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More interesting items/ideas for Bioshock Rapture MMORPG
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Part 22


Flimsy Excuse for a Floor :

Damaged floors should (in the MMORPG) be able to be  'beat on'  to open a hole/passage-way down to a lower level (getting back up might not be as easy).  'Stacking things' and climbing would be possible in the MMORPG. The Indian Rope Trick is only for Houdini Splicers.  Jumping up and down on weak/damaged floors should cause the Player to fall through a new hole.  Many interior parts of Rapture were NOT built like a 'brick shirthouse', and are liable to be significantly weakened by years of elemental damage and crazy Splicer activity.


2D/3D Bioshock Mobile Game - example of what you might have for 'offline' Mini-Games :

Having tools in the main game interface to 'Can' game Assets for a simplified 'mobile' game would make it much simpler to create them. Then the Players can concentrate on the creative interactive aspect for such games, and skip alot of the tedious asset drawing step. Many of those 'games' could be little more than amusing interactive jokes (like a funny cartoon, but with more 'production values). " Knock Knock. Who's there. Big Daddy. Big Daddy who? ......", "Why did the Spider Splicer crossed the Road? To ...", "A Big Sister and Jack and a Houdini Splicer walk into a bar .....", etc...


For the Want of a Nail ...

One of the reasons the Wales Brothers had business trouble was they did not foresee Rapture's leak issues, which required retrofitting addditional drainage systems and pumps in many of their buildings. They got a bad name for being over budget, despite their ability to construct impressive architecture. Other builders designed their buildings with the proper systems in their initial designs and plans, so more of the City's mundane structures had no problem. Simon Wales quote - "Bulkhead doors ruin the aesthetics !!!".


Sorry No ADAM Apocalypse :

Looking at one of the old 'Bioshock 3 - suggest a plot' postings someone reactivated, the idea of taking ADAM to the surface (to make the Surface as Zombie-fied as Rapture is) as a plotline could be elimianted by saying that the ADAM comes only via SeaSlugs (thus in limited supply). Rapture had trouble creating enough to activate however many total Splicers there were (well less than the 20000 population). And the 'Best and Brightest' did not seem able to synthesize it (maybe its more like a virus rather than some 'chemical'), which would be required to wreck the Surface world with ADAM. Now you might still have some nightmare in Area 51 (or the Russian equivalent) occur when stuff from Rapture was taken there.

For my MMORPG it could branch out to some quest/mission settings on the Surface (its up to the Players to get creative) that could involve Government Agencies(including IRS still wondering where all that "The Vanishing" money went), small Icelandic fishing villages, Smugglers, Area 51 (and its infamous Formaldehyde filled tubes), an ODESSA safehouse, and Ryan's Organization (only half of his world empire could be sold off to build Rapture).

Now of course there is still the threat of ADAM, which might see certain powers wanting to nuke Rapture to eliminate ...


The Adventures of a Splicer (flavor vignette for MMORPG) :

A 'Toasty' Splicer (   ) with ambitions someday to become a Brute (if he can ever save up enough ADAM) and to become a 'big man' and get all the 'Betties'. Thus follows is a funny/quirky series of Rapture life situations where the luckless Splicer stumbles his way to being caught by Citizens and 'cured' of being A Splicer, but not of being a 'loser'.

Philosophically - For Ryans society to work there do have to be 'losers' as well as 'winners'. Toasty will consume goods produced by others, paid for by his mundane job (someone has to scrub the toilets) and go to the new revived baseball games (and get the seat stuck behind the support pillar) and continue to seek companionship (unsuccessfully) and in the end wind up in one of those urns at the Elysian Fields. Rapture never needed Fontaine, but it does need its 'Toasties' to continue to exist.

--- --- --- --- ---

Survivor (unused Splicer type from BS2) :


Listed as a sort-of Splicer ?? A less insane person (so probably doesnt 'fit in' with real Splicers. - not 'crazy enuf')

Probably capable of more Tech use (helps to be able to concentrate without always seeing bugs crawling up your arms). Independant communities would have to secure their borders and the adverse environments at those bountries would call for protection (dress appropriately). Some of those environments might be intentional to disuade invaders (a connecting area filled with Carbon Monoxide is passable to a man with a breathing unit but would kill most splicers in minutes)

Omega Man (last unspliced man in Rapture...) :

Actually there were more than a few (their non-insanity often gives them a big advantage, and all the weaklings are probably long gone). Probably associate with others like them (safety in numbers -- you have to sleep sometime...) They will be tapped into for the future of New Rapture if they can be sold on the advantages of that endeavor.


