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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG   

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Part 105

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Andrew Ryan Death Scene :

Inspired by a 'Infinite BS Most Violent Death Vid' :

Ryan with Jack : "You take the club and bend your knees like this and swing through your body.  Now let  me position my Head on the Tee down here, and lets see if you can do this right, son..."

--- ---

Fancy AE Station Style, But Wrong :

The truss pillars you see in the Atlantic Express stations (BS2) are similar to those seen in the old  Pennsylvania Station in New York City.  The Beaux-Arts styling dates back before 1910 when that building  was completed.  Unfortunately, structurally this design is rather insufficient to hold up against the  forces pressing down upon an underwater ceiling (with 180 tons/sq yard at a 600 foot water depth).  Solid  pillars would be far stronger, and could largely be reinforced concrete which can withstand such  significant compression forces transmitted through them.

--- --- ---

Wooden Nickels (Audio Diary)  :

Sinclair : " Andrew Ryan. He reckoned the free market was some kinda holy spirit gonna lead us all over  the rainbow -- and I reckon it's a big fat hooker too dim to spot a wooden nickel. So old Andy went an'  became his own ghost, and I whittled nickels 'til I made a mint."

Implies that Sinclair still did significant business AFTER Ryan was dead (1960 post-civil-war chaos),  which kind-of runs contrary to how wrecked Rapture supposedly was portrayed at that point (Did we just  get in the first Bioshock a run through the disrupted parts of Rapture, by Atlas, because those areas  weren't Ryan Loyalist controlled ?  Did Altas/Fontaine stick to the 'sewers', which he felt safe in while  the dragnet was looking for him (with or without the Pheromone Control thing)?   A 10,000 ADAM Bounty  offered on Atlas (Dead or Alive) woulda made him keep his head down , real real low ...)

--- --- ---

Scene we Might Have Seen (Alternate Dimension)  :

Elizabeth (in Rapture BaS2 ) sees the dress she arrived in hanging in the store (Blue Fin ??)  where the  Tear opened -- and its A CLOWN SUIT...   (modify that Audio Diary where Suchong seeing a Tear, sees a  CLOWN appear...)   OR she sees a Tear open and an alien that looks like Fozzy Bear quickly grabs it - and  maybe there is a tug-of-war through the Tear for it (Tear closes suddenly, leaving half a Fozzy Bear  dying on the floor...).


Fink steals a book from Leonardo's workshop and tries to reengineer what he thinks might be some great  achievement, and he makes a Pasta Making Clockwork Mechanism - he had grabbed a cookbook, and because he  couldn't read Italian...  (Actually a good point for any other info for Tech that Fink might try to steal  interdimensionally  -- Heh, and another strike against him is : Most of the complex technical jargon he  finds he really wouldn't know, EVEN if it WAS in English).

The Motorized Patriots actually have a midget inside controlling them (Seriously, do you think clockworks  can control any complex behavioral interactions ??  Levine & Co do apparently - Just because they attempt  to make computer games doesn't mean they know anything about how "them magic 'com-pu-ter' boxes"  operate...  Much of the real world has them mystyfied too.)   Heh- 80 midget clowns climb outa the  Motorized Clown Patriot (how'd they all fit ???)

MUCH more logical to have Fink be a Thief and a Charlatan than for him to be able to understand/employ  the megaton of knowledge he is alleged to make use of in MAKING even a few of the things seen in-game.

Another 'Fun scene' :  Fink trying to offer candy to a Little Sister in Rapture to try to obtain some  ADAM (OR even trying to kidnap her), and the resulting stain/mess on the ground after the Big Daddy is  through with him.   (Remember with 'alternate universes' you can have INFINITE fun scenes like this...)

