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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 106

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For People with No Imagination, Who want to Create a MMORPG Mission - The Rapture_Reborn Story Generator  :

Build a Random connected Story (using a 'Wizard' interface, with 'pull down' plausible story options, and with sufficient mission Validation Logic to make sure the parts fit/stitch together adaquately) with detail fill-in-the-blanks (provided with suggestions and handy defaults) when desired. Predefined (and often self-fitting) groupings/prop-assemblages/terrain sets of placeable objects eliminates much of the work on fiddley minor details. Then there is some randomized content filler to vary things a bit (make it look somewhat different to every Player that plays through it - grungification/defacements/leaks/lighting variations/etc ... ). Greatest of all (brought to you through the magic of Templates) -- Automatic Scenery composition/Production. This all uses the MMORPG's Auto-Generation system to immediately build and view the creation (even quickly flip through a selection of random factor application/variations). The static parts of the Mission design can subsequently be overridden/adjusted/reapplied/tweaked until the previewed 'Mission' looks close to what the Player wants for their scenario. Option Selections are made coarse-to-fine of flavors/options/sub-options to customize/refine the result. Automatic validation logic is part of the Template system (the editor visually flagging/invalidating/blocking any conflicting/non-cohesive details/elements that occur).

Tools something like this have existed for various games over the yearsm but were secondary products to the game and made by a substaff of company people. In The MMORPG the Player base would be called upon to improve/expand the capabilities/ease-of-use to make it all work far better.

Preexisting (world map) Rapture locations can be used for a prologue path towards the Scenario's built-on-the-fly main setting ("There's a guy who wants to get in touch with you, and he'll be at the corner of Freedom and Comercial Streets at 7 oclock"... which directs you down that manhole wherein the sewer area has something of interest...)

The Game Server creates a temporary "Bubble Instance" (a made up place on the Server) at the game-time for a Player running the mission. Props/terrain/NPCs/dialog are placed logically for the play-through in some generic locale which later isn't to be found (plenty of non-descript places in Rapture - its big...)

The point of the system is to allow Players to Create without having to bother with a myriad boring insignificant details (with ease, to maximizing the number of Players who can do so), AND to create Mission content which wont interfere or have to be tediously integrated with all the others.

--- ---

Rapture's Drainage System :

Drains and catchments on every level of Rapture with channels leading to the lower levels where the pumps were.

Would have to be there from the start when the place was constructed - the surface prefab structural buildings were built filled with water and taken to the bottom and fastened to the sea floor, joied to other sections, then sealed and pumped out, AND cleaned, and then their interiors were finished. The drains would be there to extract all the water (and the washout to remove salt/sea scum) as part of that process.

Pumps from adjacent building could be used in Emergencies.

--- --- ---

Methods of MMORPG In-Game 'Search' Skills Giving Extra Indicator(s) To Player :

'Search' Skill efficiency for different types of things the Player selects - concentrating on specific things/opportunities/danger/clues (cause 'highlighted' markers in view). Limitations for how many things can be looked for, or with what 'intensity'/'attention'. "WE are looking for Bio-Logic Modules as a Priority"... (Issued to groups/individual Team NPCs , or Player himself probably with several 'configure' quickset to minimize reissuing same control/menu slections ad nausem over and over).

Automatic 'Spidey Sense' indicator (different modes when Player is looking for specific types of things) some sound/visual indicator that something of interest is near, but not as obvious as "the blatant glowing outline".

The Players 'Team' lackeys (NPCs) may point out objects of interest. (Player can have Team NPCs doing searches, who notify the Player). Preferably NOT while in the middle of Combat... NPCs WONT be Throwing goodies at the Player - "Hey Boss, Rabid Cat !!! Catch !!!"

