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Lots More fabulous items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 110

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Scenes We Should Have Seen : (ISN'T THERE ALREADY A LIST OF THESE ?)

Elizabeth is killed by Fontaine/Atlas and Sally blithely just starts to harvest Elizabeth with her handy ADAM siphoning device (sticking it into her head) - with exaggerated crunch and slurp sounds, and then the lip smacking as the body fluids are gulped down ... (or missing that device, it is early days yet, the Little Ghoul starts sucking out the brains through the eye socket - with comments from Ghost Booker making retching sounds, and "Bad Sally !!!").

Zombie Sally has to be 'drawn out' with some nice fresh Brainz ... (Booker has to go get some...) Those early Little Sisters ... things weren't quite worked-out/perfected yet. Sally was one of the 'defectives' (as Suchong used to call them).

--- --- ---

Too much of the Game (BS1) was "Ryan Baadddd" ... :

Just more of the same vague contrivance to facilitate 'that Evil Ryan - it is all his fault' manipulation to enable that lame game 'twist' (which has you following the wishes of the lying terrorist who you are misled(forced) to believe is 'the good guy' - it is shoveled on pretty thick - with nothing you could change if you thought otherwise, anyway). BS2 and that DLC just followed that pattern.

Since the whole narrative is so spotty, WE have to fill in the details ourselves (That's been said over and over). Ryan is no doubt pissed over reports that Fontaine isn't Playing Ball/Cricket (by the rules in Rapture). Fontaine's thuggish business practices, the smuggling that Ryan KNOWS is being done by Fontaine, various stories about children being abused, businessmen/citizens threatened/murdered, addictive poison being sold to consumers, the facilitating of Parasitism, etc.. etc.. etc...

SO Ryan will do what he does best - Out-compete his opponents. 'Give the Chain a tug' - give Fontaine a proper opponent in this new thing happening in Rapture - Give Rapture 'A Better Product'. And then Fontaine WILL go - completely outdone once Ryan comes upto bat - and all Ryan WOULD need to do would be a 'tug' (Ryan talking to himself didn't say "I'll string that SOB Fontaine up with the Great Chain and tow him around behind by Limo-Sub to feed the fish !!!". (Ryan was a good/extremely successful industrialist businessman and Fontaine was just a thug - completely out of Ryan's class ).

And It was obvious that Ryan didn't simply have Fontaine killed, like Fontaine in his place would have done in an instant. And as for 'flaming hoops' (as in 'jumping through') THAT is why it took so long for Ryan to finally get Fontaine - he did it LEGALLY - an legal arrest for Smuggling where Fontaine chose to resist Rapture's Police Authorities - and in those days Cops didn't think twice about firing back at criminals. Don't forget about the dangerous/murderous Splicers Fontaine employed, evident at 'the shootout' - mentioned by McDonagh I recall (hardly a kosher business practice that... dontcha think ????). Only later (in BaS) did they bother (in-game) to publicly express reasonings/justifications showing that the people in Rapture WOULD HAVE agreed with what Ryan subsequently did. They (Rapture's Citizens) were people from THAT time, AND NOT NOW -- and they would perfectly understand putting down a dangerous criminal abusing their freedoms and safety. The original game spews its ignorance of how things in the real world work, totally avoiding the fact that the Libertarian/Objectivist system installed in Rapture would HAVE THE PEOPLE carry out and SEE Justice done, and not just lay it all upon Ryan for that lame-assed simpleton's plot. The writing cannot justify this by the chaotic settings vagueness, as it was completely missing when endless 'hints' forced the story the opposite way.

I don't hold Ryan blameless (or rather the way he is contrived/made to STUPIDLY act in this game -- again as a setup/a required environment for the shoot-fest part of the game). I've certainly enumerated all the illogic and ignorant assumptions about how they (game writers) have things work - If you simply dismiss/discount all those, then you can actually start piecing it together. When you look at what Ryan did - like a long time waiting for Rapture's people to handle the ADAM problem - mysteriously they never do. THEN when Ryan actually acts, all we hear is detractors from biased sources (none from the majority of Rapture -- because THAT would blow the writer's little contrived plotline out of the water) - "Ryan is Bad/Tyrant" is their anthem, when in the real world (for people of THAT TIME) Ryan acted as the Hero to the type of people that would have gone to Rapture. They would all want Anarchist Atlas gone, for the same reasons Ryan did. It can hardly be made plainer.

