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Lots More fabulous items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 109

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Odd Fan-made Variations (Creations of Amusing Alternates) :

  • My Little (pony) Rapture (copyright ... ooops)
  • Rapture as occupied by Anthropoidal Cats
  • If Sander Cohen had created Rapture ... (why do the Bathyspheres have bunny ears ?)
  • Vampire Rapture (Vampire Columbia might've made more sense)
  • 1900 Rapture (1912 Rapture built in the hull of the sunk Titanic ????? Ick, Steampunk... Nemo cliches)
  • Nazi Rapture (Zombies too ?? Nazi Zombies are the Best !!!)
  • Clown Rapture ist Verboten.
  • D&D - the Duke and Dimwit Roleplaying Game
  • If they want tentacles, then THEY are going to have to do the Asset animation work themselves ...
  • Yes, if they really have to, they can wear that dress of Elizabeth's, and Sofia can come and smother THEM (there will be an "Emote" for it) ...

Even if only small represenative sections were created, it is something many Players would be interested in seeing/visiting (once). Variable Game Mechanics are fully possible in the modular MMOPG system.

--- ---

Audio Diary "Can Have My Badge"  :

Sullivan : "Hanging now, is it ? That's what we've come to ? Now look, I don't make the laws here, I just enforce them. But I didn't come to Rapture to string men up for running contraband. If Ryan and his crew have their law, then they can have my badge."

Implies it is recorded BEFORE or Just After the Death Penalty for Smuggling law was passed/proposed. If correlated with other evidence, then that is BEFORE the "Shootout", where Fontaine was 'killed', and 'Sullivan' may have (?) an office in the Wharf Masters in Neptunes Bounty with seized evidence and other clues of the Smuggling operation still being investigated.

So apparently he didn't hand in his badge over the issue at that time (perhaps he saw much more of what Fontaine was upto (crimes), and that it was more than just 'running Contraband' - many activities endangering the whole City).

--- ---

Git along Lil' Splicer, Git Along... :

Lasso Them Thar Splicers (if Cowboys just shot all the cows, their work would be so much easier).

A Lasso might be quite useful against things that don't move much (Security Cameras, Turrets, Bait Dummies that trigger Traps), where a quick skilled throw around a corner and a good yank might be quite effective. Moving objects are a bit harder, as is over longer distances.

Unfortunately Splicers might have Cowboy skills too.

Possibly the Indiana Jones Whip might be applicable in the MMORPG.

--- ---

Beware of Look-alikes :

If you find a Tonic or Plasmid bottle that has yellow liquid that doesn't quite glow ...

It likely won't fool you twice...

Red glowing stuff - things grown in bathtubs ...

Not all Sea Slugs that look like the 'right' kind of Seaslug are correct (look out for the glued on tentacle and the injected glowey coloring pattern). Note- 'Sea Monkeys' are NOT actually 'monkeys'.

--- ---

Art Deco Extravaganza !!!  :

The MMORPG has alot of potential for more Art Deco than seen in all the games/DLC with more unique objects and architecture and decoration. More Assets and even a 'Auto-Generator' that can combine elements much the way that modular system is used for many other game elements -- good to mix stuff up and have much less obvious repetition -- particularly when the 'world' map expands as the Players play.

I'm not sure what the legal issues are with copying design elements from existing buildings or furniture, etc... How heavily mutated they might have to be, etc...

Art Deco was also known as :

  • Streamline
  • Skyscraper
  • Jazz Age
  • Moderne

--- ---

John Wilkes Booth a Hero in Columbia ?  :

Truely imbecilic. Virtually NOOONE in the South (or North for that matter) saw the cowardly assassin Booth as ANY kind of Hero. Typical ignorance/carelessness by the Infinite BS writers to think so. Robert E. Lee, on hearing of Lincoln's Assassination said : "The South has lost its best friend." But then, the lack of ANY historic/religious basis for all this pretend BS 'American' whateveritwas that Levine & Co moulded, was of all the same scatalogical nature.

--- ---

Filtered Reality :

Everything in the game (BS1) was designed to force you into a certain mindset, so that they could spring 'the twist' on you. The Player was obviously being manipulated to swallow Fontaine's lies (note- the tragic mood music for the little "Fake Atlas family blown-up in the Sub by that evil Ryan" scene. There was no real music -- it was simply pressure upon the player who is used to cues like that in-game to help tell them whats going on (in this case having a lie forced upon them).

