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More interesting items/ideas for Bioshock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 5

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- Players could have a 'Spy-Eye' controlled by another player that can follow them (or a raid party) around so that the resulting mayhem can be viewed by other players or recorded for later consumption (all those TV shows players could create)

- It could be done in the form of a Flying Bot (more versatile for getting views - would have to be remotely controlled) or on a 'Suit Cam' that would collect views from a particular persons perspective.

- Some players will create documentaries 'This is Rapture' and such. The usual problem (as with the internet where 99.8% is garbage) will be filtering thru all the recordings players will make to try to find something actually worth watching.

- Video is exportable from the game for use on websites, etc...

- Probably would need some method to restrict this so that 'everyone and their brother' doesnt simply leave a recorder going on everything they do and swamp the Server system.

---  Film limitation (both as a consumable(cost?), but also with limited durations each)

---  Comm link for TV feed to recorder (takes some organization to achieve and limited bandwidth)

---  Have the Client handle recording (Suit Cam from players avatar) and then have footage imported to Server for use in in-game media (preferably externally edited with provided tools).

---  Make cameras expensive to buy/maintain (and/or require skills to operate)

- Real-Time transmission to other players for 'kibitzing' activities between players in a watcher group.


Job Assignment Mini-game :

- Used with several of the City Offices to assign personnel to tasks.

- Score Points are awarded for completion of jobs via appropriately skilled personnel.

- Player is given a list of Jobs each require certain minimum levels of certain skills to fulfil and some multiple workers.

- Player is give a list of Workmen each with one or more skills of a certain level.

- Some jobs have a higher piority which whne completed will award multiplied points.

- As a jobs take a certain amount of time to complete and when finished the workers are freed up to be reassigned to another job.

- New jobs are periodicly added to the list and some jobs priorities are shifted.

- Equipment is likewise required for certain Jobs and the player has a list of available equipment.

- Emergency jobs sometimes occur which have to be hanlded or the player fails.

- The puzzle is to try to achieve the highest score in the available amount of time.

- Workers MAY be reassigned in the middle of a job, but the job being left is halted until the worker+skill requirement is again met (and there is a delay while a 'reasssigned' worker moves to the new job.

- The 'game' runs for a limited period of real time (accelerated time simulating a workday or somesuch).

- Players with higher skill will work somewhat faster than lower skill.

- Game could be 'prettyfied' with color codes for skills and icons and such.

- Drag and drop of workers onto jobs would be preferred, but many palmtops dont do that easily.

- Scenarios of increasing difficulty would have a longer list of both job and workers and higher frequencies of emergency priorities.

- Variations of the 'job' requirements would be total number of qualifying bodies required and Skill totals rather than minimums or meeting requirement for 'full employment' for the workers.

- I havent come up with what in-game rewards might be given for achieving alot of play-thrus or high scores (beyond qualifying the weeks 'Office' requirements). Minimum would be mention in city council report. Possibly a 'cut' of the budget saved by efficient job completion for the City. Players might be allowed to emply their own 'team' members as 'ringers'.


A few things to 'Correct' - the impossible window:

- Flat plate 'glass' in Neptunes Bounty is ~10in thick - 18ftx30ft pane (estimates by visual inspection) - 9+15/2 = 12 foot span (moment arm) ave shear force at supported edge.

- At 600ft depth 281.315psi ocean pressure (linearly increases with depth) 10925.28tons of force on entire surface (by comparison, an entire fully loaded Saturn 5 rocket weighs 3050 tons)

- Recommendation - Smaller span of windows where 'impressive view' is less needed (or no windows at all).

- The book mentions how expensive the materials for the windows were, and an industrial site like Neptune's Bounty would not have money wasted on it, especially for huge windows that dont actually look out on much. Small port-holes would have been sufficient, though they wouldnt have looked as impressive in the game.

- If large window required for aesthetics then break it up into smaller panes with more of the thick metal framing to distribute the forces.

- Recommendation - Curved windows, so arch converts shear force to compression force (to use the materials strength)

- Recommendation - Thicker windows 'glass' if large pane needed (unfortunately causes more distortion of view - more expense to keep it clear)

- I suppose you could also have Neptunes Bounty a lot 'higher' in Rapture (like on side of Mt Ryan or one of the 'ridges') with depth something like 100-200 feet (fish are normally closer to surface anyway...)

- Scotty hasnt come back in time and given Ryan Industries the formula for 'Transparent Aluminum' yet (besides that wasnt subjected to the pressure forces in Rapture at 600 feet depth anyway).


Idea whose time hasnt yet come - NPC Voice Synthesis:

- NPC Voice output generated 'on-the-fly' from text data - sound generated on Client machine.

- Text format is much easier to store/change (alot less memory to store and transfer to the client)

- Synthesis from text would allow huge numbers of variations of speech assets (when mpg recordings have to be individually done and patched to the server).

- Clients usually have plenty of CPU to do VoxSynth (consoles though may not have enough CPU left over)

- Different Voices patterns (with tones and accents) would be needed for the different NPCs.

- Expense of a decent system probably prohibitive (game company has enough to do without adding another major feature project like this)

- An alternative is many short phrases mpeg recorded but pieced together to form different messages.


The Rapture Cleanup Elves (Gnomes?):

- There is alot more persistant detail in THIS game (you make bullet holes in a wall they stay there...)