Limitations :

  • Cost - The Mode operates with penalties slowing movement or requiring concentration when used.
  • Situational/environmental factors may mask/obscure the ease of finding - distractions, etc... Actions which takes its own attention for a duration can cancel the sensing.
  • Boresite and range (other things - sounds ?? smells ??) - make limitations on how they work
  • Tools of various kinds can assist, but have their own limitations/costs.
  • Skills effect aptitude of the searcher (including Player's Team NPCs).
  • Limits per individual to 'attention' simultaneously applicable for different types of things (more intense concentration is most restrictive).
  • Some things searched for would have attributes of being hidden/camouflaged making them harder/take longer to detect.

--- --- ---

Stupid/Bothersome Interfaces :

Activation of a skill should NOT take a 3 Deep Menu EVERY fricken time you want to use/activate it ... You should have quick-skill icons (pre-programmed by Player) for common actions of THEIR choice. This requires an ease-to-use helpful interface to create (preprogram) these custom controls (if they are too hard, few Players will use them effectively). These 'controls' could be in the form of custom (mouse clickable) 'buttons' (with a configurable mnemonic appearance) to position anywhere on screen. (They did this in Ultima Online 15 years ago...) Alternatively they might also be voice activated with on word. Preconfigured "Configuration Sets", could select/change/activate many Player behavior ON-OFF modes - serious;y needed to minimize typical/routine 'busy work'/fumbling/tedium. Similar commands would be applicable as Orders for the Player's Team NPCs - "Fred have the electrostun ready, and Jacko you use the Net" ... With reasonable game mechanics delays (for a little more realism) when tools/equipment are being used ('switched out' for the items used (if any) - with the proper animations - not too instant - so you have to plan ahead a little sometimes).

--- --- ---

We coulda had a giant flying cat!!!


--- ---

Original Public Security Mechanisms Would Have Been Non-Lethal :

Shooting at perps would be an undesireable option in 'normal' times, and there would be sufficient alternatives : Tear Gas, Beanbag Cannon , Knockout gas, Taser-type shocks, followed by human intervention - that would be sufficient. Early systems would have been remote control with a security operator to make proper decision in the application - spotlight, booming voiced warning, and then non-lethal force.

The cost of mistakes (as in responsibility) under an Objectivist Societal system would have made that the rule (logic largely omitted from the game).

SO yet again, the game gives a distorted view showing what was made necessary in a 'war', 'anarchy', with terrorism afflicted city, and implying this is what normalcy was (part of the crude plots player manipulation) long after normalcy had ended.

--- --- ---

High Energy Fuels for Portable Power Sources :

Batteries are heavy, and of limited capacity (true even today). ... Poor energy density.

Fuel Cells same, and they operate at high temperatures (not optimal for something like a Bathysphere).

Combustion (mechanical engine) still a viable solution, though 'Sea' operations require oxidizers to make the burning of a 'fuel' possible. (Thus Big Daddy Drill 'Fuel' would need to be both Fuel AND Oxidizer if used out in Ocean).

Internal (normal atmospheric pressure) combustion still needs elimination of exhaust gases. (Bathyspere/Sub/AE_Train must exhaust outside into Sea - and thats compressed to force it out against the pressure.)

For External (In Sea at Sea Pressure) Combustion - Pressure differentials to operate at Raptures depths (20 atmospheres and even deeper).

--- ---

Cohen Follies :

All Star Chorus (the style is more throwback to 20s 30s, Broadway kinda thing)

Actual Ziegfeld Follies had ALOT of risque stuff in it that makes Cohen's weidness ordinary.

--- --- ---

Reanimation of the Long Dead - Delta was an Exception :

Few 'dead' people had as much info recorded and stored about them (and sorry, no entanglement magic BS - this isn't Infinite BS Fantasyland) The mind shaping techniques used on Jack apparently were used again by Eleanor to rebuild Deltas mind -- to his heavily disrupted and later repaired corpse (maybe with various help - Tenenbaum, The Thinker, Gilbert ?). Delta being an experimental Alpha unit, he would have had LOTS of data stored about him while they were testing and debugging the process.