I'm just sad that, by and large, the storyline was a manipulative hack job, and only window dressing for a shooter-fest game (and the hype it got for allegedly being something *special* -- most expressed by the writers themselves, only shows how poor the whole gaming industry's products have become). It is funny, because the later (Infinite BS) story drivel is magnitudes worse.

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Audio Diary Analysis

Betrayal :

Andrew Ryan : "I... visited Eve's Garden today... it ended poorly. My seed... sold to the enemy. The motive of the whore, as yet, eludes me. But Atlas approaches... and come what may, I will not be made a slave. I wonder... in recording, do I confess? Just now, Sinclair saw me in the corridor, perhaps reading my face. The bastard looked me right in the eye... and suggested I make an appointment with Doctor Lamb."

How early was this recorded? ("Atlas" places it AFTER Kashmir). And what context it is recorded in ? Lamb is still free ? (She was locked up how long before the Shootout, etc ...) It doesn't seem phrased (that 'appointment' reference) -- Was Sinclair making a bad joke ? (with Lamb IN Persephone already psycho analyzing criminals ...)

"Atlas approaches" - means(?) that this was recorded fairly late (logical when Atlas was a major threat). Or was Fontaine using a mysterious 'Atlas' personality (possibly quite a while) before he was killed Sep '58 (except, would that persona be "looming" all that much yet??, that was not implied in the original Canon (when Fontaine was 'smart') and even in BaS 'Atlas' has hardly yet grow to be Public Enemy #1, else he wouldn't be left to run free in that lame-assed semi-prison.)

" visited Eve's Garden today." - Not clear that he just 'did the deed', or just told Jolene off and maybe beat the crap out of her for being so stupid (and getting a confession and info about Fontaine and other people's involvement) rather than kill her. Else possibly this recording is a reminiscence of the event, and may have been recorded at a later time. Vague as usual, and for all we actually know, Jolene was murdered by Fontaine to 'clean up loose ends' for his WYK plan.


These AccuVox do seem to wind up in strange places - what is this thing doing here - in a test cell in an Ryan-closed/abandoned 'secret' ADAM test facility ?? (Would Ryan have been walking the halls of Fontaine Futuristics ??) Probably recorded elsewhere. Of course maybe they became highly valued items of trade between Splicers, and got handed around quite a lot over the years.

Why exactly anyone especially someone as complicated as Ryan would make single recordings on these bulky things, when good ole pen and paper diaries were still quite effective OR when HE could afford and probably need a whole 100 recording (per disk) dictating machine disk system ???

Ludicrous to think you might have to carry a dozen of these bricks around, and a few more just in case you think of another Thought or Idea or Rant ... Since plot items are 'glowey', the Player finding just the media cartridge so-easily could have been done (and worked out fine). Truly stupid and sad is the idea-clone record player version that Infinite BS perpetrated.

--- ---

Devils Kiss (Vigor) :

You would think with Columbia's faux-American religiosity that 'devil' anything would be something to be avoided by the people there. (Would YOU be likely to drink a soda named "Tasty Excrement' ??)

But then Ken Levine has rather strange ideas about what Historic America and Christianity was.

The Vigors also weren't used much by the inhabitants. It IS hard to (program) make NPCs use (hard for NPC AI) situational/combination weapons appropriately - alot of work and skill to script them to work properly. Maybe they just would have made for far too difficult opponents for Booker -- much easier just to mob him the old simple way.

--- ---

Signage "You've Been Signed !!!!!"  :

The Michigan J Frog barbershop quartet scene which you see early in Columbia singing the anachronistic song fragments (before the mass murdering begins).

Amazingly large (huge) sign ... made just for "Today" ?? NEEDED - was more research into "the way things were done", instead of modern assumptions (which are also largely wrong - go ask a real sign maker the expense and time needed to make something like that today, even with all the modern tools and processes).

Seriously how many recordings do you think Fink's brother could possibly sell in Columbia to pay for advertisement schemes like this ? It would eat ALL the profits, and more. Why not just "If you don't buy this then The Prophet Won't Love YOU" kind of coercion you see in this kind of Cultist Police State ??? (Again a 'scene' visualized, and then weakly shoehorned into this fantasyland plot.)

--- ---

Labor Saving Devices in Rapture :

Of all kinds, for all jobs (home/business/industry). Fewer of the types of work labors/laborers which caused social divisions (or were contrived to) in the Surface World. Savings particularly if they eliminated inefficiency, and expanded utility.