Now that you have realized that, go back and look at everything the writers did in your game experience - everything you are shown is fairly one-sided or vague (vagueness also meant less work too - less possible to have jarring contradictions in the storylines).

Jack could even be mentally blocking things out (your perception as a Player) as he was Fontaine's creature with his mind shaped to order, and could have been preconditioned to go against anything Ryan believed in (that, besides the excuse of being compelled to do things more directly by WYK, as is later revealed). ((As mentioned elsewhere, Jack's mind is artificial/incomplete from what a REAL person of his age should have, and that in itself warps whatever we think we are shown from his point of view.))

Probably Jack had munched on many tasty BBQ'd Splicers (!Incinerated corpses) on his way as he travelled across Rapture, and could have murdered lots of 'normal' people (Ryan Supporters) along the way without YOU being conscious of it. How would you really know ?

I suppose, if they (game writers) were more clever, they could have had you be shown to be head-injured in the crash, and subjected you to visual/auditory effects caused by it, and have at least a little of something hinting that your thinking is impaired. That is, if (to preserve that plot 'twist') they wanted a reason/excuse to NOT ever show direct evidence/clues that contradicted/confused the forced perceptions.

At the end of BS1, did Atlas really look like that ? Or was it again the result of Jack's heavy use of ADAM in a very short time that completely addled his brain (along with who knows what that Tenenbaum did to him later - SHE could manipulat e Jack for her own purposes also...). Is it a remnant of the conditioning/mind-shaping that would have Fontaine look like a god, to be able to obtain obediance when needed (and Fear otherwise), and some of that influence remained (undisabled by Tenenbaum) which made 'god Fontaine' harder to destroy than he should have been (notice that WE (Jack) don't actually get him in the end in that precanned ending).

--- --- ---

Slaughter-Blast-Fest is Ended - Long Live the Clever Player :

The MMORPG needs to offer an alternative to the 'incredibly massive body count' game style. You don't want to have to 'beat your way' through to your interesting world Destination constantly (the imaginationless generic Minefield of Enemies).

It is rather better to face fewer more challenging enemies (in logical/appropriate places) who are more able than the usual (NOT the "You entered my activation circle, and now I charge at you and fight you til Im dead") - typical/pathetic/chronic NPC enemy behavior scripting.

You actually should have to think a little to win (something Players don't have to do in most MMORPG games these days, when they mindlessly force their way on towards the next 'canned' tableau story scene, or walk past some (apparently dumb, deaf and blind) enemy NPCs, with miniscule activation radii, which the terrain is generically carpeted with).

--- ---

Pneumo This Sucka !!! :

If only I could order from In & Out Burgers this way ...

SO little do most players know that the 'Pneumo' is NOT an original idea, and its widespread used 100 years ago (sending mail in some of the worlds great cities) existed. We should have seen a system like this in Columbia (if they didn't want to be thought 'backward' for that Worlds Fair - and they did regurgitated nearly every other idea from Rapture, so why not this one too ?)

--- ---

"Who is Atlas" Propaganda - How Soon Did You It Figure Out ?  :

That Atlas was a lie, a manipulator using you ? Did you start to get suspicious in Arcadia where you start seeing those posters which made it obvious that 'humble' Atlas was just a show (humble people dont put up (or allow) pretentious self-aggrandizing posters of themselves).

It might have been honest to show at least one poster like this : [PIX] But then what could you do different in the game? You never have any options and the plot allows none (AND it takes ALOT more skill to make a sophisticated game like that with decisions causing different plot paths, and circumstances/consequences shaped by those Player decisions).

Atlas, after a while, sounded like he was some troublemaker (why else would the Founder of the city be after him), and not exactly just trying to escape. He has you do all these things for him, yet he seems to be able to do an awful lot that would have let him escape - if thats what he really wanted.

--- ---

Its a Gyp !!  :

Need more Egyptian themed stuff (was popular in the 20s - Ryan's formative years, and used in some Art Deco) ... More Egyptian 'mythology' names for stuff.

--- ---

McClendon's Toilet Scrubbing Robot :

"Somebody's gotta scrub the Toilets" - well maybe not all that much. Labor saving devices would be 'all the rage', and technological solutions of all kinds could be invented and sold. Not everything could be automated (we could have seen more evidence of this - and might in the MMORPG).

Basic living expenses may have been reasonably cheap, and wages even for lowest jobs may not have been that low (no new population flow into the city to artificially depress wages/salaries, competition would exist, so the labor market would/could self-balance).