- After awhile the whole terrain is covered with empty bottles, shell casings, candy wrappers, glass from smashed bottles, various scratches/dents/holes, etc.. if there is no mechanism to control that.

- The Client rendering will be able to draw alot of these simultaneously - especially 'fresh' ones the player just caused.

- All these details take up data space on the Server (and have to be transmitted to the players Client when they get near it again later).

- Over time many of these things could be obscured - another layer of dirt/mold covers them up , garbage slowly moulders...

- Significant damage/markings would be kept, but lots of small 'blemishes' should eventually fade. Things like graffiti will fade over time or be covered up/defaced, but they would generally last alot longer as 'more significant' details.

- Each 'scratch' on the scenery would have its creation date so the Server on reacivating a chunk of terrain (when a player walks near it and its pulled into memory) the details in the scene can be filtered for aging and type of 'scratch' or prop and be scrubbed from the data.

- Periodic automated sweeps of the City would do this cleanup to compact the Database data when the servers are relatively lightly loaded.

- Splicers also like to pick up useful items and walk away with them (pack-rat mentality of some deranged splicer brains). That behavior would be built into their general scripting. (Alot of that kind of thing can go on outside o fthe players site so only need be done Abstractly and not take up alot of processing resources).

- Likewise bodies will tend to disappear (certainly all the 'stuff' would be scrounged, and there are rather large rats in Rapture that have to eat something).

- In the New City there are streetsweepers and maintenance crews that repair and polish things (at least in the City Center and players themselves make get such jobs). Some Splicers may keep their 'home' areas tidy (some with a mania).

- Alot of things that used to be considered rubbish (especially for someone on a one-way rampage thru the City) are now reusable and are worth CASH, so players themselves will be doing some of the removals.


Experimental Geothermal-Hydroelectric unit (Mt Ryan Power Company) :

- Hot water rises in cold water. If the volume is sufficient, alot of power can be generated using a bladed turbine & generator.

- Hot water tapped from the Hesphaestus geothermal field was run across to and up the side of Mt Ryan (til near the surface).

- Some of the path would be bored rock tunnels to make it cheaper and require less maintenance.

- 8 foot wide water conduit - Test unit built using an old construction tram tunnel.

- Project proved to be inefficient for the expense of the construction (compared to the Geothermal Well power units)

- Very interesting sealife growths now at the tunnel exit (growing around the heated area)

- Plans to ship bulk chemical barges thru the tunnel to industries on Mt Ryan were never realized (Civil War started...)



- EVEplants are a source of Eve independant of the lab/Fontaine's/Sinclair's production - new source but only for those who can cultivate and protect the plants.

- A fairly ordinary bush-like plant with blue orbs (which take a reasonable amount of light/warmth to grow). EVE extraction/refining is a fairly simple process and simply eating the 'orbs' can impart a smaller amount of EVE into a Splicers body.

- Splicers regenerate damage much faster when they have EVE in their systems, which makes maintaining a supply important to them (besides the usual powering of Plasmids). But EVE slowly is destroyed in the system or by other actions, so a smart Splicer has a EVE stash left unused.

- The EVEplant is a product of an old project to generate EVE using geneticly altered plants.

- These 'EVEplants' are now a common supply of EVE and to grow in various parts of Rapture (and even to be cultivated by Splicer factions).

- Citizens are commissioned to seize all such plants they find and to turn them in for an official city bounty (EVE IS still used in some of Tenebaum's Clinic's procedures).

- Mini-Game -- EVEPlant farming and the Splicer's barter economy (EVE as a currency).

- EVEPlants - seem to be everywhere now in the Ruins (old Plasmids still work as long as you have EVE to power them)

- Trading EVE to Splicers is a punishable offense.


Structural Wiring - how to handle interfacing without 80 billion little wire objects everywhere behind walls ??? :

- Realisim can be taked too far...

- Buss wiring ?? Ceramic Telegraph style drip-proof insulators with exposed wires (wires still should be enamel coated)

- Armored conduit for exposed concrete wall mountings (when there are no inner walls to cover them)

- Treat a whole section/room ('building block' asset section of a building) as a single 'mechanism' and have the pipes/wires/vents all be part of one abstracted diagram ???

- Wiring Mini-game (points for minimal wire to solve all connections, and for extra safety features)


Prestige Points - bartering for political 'Favors' with City:

- Idea from money tracking database - Prestige points tracked (when you earn them, reason etc...)

- Parallel Prestige systems (like 'Adventure's Club')

- But why not have them to trade in to City for something (at least it enables a Quest tree branch)

- What (favors...) would player trade them for ??

---  Availability of City equipment like Submarines ??

---  Having something named after you

---  Getting to go to the Big Party to rub shoulders with the bigwigs ??

---  Unusually having the New Constable station built right next to your new Company 'base' or that nearby Metro Station prioritized for restoration, or a certain zoning change...


Unique Names for Player (Avatar) Characters:

- Players get only ONE character per server (your gofers will have to be your 'Team' NPCs)

- Name should be unique to simplify identification (player looking up name they see in City records etc...)

- Usual vetting of proper applicable names - no doodspeak rubbish or names from other games (unless they are very generic in RL) - Improper names will be eliminated and replaced by generics (players can retain defaults autonaming on player creation).

- NPCs would likewise have unique names.



- Rapture had to have schools for the children.