--- --- ---

Illogical STUPID Actions By Atlas - The Exploding Sub Charade (For the Plot "Evil Ryan" Drumbeat) :

Why would Fontaine (as Atlas in BS1) put himself at such risk to do his little "Death of his family in  the Smuggling Submarine done by Mean Ole Ryan" skit,  when he simply could have told Jack : "Would You  Kindly head for Andrew Ryan in Hephaestus, and kill him" ... so very simple and direct ??   Like Japanese  WW2 Naval battle plans, Fontaine's 'assainate Ryan' plan seems a bit overcomplex.

Ryan had already discovered the Smugglers Hideout (Peach certainly gave it away as part of his plea  bargain/turning 'states evidence'), and Ryan no doubt had the place well monitored and watched.  A simple  locked door blocking Jack's progress ?  Atlas seemed to have no problem with opening other such  obstacles.  He might have done it remotely, or had one of his remaining lackeys do it, or done it  stealthily (IF this charade was actually needed, have planted explosives and then beat a quick retreat -  Atlas obviously already had the Sub rigged to explode as part of his manipulative mental games !).

Why have Jack come blundering in, bringing Ryan's attention, and Atlas there facing down a bunch of Ryan  controlled Splicers (which he conveniently handles with so little effort - they should have given pursuit  and enjoyed disemboweling Atlas in the Smuggling Tunnel and been hauling the carcass away for the Bounty  )?   We just as well could have Jack climb through that hole located where you look down onto the dock,  and quickly skadaddle through the door to Arcadia, bypassing all the risks.   

But then it was the game writers having their staged Plot scenes laid out -- all part of laying on the  manipulative lies too thickly (while the Player knows no better), contriving use of an ignorant Player's  empathy to set you up (as in 'lead you by the nose', or 'drive you with a cattle prod') into position for  'The Twist' ...

All too complicated and risky for Fontaine's goals - too many things to go wrong.  This was Fontaine's  last card to play (after the Pheromone control and Ryans tactics had him all but beaten).  Very stupid,  when Fontaine was supposed to be so clever.  Att his point he should be looking how to escape. (He does  exceed this stupidity much further in BaS's cockamamie story).

If the WYK was not really that effective controlling Jack (requiring this whole additional psychological  manipulation on Fontaine's part), then why weren't WE allowed a chance to resist it when it mattered ?   THAT might've been a much BETTER plot element.    

The MMORPG might need to try to explain all this illogic (retcon like crazy).

--- --- ---

Due to Copyright Infringement Issues :

It was not possible to have Elizabeth sing "Soft Kitty" (from Big Bang Theory) in  Infinite BS (maybe  when she is reviving Booker).   Learned it all from 'books' apparently.

--- --- ---

Massive Streaming Content (A Server Thing) :

Needed for the constant MMORPG game Terrain and Asset updates (most of this game World is not static like  other MMORPG games).   IF some Player changes their little part of Rapture or changes things by their  actions, resulting in that part of the Terrain being modified - those changes need to be transmitted  eventually to other Players - generally when they get in proximity to that area.  The previously Saved  (at the client's disk) Terrain and Assets belonging to that area would then need to have all changes  updated/corrections made to them before the Player sees them.  (Any Avatar equipment visible likewise  might be new and needing to be downloaded.)

Player connection bandwidth can limit Game World data update speed transmission (even with data maximally  compressed). Connection Speeds are getting better, but still the median capacity for most Players needs  to be pretty high).

The Most important data can go first (can include default/simplified 'Filler Data' to patch in place of   eventually-loaded 'Detailed Data').  Terrain/Objects seen from a distance, where fine levels of data are  not visible, can be represented for a while in their simpler form.  If the Player never gets any closer,  that is sufficient, though it is better to preload the higher/fine detail in case the Player DOES  suddenly move close enough to see/interact.  Doing this will always have some measure of compromise.