Monty Hall :

Some hidden location which the Player finds out in The Ruins somewhere - a small room filled with goodies - a vision that has the Player seeing New Rapture dollar signs popping in the air - piles of bottles of Plamsids/Tonics/ADAM/EVE, Medi-Kits and booze and all kinds of ammo and other valuable stuff.  Then on closer examination it turns out it is all counterfeit - fake useless items someone had made and was selling/trading to unsuspecting buyers.

No doubt some quest plot expansion of this, with the quest-giver claiming that the player has cheated them or some scheme to 'unload' all this 'valuable' stuff as part of a new scam (a tale of scams within scams and doublecrosses and finally murder and a 'moral choice' to be made by the Players (or not)).

--- --- --- --- --- -

Rapture 'Olympics' :

Individual achievement was one of Rapture's ideals... Not sure how many 'world class' atheletes would come to Rapture just for 'freer competition'.  There could be Small scale amateur competitions for such a small population (20000-40000 for Rapture Colony).  Various sports facilities would be available for use (Stadium...).

The concept was kinda ruined by ADAM enhancements - though they became publicity/promotions for the companies selling the ADAM products.


Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Misfortune :

Eleanor (on the surface after BS2) is blamed for the kidnapping of the little girls, as she is seen coming to land wearing the Big Sister type suit as described by SitS witnesses (this is from a forum sequel idea posting). Might be something the Player hears in the MMORPG (which Eleanor does NOT come back to), or would be part of A Bioshock 3 Sequel Solo game plotline justification -- for her returning back to Rapture (and probably certain authorities following her).

With the MMORPG's wide open capability to create content, some Player COULD create a surface world scene (or series of them) presenting events concerning Eleanors fate (well vetted storyline/details, of course).


Ongoing ADAM Research :

- Gil Alexander was still running ADAM related research as late as 1967 (Big Sister conversions/conditioning for a long while before that).
- Lamb had technicians capable of converting/conditioning Sinclair to a Big Daddy (Alpha) rather rapidly.
- The New Little Sisters were created and 'harvesting' like good little ghouls around that time also, and the ADAM being made use of.
- Lamb was allegedly (recounted by Stanley Poole/Eleanor) able to extract memory information from the ADAM collected from corpses. Not clear how that worked - possibly on infusing Gilbert Alexander with them, he could recount the memories (or Lamb had other more 'disposable' test subjects 'subjected' to the memory ADAM before being 'recycled' in turn.)
- You would have thought Lamb would have recycled Alexander's huge quantity of ADAM, or maybe she was saving that to apply to Eleanor later.
- Minervas Den produced bio-electrical technologies (Reed Wahl and his staff) and Wahl probably kept adding new bio-circuitry to 'The Thinker' in his attempts to achieve HIS delusional goal.
- Who knows what-all ADAM research was done in other parts of the City (by other factions) since Ryan died.
- New types of Plasmids and Tonics were available in BS2 that werent available in BS1 years earlier.
- Did Sofia Lamb use some special types of tonics to turn large numbers of people into will-less 'self-less', consciousness-less workers (to slave-away in the farms)?? Perhaps she was working on a way to extract their 'genius' (or psychosis) via ADAM exposure & removal and still leave them as usable slave bodies (...'real' brainwashing???)
- Eleanor probably dabbled in aspects ADAM tech in her attempts to reconstitute Delta (hacking the Vita-Chamber and probably other things).


Epstein The Swami - the Machine-God :

One group of Splicers the MMORPG adventurer might encounter were a splinter group of the old  'Rapture Family' who worship an  Epstein The Swami  machine as their new god.  Its answers are mysterious and have been seen to fortell fates.  One group found a second such machine to worship and placate (the Anti-Epstein), and a 'religious' schism happened that left many of both groups dead, until one side (the 'good Epstein' sect) managed to destroy the other's "False god".