--- ---

Alternate Infinites (Horror-scape)  :

Ben Franklin with his access to Lightning - reanimating dead (isn't that what we were told the Vita-Chamber did, and then theres the magic juice Elizabeth injects into Booker ?? Zombase ...) For the altered somewhat-better pseudo-science cliche Columbia - now having their own Frankenstein (An Even Neater Handyman ...)

Columbia could also have its own version of Vampires (after all, isn't that what a Little Sister is ?) Vampires would be quite at home in a nighttime floaty cityscape. Nice an bright and shiny by day, but once it gets dark ...

Now every other trashcan and corpse will have Garlic in them for loot. Silver Bullets being hard to come by.

The Bat (perfect environment flying and all the lights to attract insects, along with the raw sewage of that era).

Songbird (DemonWing) needs to be able to breath fire (or shoot Lightning out of its ass).

Ghosts ... of all the people Comstock/Booker/Fink killed (half the place is a cemetary - and you never DID get to see the catacombs).

Loch Ness monster in Battleship Bay (Och man!! Loook at thee Booones !!!)

Yes, and Zombies are by far the best -- side effect of the metaphysical mumbo-jumbo Comstock tapped into by sacrificing his Daughter to the Devilz (a Brother and Sister Team now) ...

A Plantation (Jefferson and Washington) connection means - yes you guessed it - Voodoo!!! Throw in a few Irish Banshees just for fun.

All your classic (and non-copyrighted baddies) are fair game and can be interwoven into the horrorscape.

Are YOU starting to realize what a game system like this is capable of ?? - something we could actually have "some day".

--- ---

Bootleggers, Gangsters and Scofflaws ...  :

Ryan would have been against Prohibition (the Constitution Amendment which made producing and selling Alcoholic beverages illegal in the USA).

Imagine a scenario where ADAM was 'Prohibited', and THEN you might have had the possibility of a replay of the things that happened during the Prohibition era (but again Ryan wouldn't have that, OR after ADAM was proven to be poison would have had grounds and public support to make the producers liable, and THAT would drive out the ADAM business and limit usage).

--- ---

Rapture Mixed Drinks :

- Some SeaSnake venoms can be used in interrogating prisoners (for information), and also can be an adaquate substitution for Vermouth in Martinis.

- Ryan's Rapture Martinis - Parasites Shaken out of it, and Achievement Stirred in, and with a Splash of Genius ...

- Tequila Mockingbird - the book was published 1962, but then many things in Rapture were ahead of their time ...

- The Great Chain - Ryan Rum with Sinclair Soda, and a dash of Cohen Catsup ? (Alternately Named 'The Crushed Parasite')

- Kelp ? Can booze be made from Kelp ? (and don't let it be called "The Bloody Stool", or originating in a bar by that name.) If it has carbohydrates, it can be fermented. But removing unwanted unpleasant taste is the trick - though that might be less an issue during the Civil War (or after 'Ryan is Dead' and disorder descends) when better alcohol is harder to come by. Vodka, made quadruple distilled eliminates most noxious tastes.

--- ---

Clodumbia Minuteman Machine  :

Good idea to have a vending machine where any Vox or other rebel/criminal could buy (or break into and steal) guns and ammunition. If any had existed BEFORE the Vox were organized, they should all have been removed AFTER. But such missing logical storyline details don't seem important alongside the bigger illogic.

That IS avoiding the concept that in 1912 you could possibly have ANY workable machine selling more than postcards/stamps/gum/packaged-cigarettes - made by the technical Caveman Fink and his 1893 thinking/understandings. Why not a computer Replicator thingee Tear-stolen from 2300AD which would be far more likely to be possible IF a logical universe ruled the game.

--- ---

More Creepy Bosses To Find Out There ...  :

Rapture Wheelchair 'boss' -- Mr Wheels (I suppose The Wild Wild West's Dr Lovelace and his gimmicks could be an idea template - So call this guy 'Dr Hatemore' ... and maybe make him a Dr Strangelove-like ex-Nazi). Von Braun (of V2 and US Space Program fame) wasn't a Nazi, and started building Rockets long before WW2 (he though of going to the moon even then), and when his V2 project was starting to work effectively (finally) had it seized by the SS. So thick German accents will be heard in Rapture.

--- ---

Symbology of the Little Sisters Vents :

Sun symbol, Plant vines ... Life. Pretty. (not sure why they extend to the ground for their original function).

Air circulation through Rapture - the air has to travel both directions (the outflowing vents would probably be 'heated air' (and be connected to the oxygen renewal systems) and the inflowing 'spent' return vents would go to the places that the CO2 in it was used by plants (or exhausted to the surface in the very early days).

