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Lots More fabulous items/ideas for a BioShock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 116

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The Inoperable Bathysphere Camper  :

There must've been lots of "Bathyspheres" parked around Rapture (in the various Stations) , and likewise privately-owned and work subs (there had to be 'Parking Lots' enabling sharing the expensive Dock systems, along with the fewer private 'Garages').

The "Bathyspheres" (they are subs actually) had self-contained environment systems (heating/cooling) and power systems, which if kept up would make them comfy places. Also that they could be closed up/sealed (and locked) could make them safe hideyholes within less pleasant areas.

Locks on the inside -- which would have made for an odd story : If Jack had simply never come out at the start of BS1 after seeing 'Johnny' disemboweled right outside the window. WYK conflicting with a 4 year old's fear of dark places, and with Atlas alternately threatening and then pleading Jack to 'come out' ...

I would have one of the MMORPG Splicer 'Factions' have a Bathysphere as its HQ (its got a radio you know), but now has all kinds of extra stuff glommed onto it (probably should stop short of having legs added, and turning it into a MECH.) Deluxe models probably could have a 'private' lavatory.

--- --- --- ---

Elizabeth - The Process To Be a Quantumz god  :

Leave apart of themselves in another dimension ?? Is that all ? How much 'soul' lives in a pinky ? Do strands of hair qualify ? Exactly how much tissue/matter does it take to qualify for this ?

We saw Tears on statues and such in Columbia (kinetoscope). So were their some pigeons who 'left' stuff after flying/going thru other Tears at various points ?? Does that count too ? ((BTW - are these special pigeons to exist at 25000 feet altitude ?? Birds are greatly affected by thin air and Pigeons are usually live at low altitude and dont fly high.))

Fingernail clippings or dandruff (probably making Booker a potential god too - possibly why/how he appears to Elizabeth in BaS2). This "constant" thing is just a strange obsession of Elizabeth's as there are an INFINITY of other universes too (she might have been better off finding her way to a 'happy' Paris, instead of fixating on the Bookers ... water under the bridge and all that (which you can also have better in Paris.)

Sally must've got it in spades. (Does one have to survive this separation/leaving-behind ? Or is godhood instilled, bringing transcendence and a flavor of zombiefication (or maybe Fink could put the head quickly on a Handyman rig ?? - NOW THAT WOULDA BEEN A "HEAVY HITTER" WORTHY OF THE NAME!!!!) The possibilities are endless.

This process all apparently was whatever the writers say it was. This is like the least of the faulty pseudo-science issues (just another symptom of 'Quantum Physics Can Do Anything' half-assed plot devices).

--- --- ---

Ethics Issues :

"It would seem the universe does not like its peas mixed with its porridge." '

Interpretted as something not being WHERE it is supposed to be (as in dropped in another dimension). But if it is a case of being Not-Like, then shouldn't it result in some messy explosion like the classic Sci-Fi scenario when two of the same person meet from parallel universes -- they cancel out each other, or some rubberband like snapping back of the continuum to its proper state ... (or the interdimensional cops showing up to put the Luteces in the pan-dimensional hoossgow for their criminal meddling).

But then this IS Rosalind's theory. Rosalind doesn't seem to have done an experiment to try to support her theory (She would mention that ? It is what scientists do ...) -OR- This whole story mess IS her experiment - playing with peoples' lives in multiple dimensions. Elizabeth seriously needed to go after the Luteces if she truly wants revenge for all the woes - instead of Booker/Comstock who are just pawns. Do we really know whether the Luteces are psychotic/sociopaths who just like hurting people ??

They (Luteces) are the ones who let evil in one universe spill over into another -- they actually facilitate it as part of their 'mind experiment' - since its 'real' (hmm, that's not exactly the right term anymore in such a twisted universe system). Count 124 other Bookers yanked out of their own reality (so far) to be subjected to all the dangers possible in this Columbia environment (too bad they didn't pop in and encounter the Spider Splicer Booker (sharpening his scythes) and not be quick enough to get away before he disemboweled them - that might teach them ...)

SO Blame the Luteces for the evil shit Comstock does - Yep he (Comstock) wouldn't be the tyrant he was without their facilitating him (Wounded Knee happened 1890 Columbia's launch 1893 -- kindof a short interval even for this game's flavor of absurd unreality.).

As for Rosalind's theory (hypothesis ?) - Theories are made to be revised, though she might not get much of a chance if some cataclysmic side-effect occurs which she didn't expect (and deserves). Perhaps she is responsible for interdimentional knots forming and entire universes being obliterated - mass death on her hands. Does she even know a tiny fraction of the evil she has caused ??