The MMORPG may need some (clever) delaying tactic for Missions WHEN complex/large unique Assets are known  to be soon required (to have them be preloaded BEFORE the Player reaches the location) - when they NEED  to be seen by the Player).  This is what happene in existing games when you enter a new level (and even  then most comes from your disk and not the network).  Many of this MMORPG's Missions run in Server  Bubbles that are largely created/generated on-the-fly, and thus have ALOT of custom content.   A  Mission scenario would be loaded in order, with the data for further progress being loaded while the  Player is busy playing an earlier section.

The Players Gaming Machine (PC) can update certain data while the Player is offline (with a background  feed prioritized for places the Player frequently visits - to be immediately ready when they are  playing). New Assets to be added to their local Disk-based 'Encylopedia' would be frequent.

Once downloaded, Asset data is saved to disk into a Library File, so that it only needs to be loaded  across the network once, or subsequently only the parts of it which have been changed in-game (Download  limits for Internet service are NOT going away - so lets save on unneeded resending of the same data, and  disk space is always getting cheaper). 

Templates are a major feature which helps with all this.   Faster Disks (SSD) will help fast  reloading of data subsets (Templates and map Objects)  which have already been archived/locally-saved  (which had previously been downloaded).       (( Are You Bored To Tears, Yet ??))

--- --- 

Hooverville (?) - But in BS2 it is Under Auntie Grace and Sofia Lamb That has Left that Place Such a  Shithole :

Lets see it (a MMORPG Flashback) when the abandoneed AE Maintenance area had been redeveloped by Sinclair  (and the squatters driven out of the squalor), and the new Sinclair Deluxe Hotel was built, and when that  Art Deco Manhattan-look was fresh and clean (before the Civil War and the Lamb collective turned it into  crap).

The whole story of Prentis Mills suicide there could play out (he actually had the Penthouse in the  Sinclair Deluxe, which isn't accessible in BS2, as he WAS still quite wealthy (having taken security for  all the loans he made).  But his great project, the Atlantic Express, has been wrecked/obsoleted.  He  eventually got tired of playing Trains with the remaining AE passenger service - the old South Line, and  took his leave). 

Lets then see the Civil War fighting (if any) that took place there.  Sinclair's security may have made  it too hazardous for Atlas's minions.

Then have the incident with Sinclair being driven out by Lamb's sychophants (and his escape to his other  holdings elsewhere in Rapture - out of Sofia Lamb's reach, and how he eventually came back to find Delta  to try to escape as seen in BS2).

Lets see the miserable Stalinest hell that Lamb created there, to further her maniacal plan for humanity.

Grace losing Eleanor and then living in fear that Lamb would blame her and have her 'Family' do to Grace  what they did to 'Unbelievers'.

Lets see (our hero) Delta come through, blasting everything that moved, and with most of the inhabitants  running for their lives any way they could.

Sofia Lamb's fall, and further chaos. 

Sinclair's Return ?????????   (if Delta could return from a pile of rotted goo, then why not Sinclair??)

BTW  - They are called "FDRvilles" in Rapture, as the people there know that the politically labeled   'Hoovervilles' didn't go away for many years AFTER FDR came to power.   

--- --- ---

Overpopulation in Rapture - Player Server Counts  :

So what happens when there are more people playing the MMORPG than ever were supposed to be IN Rapture  (20k-40k) ?   The max population also has to include the NPCs present (the drudges who do all the  borinbgs stuff).   Obviously there were more survivors than was portrayed in the few  disturbed/disrupted/wrecked  places we visited in teh Solo games (and the total might have remained  stable during Rapture's Chaos period (except in Lamb's little commune, where there was a marked decline),  and potentially even made up for some of the Civil War losses).

But will it simply look wrong if every other Player has a business/residence, and the New Rapture area  cluster is choked with more of those than the Original Rapture itself could have had ???   How quickly  would the rest of the City be explored and salvaged (losing the adventuring part of the game)?  SO there  would NEED TO BE multiple Worlds to have somewhere for the Player multitudes to inhabit without  overpopulating the setting.  Usually seperate Servers are also needed if there are foreign languages  supported  (might be weird to see Rapture with all the signs and NPCs speech in  Spanish/French/German/Russian/Mandarin/etc..  -- HMMMMMM, may need tourist rights to once-in-a-while go  visit those other Servers).

