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More interesting items/ideas for Bioshock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 1

Notice that alot of these ideas if you saw them in a computer game you might say: why have that detail or what does that  have to do with the game.  Sometimes in games you see little quirky details that the developers added that were  insignificant gamewise, but were still of interest.  In THIS game you could have quite alot of different imaginitive  things -- as it is leveraging off of the Players doing the work to add many such details and the Player base's interests are quite broad.  The typical MMORPG Players total game time is many times that of for a Solo game, and just being able to  go around and see what other Players are doing is of interest (...IF Players are allowed to do anything different from  the 100,000 other Players...).  The goal is lots of alternate activities Players can do when they feel like it (and NOW  they can also go create/modify their own ideas for things in the game).


This MMORPG would have a 17+ rating like the Bioshock games had...

- Wouldn't want to ditch the colorful language

- Even implied Smoking and Drinking are such horrendous/objectionable/decried subjects to the care-bear 'Politically Correct' mentality.

- You never know when some subject becomes 'adult' and MMORPGs are meant to last for many years.

Fishtank - not just for seaslugs :

- For Player's/NPC's residence (larger models to be seen at 'The Aquarium')

- Basic flocking/swimming behavior of 'fish' objects is relatively easy to do (can be run on Client to offload)

- Various different fishies to have (more would be creatable via PCA system) - collect rare ones to impress your friends.

- Different sizes of tank, accessories (little Rapture instead of a castle), etc...

- Actually raising seaslugs (with neo-pet TLC) can be a profitable venture...

- Tablet/Smartphone off-line interface for tending your 'pets'.

Camera -- an in-game object device for talking pictures in-game (non-genetic research type) :

- To send as media in player-player messages (attachments)

- Useable pictures for publishable Newspaper material

- Can be part of 'quests' as part of survey missions of 'ruined' areas etc - take pictures of location....

- 'Film' objects (consumable) - color film is available at premium price.

- Exportable for out-of-game use (ie- in social media to show everyone what you are upto in 'Rapture')

- Picture album object, blowups for wall pictures, etc.. (keep trophy pictures of all your achievements)

- In-game darkroom tools to crop/add flying saucers...

- Slideshows to bore people to death with...

TV camera :

- 'Live feed' is possible (players can watch on their TVs or on all those public TVs for security incidents)

- Its more common to 'record' footage for distribution (to TV news/whatever)

- 'Video Tape Reel' objects for video recording (reuseable)

- Yes, YOU could be a TV reporter... (player editors would select anything good to report or be desperate to show  anything)

- In-Game Video Exportable for out-of-game use

- Editing ?? basic editing features for video stream

- "THIS IS RAPTURE" - the documentary (no doubt there wil be a 'Ryan the Man' documentary eventually)

Netgun - fires a net meant to capture/impede a target :

- Short range, gets stuck on things in way, doesnt work too well on Houdini Splicers...

- Addons, like electro stun

- Net Ammo (and recovery of those expensive little nets)

- Works outside in the Ocean too.

Dartgun - fires drug darts at target :

- Part of new suite of 'capture' weapons

- ?? Taser style shocker darts ???

- Not always effective on hyped up Splicers

- Too many darts and oops ... stopped breathing

- Try not to hit your own guys by accident

Tripwires - wire strung across a space to trip-up an unsuspecting person :

- Manually set up at location

- Ordinary type is a movement hazzard

- Some may be 'wired' to the electical utilities (shocking!!)

- Those 'Trap Bolt' ammo items arent as common as they used to be

- Can be connected to an alarm - typical low-tech device for perimeter security

Grappling hooks and Grappling guns :

- Not so much a weapon as a way to climb things when other methods dont work

- MMORPG movement now includes climbing (skills do apply)

Team members are potentially effected by actions you take (something you didnt have to worry about in solo games)

- Like shooting each other by accident.

- Placement of 'unskilled' persons may be important (dont have them behind you)

- If you are doing demolition, you may want to makesure the area is clear.

Add Asbestos firesuits/armor for dealing with flame shooting Splicers (and fire extinguishers??)

