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More interesting items/ideas for a Bioshock Rapture MMORPG
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Game Music :

Music can be choreographed for Quests/Flashacks, but in normal game situations would be mostly ambience sounds and activated by NPC/Player actions (ie- jukeboxes, etc). Known music is largely limited by Copyright laws (not sure whether the songs we heard in BS1/BS2 need to be renegotiated.) There can also be Player creations (EULA agreements would protect the Rights of their Authors). I suppose there could be freely playable instruments like in some games which can also play scripted music sequences (prerecorded/edited as Midi or ABC).

Standard (but eventually numerous?) Dramatic Music sequences triggered by combat starting or tense situations (how the Server will know this is the trick...)


Little Sisters say "More ADAM for Big Sister!" :

SO Big Sisters are their Pimps ? I did not think that BSs 'extracted' ADAM from the LSs to deliver it to Lamb (or sometimes to someone else?) Maybe they dont, and LSs just get their 'orders' from them (or apparently move them about sometimes, or back 'home'). How BSs are controlled is something not shown. Conditioning them was probably alot more complicated (alot less controllable and less gullible than 7-year olds) - just getting ahold of them to try to condition them ....

One wonders, did the Big Sisters 'not get the Memo' that they arent supposed to still go out and kidnap children from 'the Surface' for new Little Sisters and they are still busy doing that ??

And it may not have only been Lamb behind that. Fontaine's old Cronies are still around up in the Northern end of Rapture. But perhaps, with access to the smuggler Submarines, they might use somewhat different tactics to obtain their 'contraband'.



Someone somewhere suggested that the IOOP (international order of pawns from SitS) might be the basis for the plotline of BS3. I could see them in the MMORPG making some possible appearances, showing up in Rapture and most frequently drowning, being killed by Splicers, wandering around lost, taking one good look and then leaving as fast as they possibly can. A few 'Pawn Cards' might be found laying in places, with no sign of whoever brought them along.

For that proposed BS3 plot, Lutwidge is supposed to 'rebuild Rapture' (heh) and then the Pawns fight amongst themselves as Factions, and you are one of them, with more Tenenbaum for help, and 'moral choices' and doing stuff for the other Pawns to get them to side with you, and alot of other stuff derivative from BS1.

I'll stick with the MMORPG for BS3, as being an expansion rather than a revisitation.


Moving Walkways in Rapture :

Even with clusters of buildings and systems like the Trolley's offering 'Street' connections, a convenient short distance transport was seen as needed in a few locations. Solution - the Moving Walkway (The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 had them, so the technology was nothing new or difficult.)

Of course, you have to pay(turnstile), but convenient saving on alot of walking was useful to many people. They generally work best in long linear or circular paths.

Example would have been in place of that rediculous Trolley stuff around Olympus Heights, which if they were really that short, would have been ludicrous. Reorganizing the maps for the MMORPG, those Streets would be changed to be a much greater distance and the Trolley tracks would have connected THROUGH that central plaza probably with a center main stop/hub (probably on a seperate lower 'transit' level).


Watch your step, those arent Sinclairs :

Those little Sinclair brand Trap Rivets in BS2 sure are smart - able to discern between You and Friendlies (or neutrals like a BD NOT mad at you) versus unfriendy Splicers/BigSisters/Angry Daddies. They could have made them (in the game) so that anyone triggered them -- including YOU (would be simpler to justify technically and would also offer a better puzzle when using them in the game).

There probably would be some standard bio-electronic circuitry that could figure friend-foe triggering out (which also may be used for the same 'discernment' for Turrets and Flybots). In the books Ryans forces and friends wore transmitter tags to broadcast their 'freindly' status to the security machines. In the MMORPG that alternate mechanism could be that kind of 'friend' marker you put on friendlies, which a more reasonable (simpler technology) device could detect. Likely many/most 'Trap Rivets'/mines in the MMORPG will be simpler electric eye, as the trigger tech for the old ones is expensive to replicate and more useful for other machines. (Splicers would likely have them too - something you didnt face in the Solo games).

Proximity Mines and Heat-Seeking RPG's have a similar trigger/control logic.