Middle-class Post-WW2 appliance use, modern tools, processes and activities, automation.

Much would have been manufactured on the Surface. Rapture isn't big enough to produce most of these devices, other than to expensively custom build some of them. Many fewer are items which would be frequently purchased/replaced to warrant larger scale production within Rapture.

As years went by information from the Surface about new processes and useful/desirable objects would become known, and some would be obtained or manufactured. Local innovations would also offer some opportunity for new things of this sort.

Until the time when contact with the Surface was primarily cut off, replacements parts and additional items would have been imported (and businesses which did repairs, on being notified of the 'cutoff', would be given time to obtain a good supply (of the things they now had a understanding of being required for the future years of repairs of various items in Rapture). Sellers of 'surface' items would stock up if possible' before their source was lost.

Ryan would have facilitated special (security conscious) ordering of emergency items from the Surface even after the 'cutoff'. He also would have suggested developing self-sufficiency, but it would be upto the Citizens to foresee the eventuality. It probably would have been in Rapture's long term plans, from the start, and complainers would be told they had no excuse.

--- ---

Freight Hooks (BS) :

How far into Lala-land things go when you no longer care (no mandate for anything 'authentic', behind schedule, overbudget, third rewrite, key people quitting, easier to just copy ideas from the previous game ...) and are getting paid anyway.

A Spiderman grappling hook line mechanism might have been better -- instead of this "magnetic" weirdness (There. Something plausible, instead of just more magic quantumz BS).

Seriously, using this neat thing to take some NPCs head off from a distance (Holy Flying Guillotine, Batman !!!) would have been ingenious. Instead we got ....

--- ---

Old Rapture's Amateur Symphony :

It is unlikely that Rapture could fund a full-time Symphony Orchestra, though it is still possible something that large and ambitious might be sponsored (for a while ?) by some of the very rich people (the others besides Ryan who helped pay to build Rapture).

On a smaller scale, there could be a Chamber orchestra, Band orchestra ... Part-Time. There might be sufficient work producing music for commercial sale and TV/Movie/Radio/Theater. (Why Would Artists Come To Rapture ?)

An amateur group might (not quitting their day jobs) organize all-of-the-above (and with partial patronage). Many smaller groups and individuals could do music as hobby activities, particularly of the expected experimental music, as well as the whole spectrum of popular and cultural musics which existed. Quality of course would be inconsistent.

In New Rapture, there will probably be some amateur ensembles when Players and NPC can play appropriate musics. This using the Asset System to create more custom stuff, with the usual copyright issues - though I've seen MMORPG games where "ABC" converted MIDI music is played directly by individual players -- apparently with no legal problems (though being a fairly hamstrung playing system, with limited octaves on one instrument -- though some players used multiple avatars with different instruments and parts - some groups bigger than 10 characters playing at once).

--- ---

"Changes" Another 'join Lamb' Audio Diary of Another Lamb Supporter , but Was Cut :

Did we ever hear many Audio Diaries of people who didn't want to join Sophia Lambs 'common man' collective ? Maybe ones who WOULD see her for what she really was (having seen many like her up on the Surface and having come to Rapture to get away from them), and maybe paid for their resistance with their lives ??? (we saw enough corpses of people killed by Sophia Lamb's followers...) THAT might have made some interesting Audio Diary arcs.

Her motives might be quite obvious to those she tried to subvert, and word would get around (and to Ryan's ears) of the threat (with the number of people she tried that on, there must have been some who saw the danger). Maybe then there was alot of testimonial evidence from MANY people, those who Sofia Lamb tried to subvert against Ryan's (and Rapture Society's) Philosophy. So it might not be that difficult to see why she was tried for Sedition and Exiled from Rapture (not simply killed the way she is shown to do later to HER enemies - Objectivism largely doesn't support the Death Penalty).

Strange how none of that process is ever mentioned in the game, and neither are the institutions that would HAVE TO BE in-place in a working complex society. Instead, the writers seek to imply by omission that Lamb was simply 'disappeared' (and that Rapture was some impossible anarchist state which handled things that way). Sophia Lamb was prominent enough for sucha disappearance to go unnoticed, and Rapture Free Press could not have left THAT alone. Thus she would have been publicly tried for her crimes and sentenced to Exile.