--- --- ---

Reality Is Useless to The Game  :

In Real Quantum Supposition the tiniest influence on one of the multiple particles (assuming the multiverse theory version) is enough to disrupt/end that Supposition and remove the alleged Quantum Entanglement. That is the problem with trying to use an analogy of real science as a plot device - the Science is quite restricted in its definition and the author just starts to 'make up the rules as they go along' to create the story they are trying to tell.

--- --- ---

Rapture was 'The Art' of the Facade  :

Limitations of a small population (20k? 40k? even smaller even more absurd)

Skyline of buildings that look bigger than they are (handy that Art Deco oftren had showy elements)

Stores (downsized from BaSx Bigification for reality) should be more typical of what you'd find in a small town. Malls - again, make more reasonably sized rather than something blatantly enlarged for an open battle venue which some game needs. Department store - ghost town - good way for Fontaine to bankrupt himself.

Most businesses in Rapture would be small - with hardly any 'assembly line type operations. Many goods were simply stuff originally made/brought from Surface. Much more prevalent would be 'repair' businesses and sellers of 'Used' items, which Rapture never could make itself (except as a few way-too-expensive 'custom' productions).

"Artists" who in big cities already can barely make a living - and come to Rapture which is no Welfare State. Who will 'buy' all this art ? "Don't quit you Day Job" should have been emphasized in the game (same for Scientists actually to 'make a living', even if they are better than average.)

Same problem for Columbia, except even more Problematic : The new magic SteamPunky technology would NOT have existed in the Surface world to be obtained there. Mass production doesn't work withing tiny populations. Even with slave labor most modern goods couldn't be produced with any profit or sustainability (What does it matter when the important thing was trying to denounce Laissez Faire business? Most players probably didn't care anyway - just that whatever it is is 'bad' and needed to be shot/blown up/slaughtered. Funny thing is : that idealized 'Paris' is based on exactly the same thing - but that somehow didn't happen to get mentioned.)

Thats ignoring : Factories without source of raw materials ... everything else shown was absurd Fantasy, so what's it matter ??? (Unless you think THAT historic American economy Columbia was supposed to represent was based on use of Magic Wands and Magic Spells. But remember its "Historic" and thus relevant !!! , because they told us so... OVER AND OVER. BS.)

So in reality, the "facade" was moreso a game designer's/writer's careless presentation, when 'social relevancy' was the alleged over-hyped theme.

--- --- ---

Audio Diary "The Market Is Patient" :

Ryan : "There has been tremendous pressure to regulate this Plasmid business. There have been side effects: blindness, insanity, death. But what use is our ideology if it is not tested? The market does not respond like an infant, shrieking at the first sign of displeasure. The market is patient, and we must be too."

An attempt to vilify Ryan for not stopping ADAMs use. So where is the Free Press to denounce ADAM and Fontaine 'The Purveyor of Poison" ?? The game writers would have the Failtopia all be Ryan's fault (he's so simple minded, you see) ... So YOU (the Player) are 'twist' manipulated to work with/for the helpful 'rebel', who is the real sociopath (conveniently without any contrary information illuminating you to that fact).

If Ryan had (in the story) stopped all the similarly damaging booze/drugs/libertine-isms, then they (the writers) would be whining that HE was a tyrant for doing THAT. (CONTRARY TO THE PHILOSOPHY !!!!) Their plot continuously implies RYAN is the problem, no matter how illogical and contrary to that Philosophy Ryan professes and is SHOWN implementing or of other relevant factors of the 'FAIL!' Situation. Capitalism and Individuality (which, as portrayed, are not really that far from what America was then, and WAS previous to that time (FDR Socialism Ryan rebels against) ... as compared to our current 'enlightenment' Nanny-State), are so 'POOPY HEAD BAD', and they (the writers) make the details push that ignorant distorted idea (they shove it down the Players throat, actually).

Tip - Part of the interest of "might have been" Failtopia fiction is actually understanding the reasons for it, and laying it out/explaining it in a logical fashion to the Reader. In hack-job games, not so much, apparently.

--- --- ---

The Lady Comstocks Handprint - Oh Yes ?!  :

?? "Lady" is somekind of aristocratic term -- how very American .... *NOT*. (Maybe if the games scenario was set in Edwardian England -- and the Luteces now could talk with Brooklyn accents).

