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Dole System - New Raptures 'bootstrap' economy.

- Run by city as starting position for New Citizens ( ex-Splicers ) :

- Citizens in Dole system are expected to work at city provided 'basic' jobs.

- Fixed wages for City Jobs and fixed costs for Dole Worker expenses - for basic subsistance.

- System is available to all citizens ( if needed )

- Is part of transition for New Citizens ( adjustment after 'Cure' and orientation to New Rapture )

- Worker does basic City Maintenance jobs and gets paid with Dole_Tokens

--- --- Standard workday is 8 hours in 2 - 4 hour blocks

- Worker has available basic Room and Board ( spends Dole_Tokens at city regulated facilities )

--- --- Expenses of Room and Board infrastucture are managed by City

--- --- Semi automated fishery for basic staple - employs some ( Dole ) Workers

--- --- Food prepared by other Workers( Dole )

--- --- Baracks style housing with maintenance done by Workers( Dole ) - basic city utilities included.

- Room and board NOT provided free.

--- --- Workers have to spend Tokens themselves and have some spending choices

--- --- Workers are acclimatized to 'money' system used in mainstream.

- Workers have some choice of available jobs they are qualified for ( skill levels 0-3 ).

- Standard of Living beyond basic is afterwards part of normal NPC/player business/economy.

- Dole_tokens only accepted for basic neccessities to prevent wastage on 'luxury' expenditures

- System was put in the place in the Early days after Tenenbaums return and the assistance of the 'rogue' Big Daddy known  as 'Johnny' ( 'basic' facilities was all that was possible at that point. ).

--- --- A simple system was needed to cover basic needs to support 'citizens' who were recently Splicers

--- --- The 'base' location had to be secured and with sufficient resources to support 'Curing' additional Splicers and a  growing population.

--- --- Dole System accomplishes alot of basic city maintenance needs and largely pays for itself.

--- --- The Dole system includes basic 'on the job' training.

- Worker may have time to 'moonlight' other jobs (especially after acquire additional basic skills)

- Workers are encouraged to take Skill training ( skill certification - player does training 'missions' )

--- --- Higher skill jobs are rewarded with higher pay ( with certified skill ) and allow worker to move out of Dole  system.

- Numerous non-Dole system City Jobs are later available to qualified workers ( skills )

- Maildrop for City Workers at Job Center for various official mail.

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