- Tend to make the wearer clumsy/encumbered

Behavior of 'captured' Splicers (who have to be brought back to 'the clinic')

- Another scripted mode of behavior for NPC Splicers (in restraints, ranting and frothing, etc)

- Have to cart them back all that way (wheel-barrow sounds more and more useful)

- Some of those restraint thingees we saw on the walls in Persephone sound kinda useful now (clinic probably needs a  supply).

- Straight jackets take two people to put on someone.

- If you capture them (Splicers), they have to tell you where their Pot-O-Gold is (yeah right...)

--- --- ---

Metro Stations/System :

- Metro' "Grand Central Station" should NOT be a single Metro dock

--- --- Multiple loading bays (3? 4?) and multiple airlock queues (at least 2 -- one in/one out)

--- --- Usually with 'ready' waiting positions used by empty excess 'spheres' (Rush Hour maximum 'spheres in motion)

- Automatics - destination board in Bathysphere (bubble taxi) with all 'safe' destinations listed

--- --- Semi-intelligent routing system to handle offset arrival vs departure loads (likely human controlled/directed).

--- --- Manual control (usually locked out) overrides automatics - allows control guidance for non-standard destinations

- Station Schedule boards working again (not just saying 'Cancelled' or 'Out of Service' -- now regular  departure/arrivals again)

- Docking of small 'subs' (we saw one same sized as Bathysphere in BS1 (the one Atlas' "family" was allegedly blown up  in)

- Remote Metro stations - many still not working, some repaired others again have working automatics

- Many MetroWays are still choked with debris/overgrown sealife (a good project for one YOU want to use alot in future)

- MetroWays - like People Mover at Disneyland?

--- --- Metro Bathyspheres dont seem to be submarines (which are self-powered, free to move anywhere)

--- --- The hull thickness required for ~800 foot depth is about 1 inch steel plate (which takes up 8 times its volume of  air for neutral buoyancy) leaving the remainder volume to offset other contents including payload. Preferably heavy items  in the lowest part of the sphere to act as ballast to maintain proper orientation. Adjustable balast tanks required to  balance against varying loads [compressed air applied at stations after loading is simplest]

--- --- Real Bathyspheres are lowered on cables, so Rapture's have something external dragging along paths.

--- --- A Track system with moving cable like a 'Cable Car' is used for its simplicity (a powered roller system like the  Disney People Mover is many times as complicated and subject to more maintenance and failures - Rollers would only be  used in stations because of their versatility and controlability). Cables could haul 'spheres with neutral buoyancy  across wide open spaces with little intervening structures needed (actually like the old Skyway at Disneyland).

--- --- With multiple possible destinations, some way of switching paths required in the mechanism.

--- --- Powered continuous cable winches are needed and the 'sphere has a "grip" to fasten to the cable and to grab an  alternate cable at a 'switch' (like when branch off to a private Metro station or a Building with its own station)

--- --- The MetroWays would be dual laned (one for each direction) so that many spheres could be in motion along the same  paths (ceratainly needed by a city system with major traffic loads at rush hour).

- 'Sphere human capacity looks like 6 sitting and maybe 6 more 'strap-hangers'.

- Believe it or not, the displacement (12 foot sphere) is about 25 tons which means one 'sphere can carry an awful lot of  cargo weight and might normally need ALOt of ballast weight to achieve neutral buoyancy when almost empty (and then  ballast tanks to offset greater loads).

- Metro Stations are usually bulky spacewise, with the visible surface docks being only a portion of the whole mechanism  (guideways, pumps, triple pressure doors, winch systems, emergency reservoirs)


City Hall Map New Rapture History Model (sitting in City Hall adjacent to the 'council chambers')

--- --- Shows ACTUAL progression over time of growth of the New Rapture (this server)

--- --- Includes period before player game from the 'first starting' ('Johnny' and Tenenbaum setting up the new Rapture)

--- --- City Historian records significant events (and names names) - see the archives.

Geothermal plant, MK2 :

- Smaller injection well with steam turbine/generator - many added to scale up Rapture's power systems as City grew.

