Mini-Games tying into the 'online' game :

Another idea that might be interesting (and be part of the RTS (Real Time Simulation)  aspect --- AND be inline with the current technology craze) would be an interface which allows Players to monitor/control their non-avatar resources which can be run on Tablets/Palmtops/Smartphones ( a non-3D interface, though 3D effects could be there optionally for flavor/glitz).

The MMORPG Players goals are rebuilding/repairing/expanding Rapture, and would have some NPCs (ex-splicers/big-daddies/auction-house agents/etc..) under their control which would be working on game  tasks which take-time/are-boring and make slow (real-time)progress.  2D symbolic representations corresponding to 'Team' NPC worksites, the player has designated, would be manipulated have NPC and material resources allocated to them, and task queues would allow continuation while the Player is not online.  Re-manufacturing and selling of items (crafting) worked on by the Player's ex-splicer minions (who besides no longer being insane) may possess important skills from the ADAM they absorbed through those chaotic years or just have alternate player selected training or are Hired.

This MMORPG is a cooperative game, so communications with other Players to acquire/borrow/loan resources or coordinate projects falls into the mail/chat/posting/trade paradigms we already see in many MMORPGs.  As seen in many other games, an 'Auction House' mechanism can be used to streamline inter-player resource transfers (with many goods/items delivered by that wonderous Pneumo-Mail Jet Postal system -- which the players will get working again)...

The RTS aspect of the game would motivate/drive some Quests in the FPS part of the game, to get ahold of things needed for the 'work' of bringing Rapture back to life(repairs and building) . The Player will likely have to hunt for critical components in the still-wrecked/wild areas of Rapture, will have to fight off the wild Splicers still inhabitting them, and may have to join their NPC workers to search out and recover those needed resources.  (heh for once  'Fetch it'  Missions with actual utility for the stuff being 'fetched' )

Puzzle Mini-Games fit in with the limited tablet/palmtop/smartphone interfaces (think -- wiring/ piping/ mechanical assembly/ therapy for your raw Splicer in the Tenenbaum Rehabilitation and Recovery Clinic/ Lockpicking/ U-Make-It scrounging/Crafting).  There are lots of possibilities for such puzzles, who's effort/results feed in to the main game.

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