Idea - Delta was put on 'ice' when Lamb 'killed' him in 1958 (recovered by his test handlers and forgotten during the Civil War chaos). But what actual damage did he sustain ? He was a heavily spliced BD, and bullets going through the brain are not always fatal (assuming the bullet didn't graze him, but still resulting in his disablement) and BDs had alot of self-repair capacity. And how much work did his 'Alpha' handlers do way-back-when to stabilize him while they were analyzing his state ?

Jack was 'conditioned' from-scratch to think he was a person, so similar techniques probably existed (first) for remolding/shaping Big Daddies from the brain-dead Splicers they were recycled from ... The corpse used need not have even been the original.

--- --- ---

Was Ryan Linked to the Philadelphia Experiment ? :

The real experiment during WW2 was intended to make a ship 'invisible' to Radar (none of that interdimensional stuff from that Movie).

His knowledge of high power electrics and his desire to end wasteful wars (preferably to be won by the side that allowed people Freedom and Capitalism and his Industrial possessions).

It may be a reason the Lighthouse was allowed to stand, as it might be contrived to 'disappear' (yet still stand as a symbol). Jammed compasses/radio/radar (and sonar ?) were mentioned in the whole Something In The Sea story. (Which might help Rapture remain unfound into the late 60s and very early 70s of the MMORPG, even while military technology made great leaps in capabilities).

--- ---

The Saturnine - Juvenile Insanity :

Fart-henge ... do with it what you will...

Saturn's Utopian Reign is from Virgil (Roman poet/writer) is reference to a Golden Age. Langford speaks of 'frat boys' (college education wasnt as common as now) who would come up with references like that.

Saturn is also the greek god Chronos (so there should be some fun references to that in the MMORPG).

--- ---

The Infinitely Dim Gun Turrets :

Those sad copied/regurgitated Infinite BS things :

  • Illogically cloned from Bioshock. Technically, how do they pick targets (remote control) ? A Midget inside ? A Magic enslaved Warp Fairy ? These dumb machines must've constantly slaughtered the city's inhabitants something awful, and the Founder soldiers too. Real bullets fly and ricochet everywhere (and go through walls and can travel thousands of yards), so the collateral damage must've been terrible.
  • Why are these things in the city again shooting at a not-likely-to-be-geneticly-marked False Sheppard ? (How do they designate what IS a target ?) IF they had been manually controlled they STILL could have had Possession applied against them... Another use for the Handyman 'head' in a bottle.
  • SO now the Quantumz Bullshit makes AI work for machines ?? Mixed with Clockwork technology... And why just old-fashioned bullets when Quantumz could have them firing neato Death Rays ???
  • They (The Founders) have these, and the 'Vox' still are a problem ? 300 Rounds a Minute !!! A few good massacres of the Vox and they would be afraid to stick their necks out again (which they should have been already with the Police State that Columbia was shown to be - seriously its not a big place and the 'rebels' have literally nowhere to run - the Keystone Cops coulda easily put an end to them (hmmm, thats an idea...)).
  • And why do the Turret things have a WW1 helmet on it ? That future image wasnt known to the ordinary folk. (the period Army peaked Campaign Hats might've been better/proper/logical if they really needed to have them). Also, If you are going to have an anachronism then why stop just a few years in the future ? Machine gun armed 'turrets' would have been scary enough for normal civilians, so why not have them camouflaged in Angel statues or somesuch?

Methinks they ran out of imagination in a major way (and were stuck using poorly duplicated ideas from the previous games).

--- ---

"Yes, Why Not ?" (Another of Cohen's Theater Titles??) :

Sander Cohen gets ahold of a Handyman, and does the Dance scene from Young Frankenstein.