- I mean really -- Rapture is near Iceland where Geothermal technology has been used for over 50 years (in Raptures  timeline starting as of 1946)

- Note - the monstrocity seen in Hephaestus Core was another one of Ryan's "built to impress/awe" projects (regular  tours were given of Hephaestus) - a maintenance headache and not the most efficient system.

- Various industrial chemicals are recovered from the geothermal vents.

- There was a drilling rig used to build these somewhere, that might prove useful.

Why cant the pheromone method of control be used against Splicers ??? :

- Must be a reason: Ryan with use of Fontaine Futuristics, didn't simply have used the same technology -- instead had  that destructive 'Splicer War'

- Must be a combination code type issue for control.

- Later you could justify by Splicers eventually becoming immune to it. And with them running wild 'post-Lamb' you  couldnt get ahold of them to 'recondition them' with booster/adjustment treatments.

Quality of work results - a product with quality of materials used, of skill, and happenstance

- Skills increase quality/speed

- Proper/better materials required for higher quality items produced

- Things do break/go wrong (tools, item being produced is ruined..) - Less likely with higher skill.

(Note to self - add 'Skyway' to Bioshock Rapture MMORPG ???)

- Bathysphere system is sortof a skyway (with the neutral buoyancy and the cable tow line .... and 'grip')

- Construction cargoes can be moved using Metro cable ways (of course they only run certain places)

- Maintenance Daddies can use Metro cableways for transport (they have a 'cable grip' as part of their equipment)

- Sorry, no 'Tears' in this game.

      • Buried at Sea  DLC they added some dim mechanism to travel the Pneumo system the way you did Skylines in Columbia (very sloppy, half-baked and rushed idea -- and has nothing to do with anything we saw in original Rapture)

The Scenic Survey Viewers (coin operated binoculars) (as seen in Arcadia/Hephaestus)

- Another precision optical device that has uses (Bounty offered).

- Not sure why they have what looks like a little nuclear warning symbol on them (close-up of metal label).

- Odd that in Arcadia they were looking straight into a bunch of trees (obscuring the view).

Anybody ever thought : What if we put big hydraulic legs and arms on one of those Metro Bathyspheres ???

- MECHS !!!! Maybe some of these are lying around somewhere leftover from the building phase of Rapture.

- The book talked about subs used for construction which had 'arms' to manipulate large structural components.

- Sounds useful, and ugly enough to scare a Big Daddy (in the water anyway).

- Would they work outside the water??? Hope the Splicers dont get some of them... (rumor for quest to investigate...)

Austen Bathysphere Co. (map in Metro exiting Arcadia - shows Bathysphere stations).

- Was there more than one Metro company ?? Cities often had competing lines.

- There are many private stations (like the one seen in the MP residence ... single dock)

- Since we dont have 'trucks', Bathyspheres for freight operations would be a logical use to transport  tobuildings/factories/industrial sites.

- Just big enough to move your Hotdog Vending Cart to another part of Rapture (wheel barrows fit easily).

More secret/hidden doors/trapdoors, crawl-ways, crawling thru air-ducts (and falling thru damaged ones) in the game:

- Template scripts to add these (and 'building blocks' for building sections to include many alternate locations for  these when buildings Auto-generated.)

- Many in BS1/BS2 were originally to hide various environmental control machinery and other utility stuff.

- Always good places to find caches of goodies overlooked by years of Splicer scrounging (lotsa people in Rapture kept  illegal goods out-of-sight...).

- Also as hidey-holes for Splicers to use as their 'home' (so be careful when you find one - you might get a suprise).

- Various hazzards like fans in air ducts.

- Secret door activation triggers/buttons/levers

- Manholes down to the sewers

Remote control Bots (a TV view like a spy drone)

- Radio control unit for the operator. Range may not be great thru walls and various interference.

- Player control interface - Much simpler than a AI controlled unit (and maybe less likely to shoot at you by mistake)

- "Send in the Bot" to scout around (and then pull the expensive Bot out when someone starts shooting at it)

- All kinds of 'Bot' accessories (stealth bots, gunship bots, 360 degree scanner bots, lifter bots?)

- Probably all very expensive and prone to failures -- the mission now is to RECOVER that expensive Bot....

