Bioshock: Rebirth of Rapture' MMORGP - the game experience

Part 3

--- ---

New technologies:

- The 'Cure' - reversing the effects/side-effects of ADAM addiction - making Splicers 'normal' again

- X-Cell - Stem Cell grown from a donor and applicable only to the same person (an outgrowth of the Anti-ADAM research). A branch of Tenenbaum's research clinic is expanding to facilitate X-Cell culturing for those who can afford to pay (the excess money goes to pay for other research).

- Lumi-lite (the lightbulbs/fluorescent-tubes wont last forever) Optimized Bioluminescence made from sealife (you saw some in BS2).

- Frankentree Bonsai (for that invigorating oxygen boost - right in your own home and office)

- What 'The Thinker' can do for Rapture (automatic regulation and failure prediction, scientific computations). BIOS-Shock ??? No 'The Thinker' is NOT SkyNet (or is it ??) And its supposed to be properly grounded.

- Suchongs last great invention (?) - ( MSG ?? Pre-mixed cocktails in cans ?? --- ---  nah, thats not it. Ketchup in those little packets??)

- Amazing things made from old tincans and bottles and candy wrappers (like electronic components)...

- Batteries made out of mutant Potatoes - did someone REALLY come up with that ??

- Mutated rat brains to control Bots? (or was that what was in the ones we saw in BS1/Bs2??)

- Dart-guns, an alternative to lethal weapons for use in 'saving' Splicers. Other items like net traps/net guns also developed.

- An old project to generate EVE using geneticly altered plants has unfortunately caused these 'Eveplants' to grow in various parts of Rapture (and even to be cultivated by Splicer factions). Citizens are commisioned to seize all such plants and to turn them in for an official bounty.

- Body Armor - made from Ryanium (broken window frame/glass materials after ALOT of reworking) and other easier to work metals. Improves personal defenses to some degree against various attacks. Encumbrance limits mobility and carrying capacity. Useful for the 'point man' doing an assault.

- NOTE - stuff in game will be simplified technically - no need to get intricate to the point of tediousness. Most players just need to know that this Doohickey or that Thingamabob is used for X and you get one from Y. Technology should have the appearance of consistantly and systematic.

--- ---

Old Technologies:

- May need to hold contests in 'Alpha' phase (Pre-release 'Player Asset Creation') for all the machines seen in the old BS1/BS2 content - as to what their function is so that they can become part of a logical game functionality (ie- lots of utility machines/equiptment/regulators and others for industrial/manufacturing, etc..)

- Genetic research camera (Mk1 and Mk2)

--- --- Sophisticated technology that is largely lost (or out of film...)

--- --- Working units have a very high bounty on them for obvious reasons.

- Gatherers Gardens - machines dismantled for genetic technology equiptment used in 'the Cure'.

--- --- Illegal to own (ADAM splicing technologies), high bounty offered for them for salvage.

--- --- Genetic Tech components are used in the Splicer rehabilitation clinic and for further research.

- Safes/doors with shareable combinations (might not stop a determined thief, bt at least will slow them down)

- Health Stations - can greatly assist in medical treatment efforts - not quite as quick as old days

- Gene Bank machines - now used in X-Cell tech, also as medical scanners ( a few in the 'clinic' modified for plasmid extractions from Splicers)

- Ammo Bandito machines- now used as general vending machines - new 'skins' modifications to customize them for new products

- Security Cameras/Turrets/Bots are still around and definitely are still used. Some improvements have been made.

- Bot Shutdown machines have been rewired to call Bot assistance by citizens. There are fines for triggering them with no valid need. Edge areas in particular have need of these if Bot coverage is available.

- Power to the People machines- Those unusual machines eventually stopped working when they ran out of parts (which are hard to find or fabricate now). Remaining machines still capable of performing upgrades are in premium demand. Broken machines may still contain some upgrade part sets (as well as useful fabrcation tools).

- The Minerva systems and Central Computing's old 'automatic' monitoring/directing function (much to be restored as the comm lines used to access sensors were disrupted, or the areas lost power, or sensors were stolen/broken).

- TV + Radio

--- --- Rapture Radio once offered a dozen stations of varied content for listeners.

--- --- 5 TV channels and nothing good on ANY of them !!

--- --- Watchable Content expanding every day (via 'Player Created Assets')

--- --- CH2 - The 'Security' Channel - offers Notices and Warnings from the security systems.

--- --- Radio music - a very popular diversion for the masses - Some of the reconstituted stations take requests.

--- --- Old TV reruns childrens show 'Adventures of Squirmy the SeaSlug' once sponsored by Fontaine Futuristics.

