Another idea to stretttttch the MMORPG :

I was looking at a thread about having a game of 'Rapture in its heyday' which likely would be too limited by itself but with the extent of Rapture being recreated in my MMORPG proposal, it would be relatively easy to have (many) FLASHBACKS to that time as part of the MMORPG game.

Extended flashback where you take part (they've done this in LOTRO a bit) in big events like the big fight on NewYears1959 when things fell apart, or when Fontaine was taken down and various other important scenes (the first Splicers, the first lil sisters&bigdaddies, Ryans dedication of the city, etc etc ...). Since the core areas of the city are to be largely there/recreated as part of the game (and mostly repaired/restored (eventually) by the players), with a little polish they could look new as original for the Flashback sequences.

One of the things the game companies have found out about MMORPGs is that different players have different areas of interest and having a variety of things for them to do increases the potential player base. Flashbacks telling more of the story of Rapture could be an important part of that (they are also easier to make incrementally as they are independant episodes AND they can be choreographed to make them work properly to tell their mini-stories).

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