Double Cars :

Large Mk2 station (as seen on the Expanded Dionysus Park map) can handle double Traincars, which as they are configured back to back allow normal movement in either direction - a definite advantage when many routes of the revised Atlantic Express system were single tracked. At the end-of-line locations, no complicated turning mechanism was needed for the Traincar's return trip. The MK2 cars were also substantially larger and could carry much larger passenger (and later freight) loads in the busy City. A single operator could also then operate 2 cars which was an important monetary 'labor' savings, over the older system.


Is Rapture Past its Expiration Date ? :

When you are a Splicer, with the decrepitude of Rapture's economy and food production, do you REALLY want to know (or care) what is truly in those Beef-E cans ?? With all the ones we find laying about in BS2, maybe even the Splicers wont eat the cans that are far past their Expiration Dates. If you hear a gurgling sound inside, you probably want to set it down and back away quickly.

--- --- ---

Stealth Games We Play :

This MMORPG can offer a wider range of scenarios (missions/quests) to engage in, which can include some that require you to sneak around/infiltrate locations (instead of simply shooting everything in sight). The 'build-on-the-fly' server-bubble (instance) zones can make sure other players wont blunder into your mission and interfere when finesse is being used to achieve the goal.

Players might have a mission where they have to 'dress up' as Splicers (including the masks - useful to cover up your now un-marred face) and join a group to get the info/object/free-the-hostage (hint when you are offered a rat to eat, its probably smart to eat it if you dont want to give yourself away...)

Other missions might have you infiltrate a criminal organization (you would think with such a small population, New Rapture wouldnt have so many of these...)

Limitations on console systems probably means that they wont get the "Lean" movement ability (but that doesnt mean PC players should be denied that).

--- --- ---

Who Needs a 'lifeboat' When WE Have a Building ?? :

A 'great' 'brilliant' plan to break a building from its foundation and 'rise' to the Surface and sail it away back to the surface world.

Easier said than done (to break loose) - cutting thru lower levels of the massive reinforced concrete (explosives wont work unless you have more than there is still in Rapture and then you will probably die from the blast of that strength).

Unstable - free-floating builkding is likely to turn over (is ballasting even possible ?? to maintatin in an upright orientation)

Sail it?? (Image of Splicers sewing clothing together to make a huge sail...)

As soon as it is Cut off from City power - now what - freeze to death....

Amusing to see Splicers attempt it (except they would be wasting a nice usuable building)

Better seal it real good or as soon as the bottom is cut, the whole thing will almost instantly fill with pressure driven water.

--- --- ---

Heart of Glass :

A popular 'scenic' tourist service the Atlantic Express had was its 'Glass Cars', special Traincars which had large sections of the hull made out of clear Ryanium 'glass' which gave the passengers (in deluxe accomodations) an incredible view of the 'passage thru the deep'. Special Floodlights were included to help illuminate certain stretches of terrain when the cars made a close passage. This special service was discontinued when the AE went bankrupt. The original old (Mk1) style 'vista-dome' car is still to be found under a pile of junk in AE Depot.


The Flood ... :

It is interesting how Sofia Lamb discards the 'Church of the Lamb' (in Sirens Alley) once they were no longer useful to her. But then, her delusion calls for killing everyone, so what do a few more matter... Its a shame that the Player wasnt given the 'Moral Choice' of deciding the fate of Sofia Lamb at the games end.

Im not really sure how the Game Company thinks that killing hundreds of Splicers through the game is somehow different than killing/not killing a few 'bosses' when it come down to adding up your actions for the 'ending'.
But then Bioshock is a 'blast-fest' game and having alternatives to shooting everything would be a much much harder game to produce and sell.

--- --- ---

Whirling Blades of Death :

Modified Security Fly-bots with cutting blades imbedded in the ends of their rotor blades.

Adds one more nasty tactic to use -- these were not used/installed for original Fly-bot units because they run into too many things (continually breaking blades or catching/sticking and damaging rotors) in normal security use (normal ones had deflector plates instead to protect the blade tips).

Splicer modified units for less 'normal' mission use against other Splicers (and Players). Melee-ing Fly-bots are usually vulnerable to physical attacks (but may be needed when the user is short of any ammo for a standoff weapon). Cheaper 'tincan' Fly-bots are usually more likely to have this blade feature (as well as Kamikaze bombs).

Some would have short lengths of chain on their rotor ends (like a weed-whacker, that can also be quite nasty)

Flay-bots ???


This ^^^ Gave me an idea - Fly-bots used to spread pesticides/fertilizers in the Farms (crop dusters) :

Part of automation that increased yield and lowered labor required (Fly-bots were also used to keep vermin under control -- never enough cats available...)