--- --- Popular Radio Cliffhanger series 'Sea Patrol' and TV show 'Sea Trek' and various gameshows ("Bait That Hook", etc...)

- Public Address system

--- --- Emergency announcements/alarms - crucial to public safety

--- --- "Thought of the day" inspiration thoughts to start the day with

--- --- Area Theme music can be played 24 hours a day (until it starts driving people crazy)

- New Recordings (Accu-Vox)

--- --- Players can record their own reminicences - recycled Accu-Vox

--- --- Radio stations offer a Bounty on working Accu-Vox (the old tape systems were largely destroyed, needed for advertisement recordings and repeated news bulletins)

- Ryanium - what the Ocean windows are made out of ('sub-molecular bonding' mentioned in the book) combining properties of glass and metal.

--- --- Sounds like nano-tech to maximize certain properties need to allow these windows under 19+ atmospheres of surface pressure (and to rebar the city's structural concrete).

--- --- The material may be useable for other purposes - fabrication (material from all those shards of broken windows).

--- --- There was to be a industrial process located in Rapture that could make more of this material to meet Ryan's "self-contained" goals (if the city was ever to be able to expand).

- Genetic locks - the central controls that operated these stopped working long ago, so most devices employing them need to be hacked. The machines that used them have the genetic components that likely have high tech value.

- Mutant plants developed for consumer products - Nicotine sugercane (for artificial tobacco), Caffeine leaf as a coffee bean replacement, various pharmaceuticals, etc.. These things still exist somewhere in Rapture.

- Big Daddies (and more generic City Workers)

--- --- Rehabilitation of the Big Daddies was not overly successful because of their origin of fast growth and extreme conditioning which had been used to create them. Most had no 'normal' state to revert to.

--- --- They had largely been the reason that Rapture continued to exist with their obsession with maintenance and ability to do heavy external repairs.

--- --- Tenenbaum has done work trying long term reconditioning to try to build a 'person' inside the Big Daddies who now are little more than automated service machines.

--- --- Until that time the Big Daddies still carry out their maintenance duties.

- Fuels and Gases

--- --- Did Big Daddies really run burning fuel out in the water where there is no air?? Or was it compressed nitrogen gas or air to power its drill/rivet gun??

--- --- Why have a burnable 'Fuel' Station out in the water??. Compressed/liquid gas refills instead?? 'Airmotors' have been around for a long time and run on compressed gas.

--- --- How long do those (breathing) airtanks last? Compressors to refill tanks needed (or those 'Fueling Stations?).

--- --- Those Red gas cylindars everywhere (introducing Green oxygen cylinders - the ones that DONT explode)

--- --- Those flying Bots burn fuel - now where does THAT come from (refined oil based ?). Heavy tanks (compressed gas) on something that has to fly doesnt work.

- Little Sisters

--- --- The program was stopped with the outlawing of kidnapping children as well as splicing in Rapture.

--- --- Methods to reverse the effects that ADAM technology had caused were found. Based on a different use of the Sea Slugs to create the Anti-ADAM, the Little Sisters have been freed.

- Big Sisters

--- --- Little Sisters who were affected to longterm ADAM processing sideeffects and become unstable.

--- --- Had taken the place of some Big Daddies who no longer could protect Little Sisters from more powerful/clever Splicers.

--- --- Attempts are being made to 'save' the Big Sisters using the new gene therapies. Catch one if you can.

- Expendable hi-tech Ammos

--- --- (Remote Hack device/Mini-Turrets/Trap Spears/Rocket Spears/Seeker grenades/Trap rivets) were made in the past, but many of the manufacturing know-how was destroyed.

--- --- Many components from these have other uses can be used for hi-tech repairs (more important than expendable ammo). --- --- Easier-to-Fabricate ammo (the less technical and simpler mechanically) will take their place.

- EVE Dispenser, Tool Dispenser - these didnt do alot but can be reused for other things (If you find a full one somewhere - then JACKPOT !!).

- Subs of various sorts - used for construction, resource gathering, general transport (& smuggling) and Sea Patrols.

- Metro System - of point to point Bathyspheres that run on fixed paths(MetroWays).

--- --- Freight models as well as Passenge.

--- --- Not quite an analogy of cars/trucks.

--- --- Automatic systems for traffic control.

- Power Generation :

--- --- Geothermal power production and heat distribution.

--- --- Main Desalinization system (central technology is boiling water).

--- --- Monstrocity in Hesphaestus only part of the power system

--- --- More 'usual' system would be many smaller Geothermal Well Generating Units placed around that whole area.