((Even better lets Infinitize/DLC this and make Cohen a universal genius like Lutece/Fink/Suchong/Elizabeth, and have him MAKE his own Handyman lackey (big plaster covered goon with an interesting way he goes through those Securis doors). It would take care of all those bothersome tasks which get in the way of creative inspiration - like mixing plaster, seizing and fastening explosives to ingrates, fetching Cappucinos, doing the daily rollcall of the Plasterettes, Feeding the Bunnies, etc.... If we "Go Crazy" (another good Theatrical title ...), Sander Cohen could become a interdimensional god like Elizabeth ("Wouldn't that be Fun"(title).. - at least as a dream sequence for the MMORPG)).

--- ---

Bathysphere Floating High On Water - Would be a Great Wobbly Vomit Inducing System (WVIS) :

Tilt, sway, roll, bob ... puke (and decide to take the Trolley Tram next time).

Lifts and cranes used at the docks to lift free of the water (and probably having some wheels underneath the 28 ton vehicle, to be able to trundle around/sit on the sturdy out-of-water parking surfaces). Since there is no real need to be on the water surface floating any more, even the annoying motion of being 7/8ths submerged would be gone.

The cable system, which I could see Bathyspheres really work with, would be far more workable and safer (less likely to sink on malfunction, sink or implode with insta-death for the passengers). No need for justifying the space and excess complication of a longer-distance propulsion system (or recharging as often). Now the vehicle IS largely just the cockpit capsule (instead of the vehicle being many times as large for the same passenger count, and even heavier, requiring a bigger dock, etc..)

--- ---

Mentioned in one of the Bioshock Analysis Articles on the Interwebz - Ocean Water There Quite Cold  :

Near freezing. SO in any parts of Rapture where the Heating Systems have broken down/declined in efficiency, it will be quite chilly. One would expect that the system (which would work by piping hot water from the Geothermal Vents near Hephaestus all across the City) would be fairly robustly made (to last many decades) yet fairly simple, so may largely continue to work even with little maintenance.

Still - more places with frosty breath and mists and near-frozen things that don't work (and not just in the Ice Rink).

--- --- ---

Fuddisms - "Wyan's Wapture... Shhhh. Be Vewee Vewee quiet, I'm huntin Pawasites ... "

Elmer Fudd is enlisted in New Rapture's War on Lamb's Minions (and other generic "Pawasites"...)

Lamb might be dead/gone, but now she is elevated to being a god (by some) and its even Harder to fight this Stupidity.

Elmer Fudd became a much feared adversary to Splicers out there in The Ruins.

Unfortunatly Sander Cohen was NOT known as 'bugsy'... (Though he may have seen one too many Bugs Bunny cartoons.)

--- --- ---

Modularize THIS Sucka !! :

As the MMORPG's whole design is modular, it would be possible to build different game experiences within the same World. Players would operate under different play-style game mechanics.

Some Players just like to be Tourists, others to be Killers, others Role Players, many Explorers, some Crafters/Fabricators, many want to do everything. And with this games major feature, they also would want to see Assets they created in-place/made-use-of in the Game World. Concentrations in various activity areas could exist which would minimize the tediousness of certain other game aspects (ie- Tourists could walk around as neutrals without being accosted by every bothersome Splicer or mutated rat). At the same time, many elements like the Flashbacks don't impact any Player's Avatar (except the 'achievements', so are available to all).

Different play-styles could be accomodated, but precautions must be made so that the different modes aren't used as loopholes (Thus there would be no switching between modes, and a Player's character would have to start entirely over if they wanted to switch - obviously detailed explanations/descriptions of this would have to be provided to let the Player make an informed decision).

--- ---

Those Ghosts Which You See (and by YOU I mean an ADAM-addled brain...) :

You took that first one (Plasmid) - you weren't given a choice if the game was to go on, so you have at least some in you - that is if Jack isn't already full of the stuff from his 'manufacture'.