So there would be quite a few agricultural Fly-bot units (and parts) laying about in various remote places, which might be re-purposed by Players (and by Splicers).


Another Idea - Flybot Fights :

Kind of like chicken-fighting.  Splicers love to gamble on things and the half insane denziens of Rapture have plenty of time to waste (and skill with a remote controlled battle fly-bot would be held highly in the endless faction fights - next to repairing them).

--- --- ---

Rubber - a Key Material in the Industrial Age :

Did Rapture have its own Rubber Tree Plantation or was all of it either imported/stockpiled before the isolation or do they mostly use synthetics (primitive in the 50s and even the best today is not as good as natural rubber for certain things).

Rubber does wear out and corrodes slowly in the environment (worse when polutatnts present), so would be needed to make many spare parts to keep machinery operating (alot of machinery may have been selected to avoid this weakness, when possible).

The expense of this useful material (and the quantities used) might make having mutated Rubber Trees a viable industry venture. And in the attempt to make Rapture 'self-sufficient' such a project would at least be considered (and be one more farm to have somewhere near the City).

Rubber bands are very useful (kinda like towel in Hitchhikers Guide...) but given a few years exposure to air harden and crack and become useless.

--- --- --- --

How Exactly Does a 'Genetic Research Camera' work ??? :

What technologies are involved - Some ADAM enhanced biological components within the mechanism cabable of 'reading' genetic make up of the target?

Possibly remote radio tie-in to a "comp-u-ter" in Rapture Central Computing to do the complicated analysis of the bio-sensor data. Profiles of all the known Plasmids/Tonics would have been in that systems database for pattern matching. (A similar system with individual DNA profiles made the security Cameras/Access Keys/Bathysphere locks work).

Perhaps one or more independant McClendon Robotics "Home Computer" system was set up elsewhere to serve the City for this system and is/are still operating in some Security Bunker somewhere.

The Research Camera may need periodic 'recharging' of its ADAM (yet another non-Splicing use fpr ADAM - bio-technological devices...)

How could it be used in the MMORPG ???
- The Genetic computers still exist somewhere (allowing yet another set of Quest missions to find/repair/reboot  it...)
- The Clinic uses the cameras for 'Cure' diagnosis, so they have a Bounty offered for working cameras and spare parts.(and film)
- How common were these 'Genetic Research Camera' that there would be any number of them still around (or even still being made recently ??) If a private Eye could get ahold of one they werent overyly rare. Security forces would have definitely had a use for them during the 'Splicer Crisis'.
- The Player might get use of one as part of a Quest/Mission (ie- msission to get data on some new Plasmid that hasnt been seen/recorded before -- to get the picture and then run like hell...)

Some Splicers have stories about those cameras :
- Tiny little man inside ? (No seriously ??) Give him some ADAM and he'll tell you what you want to hear.
- Research Camera can 'steal your soul'
- Even scarier than those haunted Epstein The Swami machines.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -

J. Steinman Advertisement (and others) in BS2 :

A few too many advertisements used as decorations -- gets a bit tacky...

It is interesting that these ill-maintained signs (and others) have survived so well in such a damp/wet environment for so many years, when in the real world they are meant to last only a short time and to be replaced regularly with newer advertisements (and 'competition' in Rapture WOULD mean lots of new advertisements). You would also think that the Lamb's Splicers would be programmed to detest any part of Ryan's old 'capitalist' Rapture, and would have defaced/replaced the 'decorations' with something more 'Collective Correct' -- like admonitions to 'martyr themselve for the good of all' and othersuch of Lamb's propaganda.

You would have thought that with all the artist-wannabees in Rapture that there would be lots of so-so art in use (then again, those advertisements usually come with payment by the advertisee, which in Rapture might trump aesthetics in many minds).


Typewriter - Object - Tool :

Seen on desks in many places in Rapture (Ive brained a few Splicers throwing them).

NPC/Player tool for various research, and some businesses operations(newspapers)

The City Council wants more for its official functions (paperwork is reasserting itself - in triplicate).

Modify with some effort into a teleprinter (easier to do on a Selectric, but possible with enough solenoids)


Idea for an entrepreneur ^^^ -- rediscovering how to manufacture Carbon-Copy paper...