Something in the Sea - transmuted :

I was looking at the volume of materials associated with "Theres Something in the Sea", the web based teaser/PR stunt, and wondered with all the effort put into that how many more levels mght we have gotten for BS2 ? But then I reconsidered that it was largely written text and some 'era' document creation, voice recordings, some pictures and flash games made with a wide variety of (mature and common) media tools --- methods not limited to the game engine's specific requirements. How much effort did it require as compared to the same type of things integrated into the game (animated real 3D, interactive, operating thru the game mechanics)? A significant difference in effort might represent what a MMORPG with good asset creation tools and alot of Player's imaginations could produce FOR THIS GAME, compared to the way game companies are stuck producing games today.

How many people actually were required to produce SitS and how much time? How much of that time was spent thinking-up/discussing/arguing/adjusting the content to make it fit together? Did the ideas take longer to formulate in detail than actually to convert them to those simpler media Assets? How different would MMORPG production be with that same ratio? Certainly cheaper, or more for the same money.

--- -

Museum of Insanity and Parasites (New Rapture) :

A reminder to Citizens of the tribulations that Rapture has gone through -- the perils of ADAM and how it virtually wrecked Civilization. That which does not destroy you makes you stronger. The survivors are rebuilding the City.

And of certain parasitic people who instead of working tried to steal/seize the City for their own ends, and brought even more ruination by using ADAM as their tool.

Museum contains many recorded interviews with Splicers before their 'cure' and accounts from non-Splicers who survived. Clear evidence is shown how too many parasites poison the whole.


Isometric (2D) interface for Player 'workbench' (Fabrication interface) :

- More flexible (and better looking) than a Minecraft style flat tile interface - especially with objects scaled properly and with free-placement for individual objects (like UO's 15 year old inventory interface). Same 2D interface is an alternate inventory control interface in the main game.

- Easier to run on a Tablet Computer to allow 'offline' (handheld) activities (very low end graphics can handle it - and low-res displays). Processing requirements likewise are minimal and data batching can work when connectivity is dodgy.

- Formula (crafting/repair task definition) representations can use the graphical pictures also.

- 2D Assets (pixel art) easy to create when 3D asset data already exists (game items being echoed in the 2D interface).


Huge library of useful information - Somewhere :

Rapture was built with the intent of eventually being cut off (or surviving a destroyed Surface World) and would have tried to accumulate all possibly useful knowledge from the World (and would take measures to ensure its survival from accidents and time). To Ryan it might be as fundamental as making the City's walls strong enough to last decades.

So somewhere in Rapture (maybe in many redundant places) would be built storehouses of knowledge - archives of that information. Tons of microfilm (technology perfected in the 30s and in WW2). And fortunately, making additional copies cost little more than the first.

Even after the City was 'closed to the outside' in 1952, the flow of new information may not have stopped and was brought in with other 'official' shipments of other critical 'stockpile' materials. These would have been copied and added to the various archives.

Individuals might have brought their own collections of materials deemed worthy of copying, as well as proprietary business/industrial information. Private interest groups copied selected information as well (including the Rapture Standard/Tribune and other City newspapers).

The multiple copies were placed in various secure locations and it would be very useful to find them again.


Near-Classics Illustrated version of "Americus" (Science Fiction- Fantasy book) found in Rapture :

Comic book version of the book. Its about a mysterious floating City called Americus that has gone weird when invaded by aliens. It is investigated by an adventurer named Hooker, who eventually after many endless battles with evil denziens, does something heroic and the city crashes and burns thus saving the World from endless weirdness and eternal darkness. The famous Rod K. Quain was the Author (only famous because there was so much less Sci-Fi/Fantasy published compared to now).


Rocket Spear fun ... Physics in the game :

I do like the amusing Physics Effects in the Solo games and would have them expanded (especially if just about everything in the game 'World' is now an independant object). You would want to avoid network delays between activation/actions/effect, which would require close coordination between the Player's Client (which originates the physics effects, trajectories, collisions), the Server, and other Players Clients (to echo closely what was shown on the original Players screen - the delay is less noticable to the secondary observers).

Doing the processing on a Client does open up the problem of hack/cheating (having the Server do post-validation before posting permanant results is usually the way to thwart that).

All the interactive objects in this game by itself may have alot of people playing. Good, easy to use controls for all these manipulations will be required - a tall order in itself to do (alleviating the companies cost of Assets would make more money/effort available to do that).