BS1 Ghost Stories may be more a case of mental suggestion - with props and settings triggering one of the 'memories' similar to ones Jack was trained/conditioned with, rather than some impossible Genetic Memmory imbedded in some ADAM you injest (If that had been so there should have been multitudes of mundane uninteresting memories constantly being triggers "must buy milk on way home from work"...). Jack's brain mostly was filled with "conditioning" to 'humanize' him (or we would be more seeing something like what the Terminator-robot did through his eyes). See DNA Cant Contain Memories

In any case, if you continue to swill down ADAM (did anyone play through with only that first one ?), imagine how gruesome you must look even just halfway through the game, and how warped you brain must be as well.

--- ---

Someone Suggested "Dress Them Like Peter Pan ..." (Big Sisters) :

Kidnapping children from the children's own homes isn't easy. Moreso by someone in a scary diving suit (and leaping about screaming kindof gets the wrong kind of attention) . Maybe some "I'm taking you to Never-Never-land where your parents won't have you eat your icky vegetables... So just climb quietly into this sack here ..." Dressing like a big Teddy Bear (that seems to be a significant token image in these games) ?

If Lamb was really smart, she would have set up an orphanage like Fontaine had, to make it easy to obtain all the victims she needed to flood Rapture with ADAM again (or maybe by that time all the children in her area of Rapture were dead ?) Perhaps if she was planning her crazy plan for very long, she would have the forsight to have her followers 'breed' sufficient ADAM symbiotic hosts ? Boy, that would make for some twisted Flashbacks.


Pointer Collars (Pointer Shirts) :

"Follow the Pointer, and you Follow the Class" (takeoff on Arrow Shirts)

Of course if this was Infinite BS, your shirt would be some weird "Gear" thing that gives your opponents intestinal distress, or something.

--- ---

Ryan Taking His Own Advice :

The Vita Chamber technology may have been in direct competition with some of the ADAM-based treatments, and as ADAM was restricted or in shortage (and probably got alot more expensive) this system became a viable option (and maybe without the insanity/mutant side-effect stuff). It may have greatly alleviated many of the ADAM side-effects, which manifested after people used ADAM more. We saw lots of advertising signs for it (and the VC units everywhere), so it really couldn't have been something only for Ryan's personal use (set to his 'frequency' -- whatever that means). The Vita-Chambers medical applications may have also been further researched and greatly expanding as Ryan saw the profits and potential for more.

--- ---

Visiting Hours :

Persephone Penal Facility - it also was Rapture's general Jail and Insane Asylum. It would have had many visiting lawyers/mental practioners/relatives/etc... accessing the facility.

In any populationyou would have some number of those with criminal inclination, and Rapture would be like any other place. Some may even have thought that it would be a place of opportunity (like Fontaine).

Seriously Ryan would NOT want to keep it a secret - first to serve as a visible threat to those who might want to become 'outlaws' (which included non-life sentences for lesser crimes), and second to be able to show the place where 'Exiles' went, instead of it being assumed 'disappeard' with some hidden execution of the major criminals incarcerated there.

We are never told how many Prisoners there were serving sentences who would eventually come back from there (just like prisons usually work in our world). Why bother to have 'therapy' as shown in BS2 ?

--- ---

Trans-orbital Lobotomy Kits in Circus of Value machine :

Used in the of the stupidest scenes in BaS...

--- ---

Ryan Pulled a Sherlock Holmes :

To discover the links between Jolene - Culpepper - Tenenbaum - Fontaine - Suchong - Atlas - Jack

He worked it out and took care of some of them and precautions against others.

Though we have no conclusive evidence that several alleged deaths were not Fontaine 'cleaning up witnesses'.

Would make a nice Flashback storyline.

--- ---

Free Will (Truely How Much Was It Threatened ?) :

Pheromone 'Control' to keep the insanity/damage under control (It only affects ADAM-using Splicers, who are only part of Rapture's population) - it eliminated Atlas's army of Splicer thugs/terrorists/destroyers threatening everyone in Rapture's survival. Ryan had control of most of the ADAM to try to prevent/limit its further use, his scientists and technicians to develop a Cure (possibly utilizing an offshoot of the Vita-Chamber technology), the City so far wasn't falling apart that much (witness it still largely there ~7 years later in BS2). 'Pheromones' dont offer robot-like control.