The 'Vents' predated those 'Little Sister' ADAM recycling ghouls walking about Rapture. They were first part of the air circulation system -- thus the idea LS can move through them to return to wherever they have their ADAM extracted (though how exactly that is done (the traveling AND the extraction) I will have to get VERY creative to explain).

The Vents in the DLC showed a grating over the opening (useful to keep people from throwing garbage into them, as would their elevated opening position).

--- ---

Doogey and Dipshit : Rapture's Answer to "Dimwit & Duke" :

Application for similar public societal lessons (except not Fascist like Ken Levine thinks 1912 America was). Venue would likely be on TV (or VERY "Shorts" in the Movie theaters). Those stupid retro kinetoscopes seen in BaS would likely only be for Porno, and the puppet games might only work if the Player got to shoot things (a good idea for another palmtop runnable Mini-Game).

--- ---

Snap of the Fingers (Wave of the Hand)  :

Just a bit odd how Eleanor and Tenenbaum (in BS2) can arbitrarily remove Alpha Series conditioning, and tweak Vita-Chambers with such ease when the story requires them to.

Well some of it was part of Tenenbaums area of work, and she probably knew where to find the info of how the Vita Chamber worked. Actually, the problem of many such conditionings is that they are easier to disrupt than they are to maintain. Tenenbaum got Little Sisters away from Big Daddies by herself, so she may have developed some accute understanding of what was needed to disable the BDs in many ways (without requiring major fire-power or surgery). We don't know the details of how long Tenenbaum may have worked on Sigma (perhaps months ?? or even how long Jack had been incommunicado when she did similar for him).

Eleanor had years to mess around with Vita Chamber's (they hint she messed around with machines alot as a child), and there were many Little Sisters to help her find informantion about how they worked. Your waking (as Delta) may have been after a LONG sequence of 'attempts' which didn't quite work.

And as for Ryans 'death', with Delta remade after 10 years just from DNA from somewhere else than where he died (allegedly), that kinda takes the wind out of the nay-sayers who say "But that machine was turned off and all the others were too far away". In my opinion, they really blew it (in BS1) as not having Ryan 'twisting the twist' and really having ALSO faked HIS own death to get Fontaine/Atlas - which would have been far more logical than him suddenly turning into a surrender monkey and leaving Rapture to the enemy he despised (and right at a point he was winning).

--- ---

Daughter Like Father :

Interesting that Eleanor may have gotten similar brain scans, and N-gram extractions as Delta had done (her being a early 'Gatherer' with the new conditionings), used as a part of the process that Sofia Lamb tried to reconstitute her daughter from the 'Sea Slug' mutated state, and then to further her 'Utopian' program.

This makes it possible that Eleanor's OWN memories could have been inserted (by Eleanor) into whatever unfortunate corpse she decided to bring back as her 'father', and to carry out her rescue from her crazy mother.

--- ---

Audio Diary Anylysis section

"My Greatest Disappointment" - Could Ryan Really Say This? (Unless it was a Bluff) :

Jack is a 4 year old testtube mutant who's had Fontaine/Atlas whispering in his ears from his first moments. And has been subjected to brainwashing/conditioning that the North Koreans would envy ... Imagine the 'treatments' which might have been applied by non-empathic souls like Suchong and Tenenbaum.

It rather could be (?) all (plausibly) Ryan 'just Playing along' to get Atlas to give himself away. After Jack 'brains' the animatronics dummy Ryan, and Fontaine starts his little victory dance and gets the fake key that signals his location - Ryan's plan is working. Ryan is having the Terrorist traced and the location closed off, and 100 Pheromone encouraged Splicers are told where Atlas is (all bent on trying to collect the 10000 ADAM Bounty on Altas's head), as well as a small army of Ryan's Security men, along with an armada of Flybots. Heck, even if Fontaine becomes that ADAM-Swilling 'Atlas', with all that SuperSplicing (if he had time), all that firepower would obliterate him (as it would have YOU, as Jack, if Ryan really wanted to stop you).

Unfortunately, even after whatall Jack by himself did, the plot DIDN'T allow YOU to destroy the machine that Atlas kept rebuilding himself with - forcing that little final 'canned' playacting with the Little Sisters -- which happends even if you HAD Harvested EVERY ONE you came across. Now THAT would have been REAL consequences : For Fontaine/Atlas to WIN if you'd harvested/killed ALL the LS ( "*YOU LOSE*" in big Art Deco Lettering and the credits would roll...).