Thus I would (and do) speculate that there would have been many people and many other parts of Rapture which were never under Sofia Lamb's control (and that the area we go thru in BS2 could be only a small part of the surviving City - we just happen to be in it because that is where Eleanor is -- who instigates Delta's (re)existence). The City IS still a mess, but if it ALL was in a state like what we saw, where Lamb ran things, it WOULDN'T have been inhabitable after that long. The MMORPG would fill in those omissions, showing what Sofia Lamb and HER "philosophy" REALLY was.

--- ---

New Term "Anachro-Fail" (Anachronism which has been @#^&ed up beyond reason) :

Misapplying some special futuristic story science/technologies further than logical, usually used to improve older period objects or to create ones which hadn't existed (or just replace things previously done with a more wizz-bang look).

This happens through ignoring what is required to produce or make-work the objects/systems/institution -- when their existence according to the story's setting is actually impossible. Knowing about something is not the same as making that something. (or using something when its complementary objects are missing).

Issues include : non-existence or impracticality of obtaining the required materials/tools/processes/know-how/skilled-personnel to be able to produce such items. Likewise THOSE pre-requirements THEMSELVES have further (often vast) predecessor requirements required for THEM in turn to exist - which when NOT met render the original impossible.

This is beyond 'wave of the hand' avoidance of story details, and rather is the outright impossibility through those missing elements, all when the story's world is not supposed to include magic (as being Sci-Fi), and are SUPPOSED to largely reflect a real world working system.


In Infinite BS, where Science is a fundamental part of the story (where things happen because of some 'great' scientific breakthrough - as the plot says) the setting has a limited time span where this divergence is said to have happened, and is done within a limited microcosm of resources. Even if the resources of the whole 1893-1912 World were applied to accelerating technology in all the needed ways, it still would have taken far longer to produce the resulting WORKING application. Every missing component (thousands and thousands) HAD first to be made workable/solved/practical to get the final results the game shows (wholesale use of the new technology - not just a laboratory experiment which most such technologies remain for decades). Unfortunately a worldwide change happening would invalidate that special story microcosm - indeed the rest of the world would be ahead and 10000X as many ruthless/ambitious/more-intelligent people would quickly have outdistanced 'Columbia'.

Changing the story (writing it to adhere to logic) COULD have fixed this. Boot-strapping all the technology from the one initial discovery (the quantum particle 'thing') leading to someone in the OTHER universe(s) to create the bulk of the required mechanisms (make the Tears happen), and THEN enabling the story's characters to STEAL already operational things from the advanced Other-Side(s) of the Tears. That would solve most of the problematic issues. No (really poor physics-breaking-BS in Infinite) explanations would be needed for the inhabitants employing futuristic (stolen) components - black boxes which just work - allowing the story to concentrate on the effects OF the technology on society (which is what proper Sci-Fi is REALLY about).

The anachronistic story elements (like the needlessly Zeppelin-like patterned flying vehicles) then become plausible by the COMPLETE high tech solution, their form just being retained only as a convention rather than through need. Infinite's "zeppelins" could have been much more aesthetic, without the need of the half-assed/badly-done retro-technology marring their appearance).

There could have been greater opportunity for the writers/designers to combine and meld recognizable future elements into era objects, in a multitude of amusing, often half-assed ways (and opportunities for commentary by Booker on such odd wonders). THAT might have given the Player something interesting to see (even when being precanned non-interactable objects/scenes) to observe/investigate between the repetitious sub-par firefights (fixing that is a separate thing).

--- ---

Booker Slaughtering Pseudo Boy Scouts with Guns/Skyhook ... :

Comstock Cadets (the Junior Flying Squad) deployed to stop the Malignant Shepherd (Booker D).

Now that would have been interesting having some of the Comstock Youth (Levine's Hitler Youth clones ...) fumbling with weapons or running away. If not for the general prohibition in the game industry to not let Players shoot/kill (or usually even interact with) children NPCs. They would be smaller targets and might run about more during the turkey shoot. Being Prepared ... Swarming over Booker like ants ... Sending in the 'Dimwits' as decoys ... maybe the most deadly opponent in Columbia ... (only thing more embarrassing to Booker's end would be if they were "The First Lady's" Girl Scouts).