--- --- Heat pipes of either steam or superheated water distribute heat to a large part of the city.

Ryan would have planned on allowing the city to expand in the future, so somehow the building components would have to be made for that expansion and for inevitable replacements. He planned on having Rapture to be 'self-sufficient' sooner than later (and most of that should have been completed by the time things started to go wrong). Thus, there is somewhere an industrial facility to make the strong pressure resistant building materials for walls and windows (a high strength synthetic) and probably ready stockpiles. Included would be the pressure bulkhead mechanisms similarly required (ie- extra Securis doors, Failsafe utility auto seals, etc..)

--- --- ---

Getting around :

The buildings/plazas making up Rapture are linked in general by steetways (at 'ground' level) with some buildings that stand off using connecting tunnels. The major streetways have trolley lines to allow residents to cover intermediate distances efficiently (or did). Longer trips were via Bathyspheres (taxis) and Atlantic Express (BS2 map showed only part of that system since Ryan Amusements shown covered about 1/3 of the area and its too small a system for such a main artery of the city). Tall buildings have elevators to cover the vertical distances 20 - 40 floors (though Bathysphere stops could be on roofs and in middles of buildings). Every building has an airlock in the basement at seabed level. There are connecting ways between many adjacent building high above 'street level'.


- The docking adaptors (the full docking bays were only in certain places due to their complexity)

- Private subs were available (even 'luxury' models) long ago, so there are probably more than a few still to be found. Many small ones were the size of the Metro Bathyspheres to make common use of Metro facilities.

- City Council offers a bounty for these critical vehicles (and for any spare parts)

- Snakes on a sub !?

- Long distance sea travel to the extended parts of Rapture (many outlying industrial stations)

- Short range subs use batteries or compressed air 'fuel' fed from the City utilities(long range units must 'surface' to recharge or for longer trips)

- Subs used in the fishing fleet and some construction.

- The big subs were over 300 feet long, but most are much smaller with shorter ranges

Rapture Metro - Bathyspheres :

- Get those Metro stations working - the automatics slowly working again.

- Piloting skills and sharing 'rides' (not all the automatics work yet)

- Where all the Bathyspheres went when Ryan locked down the city (more are being 'found' every day)

- Leasing one from the City - convienence to your 'project area' (time is money, and walking takes time)

- Frequent maintenance for these vehicles/stations means more than a few city (and private) jobs are available to those with proper skills. The Metro double airlock systems need alot of work to keep them running smoothly.

- The old MetroWay lanes are being cleared to extend the system (more Diver Suit jobs).

- What to do when they go wrong (and they do sometimes) - how to call for rescue...

- "Can I bring a wheel barrow full of stuff on a Metro Bubble-Taxi??" - limited space in the Bathyspheres.

- Main Metro stations have multiple loading bays and airlock queues

Trolleys - 'street level' transport :

- Main streets have a grid of trolley lines criss-crossing the city and between important sources of traffic.

- Trolley barns at cental location (for repairs and storage)

- Regular daily service and rush-hour extra units run (not yet quite what Rapture had in its 'Hey Day').

- Useable in controlled 'safe' areas. Extending existing lines requires clearing the tracks and restoring the power grid.

- Numerous trolley units were destroyed in civil war era, many were used as residences by Splicers. Salvage and rebuilding under way.

- Nighttime freight service done while streets are largely empty.

Atlantic Express - Main cross city routes :

- Some water passages (requiring large airlocks), and thru closed air tunnels in many other places (not really shown in BS2).

- Operates generally below street/foundation level in the city.

- Main shops, yards and some maintenence facilities are largely intact. Many external routes heavily damaged.

- Freight units for moving large volumes of goods.

- Major repairs are needed to extend the few segments still operational (ie- the segments you saw in BS2)

Trams - small slow tracked transport, run below street level:

- Most run along utilityways to facilitate maintenance.

- Electric (overhead and battery) and compressed gas powered in flame hazard areas.

- Tramway tunnels under the main 'streets' alongside all the utilities and sewers.

- Most equiptment/machines are sized to fit the tramways.

- Also used to haul garbage to disposal sites.

- Some lines ran to industrials/manufacturing sites and hauled both workers and freight (including raw materials)

- Chicago had such a system built around 1900 which was used to hall freight/coal/garbage/ashes under the city buildings and acting as a conduit for telephine cables.

There will be more 'climbable' obstacles that the player has to learn how to handle (you wont get far if you cannot find your way thru wreckage). Ladders/ropes/chains and other mechanism will offer more 'upward' mobility than was seen in BS1/BS2. Of course that also means you have to be more careful of falling.