So what limit on how many customers (Player Characters) per Server World is reasonable ?

Many Players are not on at the same time, others may only be ONLINE using the 'tablet'/'smartphone'  interface, which can use alot less Server resources (and with no Player Avatar walking about).

Many Players will be off doing the 'interesting' things across the Rapture World map  (many MMORPG game  'cities' are virtually ghost towns, with little Player interaction anyway (thesedays).  Whereas in the  Bioshock MMORPG, that game aspect (Player-Player interaction) would be much more important/prevalent.)

But when large(r) numbers are on the Servers at the same locations, the Server processing has to be able  to handle it.  In this MMORPG, the local situations around each Player has high complexity/activity  (smart NPCs, prop interactions), so that having them overlap the same areas may not require so much more  Server processing as compared to spreading Players out does.

Regional Servers to minimize Internet 'distances' -- it means you can't load level Server resources as  much - by shifting Server Farm machine usage with assignments from worlds of low Player usage to the  'Worlds' with more Players on at that time of day.

Ideas :   

With multiple 'Worlds' (copies of the game simulations) running simultaneously, they might be coordinated  to use SOME of the NPC filler actions/behaviors (scripting simply to be generated once and then  replicated on all the Worlds) -- particularly if the Players do not directly interact with them  (background activities).  But only some high-use locations will have Players present constantly enough to  warrant that. It might be unworkable if there is too much varying between local world 'environments' and  behavior flavoring (due to local Player-caused changes and customizations).  ((One of those things that  is more trouble than it is worth to implement.))

The Player Asset Creation process has its own Servers, and some activities also require some significant  Server resources, but those are not high-powered instant-response/timely-processing oriented (except on  the small game Testing Servers).

--- --- ---

Labor/Workers Not Quite The Same in Rapture :

Many typical laborers seen in the Surface World would NOT be needed (or present) in Rapture, because it  was newly built (completely) with modern WW2 technology, with all the various improved and labor saving  features and methodologies.   Thus the City is lacking all the old obsolete systems and and the need to  be backward compatible.   Odd jobs there would be aplenty, but hardly the assemblyline worker with single  minimal skills (and consider that most people have more than one career during their lifetime, and Ryan  wouldn't be welcoming lay-abouts into his City).   With a great deal of City Construction done back on  land or at the Surface, many of the alleged 'out-of-work' construction workers would never have ever been  in Rapture.

--- --- ---

So, That Little Sister Syringe... :

They shove that needle into what organs (why so long a needle)?   And then the trigger pumps fluid out of  the corpse ?    Isn't the ADAM in the corpse's Blood (or would that be concentrated in the tissue which  is modified ??)   OR is it a substance that freely circulates in the blood that makes the Stem Cells form  to be rebuilt by the Plasmids (genetic patterns introduced into the human, which influences certain  tissues in certain body locations) ?  Has to be a recent ADAM user (because the stuff detriorates - why  you continue to need more...).

Blood - an average adult has 4-5 quarts - thats ALOT to chug down at one sitting (that bottle thing on  the 'syringe' is alot less than a quart - so it all might take awhile at the rate we've seen Little  Sisters do their business.)

I think in New Rapture, corpses will be taken to a designated blood draining area to facilitate the  removal, so that the Little Sisters can do their work efficiently, and at their leisure, AND in full  safety.  Understand that Players aren't Splicers (anymore), and Splicers out in the uncivilized parts of  Rapture are "To Be Saved" and not killed.  So these corpses will probably be long dead (how apetizing)  but still relatively intact (if they are shown to exist after years (in BS2), then why not a bit longer  to be there in the MMORPG ??  Add cleanup of all the ones Sofia Lamb had murdered in the recent  history...)     Hmmm, carting corpses back to the New City (to collect a Bounty) sounds like a fun Player  activity, no? (Need to have a realistic gag reflex in the game to make it more interesting).