- University (Rapture-U) (for Rapture to be 'Self Sufficient' such a thing would need to exist)

- There likely would have been private schools (more exclusive for the well-to-do)

- Issue discussed elsewhere of whether there are any children in Rapture now.

- Assume if there are children then schools will exist in the City Center/Downtown (safe) areas.

- Vocational training is offered to Citizens of all ages (forging stronger links for the Great Chain)


MiniGame --> Splicer Slicer - the 'Cure' process game --

- Wander the dark depths of a Splicers madness (with your trusty Anti-ADAM Wrench)...

- Track down those psyche bugs in the brain and squish them.

- Locate the Tumors and call in the Flying Chemo Bots to destroy them.

- Shoot X-Cells at the scars to rebuild and patch the structure.

- Contrary to popular belief 'the Cure' does not include sawing off the top of the Splicers head for open brain surgery.

- Higher score for least use of expensive treatment drugs 'to get the job done' and the speed of completion.

- Difficulty increases with more and more deranged brains to rehabilitate, as their demons fight back.

- Score level thresholds for multiple patients can earn you a title of 'Doctor' (or not)

- Earn mention to City Council Report for your success in 'curing' another new citizen.


Bartering with the City Materials Clearinghouse :

- Materials Clearing House with credits - values based on supply (scarcer = costlier)

- Automatic NPC driven system (players still have their player-to-player trading mechanism and businesses selling items)

- How would it work - Credits in the materials exchange - trade in materials for credit and then select desired materials to trade Credits for.

- Players can dump all kinds of loot without having to haggle (time could be spent getting more loot..)

- Can then trade for items they need using the Credits.

- Even empty bottles are worth something (those new Bioluminescent 'bulbs' use old clear vodka bottles...)

- All items are 'AS-IS' (all purchases are final)

- Items State of repair is factored into 'value'. (working items valued MUCh higher)

- Pickup tickets for bulky items that need a team/conveyance to transport.

- Clerk window for small parts player can pickup immediately.

- Dumping bays in the warehouse can be arranged (rented) for convienece (bulk materials take time to transport)

- Clearing House Broker will pay going rate in Credits for incoming goods.

- Material inventory listings are maintained for ease of finding desired materials (remote 'quotes' can be sent to players).

- City maintains the Clearing House and convienently takes items it requires for City Maintenance

- Plenty of warehouse space for items that dont move (trade-out) quickly (price goes down to virtually nothing to help regulate 'junk' that Citizens will try to dump.


City Propaganda Campaign to convince Splicers to be Cured (and to get Non-Splicers to Liberate themselves - to join the City) :

- Postings of messages and signs in known Splicer habitations:

--- - "The Cure can set you Free"

--- - "Why live like an Animal when you can live like a Human in New Rapture".

--- - "Hate your deformed face? We can fix it. Tenebaum's marvelous CURE!!!"

--- - "Come to our New City to see for yourself what you are missing."

--- - "Be Human again. Come in from the damp wet cold"

- Some system for Splicers who are convinced would need to be in place.

---  Other Splicers might try to stop them, some splicers might use it as a trap.

---  Use of the phones at various spots (so other splicers cant see the ones who are trying to 'defect')

---  Instructions need to be made clear with safe places (avoiding trigger-happy City security)

---  Another mission for the City - bringing in a defecting Splicer

---  Benevolent Groups privately attempt to bring in Splicers from the Ruins (at their own risk).

- Splicer 'Bosses' have spread numerous counter-propaganda to prevent losses of their 'followers' (they tear down any 'Cure' propaganda they find.)

--- - "The norms only want to kill you !!!"

--- - "The City wants Splicers for their Organs"

--- - "The City is selling Splicers to The Surface for use as Circus Freaks"

--- - "The City only wants your ADAM"

--- - "The City wants you as Slaves and will turn you into mindless Big Daddies (or worse)"

--- - "People who go into 'The Clinic' NEVER come out again!!" (playing on the fears many had of Lamb's activities)

--- - "Its all a trick by Lamb to get her hooks into you again !!"

--- - "Sander Cohen will have you !!!" ( and much more demented stuff like this)

- Some of the 'Bosses' declared War on New Rapture to polarize their followers against the 'Cure'

--- - "Its them versus us !!"

--- - "They aint even human any more."

--- - "We must fight these brain sucking zombies !!"

- Negotiations with independant enclaves of Non-Splicers (when they are found) who the City will try to 'sell' on the advantages of rejoining their fellows and helping restore Rapture.

- Voice of Rapture ... Splicers DO know how to use radios and likely listen to the entertainment radio broadcasts of New Rapture (the Splicer life can be quite boring). So having regular propaganda messages for all those unfortunates out there telling them there is hope, can be effective.

- Radio and TV broadcasts (some missions for the city includes restoring the Radio links to remote locations (the cables running to building since radio waves penetrate water so poorly) and tuning radios in the ruins to the propaganda stations. Same for the (unbroken) TVs that seem to be everywhere.

- The various public announcement systems can likewise be used to try to convince Splicers to join New Rapture. The 'Edge' areas of the City in particular could be used for this (as few Citizens are there to be bothered by the constant audio bombardment) and also are controlled enough to keep the hardware from being destroyed by Splicers (who dont like the message).