There will be more doors to be forced open and debris that has to be removes to allow passage - difficulty and effort may vary. Watch out for doors showing evidence of flooding on the other side. If there is a door it will lead someplace, unlike games with 'the fake doors that wont open' and 'Locked' or 'You cannot activate this item' (and especially no "you do not have this quest" stupidity).

More closed in/tight places - crawling and narrow openings. Going thru the vents in places inacessible otherwise.

More Trapdoors and access hatches to go thru. In some spots you should be able to traverse the space between the Inner walls and the Outer structural wall (with a logical restriction on movement and activities and maybe getting stuck).

There will probably be a number of camouflaged/hidden/secret doors that will need to be spotted - with Splicers fighting each other, many learned that not being seen and having hideaways was a prudent measure. Players/NPCs with 'finder' skills will be more likely to spot hidden things like this.

Delivery - Sending Things to people/places :

- Pneumo looks like it can handle items about 12in cubic (or maybe enlogated 12x12x24in capsules ??)

- Send stuff via a delivery guy -- Rapture Express - gets there overnight almost guaranteed

- Encumbrance rules apply (things that dont fit thru holes dont go thru holes, and heavy things are 'heavy')

- Wheel barrows are handy items - people can only carry so much themselves.

- Trams used for maintenence work. A simpler system, often the first transport repaired in reclaimed areas.

- Trolley and Atlantic Express useable in most repaired parts of city (players will help extend - eventually).

- Metro Bathyspheres and Subs to reach cut-off sections of city (until paths can be cut thru the wreckage).

- New puzzle -- which of all this loot do you want to (can you) carry away? NPCs pushing wheel barrows will be a funny/common sight.

--- ---

The Seedier Side of things in Rapture :

Dealing with Smugglers and Illegal items:

- What do WE have that they want ??? (what do they get paid with???) EVE derivative was found to have uses as a 'recreational' drug. Some gold was produced in the mining operations (and all those rich people had some valuable items).
- How to be a Smuggler for fun and profit - last segment of the contrabands journey into Rapture
- Important that the ADAM technology not get to the surface as it will cause too much interest in trying to find the source.
- Likewise Surface diseases and cultural contaminants threaten Rapture's stability.

Criminal elements (did you expect this to go away?) :

- Getting mugged in 'less well lit' areas (incident visited on boths players and NPCs - oportunity to play the hero..)
- Black market ?? What illegal things do people want besides smuggled food/goods ?
- Loansharks ? Short term loans that usually go bad
- Prostitution ?
- Drugs - many still not illegal, but some are - including ADAM splicing
- Pirates?? Are some citizens really using their submarines to commmit acts of piracy on the surface??
- Betting/bookie parlours - the slug races, Splicer fights ...
- Burglaries - usually trash stuff, security measures help avoid significant losses
- Pirate Radio station - the Z channel (actually was mentioned in the book - used by Atlas for propaganda)

--- ---

The Common Laws and Understandings now in Rapture :

- The Ex-Splicers pledge - I will splice no more Forever (It will probably kill you anyway).

- Thou shalt not ruin another mans work.

- Neither shall thou steal it

- Finders Keepers - anything you haul back from the 'Wild' is yours to do with as you see fit

- All that went before has been wiped clean.

- Honor the 15mph signs

- One man's garbage is another man's treasure

- The Great Chain has many links - all need to be strong

- Think not what Rapture can do for you, but what you can do for Rapture

- Ryan's Dream was bigger than Ryan

- The Surface is even worse than you were told

- Just DO IT (enough talk)

- An Individual can open opportunities for Multitudes.

- There is ALWAYS more to do

- Remember those who are still in the darkness and free them as YOU were freed.

- Basic utilities now, great art later.

- Always wash your hands after...

- Rapture was not built in a day.

- Contributions to the Common Good is also to yourself (and is to be looked on positively if not Rewarded)

- When you feel salt water spraying in your face, something is very wrong.

- We have finally left the 'old' world and can now build the 'new'.

- This game has severe ways of punishing Griefers (including locking you in jail permanently).

--- ---

Rapture's Continuing Improvements - almost civilized :

- Phone exchange works once more (RT&T Rapture Telephone and Telegraph)

- Newpapers - Return of the Rapture Tribune and other newspapers

- Goods in the stores once again

- Radio & TV broadcasts

--- --- Educational TV, instructional content, entertainment

--- --- Player Created Assets for content like advertisements/entertainmen/instructional (subjected to vetting of course) using similar Flash-like stylized cartoons (Flash type tools may be directly applicable). Audio content likewise.