Amazing all these wonderous stolen (in Time as well as Space) technologies they managed to work into this game's plot. Handprint Recognition now.... Have to chop the hand off the corpse (Funny scene of the skeletal arm trying to strangle Booker, or a more amusing scene of him using it as a back scratcher ... and the inevitable "can I Give You A Hand" joke. Have you NOTICED that it would have been actually better to have written this whole hack story as a comedy ???)

--- ---

Back to the Shire  :

A "Brilliant Plan" by Sofia Lamb ... (hmm, a Rap quality 'rhyme' that) to turn all of humanity into Hobbits to alleviate the problem of World's Resource Shortages, and to reduce the average IQ to 83 to make them all the more malleable to her Rule (she DID start more and more looking and talking like Saruman ...)

Asset Template tuning parameters for NPC Figure Attributes would make the Mode Settings for this 'Dream' fairly easy. An All-Pony version would be far harder.

--- ---

No 'Motels' (Motor Hotels) in Rapture  :

'Bathyspheres' (wrong name for what are really mini-subs, except for the Cable Driven Transit pods) were too few, and no American-style 'Automobile' Culture could grow up in Rapture.

There's also not that much distance travelling for most people (the main part of Rapture is only a few miles across). There are outlying areas to go to, but not that much there to see (and at 600+ depth, it is pitch dark outside in the Ocean contrary to what the game shows).

--- ---

REAL Divers DO Like Backups for Their Equipment  :

Divers that work all day regularly don't really like to be terrorized by pending death, possible at the least slipup. Actually something they never hinted at is : How large a crew a single diver has/needs (even with those old canvas Diving Gear) to allow them to operate. The Hardsuits required for deeper water (like Rapture's) required even more.

Fink getting HIS Sea Slugs probably didn't care so much for modern safety appliances.

--- ---

No, You Can't Snort Nitrogen  :

This ISNT Nitrous Oxide. Not sure what Splicers are doing with Liquid Nitrogen in their pockets (in the MMORPG, the Dewar flask it is kept in might be more valuable as a tool component, or make a really nice Thermos Container for Hot Barnacle Soup).

Where exactly do they fill them up to keep these nice and full ?? They DO eventually leak heat and vaporize away. I doubt they kept buying new ones from The Ammo Bandito machines.

Big Daddy's rebreather systems probably WOULDN'T use Nitrogen (its what gives you 'the Bends', after all) which reminds me that the Heliox they might have used would have them making more Mickey Mouse like sounds, rather than the 'Whale Song' we heard.

--- ---

Garbago-Mo  :

If You did the Pneumo, then you might as well have had a similar system for emptying all the garbage cans (its actually simpler as the 'routing' is pretty well a fixed destination). Probably it would send it all to the basement where the Utility Trams would haul it (bulk) to Rapture's Dump/Recycling center. There were so many corpses lying about because they didn't fit in the Garbago-Mo, and chopping them up was too much work.

Sending corpses to the Little Sisters Fortress likewise would have required rebuilding the Pneumo system, which wasn't possible because of the 'Civil War' emergency.

--- ---

Do Columbia CORRECTLY : Art Nouveau Spider-Webbed Supports For The 'Skyline'  :

And BIG Balloons supporting the 'flying city' (none of this quantum levitation BS) with nice artsy nature 'tendrils' decorations on the balloon reinforcements.

Thus we have the 'plot' possibility for an Apocalyptic 'Vision' of those hydrogen balloons all going up in fireballs (Hindenburgeresque) and the 'city' crashing into the earth (Like the 'Hand of God' smacking down the evil people). SO Comstock is really looking for a way to 'bug out' of Columbia before that happens but Fate intervenes, leading to the confrontation with Booker holding the Flaming Kabob sticks.

Yes, Hydrogen, because there wasn't enough Helium in the World (most came from the US) for a use 100X as much as those few Airships the US eventually built (and with some of the Helium shared with the Brits).

--- --- ---

Simulating Inept/Untrained/Harder Combat Skills  :

With the redirection of the game's goal being to NOT kill Splicers (you are an Ex-Splicer yourself) you can now have more interesting interactions/situations when your 'opponents' (and YOU) aren't Wyatt-Earp-fast or accurate, and their weapons and tactics might be alot less than optimal (ie- Scene of fireball flaming out in the hand of a Splicer, and setting THEM on fire and then them "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" trying to put it out ... A fave would be the "bringing the roof down on their own head" -- you don't get negative Empathy Points if a Splicer does themselves in). Misfires of poorly maintained guns and bad ammo would be frequent.