A Frightening thing might be some weird effect that the corpses, while keeping 'fresh' for so long , also  still have living brains in them incapable of action - paralyzed, but still capable of sensory input and  Thought.   Brigid Tenenbaum, what Living Hell did you create ???   Tenenbaum would refer to them as  'strigoi' (even though her child ghouls are closer to being that)...

NOW THAT IS GOOD WRITIN', KENNY BOY !!!  (Im sure this all can be expanded upon for the MMORPG...)

--- --- ---

Another Dim BaS Chalkboard :

You'd think Suchong wouldn't bother to write such stuff on his blackboards (example is the one that says  that "the Imprinting ISNT Genetic"). Written Documents much ?   Ryan might walk in and think Suchong was  an incompetant idiot (even Ryan would know that imprinting in humans ISNT genetic).  Did Suchong have  other blackboards incriminating himself in the Ryan-stolen-embryo/Jack-conspiracy also ???   Shouldn't  "WOULD YOU KINDLY" be seen on one chalkboard with a notation to remember to give this "Ryan Assassination  Control Phrase" to Fontaine ???    Chalkboards are now a mythical thing of the past, and I wouldn't  expect game writers to know how they were used 'in the old days', now so long ago.

So in the MMORPG should the Players be able to have their own chalkboards to write rediculous things on  ?(instead of on paper or blueprints or memo paper - it is easier than sorting through a bunch of memo  notes to have a reminder written in big letters you can see across a room.)   Yet another fun Asset for  Players to create (even In-Game writeable) to include multiple chalk mark fonts...  Editing interface  including importing pix and text from the Players computer...   Obviously another Asset to be used for  Missions clues meant not to be missed by the Player.

--- --- ---

All the Fancy Statues and Shit in Columbia ...  :

You know how expensive stuff like that actually is ??  (and sorry, NO. Quantum Particles don't build  things automatically, or make them pop into existence out of thin air.)   America almost didn't have the  Statue of Liberty (dedicated in 1886) because we had trouble raising the money for The Base (Thats WITH  the French already having paid for the Statue ...).    Things like that cost huge amounts to build, even  when they are a fraction of the rediculous sizes shown in this game ( sorry Ken, big lifeless vistas are  a dime a dozen in computer games, and didn't make up for the lame combat mechanics ).

BTW - at "Expositions' the creations were largely fakes/facades cheaply made to be temporary - to last  for the duration of the fair, and then were usually ready to fall to pieces by its end, or the next  inclimate weather.

All that huge 'pretty looking' stuff decorating Columbia is so farcical and ludicrous (it goes with the  other unreal/illogical crap in that game that's allegedly supposed to be old "America"  -  that watery  diarrhea of 'social ills' pasted on top of the contrived mass-murder/death done unceasingly by the Player   -- pretty sunlit vistas don't redeem this).

You see Fink trying to weedle the last penny out of his employees,  when all that overdone decorative  stuff would have had to be paid for up front and bankrupted millionaires (and NO, the American Taxpayer  WOULD NOT pay for anything this monsterous, and the US Pavillion/grounds for the real fair ALSO was first  to be paid for) - so add historical ignorance to all the other hot air).

The extravagance was built 'later' ? (The religous theme itself would be a block to taxpayer money, so it  must've been raised seperately for that detail overlay)    And SO where did THAT money come from ? (Is  this like Jim Jones making all his follower 'donate' all their wealth/possessions to his cult church ?)   Is it from the same Magic place where all the materials/fuels/goods/foods that feed/clothe/sustain the  city of people comes from ?  It simply doesn't work that way, its overdone to the point of stupidity.  

??? Those who "Cant", "Teach"  - and those who can't even "Teach",  make computer games ?????????