--- ---

Just Said NO to ADAM ...  :

Seems more than a few personalities in Rapture survived quite well without Splicing with ADAM (or eith insufficient for it to be evident/affect them). Stanley Poole(mostly), Grace Holloway, Sofia Lamb, Ryan, Fontaine(til his swan song), Sinclair, Tenenbaum, McDonagh(til he tried to assasinate Ryan), Sullivan(?)... All managed to keep alive and be in control of their circumstances.

How many other people, citizens we never saw, did likewise ? Did only the crazies run towards death-machines like Jack/Delta/Sigma (or to attack Big Daddies)? A clear head to stay alive, without the distraction of their addiction pulling them towards danger. Rapture may have still been relatively full of such people, even as Sofia Lamb carried out her attrocities down there in the South part of the City.

--- ---

Robotics - Flybot Security Bot Systems :

Control with a Computer Electronic unit - sensor interpretor/relay and action control. Early units would have been manual remote control with simple autopilot assistance, later Bio-Electronic advancements made more automatic systems possible. Even then supervision would have been likely.

Simple Internal Navigation Mapping, spacial recording, obstacle avoidance.

Sonar Sensors (chirpers/tweeters) distance to surfaces (useful for avoiding walls/dynamic obstructions) Optical sensor Low-res TV, infrared - piped back to 'Base' for interpretation Optical Sensor Flasher detection (optical friend/foe system - as on-the-fly genetic detection/decoding is a BIT too sophisticated/bulky) Gyroscope Self-Leveling (some models) Mercury Switch based tilt self-balancing orientation Sensor (3D automatic leveling)

Rotor Throttle, Altitude and Tilt acceleration Propeller Clutch Throttle - Forward and Axial rotation Rotor Tilt control Side Rotor Pitch control Up/Down Rudder Turn Axial Rotate Propeller Variable Pitch (forward/turn motion tuning)

Fuel Sensor Gun activation/ammo sensor

Radio signaller (directives from central controller and alarm alerts) TV Feed (some models) allows operator or central computer and activity recordings

--- ---

The Flybot's Home Base :

Flybot 'smart' controllers for example use a smaller form factor ('tube style' packaging - less weight and more compact, with more shock/environment hardening). Different 'disk' substrate sizings (ie- dimensions 1 inch by 2 inch substrates for standard 'tube style'). Greater use of custom logic programming using Neural Nets (less of the General purpose computer functions). There's alot of quick (realtime) sensor feedback and control tuning processing (instead of being like an adding machine).

The Flybot's tactical computer is actually back at its base, where that complex system is kept safe, and stable, and the Flybot itself is a sensor equipted remote control robot (still with some fancy electronics for fast reflexes/reactions of its controls). Semi-Manual control of Flybots was common to make command decisions about mission targets (like proper identification before non-lethal weaponry was activated, or verbal warnings given first). Systems like this would work in concert with on-foot personnel.

--- ---

Proper Character History :

Why not have Flashbacks scenes of Booker murdering and mutilating Indians - much more telling if Players knew who their character really was ... Everytime you Press (Y) for Execution you get Flashback of Booker's past Savagery. Now THATS Good Gamin' !!! ...

--- ---

Rapture Construction Details :

Much of the electrical systems in Rapture seems to be in sealed conduits and junction boxes/panels (even the TVs apparently). This all would be logical with the potential for short circuits from leaks/seepage and the likely humidity conditions. These are Technologies similar to those used on ships for well over half a century (at Rapture's time) thus being available.

Compartmentalization (watertight sections) would also be done to minimize the spread of the effects of major leaks and other calamities. Maintenance Airlocks allow access for repairs to flooded areas. A general drainage/pumping system is spread throughtout the structures.

--- ---

Wii Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :

Ergonomic-movement, Wii type controllers -- probably no need/justification, as that console (with the specialized accelerometer feature - three axis sensing of motion) would be limited to a minority of console Players (possibly not worth the development effort). Maybe some mini-games might be built by Players for it, which use its features (if the manufacturers program tools make it easy, and the program library to use that interface can be integrated into the MMORPGs Tools). Compatibility is the issue -- lots of games were never written for Wii (in real game industry) for that very reason.

Perhaps by the time this MMORPG game is ever done (or a fraction of its advanced features are realized in the game industry) it might be common for many more console game controllers to have this kind of feature ? (and/or PCs to have inexpensive Console Style interfaces...) Likewise the hand held have such sensor systems, and could be used for the handheld components of the game.