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Competition Quests :

... Something that can be scored (posted Online so Players can compare themselves to other Players). The involved quest(s) would have to be easily 'joined' by Players. Possibly some with limited contests with scoring at the end of the submission time-period.

Likewise for Mini-Games - similar 'scoring' (score boards)

.... Different levels of difficulty (recognizing broad category of Player character development) and fixed play time limit (seperate score boards per 'scenario')

.... Cant/wont be cheated at (various encodeing tricks that make it not worth the 'cheaters' time.)

The particular Quests should be made so there is no opportunity/incentive for competitive Players to steal in-game opportunities from their Player opponents to assist in 'winning' (Instancing only??)

I suppose you can also have the same kind of Solo 'Achievements' (of all flavors) like we had in the previous Solo games. With a multi-Player game you can have the usual in-game trophies (or maybe better than 'usual') and some Basic recognition in the City Community (NPC reactions or somesuch)??


One of those strange experiments in Old Rapture ... :

Many Farms were reporting vermin problems, and one of the 'bright boys' thought up a possible solution.
With some tinkerings and experiments he wired a cat into one of the construction machine type remote control units.

The first experiments showed good progress - the remote system was adapted and the cat was able to control a flybot unit, but it kept getting distracted or decided to do some napping. So more cats were imported to find some that had the right temperament. More experiments were done, but in the end the cats proved much too uncooperative. In the end, the 'bright boy' wound up in the pet cat import business.


Keeping the Weirdness under control :

Splicers cant get too alien looking - the Bioshock games didnt stray to far from anthromorphic forms (avoided tentacles and such) to keep the animations managable. It also allowed them to share common bone animation patterns for the many maneuvers/movements. But if any Player wants to go to all the work needed (a large very different animation set and changes to the behavior code), no doubt some use could be found for their creations even if only in Nightmare sequences (and Splicer delusions).


Patri-Arkh unit from Utropolis :

Squirrels ? Seriously, Squirrels.... This aint Narnia.

On the other hand -- INSANE!!!


Synonyms of Plaza :



Justifying ADAM Tech - more genius than genius ??? :

Alot of the genetic change capability/technology doesnt exist today (too complex/not yet understood etc..) but what if in Rapture one of the first (even with 'hard'/'slow') developments was 'brainboost' ??? It could be initially administered in some slow tedious complicated way, but capable of turning on much of that 90% of our brains we dont use -- not so drastic a genetic change - something that is largely already there. Using that unlocked brain power, made the 'improved brain-boost' easier to then create, and then likewise the next better 'super GT Brainboost' even easier to create. Thus resulting in even greater genius to understand and rapidly create all the rest of these more sophisticated ADAM things, which require more massive genetic manipulation (and later the packaging for the presto-chango simple-one-step magic bottle products). That brainpower would be applied to everything else in Rapture.


Run Silent, Run Deep... :

Torpedoes - used for handling surface 'interlopers' ... Ryan's isolation operation's last resort.
- Made by ???? Ryan Industries (some developments by ex-Fontaine Futuristics) and McClendon Robotics components.
- WW2 technology possibly with much improved 'intelligent' controllers of active sonar (similar to Security Bot type logic).
- Wales had been hired by Ryan to design defenses for Rapture and had access and knowledge of some of the systems. Lamb used Wales knowledge to attack subs trying to escape Rapture (who might bring the Surface to destroy her project). Other Factions nullified many of those systems when Lamb tried to use them against her rivals.
- The 'Frozen Triangle' bore witness to various other methods of handling those who got close to Rapture.
Previously Ryan was more cautions in using such methods, knowing that the casualties would attract attention to Rapture's location and more monitoring was done than anything, to make sure outsiders didnt get too close. Lamb wasnt as careful.
- Other factions and various ingenious Splicers came up with similar devices of varying effectiveness to use on or threaten each other.


Possibilities made possible :

Ideas are a "dime a dozen"? Yes, they are, and that is why I talk so much about what is needed to make those ideas into reality (and how it might be done).

The tools used to create Raptures terrain settings (map areas and temporary quest instance bubbles) can just as well create terrain/locations from other places (assuming the available assets exist - and those too can be created via the tools).