Fontaine/Atlas's violence/menacings/destruction had a MUCH more Negative Effect on the Citizens of Rapture's "Free Will". Were not the Splicers slaves to their addiction ?

More than a few Citizen still are left (can't blame the sane ones for running away from the vicinity of Jack/Delta who are shooting up things everywhere they go). Many survived and eliminated or drove away the dangerous Splicers from THEIR areas. Rapture was far from being a 'done deal'. What Atlas destroyed, Ryan could rebuild with order restored.

--- --- ---

Sander Cohen's Plaster Plasmid (or is it a Tonic or Combination) ? :

Gives you that white pasty look, perfect for simulating Silent-Film type makeup, and makes you talk and gesture in an accensuated manner, and sometime behave in a somewhat accelerated way.

Perhaps it was an advantage to his minions ? Waterproof ? More comfortable in the dank cold enviroment (they seem to live in the walls alot - maybe chew on plaster bits for fun...).

How would it have been invented or obtained by Cohen ? -- Was it a product of some of his Plasmid/Tonic 'cocktail' experiments??

--- ---

Yet anotherof the 'Never Quite Popular' Plasmids :

  • Loosen Bowels* - NEW from Amalgamated ADAM

Dangerous Thug after YOU ? Don't Worry ! Hit the Parasite with *Loosen Bowels*, and 86 the Bum by sending him in a desperate rush for the nearest Little Boys Room !!!

--- --- ---

Player Mission Actions - Add some Complexity :

A system with a progressive gamble payout (like those Las Vegas Slot machines) where a progression of actions/goals reached (the Player decides when to go further or stop) can lead to a much better result, but with the risk of being interrupted/disrupted and losing all gains (And Player can do further secondary actions/preparations involved to anticipate the increased difficulty - if they intend such). (Important that the player knows of the risk...).

  • Unpredictable results/surprise (hated by 'Bean Counter' type Players) can increase Player interest (particularly with fancy optional visuals ???) A gamble/decision point -- With Consequences (which have to be made obvious much of the time, for Players to make their decision).
  • The Player has the choice to do things simple/basic (with more certainty), or more complicated (with more risk/unknowns, but potentailly better reward). Creation Standards requiring balancing scenarios between those paths to prevent loopholes/malfunction, which will probably be a chore/difficulty to achieve.
  • Ex- The room is filling up rapidly and you can easily grab one thing and get out, or you can try for more loot, but face getting trapped and abandoning all your goodies to get out alive, or injured or whatever.
  • You dont get 'do overs' as there are in most MMORPG. Makes the risk more real.

--- --- ---

Multiple Universes - Its just Theory (and generally rejected by the majority of Quantum Physics Scientists)  :

"There has always been "research" into these theoretical crossing/overlapping dimensions" -- usually by charlatans because any serious researchers have had little evidence to show for this Theory (which is just a theoretical model that helps explain certain physical effects, while at the same time breaking the most fundamental Laws of Physics).

So -- Elizabeth is a Jr. show/circus magician (therefore doesn't need the Harry-Potter magic wand ) and Songbird is a giant puppet, and to make it all work Booker is in the middle of a hallucinogenic fever dream gotten from drinking one too many doses of bad patent Toothache medicine (laying in a pool of his own vomit back in his booze sceneted tenement room).

Simple. Twisty. And perfectly possible. No further explanations needed.... No fake science...

Let the blast-fest begin, most Players won't care one way or another. (I wonder if they allow you to fire at the big cy-boid ? As long as there is sufficient explosions and blood flying, they wont care.) Have Booker be drowned in his hallucination a second time in that weird Rapture-like place and have him wake up choking on his vomit. They can still thus claim its 'Bioshock', but put the effort for anything further in that whole demented scene into 12 more fun ways to disembowel with the 'Skyhook', and most Players would have prefered THAT. DLC then coulda been a game on the original 'good' skylines (entire city big level) - and maybe with Multiplayer Cooperative.