The Player likewise mishandling weapons (prevalent wavering hand type mechanic - most often seen with sniper rifle mechanics or effects of injuries). Jamming or misfiring of weapons ... Unwanted collateral damage, etc.. Being an MMORPG, 'twitch' skills would be hampered (network delay issues).

How much should be REAL Player Skill, versus Artificial (repeat-use/training readjustment of) skill efficiency ?? (Definitely NO AUTO Targeting even on Console platform clients)

Kludgey weapons (and ammo and 'accessories') may not fire overly straight or consistently (jamming) or even (crude/poor quality ones) explode injuring the user. Might be a good thing that Splicers may largely have old/damaged weapons, otherwise if playing on a near(er) level skill/ability the Players would be killed/injured too quick and too often.

Target Bounding Boxes can always be tightened up to make hits harder (even with 'perfectly' accurate sighting).

Swapping of weapons and equipment takes time -- putting the in-hand weapon somewhere (slings/holsters for some might be addon assist/speedup the getting out the replacement). Swapping back-from/to tools likewise. Certainly you could have reloading in more realistic time and cocking actions where appropriate

Increased encumbrance would effect mobility and manipulations of weapons/tools ...

--- ---

Portable Wireless Telephone Company :

New products for your convenience ...

Imagine the 'brick' that Jack had to carry around for that 'portable radio' he stole from the Bathysphere (actually he was being pursued by Ryan Security for THEFT, which is against the law after all).

Actually imaging the pile of stuff Jack carried for all those weapons and ammo and unused Tonics and Plasmids and Medikits/Eve ampules (Fitting through doors and even moving would definitely be a problem if realism used there - point would be in MMORPG to narrow down you 'carrying' a bit - with more decisions required).

Attempts would be made for the MMORPG to have somewhat more realistic Encumbrance game mechanics.

Oh and that 'Wireless' still ties into the 'wired' system just like Cellphone systems do - only moreso because of less open space, and how shit-poor radio waves go through water).

--- ---

Custom Voice Recordings Created By Player For Their Own Shopkeeper  :

Mostly short standard phrases (of limited length). Cached on Client for frequent reuse. Trademark spiels and catchphrases, etc...

Subject to in-game vetting and removable for inappropriate recordings (and subject to removal of ability to deploy customizations like this).

Voice Sets might be created by talented Players and be available for use by another Player.

You'd be amazed at what's possible once games start tapping into the Player's skills and talents (and imaginations).

--- ---

Bionicle (not Monocle at the Rapture Chronicle)  :

An ADAM BioTech enhanced vision device (eye tissue is something that could be manipulated, as it already has relevant functions without massive genetic redesign).

Infrared, Low Light, Movement Detection, Magnification, Eagle Eye, Stabilization?, etc... (Sorry NO X-Ray vision)

A Nifty Glowing eye effect ... (was probably all 'the rage' back before the 'civil war' ...)

--- --- ---

Industrial Revolution (Infinite BS Prequel Webgame thingee) BS with a Capital 'B' and 'S'  :

"Workers are barred from : Meeting in Public, Walking the Street after Dark, Reading any unsanctioned printed materials, Wearing the color Red "...

"Daisy Fitzroy has declared that any Fink Employees who does not immediately and permanently desist in their work is an active enemy of our cause and will face the bloody reprisal that is die of scabs and traitors. "...

More of the Exaggeration 'to make a point' apparently, as the measures and methods espoused by both the 'Evil' Capitalists and the 'Criminal' Worker Revolutionaries go far past what the majority of Americans in 1893/1912 would tolerate or except. SO again, much of the touted 'real' social relevancy of the game is destroyed/made irrelevant to anyone who actually KNOWS real American History. It is fine for fabricating a staged 'Failtopia' situation of mass murder and slaughter-fest opportunity for the Players enjoyment, but it is shear idiocy to claim this is anything resembling American History.

Infinite BS's bullshit meter hovers a magnitude past the 'fetid piles' level reading.

--- ---

Things Happen Too Fast  :

Limitations of computer games which lack/obscure many realworld environmental clues, and have limited/narrow vision and reactions speeds ('twitch' interactions impaired by internet delays).

Perhaps all combat and actions should be slowed somewhat to allow the Player to figure out what is going on (and time to work the controls for things more complicated than pulling a fire trigger).

If The Players were still Splicers (instead of now being Ex-Splicers) they could have used some of the Tonics/Plasmid which sped up perception (Slowed time) to facilitate this (Splicer Role Playing CAN still utilize this).