We can have the storyline take place on the surface for various scenes - Flashbacks (which can be more limited as they are choreographed) and larger surface related quests. A generic Icelandic fishing village might be useful (the nearest land), as might a fishing boat or some other kind of ship that would be in various ocean missions NEAR Rapture. The various outside-Player adventure roles of being some Smuggler or Splicer or City Agent would open all kinds of behavior opportunities and scenarios to present (some which could take place on the Surface).

Example would be : sitting in on a meeting of Ryan Corporation Special Division (In the Ryan Building in New York City), which still interacts covertly with Rapture, following Ryan's last orders. You would see them talk about status of various projects and plans and attempts to 'keep it all secret'. You might get an 'assignment' to nullify a rival company's industrial spy who has gotten a little too close to discovering Rapture.

Even more imppressive might be taking sections of the City map (small ones maybe) and repairing them to 'like new' for a Flashback in the days before Rapture fell.


ADAM Products were equivalent of building the V2 Rocket :

Both required creation of entire sets of technologies (and even materials) that didnt yet exist and took alot of trial and error testing and incremental development. What the ADAM experiments did to 'test subjects' was equivalent to V2 test firings that constantly blew up from one problem after another. The end-product required complex mechanisms, very specific performance, and had so many ways to go wrong. In the end, when working, it was revolutionary.


Shopping via Pneumo :

Early in BS2 development, the developers planned the Pneumo to be part of a bartering system with NPCs. There would be a booth with a Pneumo, Radio, and TV with Camera. The Player would contact an item-dealer to buy/sell. The idea was later dropped (heh, Delta couldnt really talk much - one "OOOORGH" for buy it and two "OOOORGH" for pass...).

Normal Rapture would likely have this system for some of its shopping (their version of 'buy online'). Other larger items could probably be purchased also with later manual delivery. With resumption of reliable Pneumo operation in New Rapture, the same kind of remote commerce will probably be set up again.


Rapture's Skyline - all just a Con Job ???? :

Was built to be impressive/inspiring but is all that interior space really used?

That height of those sky-scrapers 40+ stories tall - is there interior spaces inside (particularly near the tops where they narrow down)? - or are many of those stories lighted 'fakes'? An example would be the towers on the main Fontaine Futuristics buildings, which the top 2/3 is more for show than any human occupation. As narrow as they are, the interior volume (inside the required massive walls) would quickly dwindle to uselessness.

I would hope that only the densest part of Rapture looks like the following picture :
- Warnock_tvspot.png
If those were fully occupied, 20000 people could fit pretty easily in just the buildings shown.

Fake construction of the upper sections would not need the 8 foot thick reinforced concrete walls most inhabitted buildings in Rapture have (or the foot thick Ryanium windows) to hold out the sea pressure. The fake windows could be relatively thin ordinary glass. The only real structural needs would be holding up the building's weight and preventing ocean currents from swaying/bending a building to its destruction. Faked floors (being empty/unused) could alleviate alot of the ocean current's force by having lots of holes to let much of the current flow pass right thru the building (think fly-swatter). Otherwise with such tall buildings the current force has a huge amount of leverage against the foundation (which has to anchor the building), and also has to be transmitted thru the walls of the lower levels (requiring them to be much stronger).

As Ive written before, there was a plentiful locally-made supply of concrete in Rapture, which could allow alot of overbuilding (and Wales Brother's grand designs definitely were that). Fake upper floors also could be designed to look like more than they really are (just as in game the buildings we see which are real 3D objects are actually 1/3rd size - yet look impressively bigger - an optical illusion).


Another Business Opportunity (an industry to start) - Paint :

The whole City will need new paint once the leaks and woodrot is cleaned up (walls replaced, etc..).

- Lime/Chalk for white (titanium might be a bit hard to get ahold of)
- Various silts/clays for greys and earth colors
- Numerous minerals are useful for less plain colors.
- Old formula of linseed oil ...
- Zinc based paint would be needed to redo the lapsed protective paint on countless pipes.
- Old Stockpiles may still exist somewhere, but the City needs to look civilized now.


Shoddy Low-Bid Security ?? :

Idea for something (a product) to be developed ( a City Council request) - (better) Armored security camera/scanners...