- Splicer run Radio stations - AM broadcasting isnt that complicated and there was more than enough equipment lying around. Some of the content can be quite bizarre and delusional. Fake Splicer stations with subtle propaganda inserted has been done a few times.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --

The Cure : (Tenenbaum's Splicer Rehabilitation Process) :

Significant genetic damage resulted from repeated ADAM use. Some subjects had more resistance to the damaging effects andothers were mentally unstable because of the side-effects.

- The 'Cure' Process is continually being improved and some Citizens have been brought back for re-treatment to do improvements to their original processing.

- In the early days of the treatment many shortcuts were required which were found to be detrimental long term.

- One important action is the 'debriefing' of captured Splicers to gain information about other Splicers and potential threats to New Rapture. Techniques like Sodium Pentathol on 'dried out' Splicers can be used to obtain this information. Once 'Cure' processing is complete many Splicers lose many of their recent memories when their brain damage is repaired. A special branch of the City Constabulatory cross reference such information to help plan security operations.

The 'Cure' Process :

- Capture :

--- - The good citizens of New Rapture have a mandate to save as many of the unfortunates still trapped by their ADAM addiction wandering thru the ruined parts of Rapture.

--- - A quite high ($$$) City Bounty is offered to Citizens for 'rescued' Splicers from 'the Wild' (so that they can be restored to normalcy and join the freed citizens of New Rapture).

- Restraint and Delivery to 'The Clinic' :

--- - Safely restrained physically (handcuffs, straight jackets, nets, etc...)

--- - Splicers are usually under sedation using the sedative kits the City provides to Splicer Hunters.

--- - Transport thru half-ruined terrain often calls for manhandling bodies. (Medical Stretchers have been adopted to supplant the use of wheelbarrows as a manner of 'capture' conveyance).

--- - The captured Splicers are delivered to the Clinic Facility in the City Center

- Containment and Metabolic Stabilization:

--- - Safe Containment is achieved in the Clinic facility - armored, fireproof, insulated walls (and with special measures for Houdini Splicers). Lots of nice useable assets in Persephone....

--- - There are limited resources for the Cure Processing, and Splicers often have to wait for Treatment (the facilities ARE being expanded and additional/improved equipment is being salvaged/repaired)

--- - Splicers are usually malnourished and/or suffering from injuries, so are fed and wounds treated (usually they self-heal at a greatly accelerated rate).

--- - The Splicers are give time to heal the injuries usually incurred during their capture (where most have to be forcibly captured) before proceding to the next phase of treatment.

--- - Patients are subject to evaluation required to guide their treatment. Some subjects who were not actually Splicers or were subjected to Lamb's forced ADAM 'control' treatments are expedited thru the process. Some patients are put on a 'slo-track' process because their extensive damage will take additional time to repair.

- Drying Out - EVE elimination :

--- - Sufficient time is required for patients to run-out of EVE in their systems - to render them 'Safe'.

--- - Testing shows when their EVE levels are low enough to procede (many of the old test methodologies are being recovered from the ruins of the old Research facilities.)

--- - Some splicers with high EVE levels can be 'induced' to use up their accumulation (with great caution).

--- - The patients are kept under constant sedation to prevent injuries to clinic staff.

- Diagnostic :

--- - Diagnostic Tests and observations are run to determine treatments required

--- --- - Scanning using genetic technology rebuilt from recovered Research Cameras

--- - Different paterns of ADAM use require different rehabilitation strategies

--- --- - Light users - damage to some internal organs, only light structural damage and the usual disfigurement

--- --- - Heavy users - major physical deformations,

--- --- - Combination Plasmids/Tonics - major brain damage as well as physical/structural deformation

- ADAM Neutralization and Stabilization for ADAM Withdrawl:

--- - Anti-ADAM was found in the original SeaSlugs as part of their biochemical balance system. It had originally been one of the components removed in the purification of ADAM (Tenenbaum remembered the substance after 'The Thinkers' simulations turned up the chemical pattern that would likely neutralize ADAM).

--- - Anti-ADAM is administered to remove ADAM from the subjects system, this is done gradually to prevent 'System Shock'.

--- - Recovered ADAM is recycled for research needed to improve the Rehabilitation Process.

--- ---  Promising research indicated greater Anti-AADM production in SeaSlugs which have extra ADAM introduced to their bodies.

--- ---  New Frankentree production requires ADAM to mutate the trees.

--- - Processing duration varies with ADAM quantities in subject's system

--- - Repeated therapy cycles used until testing shows sufficiently low ADAM remaining in subject.

- Reconstruction (eliminating damage done by ADAM genetic rearrangement) :

--- - The rearrangement of cellular genetic changes done by ADAM must be undone to return the subject to their normal 'pre-ADAM' state.

--- - X-Cell sampling/culturing and X-Cell therapy (X-cells are taken from the subject and cultured to be reintroduced into the patient to effect repairs).

--- - Repeated cycles of destroying incorrect genetic material (via Chemo-Therapy) and X-Cell repairs

--- - The more damage originally done, the longer the repairs take.

--- - Some extensive damage requires surgery to accomplish the needed repairs.

--- - Progressive Regeneration and Normalizing of Genetic patterns (from subject's original gentic codes)

--- - Some research is proceding using the mechanisms in the VitA Chambers to speed up this regeneration. The Vita Chambers act as resuscitators as well as their rejuvenation function.. (Contrary to rumors Vita Chambers do not normally 'bring you back from the dead' the way Delta and 'Johnny' were reconstituted. That was a much more complicated process instituted by Eleanor Lamb which actually failed numerous times before being finally successful).