- Jet Postal 'Pneumo' for convenience (restored system is expanding every day)

- Making the Trolleys run on time

- Dining Out - the 5 star Restaurants are just months away...

- Aesthetics once again, enough with darkness and ruin - new Civic Achievements generate Prestige

--- ---

City Hall/Center (the organizing principle of the New Rapture) :

- Your Voting Rights and the City Council (they work for you, not the other way around)

- Announcements of emergencies/celebrations/shortages/progress/grand openings/events

- Source of civic improvement and maintenence jobs

- Citizens responding to emergencies may get rewards (besides 'Prestige' which can make NPCs more friendly/cooperative)

- Some simple economic 'regulation' via raising job pay for city organized 'job' activities players are avoiding (frequently for certain advanced skill sets, otherwise logical for NPCs to grab them all the time if were 'unskilled')

- Centrally coordinated 'projects'

--- --- Players reserve their own 'projects' areas for reclamation efforts (file a claim)

--- --- Salvage permits for destroyed areas (areas impossible to rebuild)

--- --- Demolition of hazardous structures and obstructions

--- --- Systematic restoration of Utilities and expansion of the 'liveable' city

- City organizes the 'big projects' - longterm needs for the city's continuance (lots of jobs)

- City resources

--- --- City Power systems and other utilities

--- --- Submarines dont grow on trees - hitching a ride for a little money on the side

--- --- Subsidized new citizens - not charity, just practicality

--- --- Power shortages and how to avoid them (keep the criical systems working)

--- --- Meeting rooms available for private functions

--- --- Shop rentals - encouraging commerce and competition

--- --- City workshops where various equiptment has been relocated to facilitate various projects.

- Community Safety

--- --- Pressure integrity is paramount. City Maintenance's first priority.

--- --- The City safety system - guards/patrol bots/cameras/security posts/public awareness

--- --- Organizing the patrols - guard job opportunities (keeping 'the wild' out of the City)

--- --- Bounty for old Bots and all kinds of other security equiptment

--- --- Posse (citizen assistance) to handle emergencies dealing with various miscreants

--- --- Constables and the City Watch - handling of public order, Splicers, criminals and vermin

--- --- Fire suppression systems (volunteer fire brigades have been organized)

--- --- Petty crimes and punishmensts (lots of fines for crimes that affect others)

- The Pneumo doesnt run itself (you know)

--- --- Mail service maintained by city is indespensible

--- --- The 'official' job of the 'PneumoMan' - steady work, every building has a central office -- keep those tubes clear.

- The Census, City Survey and Directories ('you are here' maps)

--- --- 3D Map interface for players - getting from here to there is part of the playing skill

--- --- Orientation and information for citizen's benefit

--- --- Surveys/Exploration of new areas - is yet one more 'city job'

--- --- Census/inspection/audit continually being made to assist in planning/improvements

- New Citizen Dole, - bootstrapping the population (going from 'Splicer' to 'normal' is a big transition)

- Paperwork - currently the institutions of Rapture haven't yet resumed their love of paperwork. For some reason most of the available paper seems to have dissapeared over the years ....

- Many of the things that the city council mandate "are more like guidelines rather than actual rules".

- Pay Toilets (pays for the maintenance city does to provide 'service' -- were in BS1/BS2 so why not this game.. (Dole tokens are accepted))

- Access control to 'celebrities' - do you want to see Tenenbaum mobbed by players 'just to see her'?? Well they should be able to see her sometimes in the operating theater 'Curing' a Splicer, but much of the rest of the time is behind locked doors. Oh and if you try to block a 'celebritie's progress in the street (a favorite griefer trick in games with NPC collision) they will call a constable on you and you will probably be hauled in to the local lockup and face a stiff fine.

- McClendon's Home Computer - installed and used in City Hall to run the rent rolls and other useful processing. Fortunately a large supply of punchcards survived the 'time of chaos'.

--- ---

The Big Projects :

- The Lighthouse - Get those air intakes on the surface back in full operation

- Clearing the waterways - all the Bathysphere MetroWay lanes

- Atlantic Express - making it go somewhere you actually want to go - its capacity will be useful to future city needs.

- Hesphaestus overhaul - needed repairs (for the 5 original turbines and the later expansions) and restoring capacity after much too long a time. Many of the heat pipes to the city are corroding and need replacement/repairs.

- Reactivate some of the secondary Geothermal generating units (Steam Wells) for future city needs.

- The Civic Improvements The Museum, The Zoo, The Ryan Monument, City Hall, The Great Library, etc...