--- ---

So you think Andrew Ryan was a "Conservative" ? :

He obviously was a fiscal conservative - balanced budgets and minimal government and taxation.

But what about all the freedom of drug stuff allowed in Rapture ?    Or was it the part about being  responsible for yourself after you've taken the drugs ?

Ryan said to let the people figure it out - like when side effects from the ADAM abuse started being  seen.  Freedom without Responsibility is just another kind of Parasitism.   

You want the Drugs, but then when Mr Insanity and Mr Malignancy comes a-knockin, THEN it is someone elses  fault ?  "Nobody Knew", so that means rush into it fullbore - what could possibly go wrong ?    Likely  there were plenty of people in Rapture who wouldn't touch ADAM and doubly so once the side effects  started manifesting themselves (and the Press attention, conveniently omitted from the game, started  reporting the damage it did to people).

--- ---

Now How Do The Majority of Citizens in Rapture Get Around ? :

Operating a Submarine is like an Airplane - if anything critical goes wrong you are Dead :

Bathysphere complexity requires more maintenance (expense), and bother to make use of.   Facilities  required for use are not some dirt road or curbside street access (possible with automobiles) - the  Bathyspheres require complex 'docks', which likely cost far more than the subs themselves.

Basically in Rapture, submarines would simply be rich people's toys (even the Transit Bathyspheres are  'premium' travel for any kind of day-to-day use.)  There wouldn't be the monsterous industrial  infrastucture, with economy of scale (ie- massive assembly line production), to mass-produce submarines  cheaply (and they still ARE far more complex than autos are), like even luxury cars are now in our world.  (They are near to being hand made, which makes them 20 to 50 times more expensive.)   So multiply the  equivalent costs to build such complex machines by many times further.  In Rapture's population how many  could there really be ? - who all could afford them ?   Few enough that facilities for them would be  limited as well reducing their utility even further.

Mass public transit like the Trolleys and the Atlantic Express (which because of the distances within   Rapture is more like a Subway system) would be the primary methods for people to get around the city. The AE was used to build the city (initial funding), and has a limited route map.  In-game it is shown to  have already gone bankrupt for the passenger business.

Bicycles (if you could get rid of the unneeded stairs) and walking short distances would also play their  part.

--- --- ---

WORD OF THE PROPHET : "How can I fool everyone ALL of the time" - Zachary Hale Comstock : 

excerp : "with the hallucinogen that Lutece woman cooked up, I could fool people into believing in  anything I tell them..."

A much simpler explanation (plot) without relying on the ridiculous faux-science component of the game (and a better relevant story allegory for  : 'How people are Willing to be deluded', rather than Levine's  crap about the perfect alibi of "the quantumz made me do it" OR "It did and did not happen  - both at the  same time, and neither" ...  Sorry Ken, people are not quantum particles).

Mass hypnotism (drug aided)...  "I'd pay a dollar to see that !!!" (actually with Booker NOT being yet affected, he would see through the lie (at first).)

--- --- ---

I Laughed (at the Ignorant Absurdity ... these Opponents) :

The uniforms/equipment of your Columbian paramilitaries (further BaS slime-seep also)...  ((Some game  companies take pride in thorough research of what they portray...))

NEWS FLASH for Infinite BS designers - Leather doesn't stop bullets, and neither will any amount of metal  armor you can possibly carry (Oops, Brute strength tonics now over-flowed conveniently from Rapture ? -  it still hardly matters ... its why Armored Knights went the way of the Dodo...).  Note - goggles just  fog up and become a hinderance.   Burdening police/paramilitary soldiers with all the crap you see many  of them wearing just hampers their movement/mobility/fighting-actions.   Fast moving troops are what is  needed for insurgencies and especially against mobile lightly armed (under gunned) anarchists.

Same goes for 'Vox' made up for some reason like the Founder's clumsy combat troops.