- Bot repair skills in demand (city has more than a few Bots used in their Security Apparatus)


Construction :

- Rigging - how else are you going to move those heavy wall sections and floor tiles all day long for your structural  repairs. A-Frames, pulleys, ropes, tiedowns.  Assemblies of objects places by Player to manipulate the terrain.

- Likely that many/most of the inner walls/ceiling sections were fairly lightweight (largely insulation/sound deadening).

--- --- They arent load bearing walls, just there to cover up the ugly cement most of the buildings are made of.

- Floor section are sturdier but laid down like tiles.

- Bags of Concrete - high strength for those critical structural repairs - hydraulic ceement sets-in-water formula

--- --- There would be a industrial plant somewhere to make this useful material (probably near Hephaestus)

--- --- Stockpiles deployed in various Maintenence centers (much probably used up by Maintenence Daddies over the years)

- Floor stuctural components to repair major damage (those big holes in floors we saw in the games)

--- --- Usually metal - so welding skills useful

- Some floors are heavy reinforced concrete compression struts required to keep those huge flat walls from imploding from  the sea's immense water pressure.

Building structures vs Water Pressure:

- Water depths (like ~600-800 feet at base of buildings)

- Looking at those square Rapture buildings (real submarines pressure hulls are built as tubes which withstand pressure  in a simpler way).

- Tall buildings would need huge interior support struts every couple of floors to support the huge forces of pressure  pressing inward on those flat walls (pressing in at 280psi.)

- Fortunately concrete can withstand alot of compression force, add Ryanium rebar (all the lower quality stuff generated  via production difficulties...)

- Some of the tall buildings have thick support columns outside alternating with the windows which could distribute the  forces between the interior compression struts running crosswise between the exterior walls.

- Blind walls can be solid reinforced concrete more than a few feet thick.

- Large picture windows are the most problematic as the stress in the middle has to be passed out to the edges and the  forces increase linearly with the window size.

- Many of the skylight windows are barrel vaults which at least take some of the pressure forces as compression (like an  arch or tube would). Curved glass windows might be used in various places.

- Exposed metal should be brass or stainless steel to avoid corrosion (and eventual structural failure). Many large  pipes/girders were more conventional steel but required Zinc treatment to avoid corrosion.

Utilities in basements of buildings :

- Basements/foundations often half imbedded in Bedrock (no it wasnt the Flintstone Construction company)

- 'City Mains' utility connect to 'Building Mains' that go up and connect each floor (power/water/air/etc..)

- Maintenance shafts up thru building. often link 'alleyways' behind rows of shops

- Heavy Pumps/ building's sumps (pump either directly to the ocean (high pressure) or to the city sewer/drains)

- Elevator mechanisms (they are usually mostly at the bottom of the elevator shaft, not the top)

- Garbage chutes/bins, fed from levels above

- Connections to the 'understreet' haulage tramway system for freight transfer.

The city levels vary alot (seabed varied):

- BS1 content (look out windows) many of the building you are in sitting on bedrock (or even as part of interiors like  Arcadia) yet you look across at same level and you are looking at 10th-15th floor of a building whose foundation is far  below you. (I noticed a few 'mistakes' buildings just floating in the water - must be made of the same stuff Columbia was  made of).

- Would probably have elevators down to 'street level of main city street grid (streetways, trolleys and utility  tramway).

- Seabed has rocky ridges with some buildings built on them. Seperate transportation lines climb to them like in a city  with hills (MetroWays dont care as they can cross open space on the tow cables).

- The large rock formation (Mount Ryan) to the north extended up to quite shallow depths (100ft)

- The Abyss drop-off must be an ancient collapsed volcanic vent. Ordinary Bathysheres and subs cannot go down there.

Player-run construction 'company':

- Registered with city.

- Work done for other parties to rework/repair buildings

- Contract with payment installments

- Organized material supplies (cut out the middleman)

- Appropriate tools for heavy work and utilities

- Required construction skills (with amount of work needed, lots of opportunity for 'on the job' training).

- Some City sponsored work - most of the 'Big Projects'

- One or more players form a 'company' to increase the manpower for larger projects.

- Sub-contracting (NPCs are usually available when players dont want to take part) - Do work that other players dont want to do (when they prefer other game activities...)