- The Census and City Survey (keeps the maps up to date and planning on track)

- The Seaslug Farm project

--- --- The source of the 'cure' was there all the time (...why seaslugs arent a blob of cancer)

--- --- Bounty on SeaSlugs - keep your eyes open for them

- The Sea Patrol - outsiders from the surface threaten Rapture's existance

- The Tunnel Boring machine - a key to Rapture's future - getting it repaired

- The Water Turbine power plant off the Abyss edge (tapping the constant sinking currents) - repairing and restoring its generation as a redundant supply to the Hesphaestus power system.

- Viable population growth - research to correct the genetic damage to restore the ability...

- Sewage processing into Fertilizer for the new farms, Fishgut fertilizer again to be collected.

- Grow/expand Rapture to add the space needed so it wont seem the crowded trap it once did.

- Expand the use of "The Thinker" without becoming dependant on a potentially insane machine.

- Encouraging more diverse food production (everyone is sick of fish).

--- ---

Myths and Legends (and Parables) :

- Johnny Topside, the man, the legend (the second coming ??).

- The Jack Fan Club - demented Splicers worshiped Jack as a god ???

- Delta's Story (and how he saved us all from Lamb The Insane)

- Ryan's secret Grotto (and all those rumors that Ryan survived)

- The Freighter Graveyard and other such tales (treasure maps to it sold under the counter at Left-handed Pete's Bait Shop).

- Lost weapons from the Civil War

- Room 101

- Davey Jones Locker - do Big Daddies party out there ???

- Atlas - Shoulders of Deceit

- Be good children... or Lamb will come for you.

- The Cat that traveled by Pneumo and other childrens stories.

- Daddy, what did you do in the Civil War??

- The 'Yellow Submarine'.

- "And then the Coffee ran out" - The day Rapture Ruptured -- how the Civil War got started.

- Hitler is still alive and living in Rapture - stupid Splicer conspiracy theories.

- The Kraken - Kraken are legendary sea monsters of giant proportions said to have dwelt off the coasts of Norway and Iceland (heh, arent we lucky Ryan picked this place here - wouldn't off-the-Bahamas have been better?)

- The Dark Mystery - Did Jack/Delta actually consume Little Sisters ?? Taste like Chicken??

- The Floating City of 'Columbine' and other UFOs/phantasms of The Surface.

--- ---

Interesting things to see/do :

- Fish watching - see how many different kinds you can spot (collecting achievement).

- The Rapture Museum - a growing collection of priceless and not so priceless art (dont miss The Hall of Parasites).

- The Great Library, an important research resource, grows larger every day (collect books for credit).

- Ghost Dance - (If the 'Player Created Assets' will exist in the game) - additional player created ghost stories (as seen in BS1) - vetting system in force, of course. Animating a ghost is the same process as animation for an NPC or player avatar. You could even have 'fill in the caption/dialog' type contests substituting dialog of the BS1 ones we saw (or newly created ones). Amusing, tragic, heroic/epic, or all three.

- Kashmir's Monument - where the Civil War started (currently under new management).

- The edge of the Great Abyss (not that much to see but an excuse to take off work).

- All kinds of fun things (machines and such) to activate 'just dont press that red glowing button on the side'.

- ALL those big valve wheels actually do something (Half Life2) though you may want to read the placard on each to know what trouble you might be going to cause by turning it.

- The Neon lights are on again and it is always night Outside to see the pretty lights.

- Talk to the NPCs - they might have alot to say (everyone has 'their story')

- The Municipal Stadium, Sports - residents of rapture can look forward to sports again in the future

- The Ryan Monument and Hall of Ryan - wisdom and saying of Andrew Ryan, and his accomplishments, and Dream.

- The Zoo - Interesting Animals found in the Wild places, ADAM effected curiosities - mutant cows, flame breathing rats. A useful place to observe/research (those mutant rats, cats, roaches look so harmless behind that thick glass). Also The Aquarium for a close up look at real and unusual Sealife you only see fleeting glances of in those murky windows.

- Visit The Lighthouse - get close to "The Surface" for a thrill. Some say it needs to be removed so as to not give away the City's location (kinda about time?), while others that it might be made to submerge via hydraulics.

- Public Parks - restful and relaxing - now being expanded (to try to get rid of that "WE ARE TRAPPED IN A WATER SURROUNDED TOMB" feeling some people get). Visit the recently found 'Jungle' where things never stopped growing.

- Retrace the steps of Jack and Delta thru the city (see the damage wrought in their heroic battles). See where Jack battered his way to Lambs Lair and ened her Reign of Terror.

- See MADAMe Vogon's Wax Museum with its life-like frightening scenes and personalities from Raptures history. Inspirational poetry readings daily in the Museums adjoining coffee/gift shop.