--- - Additional Anti-ADAM is sometimes administered to eliminate ADAM that has managed to regererate

--- - Recuperation is needed between Regeneration cycles to allow the body to rebuilkd metabolic reserves used in the healing process

--- - Genetic key technology based on the Genetic Lock encoders is used as a base test method to determine elimination of ADAM corrupted tissues.

--- - Typical completion to the end of the Physical Regeneration phase is usually between two weeks and a month.

- Psychological Adjustment :

--- - Patients transfered to the Mental Rehabilitation Wing

--- - Primary damage due to Splicing requires realignment of brain function to varying degrees.

--- - Secondary Psychological damage also occured due to the environment Splicers lived in - trauma.

--- - Removal of the disfigurement - physiological effect of looking normal again

--- - The insanity's ending - reassertion of the mind free of the voices, the disorder, return of normalcy

--- - Psychotherapy (including drugs) to eliminate the various mental problems.

--- - Catharsis therapy often needed for patients to 'escape their demons'... - letting out the 'demons'

--- - Patterns of addiction to ADAM and even EVE have to be broken (substitution of caffeine and nicotene is a common method)

- Reorientation and Mental Rehabilitation:

--- - Acclimatization to the Ex-Splicers new reality

--- - Reaquainting patients with Civilization and normal human behaviors.

--- - Explanations given for their previous condition and restoration and the transpired history.

--- - Warnings against future ADAM use which can prove fatal.

--- - Reeducation - information given to recovering Ex-Splicers to acquaint them with their current situation and their new place in Raptures society as 'Citizens'.

--- - Aptitude testing done to evaluate skill retention of individuals

- Release :

--- - Periodic re-testing to check for any ADAM regeneration (a reason Citizens cannot return to The Surface)

--- - Periodic Administration of boosters of Anti-ADAM

--- - Screening for further psychological disorders and needed treatments.

--- - Cases of relapse and retrogression have happened and further 'Cure' treatment was found necessary.

--- - Patient turned over to City Dole system for further orientation and training

Some New Processes :

- EVE can partially accelerate Splicer Regeneration which may be needed after the violence of their capture. The process would be used only after the patient was securely restrained (and would likely NOT be used on Houdini Splicers for obviosu reasons of powering up their teleportation abilities).

- ADAM based surgical procedures (similar to what Steinman used for his surgery) to repair massive structural splicing damage on certain patients. This of course has to be weighed against the additional genetic disruptions of the therapy as well as the later added difficulties eliminating more ADAM from the patient in the 'cure' process.

- Some of the new 'laser' technology (from the work done in Minervas Den) has some medical treatment uses (Toenail fungus is a epidemic amongst Splicers).

- Various pharmaceuticals recently reacquired have been found useful in the many treatments.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Example NPC orders (single word commands for Voice Recongition or easy macros for text) :

- Team:

Retreat ('RUN AWAY!!!')

Now (syncrhonize an ambush)

Attack (target designation)

Loot (That)

Secure (the perimeter)

Smoke (take five)

Onward (resume moving towards destination)


Quiet (team into 'silent' mode)

Help (please get this rabid Splicer off me)

Capture (use capture tactic on designated target - needed with netguns that are quite unweildy)

- Non-Team (said to NPCs)

Show (vendor list)



Alarm (shouted warning)


- To Spicers:

Parley (heh - some Splicers actually will negotiate)

Boo (used after sneaking up on a Splicer)

- Single word commands work the best with low end VR and the limited vocabulary allows for fairly short VR training (where you say the word like 5 times and the system analyzes and customizes its pattern matching to get a very high word recognition probablility >99%). Another option for a command system like this is to give your 'team' members distinct names (single word) and use that input to select who you are issuing an order to (you dont have to point at them with your aiming reticule).

- There would be a command word assignment interface similar to the Key binding in options.


The Zoo Assets :

- There were other Assets developed for the BS Game that were never used ( ex- The Rapture Zoo ) that could be added to the existing BS1/BS2+MP/DLC content that would be used as starting assets for the MMORPG.

- I figure the The Rapture Zoo had to be cut because of all the animal animations (if they were going to interact in any serious way with the player) and that added up to a large amount of work they put to better use (like more Splicer flavors).

- With the 'Player Created Asset' system, all those Zoo Animal assets could eventually be finished and finally added to the MMORPG (and templatized for uses elsewhere). There likely would also have been more static 'prop' and decoration stuff produced - we can always use more of those.

- Which animals would have survived, with or without ingesting ADAM from bodies or spliced by their half deranged keepers ?? -- that would be for the players to be clever in their creations and a source for some interesting quests/missions.

- Looking at some online links to the 'Art of Bioshock' books, there are possibly even more asset design potential there not used in the BS1/BS2 games that might be applicable to the MMORPG. Im not sure what Copyrights apply that might limit potential re-use.

Using ADAM to do gene regression on Chickens to make Raptors (ala Lost World, Jurassic Park) would NOT have been a good idea for a Zoo exhibit ... (no doubt someone tried, but despite Veloci-Raptor 3D meshes being the most common FREE assets out there, we dont need Raptors roaming the halls of Rapture.... OK, maybe just one) .


