shown which likely to be ~600 feet tall -- it would dim out further all along that distance, and you wouldn't even see the top of the building from its foot (just a rapid fade to blackness). Any intentional 'Make It Look like Skyscraper' faked rows of windows cosmetic/aesthetic effect (Art Deco was known for added 'Tower' decorations), would be rather pointless when virtually nobody can actually see it (thus noone would go to the expense).

Tall thin buildings also are an impractical design for Rapture and its environment of extreme water pressure - short blocky buildings are structurally much more workable and cheaper and less wasteful (and it IS hardly the situation in the middle of a Real World city center where their limited real estate space forces 'tall' building upwards). A building built with a higher Volume to Surface-Area ratio is much better. Windows are not an asset (actually an expensive feature) and serve no use for ventilation. As mentioned above, they will generally have little to view. Look at the actual places we went to in Rapture, and you see interiors with very few 'walls of windows'. You also see sprawling floor layouts that only go up a few stories. No interior shown is even of the tall thin building 'type'.

I would have had the buildings scaled down (in height and number of stories maxing at around 20), still "done for effect", but at least have them realistically be visible (and EVEN THEN still require powerful illumination for the shortened distances to 'stand out' in the darkness).

Huge interior spaces (ie- big dome full of buildings) are also prohibitive, and many of medium size (like a stadium) would be sunk into the seabed to used the rock as part of their pressure holding structure (would still have the roof to support massively).

--- ---

Mystery :

But What Happened to Schrodinger's Dog ?

Too big for the Box ? The Cat/Splicers ate it/disposed of it (LOLCat joke) ?

--- --- ---

The Fenrick Toothpick Computer :

Substantially smaller than the Fenrick Mechano/Erector Set Computer.

Uses "rod logic" (a system of interlocking sliding rods and springs - here toothpicks and rubberbands)

A Real computer using flowing ball bearings as the active component -- a complex central tallying machine used in Australia for Paramutual Betting (Horse Racing) computing/setting odds and such operations -- ball bearings put into the system by telegraph signals from betting shops, and guided electro-mechanically into bins that then triggered counters (if the power failed/glitched the ball bearings maintained the 'state' (tallys) wherever they were in the machine).

Watching the 'signals' travel in waves across this machine was impressive (it became more effective when someone suggested that more than one Wave could be passing through the large machine simultaneously.)

Unfortunately such machines on the MACRO scale just aren't even as fast as the obsolete 'Tube' based computer systems (People keep trying to make mechanical computers like this even today - on the NANO-scale, but really haven't gotten very far).


Rubber ??? :

Would Rapture have to have developed Artificial Rubber  ??? (a plastic). Eventually without access to natural Rubber from the Surface they would need to (rubber eventually deteriorates). Rubber (for flexible attachments/seals) actually IS one of the key elements for our Modern World (alongside Steel, Copper, Fuels).

--- --- ---

Bunny Slope MMORPG Rapture :

Casual Players or Site-seers - some significant number of Players want to just look around and see the sights, and not have any (effort) heavy action requiring learning too much of the complex game mechanics/skills, or do bothersome work to advance their character.

Players in this Mode need to be able to Explore without something trying to kill them every other second/step (some MMORPG games have virtually a minefield of simpleton nasties to kill *EVERYWHERE* so they can handle "Game Expansion Deployment Day" - when the same areas are flooded with 20X Players - and with 100000 Players all going through the same limited game content). Probably there could be 'escort' NPCs who scare off troublesome Splicers or other threats to all the Player to continue without problems.

The City Center is usually fairly safe, and expeditions to more interesting places can be made (and retreated from). Most impact would be the Etiquette imposed on them, when most other games ignore/nullify potential bad behavior simply by limiting actions, and these "Casual" players HAVE BEEN largely Conditioned to attempt to act like assholes and suicidal. Such behavior would need proper handling to prevent such players from disrupting the game experience for others.

Hopefully, there would be sufficient things to see (many being Players in-game establishments and entertainments) and the social interactions simulating a realistic society to a higher detail.

--- --- ---

Some Players Like Character Leveling Activities (and Advancement Leveling Indicators and Point-driven Thingees)  :

It tells them they are moving forward/making progress.

A variety of systems (and a choice of them) could be employed in the game (with Creator Players actually designing/creating different systems as part of the Modular mechanism). Unfortunately with only one Player character per paying account, picking such an option may poison a Player's game experience if it turns out to NOT be what they wanted to get from the game (and them having to START OVER). Online explanations of how each system works will still be ignored by many to their regret.