- Rapture is '3 Miles on a side' (3x3) - there must be something of interest for you to see there, somewhere.

- Rapture's Museum of Bad Art - rich finds from Rapture's many wannabee 'artists' - Hilarious and Pathetic at the same time. (google --> "Museum Of Bad Art")

- Ryan Amusements - Actual amusements added, and a restored 'Journey to the Surface' (with added new horrors seen/reported by our Surface Scouts).

- 'Big Game' fishing - catch one giant squid and Rapture eats Kalamari for several weeks....

- Visit the City shooting range to increase your weapon skills. You actually could go shoot 'cans' elsewhere if you want too (outside city limits).

- Create Abstract Art (pictures, and scupltures too (??))

--- --- Make-It-Yourself in-game art (if we can compose new signs in this game why not do this too??)

--- --- Beware the company censors will be after you for 'improper game content' (as always) - Rewards are given for citizens first validly reporting such and punished for invalid' reporting.

--- --- Already checked/verified 'art' will be marked as 'Passed' to avoid repeated reportings of borderline cases.

- Games of Chance are back -- its not hard to program/script a Blackjack table game or 'Spin-the-Wheel' NPC run game.

- Visit the Little Sisters Wonderland - see what Little Sisters saw (a recreation by an ex-Little Sister).

- Expeditions into 'The Wild' - due to difficulties reaching many areas, players will want to setup 'Base Camps' there to facilitate their activities. Something like a 'frontier' town atmosphere no doubt will grow up in the larger established sites. Similar 'work camps' for rebuilding the Atlantic Express will be needed.

--- ---

Adversaries and Perils :

Frequest events around the new city:

- Splicer Raids - The rebuilt city has 'stuff' and Splicers outside want it (usually in the Edge and Border areas)

- Splicer movement reported - heightened alert at perimeter area #7 ...

- Critical System failure - fix it now or the city dies!! (or not)

- Rescue in the Metro or Atlantic express (body recovery at least)

Earthquake ??? (We are near Iceland you know, near a geothermally active area).

Criminal organizations :

- Smugglers and surface contaminations - horrors from 'the surface'

--- --- Smuggling in people?? Kidnappings ??

--- --- Some Smugglers are dealing with Splicers (some ARE Splicers)??

- Just say NO to Splicing (remember your pledge)

- The Posse - criminals wont be tolerated -- players are called upon to 'take care of' an identified criminal who is resisting justice (manhunts into 'the wild' to find the 'hole in the wall' etc..)

- The black market - let the buyer beware

- The Protection racket - age old activity should not be tolerated

- Sleeping with the Fishes - dealing with gangsters can be dangerous

- Where did the Ninjas come from ??

In the Ocean :

- Sealife, bothersome and dangerous

- Diving suits are generally safe from most sealife, only larger things are out there

- Wreckage - dont assume your path is clear - speed limits are good to follow.

- Sub and Bathysphere collisions (whales have the 'right of way')

The Outsider threat: - Rapture possessed wonders they will kill all of us for. Best they never return to tell.

The Crushing Pressure :

- Failsafe seals 'failing' - report any indicators of failure IMMEDIATELY

- New leaks breaking out every day - need for quick repairs (water fills up pretty quickly)

- Securis doors Warantee expirations

- Bulkheads between large building sections have to have self actuating mechanisms so that they seal if the ocean pressure ever breaks thru to either side. Electrical breakers have to throw, valves have to close and open passages (like pneumo tubes ) have to be blocked strongly enough to withstand the many (19+) atmospheres of pressure that will suddenly bear down on the entire bulkhead. Obviously the entire bulkhead itself must withstand the pressure. The large opening of doors likewise have to seal completely.

Corrosion and structural failure :

- 12 million gallons of zinc paint better be somewhere in Rapture.

- Some components can be made out of brass, which resists corrosion by salt water which would likely be used in places that would normally be exposed to salt water, unfortunately leaks happen everywhere.

- Many other things like machinery, pipes, structural components would be steel which eventually rusts unless you keep it painted and usually having zinc in the paint to take the corrosion before the steel does (basically it gives you time to detect it and repaint again). The long lack of proper maintenance in Rapture likely will be the cause of much accumulated corrosion.

Somewhere in Rapture there is a huge warehouse filled with seized contraband (smuggler crates and such) and who knows what horrors from 'The Surface' might be contained in them??? There are probably other locations where similar caches exist in Rapture.

Vermin Problems :

- The mutant rat problem. Vermin are the leading cause of food wastage/spoilage and spreading disease.