--- ---

Alternate Infinites (Its Fantasy - We can do anything we want...) :

Aha !! The 'Vampire' Columbia theme (they don't like immigrants because 'too much garlic', and the threat of "Teddy Roosevelt, Vampire Shredder"...)

Graveyards and weird shrieker things ... could be (and no, the hood-ornament Boys of Silence don't "cut it" - what were they smoking when they came up with that ? And worse, that it was even LESS than what they first showed in the Trailers (lost most of the potential for its weidness after that)). What exactly was the Quantumz reasoning for all that ? Sir Issac Newton would hardly recognize Physics these days...

While visiting (over) Transylvania, Columbia had an unexpected visitor, who never left....

Dracula(Vampires/Nosferatu) can fly - so perfect environment for him in Columbia (Player needs the flying rig, that was obvious and never provided in the game). Forget that stupid thimble, are those teeth marks on Elizabeth's neck ?? Now the Luteces are only seen at night or seem to always be wearing sunglasses ...


Before we knew the "I am me" twisty meagerness (Im NOT your Father!! I'm HER Father!! He's her Father... He's her Grand-Father ... She's My Sister and She's My Daughter... I am your Father AND Mother !!!! (now THAT would have been a strange scene - Comstock in the dress with that beard...) -- simply too many "Chinatown" vibes here...).


Elizabeth is all screwed up (Dimensionally "hit on the head") -- in THIS dimension Booker and Comstock ARE different people ... (you see the trauma of unfortunates alive/dead as part of Elizabeths 'Tear' activities, then what might it have done to her to exist in a universe she STILL existed in ??) She keeps throwing things at Booker because she thinks its the dog that keeps stealing her cookies. Derp!!

--- --- ---

Product Catalog (from Multiple Product Makers) - Old (pre-Chaos) and New :

((Small businesses don't all sell their own goods directly, and use middlemen/retailers for the part of the business they dont have the money/resources/skill for. ))

Jack Hammer's Tool Store

Almost New Shoe Laces - largely stain free - new aglets (tips) guaranteed

Can have fun with all the advertisements for items no longer existing (ads still around by time of MMORPG) - things from that time period and being Rapture-made, and then with post-ADAM (New Rapture) technologies (perhaps not to the previous standards/aesthetics and availibility). Alot of advertising hype and 'claims' ("Let The Buyer Beware..." hasn't been revoked)

--- --- ---

Of Ghosts and Sirens :

How do you kill (or hurt) a ghost ? Booker apparently does the 'hurting' with his worldly weapons (no crucifixes or holy water/oil, or metaphysical invocations, or 'crossed beams', etc...)

I'm sure all this is because of Quantumz, like everything else, No ? I hope all our scientists realize what all these Quantumz things are good for (they still are shit for "Quantum Computing", so far...).

So the Siren can bring dead (soldiers) back to life? (BTW, what exactly IS the scientific 'quantumz' explanation for 'reanimation' ? Rotting corpses moved by magical Quantumz forces ? Wouldnt it be rather easy to simply knock Booker over the side to plummet to his death ? Mommy Dearest, indeed. )

Shouldn't this be a power that Elizabeth should also have ? Then she could just bring back to life all the unfortunates she passes by (Like Chen Lin or Finks Son, Horsie, etc...). Isn't that what she does for Booker over and over ? (Or does she inject him with the magic Egyptian Tana Leaf Tea Extract to reanimate HIM each time - hmm, that would make him a zombie, wouldn't it ???? Unfortunately she apparently doesn't have enough for all the other poor unfortunate dead people.)

Damn. The MMORPG isn't going to include the fantasy-magicey spillover from Infinite BS, so Ryan can't come back as a ghost (but then he needn't, as he never died anyway.)

--- --- --- ---




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