--- ---

The High-tech Thingees You See Here and There (This one on the Mechanical Horse Anachro-Fail) :

Of course if you break that blue glowing Orb thingy ontop of it (some kind of Quantumz whatzits) the Universe will end (or Columbia will crumple up like the house in Poltergeist). But I might ask - why roll when you can fly ? We coulda had flying-horse-combat like that old game 'Joust' .... Or ditch the stupid Skyline crap and have flying belts and wings for everyone - Imagine how much better the battles would be (and how much harder writing the combat logic to make the enemies work properly - hmmm, when they already were hardly inspiring ... maybe not). Unreal Tournament 2000 (*15* years ago !!! ) where you could turn down the gravity so that you basically flew around when you jumped - more and more of these recent games are dumbed-down and not really better than those quite-old games.)

--- ---

Infinite BS - Game of the Year ... :

Says more about the state of today's game industry than anything. (BTW the people who designate this award are a magazine who get paid advertising from these same game companies. Nah, that couldn't possibly affect the award outcomes, and there shouldn't possibly be any pandering, no ? You hear reviewers naming all kinds of shortcomings the games have, yet they still award scores of 90+/100 (a case of 'grading on a curve' ? or just money driven brown-nosing ?)

--- ---

Empty, Empty is Rapture (BaSx) :

Maybe its just the lighting which make the BaS Rapture look too wide open for what the things normally would be (observation of John Cleese in the Cheeseshop skit - "The place certainly doesn't seemed to be contaminated with cheese" ...) These shops have alot of (too much) empty space, and a general lack of product you'd find in most real stores in the real world - what is seen might be more like what the places looked like (minus the perfect lighting) AFTER the Civil War started the chaos and Citizens grabbed anything they could, and production of things other than basics ceased.

--- ---

Fireworks In Rapture ? :

Their appeal even in small spaces (though there are a few large venues like the stadium).

Children would be keen on employing them, for their various amusement potential (though kids throwing firecrackers at Big Daddies proved a VERY bad idea). One hopes there weren't alot of puddles of inflammables in the normal times.

It is possible to have 'firework shows' out in the ocean (not too distant because of the way water absorbs light over even short distances) -- Bioluminescent displays (with intense bursts light instead of long lasting glow). Effects based on water characteristics (but also can be out-of-water using the natural chemicals). Doesn't provide 'boom' effects, but maybe rapid flashings could induce seizures ???)

This kind of Game Asset employs what is known in computer graphics as 'particle effects', which are very mathematical (scripts run them) and thus can be created/modified using fairly simple tools (and tweaked by Non-Programmers). They also each take up very little download data. People can get quite creative with them.

--- ---

Advertising of Guns in Columbia ? (ie- Ralstons Reciprocating Repeater) :

This is NOT America, not even a poor reflection of America. It is a tightly controlled theocracy police state masquerading as a New Eden. The police and paramilitary would have the weapons, but the citizens need not bother (and would be dissuaded, lest the weapons be easily available to dissidents/criminals/the insane), and ABSOLUTELY none should be made accessible to the Untermenschen (serf class). Any and all weapon manufacture would be tightly controlled and restricted.

The Infinite BS Game's story environment contradicts itself from every angle. For writers who claim to have done their research, they seem to just grab details and really didn't care to understand how real societies work. A non-white trusted to manufacture guns ? So they (writers) aren't even consistent with the 'racist' logic they try to make a point with.

--- --- ---

The MMORPG Mechanism Could Allow Alot of "What If" Scenes :

We can have all the 'Dreamscapes', potentially handling anything you want (after all, crazy Splicers can imagine/dream anything ... See, that's how we could even handle Purple Unicorn Infinite BS Fantasyland in a plausible way.)

What if : Atlas (being a more the hands-on 'Man of the People' interactor "Oh Thank you Mr Atlas for Helping Us ....") eventually personally faced some deranged insane Splicer, and was burned to death/slice-and-diced with meathooks/shotgun-blasted to the face -- resulting from the mental instability that HE had a major role in creating ? Simple Poetic Justice ...

Offer them food or ADAM ? But maybe it is simpler for them to kill and grab it ALL from this self proclaimed 'big man' Atlas ? When you turn into beasts then it is the law of the jungle, and even Fontaine was only used to a world mostly still controlled by social conventions, and could easily be quickly outdone by greater ruthlessness/precipitous action.

How many different voices (accents) could Fontaine scream in, as his face was being gnawed/peeled off ? (Would make the interrogation of Timmy H. look like a folk dance -- "Where's your stash Atlas ? WHACK !!! Give it to us and we'll kill you quickly !! CRUNCH !!! Give it to us or Ill give you to Frank here who does violent things that even disgust ME... !!!" ) Having you finger digits bitten off one joint at a time can be quite effective.