Marks of Advancement/Achievement (not all mutually exclusive) :

  • Kills (various and sundry baddies) - Player taking a enforcer/cleanup role (there can be many baddies besides Splicers/Vermin).
  • New Rapture City Prestige and City Service Recognition (opens up new opportunities as the City's confidence in your ability grows).
  • Cures (how many Splicers you 'Save', and your 'Assists' in doing so)
  • Business Success (NPCs buy stuff too) MONEY $$$ (owning STUFF)
  • Explorer (lots out there to get to and find)
  • Other specialized Ramps for specific game aspects ... "Achievements"
  • Role Playing social elements ('likes' and such), Etiquette points ...
  • Skill Mastery (including Fabrication)
  • Historian - finding all those hidden truths about the REAL events of Rapture's past.
  • Collectibles (the object variation system open this up quite a bit)
  • Development of your 'Team' NPCs (who have their own skills/personalities/goals)

The MMORPG's Avatar/Character system has basic skill metrics much like Ultima Online had (doing stuff advances the skill, and it got harder to advance as you reached maximum efficiency, and there being some Caps on totals so that Players can't become expert/max-efficiency in ALL skills - if they play long enough).

--- --- ---

The Bigger Picture :

Missing from Rapture is a sense of what's 20 miles around the City (and what all is 100 miles ...)

Sea Mounts (undersea mountains) are usually steep, and with the large (relatively flat) shallow area Rapture sits upon (at a ~600 foot depth), then the rest must be quite large, but slopes down to the 6000+ feet depth of the Ocean floor in that area (which is well off any 'continental shelf). We are told of the Abyss, which might be a collapsed void in the old volcano's main vent, which may extend down thousands of feet further.

See the Large Rapture Map

Various industrial areas needed to support the city would have to be somewhere. Nearby shallow areas closer to the surface (and sunlight) could be used to grow various things (and also industries that need alot of 'air'). The Geothermal fields near Hephaestus extend over quite a large area. It is unlikely the volcanic rock holds much in the way of minerals (which have to be concentrated to be of use). Some crude oil site might be quite a ways from Rapture (nearest oil is north of Iceland hundreds of miles away).

--- --- ---

"Rapture Reborn : An MMORPG so compelling that it will ruin thousands of people's lives" - Rolling Stone Magazine.

--- --- ---

The Atlantic Express Traincar Design Is Too Ornate  :

pix pix

Assets For the AE Transit System :

The AE Train [pix] is a bit too ornate (the Transit Trams likewise) with those fancy Too Busy side panels. The shape is somewhat copied from some period streamlined trains. Art Deco vehicle Streamlined style is usually simplified with clean smooth surfaces to go with the 'Speed Lines'. The MMORPG would have some different models (larger, with greater capacity, looking more like [[a PCC style car]]). The existing AE cars design (seen) are a bit (far) too narrow in width, severely limiting passenger seating/capacity).

Same kind of (or worse) overdone Weirdness was seen on the Trolley Trams (which were particularly strange). Those older Trolley Trams we see (strangely shaped, small, weird handrailings, and probably - as a cover story to explain it - used before the METRO consolidation) may have been forced back into use when the newer (bigger) cars were destroyed in 'Civil War' terrorist attacks. The Trams we see have no seats. Either they were ripped out and burned, or those older model Trams were converted to Freight Service (it is necessary to use the Trolley system to transport bulk freight around the city, which is competing with what is left of the AE system, which runs to fewer larger stations).


A Mere Glimpse of a Much Larger Transit System :

We only saw a fraction the full AE system's extent. The facilities at the AE Depot seem excessive to the few tracks seen on that one AE map (which looks to be just a local section map). We saw lots more AE tracks outside windows in the water.

The Trolley component of Metro Transit likewise cannot really be composed of the few-hundred-yard-long lines we got to see around Olympus Heights/Apollo Square -- to work as a real USABLE transport system, they would need to go thru to multiple destinations, AND form a criss-cross pattern across the whole city. The Bathysphere system we saw was likewise insufficient for any normal daily transit of a 'City' of thousands, back when we saw neither Trams nor AE stations (or signs indicating their presence) in the first games' areas of the City.

--- --- ---

Mentioned Elsewhere : Use of Client 'Plugins' (and Player Creation of Plugins)  :

They are actually to be ENCOURAGED - the use of external AI processing by the Player to operate either their Characters or their NPC 'Team' Lackeys -- all to be run on their Client Computer, with data fed to them which a Player would otherwise get anyway (so as to not be a vector for cheating). Note that this all is a 'sandbox' programming system where the Player ISN'T able to cheat (unable to access the main Client programming or unauthorized Server data), and is systematically limited as to what it can do.

The intentionally accessible data is to be conveniently well documented to facilitate such programming. Of course such AI needs to be able to handle the rich MMORPG world (3D environment and with its volume of interactive detail). A 'bot' running into an obstacle over and over, or some other secondary factor interfering with an activity, has to be understood/recognized and dealt with by the programming (really to be of any use). Being Ex-Splicers, some irregular Citizen behavior may be expected.