- Rapture needs more Cats!! (now fewer Splicers than there used to be eating the rats)

- Cockroaches would have been the last thing alive in Rapture

- The Rapture Health inspectors have already shut down certain commercial operations substituting inappropriate materials in their processed foods.

- Sanitation in Rapture is 'on the Rise'. (do your part citizen...)

Toxic waste :

- The garbage/sewage disposal problem

- Just dump it in the sea - easier said than done

- Toxic puddles, why you might want to avoid stepping in them

- Industrial sites left to moulder for years - not a pleasant situation (and we need to reactivate them)

Fires are not your friend: -- Oxygen IS your friend, it keeps you alive :

- Fire suppression systems - sprinklers not usually enough

- Most materials dont burn, but many things still do - be careful with open flames.

- The fire brigade - general alarms - volunteer units organized in all parts of the city.

- Please do not obstruct the fire hyrdrants.

Anarchists are still with us -- report these criminals to appropriate authorities

--- ---

Epidemics :

- Disease impact on multitudes - bodies lying in the streets, men with carts in the streets crying 'Bring out your dead'.

- Likely such events will only disrupt things in the city.

- 'Resistance' is NOT futile. See your medical professional today on prevenative measures.

- Sneeze and Cough sound assets needed.

Man the Barricades!!  When Splicers attack ...

- Splicers want the stuff you got. The city has ways of handling them.

- The City Guard and the security systems may need your help. Citizens are expected to assist in countering threats to Rapture.

- Cannibal Splicers !!! (One way to get ADAM...)

- The small cannon firing broken glass that saved the 'new' Rapture settlement in the early days...

Explore the Hidden Places:

- Various caves and caverns and tunnels below the city were built and can be explored (for fun and profit).

- Many tunnels were used in construction of the foundations and others were dug later.

- There are many such places that people kept things they werent supposed to have. You never know one of those Exclusive Upscale shops might have been dealing in 'special' contraband for their 'special' customers.

- Splicers probably know about many of these places so watch out for a 'little company'.

Frozen legacy: - Time capsule - there are many large piles of ice in places, where the heating failed.

- Be careful thawing them, some may contain nasty suprises.

- Yum - 8 year old TV dinners

- Will a Vita-Chamber revive a frozen Cat?

- Some entire levels of buildings are solid Ice (broken water pipes long ago)

- How to thaw Ice without an Incinerate plasmid...

Old Booby-traps: - watch your step.

- More pitfall type terrain oriented traps (and things that will; come down on you)

- These old machine run on batteries, who keeps recharging the batteries ??

- Turrets and Cameras and Bots and Locked Doors under control of Splicer types (not all of them are completely insane)

- And you thought those old tech skills were mostly useless...

Open the Pod Bay doors Thinker ... (Bug in the Machine)

- Before this modern wonder can be used to its potential, we must first understand it fully.

- Major Instabilities in the system have been reported.

- Citizens with advanced skills are requested to assist in programming projects.

- Official Bounty on electronic tubes has been issued.

- Supply of Blank Punchcards has been located. Minigame to write new ones for "The Thinker"

Big Daddies and Big Sisters (not the Maintenance Daddies):

- Still roam the 'Wild' places (with or without Little Sisters).

- Official Bounties offered for their capture.

- Big Daddies reconditioning to Maintenance Daddies.

- Big Sister stabalization and rehabilitation (working on it).

- Many ran out of ammunition (though there may still be caches of ammo in places some still use). Expect more physical attacks (Drill 'fuel' still plentiful in many places).

--- ---

'Boss' archetypes:

- Outsiders - KGB CIA Nazis, oh my!! with Ruthless leaders on a 'mission'

- The smart 'BIG' Big Daddy (Big Daddy O' ??) Nightmare on Rapture Street (yeah that makes alot of sense)

- Sander Cohen, he's back. The ears are still on. (Or a look-a-like)

- Mini-Cults - Ryan/Lamb/Atlas wannabees - more delusions of the insane

- Mafia Boss?? Citizen Gangs and 'territories'. Underworld under the sea - never quite eradicated from the city.

- The Big Sister 'who would be Lamb' (delusions of tyrrany and arrogant insanity)

- The Squid Whisperer

- Splicer boss with his fiefdom (usually controlling area with valuable resources (ie - Food, EvePlants, Power,...)

- The Grand Delusion - the rival 'Rapture' - somewhere on the other side of town - also 'rebuilding' ...

- How to 'get them back' (the Bosses) for the next big raid or quest/mission??? How would this work? Like Dracula they ALWAYS come back? Opponents just hard to kill. Too many Vita-Chambers unaccounted for.

--- --- ---





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