This MMORPG is not a slaughter-fest FPS game. IMO, those stupidly accelerated Online MP games which cater to the ADD suffering, uppers-fed-monkey type Players (who historically whine when they think things go 'too slow'), really cover up those games lack/avoidance of realistic tactics and their simplified reality (death becomes irrelevant when you always come back to life in 5 seconds), and simply support their Skinner Box bloated bodycounts and unrealistic gimmicks.

--- --- ---

audio diary analysis

Audio Diary "I don't recognize Rapture no more "  :

Diane_McClintock : "I couldn't believe how much things had changed since I left Dr. Steinman's office. It's like I don't even recognize Rapture no more. I hear they've been rounding up people in 'Pollo Square... I asked Ryan how could he do such things to innocents. He said, "Innocents? If they haven't chosen to defend Rapture, they've chosen to side with Atlas and his bandits". So there are no innocents. There are heroes, and there are criminals."

Where the Hell have you been Diane ? A 'civil war' going on with Terrorists slaughtering Citizens and endangering the whole city ? "Rounding Up" as in arresting and isolating criminals to protect all the other Citizens of Rapture from their violence ??

So its all Ryan's fault ? (Of course it is, that's the constant mantra of the writers) No, it is because a criminal movement wants to steal everyone's freedom and it doesn't matter how many people he has to murder to get it.

Seriously stupid some of these Rapture people are made by the lazy game writers (They can't all have the excuse of being made moronic by ADAM dementia- and if they were it should be made plain that was the case).

--- ---

Elevators Stop Working and All Those Ridiculously Tall Building Are Doomed  :

You try walking up and down 20 floors to do routine things. Maybe if the buildings could be self-contained (food being the needed item, assuming the utilities stay on).

There is a cost to 'high-rise' type building, which includes the extra maintenance. In real cities it was the scarcity of land space that drove tall buildings (and if you look at a picture of NYC/Manhattan you will see that even today the vast majority of buildings are 6 or less stories tall).

SO corrections to Rapture for the MMORPG would reflect similar logical building practices.

--- ---

Etiquette in New Rapture  :

With the MMORPG's more realistic physics, you CAN physically block other Players and NPCs (Ultima Online had this long long ago but removed it after a few years because people were using it for Griefing - maliciously blocking access to buildings, etc...).

You block a Store's door, and the proprietor might decide to not do business with you (or shove you off his property or give you a kick in the ass).

Likewise NPCs may label you 'impolite' which would affect interactive relations (and limit you attempts to gain 'Prestige'

So exists another game mechanic (now about Social interactions) of actions and tracking for 'Etiquette' (and making sure there are no loopholes or abuses in that complex system ).

--- --- ---

SitS Contrived Details  :

1967 Meltzer is starting to piece together the pattern of Child Kidnapping.

Isn't this kindof late for Sofia to be requiring new LS -- suddenly needing lots of ADAM for her delusional project, or just to keep all the Splicers from imploding ? This leaves the time interval rather ridiculously short for the schedule for such complicated Research (it should have already gone on for years). Big Sisters apparently won't "spit up" ADAM like they used to ??

Perhaps there had been many kidnapped previously, but why hadn't THOSE been similarly reported up on the Surface (and available newspaper accounts WOULD cover such things if they happened in the previous years AND Meltzer seem intent enough to find such evidence.) The writers are the ones tieing all these stories together, and they seem to NOT care much that they actually fit.

The OLD Little Sisters (now gotten older since BS1 and changing into Big Sisters who don't generate ADAM (?)) slowly decreased the ADAM-Sucker numbers, and thus the available ADAM decreased proportionally.

General lack of corpses (unless Sofia made sure more corpses were made available) meant that the LS were largely just generating new ADAM themselves (and fewer of them doing so). Eventually degradation/entrophy would make less and less ADAM exist anyway.

Perhaps the other surviving parts of Rapture- those NOT under Sofia's control, finally were able to stop her from Kidnapping THEIR children (Big Sister Protectors of THEIRS, and them coordinating and taking strong measures to isolate Sofia's troublesome little Collective).

--- --- ---

Swim Free Gil, Swim Free ...  :

Did you kill him in BS2 ? (Even if you zapped him did it actually work (Little Sisters regenerate and Gil is freakin' far past what they were ...)

Sorry Charlie ...

Batshit Crazy ... But in the MMORPG, he may communicate some interesting clues for you - if and when you run into him. Riddles/Poetry/Obscure references - he could give Sander Cohen a run for his money with his Zannyness. A radio message from Gil is always an item of interest.