Malfunction - Other Players may see apparently psychotic behavior in other entities and may report it to authorities to have the defectives put in a cell in the 'Cure' facility for their own protection, and to get a refresher of their 'Cure' treatment. Intentionally bothersome/defective behavior here would only be by the Player's own 'Team' characters, so losing their use only hampers the Player. On being incarcerated for abnormality (and charged with any damages) they would no longer be available for the Player's use (hence a reason NOT to abuse the system). Poor programming that cripples a Player's Client computer only interferes with them and in the extreme will be cut off/shutdown from the Server.

Such "Plugins" would be Modular (like everything else in the MMORPG) and able to be Distributed to other Users in Code/Script form, so examination and improvements can be easily done (AGAIN like everything else). Similar MMORPG Testing tools/methodologies/processes would of course exist, and Automatic Tests would have to be passed before any allowed distribution. Intentionally bad Plugin code can be vetted and rated/denounced in the distribution venue (and very bad/abusive ones removed and the Player responsible terminated). Useful, imaginative and innovative Plugins will be made popular by other Players using them and recommending them others in the online community.


Similar Behavior modules would be available for the Player's non-client 'Team' (like their Shopkeeper or Fabrication worker) which would run on the Server (even while the Player is Offline). These would be highly vetted to have them be more reliable and properly operating (not directly programmed, but selected and configured for their specific flavorings/themes/variations - parameterization).

Non-player NPC Behavior stands to benefit as they can act much the same, and would be written similarly and share much of the same code/script functions (and share the same understanding of their programming).

--- --- ---

Audio Diary Analysis

Prentis Mill Bankrupted (The Other Half Of The Story)  :

The game states that : Prentice Mill put his "Cash reserves" into Rapture's banking system when asked by Andrew Ryan, in an attempt to hold off its collapse during the major economic crisis (assume around 1952). The AE passenger business had been increasingly losing money, and with freight revenues way down, he could no longer keep the company afloat. After Prentice Mill became bankrupt, he was forced to sell the Atlantic Express.

The classic (historic) move is to buy up stocks to prop up prices to prevent a stock crash - that's NOT "into Rapture's Banking System". The impact on Banks is : If THEY were stock speculating OR the people they lent to were speculating and lose the money in a 'crash', THEY thus cannot pay back their loans and then lose whatever security they put up (which post 1929 likely would be needed for most loans) and the bank is stressed. Enough bankruptcies can still disrupt the economy, but it all depends how big a chunk of the economy this stock speculation made up or how closely it was tied to commerce (most companies in Rapture would be small and have no 'stock', and others like Hephaestus Power have guaranteed income for stockholders). It was generally the BANKERS who were the ones to try to prop up the market, and Mill isn't referred to as a 'Banker'. Mill buying back public Atlantic Express stock at depressed/bargain prices MIGHT be something he did.

Is this reasonable having Ryan stiff him, when Mill had acted at Ryan's behest to assist the City ? Did Mill have enough Cash to justify trying to do this ? (Or were there other wealthy individuals similarly tapped into in this attempt to stabilize the banks ?) How much RAPTURE 'Cash' existed in Rapture (remember, Surface Money is not much good) so much that it might exist in various people's "Reserves", and enough still remain in circulation for normal commerce.

What IS reasonable is that Mill would take security for the loan he was making. Ryan had many city assets he might use for that purpose (and his OWN "Cash Reserves"). The banks' properties and assets would be logical as part of such a loans sureties/securities (even at fire sale prices later, return of a fraction of the 'loan' would still be a significant amount). Many City assets also generated regular income, so had that value at minimum.

It is all a bit contrived (just for his little suicide shrine scene in Paupers Drop), when Mill likely still held many financial assets, and retained significant money remaining from liquidation of the loan security. If he was staying in the new Sinclair Deluxe (long before Lamb's sycophants ran it into the ground), he was probably the richest person there. (He may have even been a part owner of that 'Hotel', as it is logical to have been build by Sinclair as an opportunity during the economic downturn - thus the squatters he refers to.)

Still, Prentis Mill's life's project was gone, passenger transportation had evolved past his Train system (much as it did in the real world). This definitely happened before Kashmir and the starting of the 'Civil War' (all the disorder THAT entailed make that late timed assumption absurd).

The AE line we ride in BS2 is in the old part of the city. It would be a remnant Mills 'played trains' with, until he finally committed suicide. The shrine is not because he was 'poor', but because he had the vision to build the system that many men took part in to make a reality, and whom he employed.

Prentis Mills was not a failure or failed because Ryan's Philosophy was flawed, as the game writers ignorantly might try to portray (basic understanding of economic history might have helped). The reality is that the world moves on. Achievements don't lose their greatness because of that.

They never really bother to elaborate upon Raptures Economy, so mcuh has to be filled in (and corrected) for incidents like this to make sense.

--- --- --- ---






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