Those old ones - One whack and its down - who designed those things ?? Fontaine Futuristics selling shoddy equipment ??? Ryan wouldn't 'fork out' for the Deluxe models??

A Player's Quest is to help work on better designs and test the units as part of the City's project.

A variety of different forms the player gets to see (some rediculously monstrous and impractical, other just dont survive the least abuse, etc...). The testing would be amusing.

At some point, a proper econmical design is achieved for production, and the players mission becomes helping replace existing units (or whats left of them since getting destroyed easily was the original problem). No doubt there could also be missions for obtaining the needed materials and salvaging the old ones. Eventually the new model will become a common sight in the City-controlled parts of Rapture and the following distribution to allies.


Raptures Heart :

At Hephaestus the large 'harmonic' cores were built in Raptures early days to power the City's construction. An issue was controlling/regulating the Geothermal well by injecting the right amount of water to efficiently produce steam/power, but not have overpressures that would damage/destroy the machinery. The large units could at first be manually operated and their larger size meant they would reacted slower and give more time to compensate fluctuations. The bulky equipment used to regulate the system took up alot of space. A smaller unit would require the same control equipment and operation staff as the large unit did. Drilling a large well cost only a little more than drilling a small one.

Later, when the problems involved were analysed, better miniturized control systems were developed/built to allow building many smaller/simpler geothermal wellhead generators, which could largely be automated and distributed in the geothermal fields. The small units could also work off geothermal wells that had insufficient output for a large 'core' unit. With Ryan's improvements in plasma rock cutting technology, small wells became much cheaper to drill. Rpture's Geothermal fields expanded rapidly and eventually supplied the City with plentiful cheap power, enabling materials like Rapture-made Cement to be made inexpensive and large-scale plasma cutting of rock to enlarge the City.

With the 'Civil War' and the Chaos that followed, the power systems largely continued to function. Ryan's men kept them functioning through the years. If the power system ever failed, it would mean that Rapture would die -- with no heat, no lights and electric power, no water or air pumping, no lights for the farms. Some few locations have their own power generation, but they would be the only thing left and only a few fully self-sufficient places could survive.


Sinclair : Profit Comin, Profit Goin :

(,_Profit_Going      )
Sinclair is making money from providing piecemeal work, but then you also find the Audio Diary of a guy doing that work, while sitting listening to the Radio (hmm, so mustve been a bunch of stations....).
Anyway, that guy then calls Sinclair a 'sucker' for giving him such easy employment.   )
All of that reminds me of Apple making their tablet/pad computers using near-slave labor in China and all those people buying their pricey products who apparently dont care (its been all over the news, so it would be hard for them to claim 'not to know')....
So next time you shove that EVE needle in your arm, think about how many people worked to give you that convenience.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Idea Clearinghouse for Creation Community :

Idea Collaboration would facilitate fleshing out the idea of what the Asset is and how it fits into the Game -- with different people adding for different parts of an Asset.

some people are good at coming up with ideas but not with executing the rest of an Asset's creation process, and others have not so much imagination, but are technically proficient once the details are spelled out for them.

You would have online a whole selection of such ideas with various levels of development (from vague summaries down to minutiae) and presentation trying to illustrate the idea (like showing a freehand sketch and not just a text description would get somebody started advancing the idea towards a game Asset..)

Many requests would be made for specific Assets to 'round out' the selection of props/effects available to be used for larger Asset Assemblies (Quests, auto-generator templates, etc..) to be able to build the various aspects of City life and all those wonderous things out there in the rest of Rapture. Example- motorized bicycles would be useful for some segments of the City and to the surviving 'suburb' communities who are also trying to recover/expand. A working prop object is needed useable by NPCs and Players. All the bits and pieces to make an operating object (especially a vehicle) is actually quite a large project (even assuming we have operating bicycles in the game already). All the details have to be decided, and spelled out so that the many sub-elements can be created.

The Collaboration System (online) would also have an area for requests for 'add' ideas to expand on in-progress Assets (example - a Quest dealing with a ruined bicycle factory needs a personal story dealing with Old Rapture, bicycles and the person who created and ran the business - to fill in some backstory that intertwines with 'Raptures Story').

Again, a key idea in making all this work, is to cut out waste and do the design and planning well ahead so that people dont put effort into something that would be discovered to not fit later (and waste Players time/effort).





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