--- --- ---

Return of the Pneumo Trading Machine Idea :

A "Buy N Sell", Bioshock game concept picture showed a Pneumo tube fashioned with various equipment,  wiring, and parts, such as a microphone, antenna, and projector   (and a reference to "Survivors" whom  you traded with).

MMORPG Players traveling all the way back to some specific City Limits 'store' (or set of them)  constantly can be bothersome, so you could have some remote trading/buying/selling available.  There  could be :

  • Access to the equivalent of the typical MMORPG Auction House (posting items and bids) 

  • Ordering from stores remotely (fixed priced over the phone and delivered to nearest working Pneumo).

  • Selling to a Clearing House with its fixed (or supply adjusted) prices  (transport trundles around to  make pickups/deliveries in 'safe' areas).

  • Your NPC Team to store/retrieve items and go do buying and selling of mundane stuff on Autopilot (using  their developed NPC skill to get better deals ...), and doing pickups/delivery/hauling (particularly bulk  stuff).  Relations/contracts with various business as a supplier...

  • Direct Pneumo 'mailing' between Players (private deals)

  • There probably will be some Remote Ouposts with stores/vending machines, and where the Pneumo has  reached (been repaired), which would shorten routine (tedious) hauling distances (probably with some  'Fees' involved to pay for the effort that went into the repairs - they are business ventures after all).  No doubt there would be Player 'Missions' to do some work like this.

--- ---

Jack Was Trained By Papa Suchong to Be Tidy :

I find myself picking up corpses, piling them up, and then burning them (using any convenient fire) to  neaten up the areas I'm in - for BS1 it might be something the fastidious Suchong imprinted into Jack  (and a Big Daddy's job is to clean up Rapture, so the same attitude might be an option for Delta and  Sigma - AFTER a Little Sister recycled any ADAM).

--- ---

The Devils Drink In Columbia - Say It Is Not SO!!! :

The writers might've taken some actual history (for a change) and have had Temperance/Prohibition be the  ruling law in the 'holy' city.   Having a scene of someone hung for being caught drinking homemade booze  might've been interesting, and then the tobacco and gambling would be next.  But then that would  eliminate about half of the Manic Magpie Looting Stuff from the game.  (Comstock, of course, would be  shown drinking and smoking to show what a hypocrit he was...)

Maybe it might still be allowed down in with the 'damned', in the lower vice-ridden sections of the City,  but its presence would be eliminated from where the 'Saintly' lived and worked.

--- ---

Scene - Columbia Destroying NYC in 1984 ?  :

I would think that a (real) single nuclear-tipped Air-to-Air missile fired from a single Air Force  Interceptor Jet could have ended that threat decades earlier.  The World wouldn't stop, after all.   (All  that is assuming Columbia wasn't finished off by the US Government before then, or only a little after  1912.)   Fantasy plots, you see, can be quite stupid/illogical, even if the scenes might 'Look Good'.     Another 'Good Scene' would be Booker doing the "Joker Pencil Trick" on Old Elizabeth ... dontcha think ?   Far Better ...  and shockingly amusing to boot - kindof a jump scare thingee when it happens 'Out of the  Blue' (then there's no need to get drowned, now is there ? - This Optional Ending is activated by  selecting the Deaths Head pendant for Elizabeth, when the Luteces offer).

--- ---

ADAM Marketing 101 :

It is rather off-putting when active Plasmids often have the appearance of maggots living under your  skin.  So alot of work (to make presentable commercial products ) would have been done in the ADAM  industry to make the tissue effects themselves better, cosmetically   (the hands are where most changes  were 'installed' for many Combat/Tool Plasmids).    Come to think of it, big injection holes with  discolorations aren't all that aesthetic either.

Perhaps there might have started a new 'Fad' demand for gloves in Rapture happening around this early  time.  Gloves might be an interesting apparel item for the MMORPG (and Flashbacks can show various people  wearing them to try to hide their hand disfigurements).

--- --- ---




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