Not quite the 'savior of the people' when he has to be ringed by his own thugs, or largely avoids dealing directly with 'the people'.


What If :

Delta got his armored gloved hands on Lamb (long before that so emotionally touching ending scene where Eleanor drowns her) ?? AND Little Sister Delta coulda so easily/unexpectedly plunged (with ape-like strength) her ADAM draining needle deep into the back of Sofia's head (as she was blithely sitting at her Office desk planning what next chunk of her followers would next be 'Utopianized'). "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" (a fragment so not to have Copyright issues...) is sung by all the Little Sisters (One of those envisioned 'scenes' the writers so love ...)

Now you (Delta) go on to rescue Sinclair, who then resumes his control of Persephone, and can start planning his return to the Surface (unless he has had a change of heart through your brave actions). Just then Andrew Ryan (who hasn't been dead for these last 7 years) calls and asks you to assist him in his restoration of Rapture (after all you would only be an exhibit in a Freak Circus if you went with Sinclair to the Surface world).

Glorious resurgence of Rapture starts to begin ... The crucible has burned the parasitics out of the Citizens ...

(Seriously some creative Players could build entire 'campaigns' of missions of amusing alternate story lines like this. All the tools/resources the MMORPG system has would save them time/effort, allowing them to be employ their creativity and ingenuity.)

--- ---

MMORPG - Effectively It is ALL DLC :

With so much game world data downloaded On-The-Fly ...

  • Good Compression (minimize data size)
  • Reuse of locally (disk) cached data (Faster and even better with SSD, with their much quicker reloading)
  • Hierarchical Templates (reuse patterns for the data)
  • Procedural Generation (alot of data coming from auto-guiding scripts built into the Templates)
  • Constant New Publishing (new/improved Asset stuff constantly streamed as it is created/added/refined)
  • Priority Data Streaming (stuff you see NOW (closest to you) is first to download) and adequate filler until the more distance stuff is resolved.

--- ---

Wishy Washy Plotz (BaSx) - Infinite BS, and Beyond... :

Having Time Travel, Cross-Dimensional Meddling, Do-Overs, Infinite Alternate Universes makes it rather bothersome for the Player to distinguish anything that should matter in the story. It is all soupy quicksand that can be changed and changed completely again at the writer(s) whim. It is a distraction because of its weirdness to the Player, who has trouble relating to it. It detracts from appreciation of any other story element.

'Same' by definition doesn't exist between multiverses - each one is different (many hugely so). When infinite universes 'branch off' every sub-femto-second, each one then is on a different trajectory. They are NOT 'the same' (and the 'Butterfly Effect' will see to accelerating massive change accumulating with the tiniest difference).

All this crap with of a Rapture setting with recycled Vigor names, and whole warped Canon changed sections about Atlas/Suchong, and all the other newly introduced Columbia-type stuff, it simply shows this is NOT the same Rapture. By the Infinite BS world's faux-science system (the system the writers say it works under), there is no real reason that it should be the same (that's actually fundamental to the Infinite BS story).

Ken Levine (Mr 'its prime') can say anything he wants, the money is in the bank, and it matters not that these weird addon stories don't make any more sense. 'Prime' actually doesn't make any sense in the fantasy quantum multiverse system employed in BS Infinite and which has now tainting Rapture.

Booker and Elizabeth switched between at least 3 (4?) different 'dimensions' (alternate universes in BS Infinite ) -- so which one of THEM is this 'Prime' Ken ??? Its some Rapture, but not OUR Rapture.


What exactly is 'Canon' when there are infinite universes with every possible possibility existing ?? We don't even know what happened to Jack beyond that limited scene in the 'Evil Ending' (did he die within a few days of a childhood disease, or marines on the sub machine-gunned him and all the Splicers, or they simply left and he went back to Rapture -- SLBM Missile subs don't investigate plane crashes in most logical universes - so no nukes for Jack anyway). An awful lot of Little Sisters 'bit the dust' one way or another, so we really can't say what would have happened to 'Sally' (Jack killed her and ate her Slug -- that's a pretty good likelihood). Nothing in Quantum Physics gives anyone an ability 'seeing the future', so Elizabeth is just delusional.

--- --- ---