--- --- ---

DNA tags (mentioned in book) for 'genetic' security identification:

- Used by Bots/Security scanners as identification, Friend or Foe (apparently not that hard to 'hack')

- For access to Vita-Chanmbers/Bathyspheres (must've been a newer less hackable system)

- Genetic tech components have been in short supply.

Item Locks with 'Team' access:

- When player places an item it is locked from other player/npcs from moving

--- - Residence

--- - Jobsite & work locker(lockable container)

--- - In street areas for a limited period (like when transfering loads)

--- - Locked doesnt mean it wont be shoved aside if its blocking traffic (also subject to fines)

- Interface to Control lock permissions/access - for Team, for individuals(list)

- Shipments of materials/items being turned over to customer drop off /pickup (invoice)

- Marking items that can be shared between 'Team' members - shared resources

- Player cooperation needs something similar (griefer lock - cannot be sold without release from mutual lock)

Secret Stashes of Goods:

- Ryan and others with money imported many goods to sell in Rapture during the time it still wasnt 'Self-Sufficient'.

- Some may be types of items that would take a long time for Rapture to start to produce itself, and others that likely  would never be replaced 'quality' goods...

- Cold storage in tunnels (just turn the heat off...)

- Likely well hidden. Some looted over the years, others grabbed by Atlas to bribe citizens with.

- Minerva's Den had a public facility for 'storage'. (Air-Tite Archives)

- Many people kept 'contraband' type items or even just hoarded things as the situation got worse (many small hiding  places throughout Rapture)

Dr Freds Psychiatric Clinic and Asylum ("You have to out of your head to want to come see us") :

- For those minor adjustments after going from 'Insane Splicer' to 'Normal'

- Various psychiatric assistance is available.

- Safe Facilities for longer term relocating of mentally effected citizens.

Light Switches (which work):

- Lots of lights in Rapture - didnt see one switch to turn them off/on

- NPCs, of course, know how to use them (usually residences and closed businesses)

- Power outlets/sockets (did you see any of those in the game either?) for equipment/tools.

Mini-Subs used in Rapture would have to be battery powered:

- Or compressed gas 'fuel' (many torpedoes in WW2 worked off compressed air),

- Another area for some neat Rapture bio-engineering for fuel-cells

- Remanufacturing of sub/bathysphere batteries needed since most have gone well past their warantee dates.

Quest scenario for the MMORPG having a Splicer Pirate Sub with a captain who's a cross between Captain Nemo and Jack  Sparrow.. (captain Neek Narrow??? Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of ADAM...) "What a sub is ... is freedom"

- Must be robbing ships up on the surface - not a good thing for Rapture being kept 'secret'.

More interesting Loot on Splicers:

- Insane ones might have the weirdest things on them. You never know what 'mementos' they might keep...

- If you were a Splicer wouldnt you carry around your 'good' stuff so that some other Splicer couldnt ransack you 'lair'  as successfully while you were away?? (even with the boobytrapping)

- Many Splicers memories are notoriously bad, its likely they keep their 'combinations' written down on their person

- Lots of stuff falls off of Splicers when they get whacked, and they also drop things when they decide to run from you.

- Likewse, where they live there might be a bit more than the few measly items we saw in BS1/BS2.

General Physics effects :

- Things hanging from ceiling swinging when struck, can fall, etc..

- Impact damage on objects (beyond the 'scratches' using decals/animations(spewing liquid/steam, chips flying)

- Fluid effects - more splashes?? (alot of these effects are visual mainly and could be mostly done on client)

- Multiple collisions (more than 2 objects involved)

- Ragdoll effects we saw in BS1/BS2

- Objects being knocked-apart and the seperat parts going in their own directions.

- Momentum of moving objects.





Drink *CalciO* And Achieve Greatness !!!


Money makes Rapture go round...




































































WARNING - YES, This whole Wiki is a 'Thought Experiment', and YOU are the test subjects !!!!! (So are you Alive or Dead as per this whole Concept ???)



*WARNING* this MMORPG contains blood and gore, intense violence, mild sexual themes, strong language and use of alcohol and tobacco.







































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