Known Game Locations (from BS1/BS2) will have ALL those missing/blocked sections filled in :

- Arcadia will have its Zoo (whats left of it, anyway)

- Arcadia (home of Arcadia Merlot) has extensive 'vineyards' some of which are adjacent to the Arcadia the player saw.

- There HAD to be more to Ryan Amusements than what we saw (someone suggested a Ferris wheel and/or a Roller Coaster ... didnt some of the DLC have some stuff like that?).

- More than a few such logical/implied extensions will be thoroughly wrecked. Those adjacent to popular/convienent locations would have 'high property values' to warrant players rebuilding them (building a 'shop' out near the 'Edge' would not be a sound business investment).

- All those holes (walls ceilings) the Spider Splicers come out of lead somewhere...

- Like in the rest of the City, the largely hidden utilities areas underlie everything. Right under your feet even at City Hall, adventure awaits....

- Secret doors/hiddey-holes. There mustve been alot of places all those smuggled goods wound up.


Ideas from Fort Frolic :

- Those spotlights that track you - automatic is good - maybe were remote-controlled by Cohen at that point, but units like that being useable from 'Security Station' Checkpoints and in Free-Fire-Zones. Better cover the lens with Window 'super-glass' to keep Splicers from just shooting/zapping them out (maybe that explain all those lights in BS1/BS2 you couldnt shoot out...)

- Come to think of it, the 'super-glass' is largely bulletproof (since we dont seem to be able to break them with our guns). Maybe Tech can be developed to if not make new 'super-glass', to at least be able to work it for other uses. Spares for the city and/or city expansion Ryan had planned have to be somewhere.

- Those Casinos with Jackpot machines - I mentioned modifying them to use the New Money, but for 'Fun' a number can be left using the Old Money (which seems to be laying around Rapture like confetti). Gimmick of using Old Money to play the slots like you have money to burn -- which actually was what Splicers did use it for when there was nothing left in any of the machines (though some others hoarded it, delusionally hoping one day Ryan would return and they could CASH in).

- The Deep Freeze with Splicer statues - probably many other frozen Splicers laying around that might still be resuscitated (good Bounty offered for them....) but you would want to make sure you got them to a working Vita-Chamber or the Medical facility before they went bad on you.

- Rapture's Museum of Insanity :

---  With exhibits about Cohen and others who ADAM drove mad (or further).

---  Diorama of Lambs destruction of that section of Persephone (with flash bulb explosion effects) and her bugging out for the surface...

---  Atlas's End (an important lesson for us all)


The Transit will actually transit :

- The ocean scenery terrain is actually going to be in the game world (in detail) not just a backdrop.

- The trips via the Metro and Atlantic Express will actually show the terrains and current activities (both human and sealife) going on out there as you are transported.

- Since the Metro (in places) is suspended on cables high over the cityscape (like the Skyride at Disneyland) you will be able to look down on large vistas of the City (hopefully with more of those impressive city lights turned back on).

- While you take a simulated long trip (mere minutes) you can peruse some of your mini-games and check up on what your 'team' is up to via the Team Task interface or check your mail.

- The Bathysphere lockout that Ryan ordered was later broken by Hackers (became common knowledge), besides any that Jack released for his 'Evil' ending. By later times they were mostly disused because the cableway mechanisms no longer were functioning from lack of maintenance. The City is trying to restore the Metro system as fast as possible.

- From time to time there will be 'breakdowns' that will require either transit delays or even rescue. Likely at Rush Hour you will have to wait in some lines to board your 'sphere to your intended destination. The City is taking great efforts to improve service and to expand capacity of its Transit systems.


Metro System Cables :

- The Metro system has Bathyspheres that 'grab' a moving cable and they are then towed to the destination (sometimes releasing the cable and grabbing a different one at a 'switch' to go a different direction).

- The Cables are plastic (to resist sea water corrosion) with a metal wire-rope core.

- The cables run in a continuous loop powered by winches at either end of the line (like cable cars are).

- When rebuilding Metro lines the cable will have to be repaired and restrung and the winches made to operate. This will require the use of a Submarine and Diving suits

- The Bathyspheres when the automatic controls are not working will have to be 'switched' manually (actuating the grip to select the correct cable for the intended destination). On arrival at a station the cable is auto released and the 'Sphere is guided by rollers thru the airlocks and the docking bays and any storage hangars if used.

- Maintenence Daddies and Humans in the diving Suits can use a 'grab' device and use the Metro CableWays to be transported about the City.

- Some cableways go upward a great distance. Many Metro stations are at 'Street' level which can be hundreds of feet over the seabed. Some private branches go up to Penthoses on buildings and some public Metroways to stations on the roofs of buildings.

- A network of Metro paths criss-cross the city (converge on 'hubs' at the main stations)

- There are numerous 'switch' locations for divergent paths. (ie- a private branch would have a switch off a main cableway)

- Broken/worn cables can be spliced with new cable sections stored at various maintenance locations in Rapture.

- Metro Stations require an operator for departures, but arrivals are designed to work automaticly for safety reasons.

- Metro tow-cables act as antennas/waveguides allowing good radio communications with the city system.

- The Metro system was designed with your safety in mind. Please keep your hands inside the sphere at all times.