So what would it do for your game experience ?

Punching a splicer (kung fu fighing), climbing/crawling controls, playing drums in the Jazz band (various other activities...)?

--- ---

Rapture - Raptor - Seems Natural :

Except most people before the movie (where they changed the (real) large-chicken sized dinosaur into large menacing geniuses) never heard of them, and 'raptor' referred to birds of prey (like eagles/hawks/etc..)

What would later be named Velociraptors were discovered in 1923.

A Baseball Team called the Rapture Raptors would then have an Eagle as their mascot.

--- ---

Actual Amounts of Active Ingredient in Raw ADAM ??  :

Ex- Curare 0.002 grams of Ouabain (the active ingredient) is a lethal dose for an adult human (amount roughly equivalent to 2 grains of sand).

Various biochemicals that induce reactions in tissue need not be of great bulk. It is BS that ADAM is "Stem Cells", which cannot possibly have already matched the recipient's DNA (and you would need a huge mass of to it make the large tissue changes shown in-game, and then need to be diluted to be able to supposedly pass easily through the users blood stream). Instead, it is something that induces the conversion/reversion of existing cells back to Stem Cell state at certain areas of the body, which then adopt some new genetically controlled configuration. That tissue then carries out the functions required by the Plasmid. Early Medical uses made possible the body repairing itself to its original DNA, before the subsequently added genetic changes.

--- ---


Really, you are supposed to learn things from Thought Experiments (and the only thing learned from any/all in Infinite BS was WHAT NOT TO DO, or that Nothing You Do Actually Matters, as it is all just predistined Fate with no responsibility, or all you do can be instantly Destroyed/Erased by Fantasy Meddlers). Not a great epic story is it ? - NO lesson learned.

--- ---

Superheated Water to Power Vehicles ?  :

705F 212 atm (~3000 lb/sq in) - the limit before water is Super Critical (unstable staturation point)

How much energy can be stored ??? As compared to Electric batteries/chemical reactions ????

~ 1 MJ/KG (chemical reactions can contain more, even discounting their required oxidizers)

There would be the usual mechanical Conversion to 'work' inefficiencies... (as always)

Condenser/Heat exchanger system is needed to avoid Rapture ambient water pressure fighting the exhaust steam.

Hot Water Is available in Rapture at the geothermal sources, though distributed points (for general 'recharging) would be overly complicated.

This is what is used in Rapture's power plant 'heat engine' power generation (simpler 'fixed' installations near the heat source).

--- ---

Vomit Bags are Available for a Modest Price :

Deluxe Service would also offer mints at likewise modest prices.

A Spherical Bathysphere rocks when passengers inside shift about (the compensation system can't adjust fast enuf). A large part of the vehicles mass has to be at the very bottom to dampen it some (hard to do with the heavy spherical pressure shell). Stabilizing fins which generate water flow resistance in the horizontal plane would help (good thing the Bathysphere is actually dragged round on Cables, otherwise the added drag would limit self-propulsion efficiency even more).

--- ---

Another Mission Variation - Blind Pathfind :

Dark/obscured situation - You hear sound effects that give you clues to which is the right way, but you are in total darkness.

You had basic clues as to which sounds (previously heard or mentioned in script) indicate your progress, and then sound effects of what you are feeling your way through (or things run into). Along with some odd undiscernable sounds thrown in.

More fun is lashing out in the dark at something you can hear moving around you (or something suddenly being detected or biting you).

Faint streaks of bioluminescent algae/mold might be seen in places, but in general most everything is totally dark (and doesn't allow the 'turn up the brighness' on the monitor/screen to avoid the intended situational difficulty).

--- ---

Weakly Made Game Terrain (Poorly Done Movement Blocks) :

I have a major dislike for games with obviously artificial blocks upon the Player's movements. Alot of level designers are just lazy or incapable of enough imagination to justify why a Player cannot go a certain way (frequently used to cause the player to go the-long-way-around thru the same terrain). The lamest of all are where the props are little different from those the Player can cross elsewhere, yet they block movement at THAT point (arbitrary effect of detail).

In the MMORPG, the physics engine would NOT have any magic walls, and it would be upto the scenery/terrain to be systematically/consistantly valid blockage (which also in this game the Player might have a number of alternate solutions available to get past). This is to have less being 'led by the nose' in a more realistic sandbox type world. Missions with 'on the fly' scenery would be held to the same standards, and require the creators to properly justify limiting the Player's passage.

--- --- --- ---






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