Does he start carrying a Trident ?? (Seen eating a shark?)

--- ---

Watch Out, Slippery When Wet :

Or slimey, or oily or icy or coated in blood. Things to trip you up or turn an ankle. Bang your head - getta concussion ...

More detailed effects on movement by various obstacles -- a little more realism here - a game where you have a reason to often 'walk slow' instead of 'running' the whole time to get past all the boring parts of the scenery (as in so many MMORPG).

Various equipment has pros and cons (reason to switch gear fro different situations).

--- ---

Columbia Really Was Hiding ...  :

What a 14-inch railway artillery (1,400lb) shell could do to a piece of Columbia. A sledgehammer hitting a rat. Kinda hard for Columbia to hide if it was staying around the US even at 15000 feet up. Having the 'map' in the Lighthouse showing 'the route' was probably more a ploy (maybe it should have been the plots Timeline diagram to scare Booker 'the false shepherd' away).

--- ---

The Concept Art was Better pix :

For Infinite BS (shown amongst all the premarketing hype) The Skyline Personal Hook Concept (before they decided they wanted a chainsaw equivalent) - still, no matter what its mechanism resulted as, you'd still probably dislocate every joint in your arm/hand/elbow/shoulder trying to use it as they show it to be used THAT HOOK - You still could thoroughly whack the hell out of someone with it (ie- chunk of metal in the face or used to crush a spine), but I guess that wasn't good enuf ... (With all the things they poorly REGURGITATED, the Wrench was discarded).

One early concept Skyline 'hook' mechanism DID have it with a body harness - showed a girdle it was attached to (and a weapon mount arm). But I guess that was just too realistic to have in a Fantasy game. (needless to say that one was discarded early). Not really usable to 'whack' with OR to saw faces off.

--- --- ---

Art Deco It Is  :

20s and 30s were Ryan's formative years, so that's why (in story) he picked that style for his City (Art Deco started in 1925, and was built in the US through the 40s).

Nostalgia as an element for a 'game', the selection of this style made it easy to copy (no artistic/imaginative abilities required ...) The simplified decorations are also easier on the Rendering capabilities of computers.

The Great metropolis of NYC (which Rapture's Skyline is a poor rendition of) is iconic (and built of many buildings of this style (later glass wall buildings pretty much postdated Rapture's building period)

--- ---

Comstock is God (Sorry Ken, NOT An American Anything There)  :

Columbia sure seemed to be replicating 'Sodom on the Surface' for it to supposedly claim be the New Ark or Eden in the Clouds. Mammon still is King/God. The Prophet is a Charlatan. Idols abound. Maybe this is how the game writers see Religion ? The only real (unintended) "Point Being Made" was that the writers of this game were Clueless .

Profound Thought (?) Columbia was run like Ken Levine ran Irrational Games ????? (Naaaaaah)

--- --- ---

' "Spider Trap" and "Fungal Healing"  : Infinite BS vigors (proposed)  :

We could have used that first one to assist against Spider Splicers in Rapture. Tieing up enemies temporarily so you could get closer or concentrate on fewer opponents (or block a path on the battlefield)

Antibiotics (many from fungus's) - perhaps though of just for its stylized mushroom themed bottle. It might've been an alternate 'heal' you used during most desperate large/hard battles.

Nothing says there could'nt be some 'new' Plasmids like these in the MMORPG (experimental you understand, and fraught with unexpected results/failure).

--- ---

Incidental/Mood 'music' done all with Percussive Effects (easy to Asset)  :

Easy (relatively) to compose, lots of different flavors/instruments (with the periodic Team Lackey comment (or Splicer) - "WHO'S PLAYING THAT RACKET ??? "

--- --- ---

Likely Limitations for 'Console' Hardware Use:

Obviously my MMORPG features require next generations of Consoles (While PCs upgrade far more flexibly).

With more Sales-Via-Download product distribution, perhaps the (broadband) communication mechanism would need to be better, as well as major advancements of the CPU/Graphics/Memory/Secondary-storage resource (the problem is they (consoles) still get fossilized at some particular medium level point for long periods, til the next version is built).

Supposedly, Infinite BS was so lame because the consoles (Xbox360/PS3) held back alot of the feature they proposed (seen in the trailers) which had to be cut/downsized/crippled to work with the console hardware. Late revisions/retrenchings (and lack of proper early planning for it) caused further damage to game cohesion when time/money/patience ran out.

Console Input Device limitations are discussed elsewhere.

--- --- --- ---





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