Quest - The Grail -- the Fountain of Youth Plasmid :

- Suchong had already worked on numerous tonics/plasmids to retore/renew the human body, but was looking for a unified restorative that would not take large combination of plasmids to have such an effect (avoiding the corresponding major genetic scrambling and damage that results).

- This was also part of the priority research (ordered by Ryan) for Plasmids that had minimal negative effects and a Plasmid that would instead repair genetic damage.

- Unfortunately Suchong did not live long enough to find either one (that altercation with the enraged Big Daddy).

- New Rapture continues research looking for such an answer which would be far simpler than the existing 'Cure' process. Unfortunately there were very few genetic specialists in Rapture to begin with and fewer who survived the Collapse.

- The City is constantly sending out expeditions in search of research materials from the various genetics labs and even homes of the scientists and technicians. The 'reorganizations' done by various factions and general scavenging have cause much such materials to be dispersed.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --

More 'Bosses' (examples of more 'themed' faction groups built around a 'boss') :

- Some of these Splicer enclaves have become bizarre fantasylands built out of ADAM induced delusions of some of the 'leaders'. There is one group who think they are at the bottom of the sea because they were in a shipwreck and are on a great passenger liner that sank because of a iceberg.... (imagine players taking THAT idea and 'running with it'... When madness is involved 'cliche' should be 'front and center'...)

- Somewhere there must be a Splicer who can mimmick Lamb's voice and with a halfway good mask might go about claiming she is 'resurrected'/'returned' and then flim-flaming some of the still gullible 'Family' members.

- Sergeant/Captain/Colonel/General Splicer and his Squad - another delusional Splicer (with Rapture being founded in 1946 there would be alot of ex-soldiers after WW2 many who had trouble dealing with civilian life after they returned from war).

- Splicer Known as "The Postman" - who travels Rapture 'delivering mail' (unfortunate that other Splicers to humor him mail spoiled raw fish to other Splicers)

- Splicer known as "the Operator" who kept a phone system operational for years so that various Splicer Factions could communicate (and generally threaten each other and trade insults when things got boring).

One Ringy-Dingy...Two Ringy-Dingy...

- Splicer Known as "The Fisher King" - with a working Diver Suit rumored to control a cutoff Splicer enclave somewhere in 'the Wild' (likely near an operational airlock) who maintains his influence/leadership by feeding a group of followers with fish and seaweed he gets from 'Outside'. That Individual must not be overly insane because of the infrastructure required to keep a Diving-Suit and Airlock operational. Reports of stolen items in various places may indicate this individaul makes 'raids' on other parts of the City to obtain other supplies.

- A Splicer dressed as a 'Bat' is reported to have been seen chasing another wearing a 'clown face' out in 'the Ruins'. Dementia and delusions caused by ADAM addiction's mental damage has long been known to cause behavior like this (and worse).

- Farmer John's EVEplant patch - more than one 'Boss' maintains power by controlling a source of EVE that make him and his undelings/minions more powerful than his other 'followers' and outside opponents. Actually there is alot of fighting over this particular resource, with those who control EVE having an obvious advantage..

- Nazis hiding out after the end of WW2 - some managed to escape and make their way into Rapture under assumed identities (if Ryan's vetting could miss a collectivist like Lamb, why not a few Nazis??). Nazi-Splicers !!! Almost as good as Nazi-Zombies. No doubt they will be trying to 'clone Hitler' as all good post-war Nazis are mandated to do.

- Splicer ranting about 'the force' and who wears a black helmet and cape and has breathing problems.

Some odd plasmid combination allows him to choke people from a distance (which instills fear and loathing).

- The Face Stealers - a gang of Splicers who reputedly have caught non-splicers and now wear their faces in an attempt to 'look normal' (slightly more delusional than usual). They keep moving between the territories of other Splicer groups because they have a talent for making themselves unwanted even among Splicers. A potential source for some disturbing player missions.

- The Mole People - Group of Splicers who got ahold of some 'Cats Eye' Plasmid and can see in the Dark. They live in an unlit tunnel system. One of those 'jump out of the dark at you' situations for players. They are notorious for destroying all lights in their territory. Torches might be highly useful here since they arent directional like flashlights are.

- "Ryan the Second" - a Splicer with the delusion (or pretending) that he is the 'new' Ryan, who spouts/mimmics the same saying/posturings that Ryan did. Who tries to get others to join his 'Great Chain' and calls all his enemies 'Parasites'. This 'Ryan' doesnt seem to possess the genious of the real Ryan and has more Splicers laughing at him reather than following him. You do have to consider that he has been able to survive by doing this when many other Splicers have met their demise in the incessant fighting between the various Splicer factions.

Splicer who dresses as a Little Sister ( a very odd sight of a ragged 6 footer in a dress) and mimmics their behavior (including the syringe) and even sometimes gets a Big Daddy to 'accompany' her on her rounds. Seems to be succesful at robbing bodies of dead Splicers.

--- --- --- --- ---

Enclaves of Non-Splicers :

Liberty Farms:

- Several Farmers and their extended families in one of the outlying Supply Communities cut themselves off from Rapture when the Civil Wars started.

- Largely an 'underground' complex of tunnels and caverns, but brightly lit to keep the plants growing.

- Their remote location made them largely self-sufficent, as did the independant Geothermal Power units they had long been powered with.

- Have some connections to other enclaves predating 'the Chaos'

New Venice:

- A large enclave of non-splicers who were in a 'company town' next to a large remote mining complex

- Several hundred people including a number of engineers and scientists and some Big Daddies.

- An interesting aspect of their complex was that it was originally built with a network of underground boat canals used for transport of the heavy ores which extended into the town and had more general usage.

- With a local government allegedly by election, they are wwell organized and have actually grown in size since their founding.

- They are 'Tapped' into several utility mains directly from Hesphaestus.

- With several working subs (which had been used for the 'outside' mining operations and construction)

- Extremely wary of outsiders but deal with several other enclaves to trade supplies.

The ADAM kings:

- Several scientists/lab technicians (non-splicers) who had run the ADAM operation for Lamb, who after her 'demise' found themselves in charge of the network of Big Daddies and Little Sisters who continued to return to Persephone (the part not collapsed into the Abyss).

- With the ADAM supply they maintains some control over a population of 'Family' members, but are deathly afraid that other factions will come to takeover their operation.

- They managed to scrape more than a little resources together (particularly security apparatus) and are holed up in Persephone


- A domed farm complex which had, from the start, a strict policy of no-ADAM users to contaminate their 'garden'.

- The complex was originally used to grow tropical fruits resulting in the hot humid climate.

- Much of the place is like an overgrown jungle which oddly requires constant burning of materials to renew the CO2 the plants need to grow.

- Ironic that they later turned to EVEplant cultivation to have currency in trading with Splicers for needed supplies.

- Was almost destroyed during the later parts of the Civil War, when the power was cut off and the temperature dropped (much worst than no lights for the plants) but a city maintenance engineer rerouted and restored the power and was named 'God'.

- Allegedly more than a few of the inhabitants make use of a cultivated herb called 'Ganja'.

- One of the other products from the old days was quantities of hemp fiber which is still far superior to the other seaweed based fibers.

- Bamboo and leaf huts make parts of their 'village' look like a episode from Gilligans Island.

The Sinclair Solutions Group :

- Sinclair at some point had some underlings and organizations (maybe more than a few left). With close proximity to Lamb's group might cause some interesting interplay in the power vaccuum.

- Even with Sinclair gone he had organization and a management structure with know-how and significant resources - They are probably holed up in his old facilities trying to deal with the post-Lamb disorder.

- They had a variety of technical gadgetry that might offset many of the challenges posed by Splicer factions and give them leverage with non-splicer groups.

Grace Holloway (if Delta left her alone or only 'winged' her) :

- Probably had enough influence to stay organized in Paupers Drop/Sinclair Deluxe and the adjacent areas.

- With Lamb no longer there to prop up her 'rule' (and after Delta slaughtered half the place) the faction's area is probably starting to fall apart (more) or being invaded by more agressive groups.

- Finally able to eradicate those disease-ridden blue butterflies...

Groups of Lamb's "followers" :

- Might still have some cohesion and be running on inertia (the old organization had food resources and other supplies and the ones left in control of those might last a while)

There are many others areas in Rapture that Lambs/Ryan/Fontains remnants didnt control (both Splicers and Non-Splicers)


Old Factions (Which will be influences in the MMORPG scenario) :

- Lambs minions:

--- - The Church of Lamb "The Rapture Family" - survived post-Simon Wales, but without their ranting charismatic leader. Fragmented - building sections blown out by Lambs attempts to kill Delta. Who would supply them with further ADAM/EVE (which Lamb kept tight control of)...

--- - Lamb must have had help of 'scientists'/'technicians' who were still around and others who generally didnt act as crazy as when they were fighting Delta.

--- - 'The Family" - abandonment - betrayal - Lambs insanity open for all to see - her lies made apparent even to half insane Splicers. ... the ones she killed ... the flooded buildings ... blowing up a section of Persephone ("the house that is upside down").

--- - The MMORPG takes place only a little while after BS2 and Minervas Den events (time only long enough for Tenenbaum to get to surface, but to not make any progress and return to Rapture -- something like a year). Lamb's "followers" might still have some cohesion and be running on inertia ('hope' that their savior Lamb would return and other such delusions).

- Ryans City Establishment 'forces' (Splicers/Non-Splicers)

--- - Who gained control of them(?) and possibly continued to be organized despite Lamb's efforts to grab power

--- - Had access to Subs and alot of Ryan's Resources and Security apparatus

--- - How long would they stay organized during 'Lamb-Era' - May have walled Lamb off to her 'commune' as there were no 'war' propaganda indicating an ongoing struggle in BS2.

- A possible Contingency for the 'Evil' Jack ending ??? --- - headed for surface and shortly after succumbed to childhood disease he didnt have immunity to (the "war of the worlds" Martian's Fate) -- taking him out of the picture.

- Atlas's/Fontaines minions:

--- - Fontaine didnt live long after he got control (some) of the city systems before Jack killed him, so did not have alot of time to organize much (and Jack took the genetic key back).

--- - He would not have given much real control to anyone else.

--- - 'The down-trodden' had no reason to stay organized after Atlas was unmasked and the free handouts ended.

--- - He probably had a number of Non-Splicers working in his 'Organization', who at least knew how things worked and had access to resources, they might have some success splitting off and surviving.

--- - Might have some underlings who had seen their chance to seize control of whats left -- leading to alot of infighting amongst them.

--- - Fontaine's stash of ADAM would have been found and ransacked (and by now would be long gone).

--- --- --- ---




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