--- --- ---

Would You Kindly Pick Up that Shortwave Radio? ... :

This magic Radio system in Rapture that works so well, when people today still have to go outside to 'get connected' on their cell phones (even better is the TV transmissions allegedly from Deltas suit...):

Radio signals (in real life) work miserably thru water.

Ryan was an electrical genius and probably had a number of other genius working for him. SO he was able to find ways around various limitations in Rapture.

City standard 2-way radios would use a system of relays and repeaters (and long distance signals sent thru wires/waveguides instead of thru the air/water). The system would likely run in parallel with the other utility systems thru the protected conduits that linked all areas of the City.

Those TVs we see everywhere might be a logical device to contain a 'hot-spot' for the Radio repeaters (just like many also had hidden TV cameras). The TVs work off a cable network that can also be utilized for 'Radio' traffic.

Such equipment would have been greatly accelerated by the 1949 invention of X-isters (transisters) -- in the Real World the first consumer transister radios came out in 1954. Tubes are a high maintenance technology and lowering expenses would allow expanding the Radio Communication system.


Ideas from this can deal with the imperfect operations of radios in the MMORPG. In New Rapture's controlled areas, the Radio Repeater System would have been repaired, so would generally work pretty well. Further away it works less and less, until far out in 'the Wild' it doesnt work at all. Quest/missions can deal with doing repairs to this system in newly expanded City areas and the ever present task of salvaging needed equipment. You might find some Splicers intelligent enough to get systems working in their area (for their own use) and others that may listen in on your radio traffic or jam it at inopportune times. Knocking out some Factions's jamming operation would be yet another mission. Similar issues apply to the Telephone and TV systems.

--- ---

Dionysus Back from the Dead... :

Interesting that the Securis doors in Dionysus Park continue to operate even though they had been submerged for 7+ years (They really built those things !! ) Hydraulically activated, probably (dont believe that stuff about comp-u-ters opening them automatically for you). The lights work pretty good too, but electricity is a bit touchy about getting wet and the electrics are probably all in well sealed conduits (and having most of them survive under those conditions is a good sign for the electrics throughout the rest of Rapture).

Those barnacles and bioluminescent weeds growing inside are a bit odd (including in sealed rooms). But then deteriorating wood/wallpaper/uphostery to supply nutrients and the heat still on, might be a biological paradise compared to the cold ocean outside.

--- --- ---

Medic !!! :

Need more pronounced Player indicator of being injured. In this game it is a little (alot) harder to insta-heal, so Player need definite indicators that they are being hurt so they can take appropriate action. Too many times Ive looked at my red health bar and saw there was very little left.

Damage would be localized to parts of the body which will impact different/specialized capabilities (legs- movement, hands/arms weapon/tool use, etc.... An Injury interface display would show status with that detail and indicate impairments. Medical procedures would be invoked thru the same interface.

Avatar/NPC/Splicer 3D figures would show more visual indicators of damage (ie- lots more limping animations)


Market Saturation :

One thing that would concern me about the MMORPG's Player Object Fabrication (crafting) mechanism - you have these production/business niches that get saturated (in each Server world) by just a few Players (if they go into Mass Production) when the total of effective consumers are just a few thousand population. "Crafting" Formulas to create/fabricate such 'product' objects within the game (and even the physical game items themselves) isnt the problem, as hundreds of them can be added by Player Creators (over time).

The issue will be that too many people will try for the popular ones (ie- Hop-Up Cola) and get nowhere because of the supply saturation (nobody buys theirs..) , and then they think the 'crafting' feature is as lame as it is in most MMORPGs. Somehow the Players have to be spread out across the spectrum of producible products.

Mass-production could be restricted by making the research/skill difficult (Real-Life assembly lines are actually quite complex to set up, and took decades of know-how to develop) -- leaving most Player's fabrication to be on a small scale and allowing viable duplication (multiple Players) to produce for the customer base (Players and NPCs). The non-Player NPCs WILL consume alot of consumer goods, and incorporating a 'wear' (wear-out) mechanism can justify alot of continuous consumption. (They just dont make things like they used to... That Maytag Dishwasher in Kashmir still is running 20 years later.)


Sub-floors for Basement Areas :

Another Easy-Builder component - floor sections usually with some kind of metal grill/grid/mesh walking surface raised over a sub-floor below that will act to catch water (to be drained to the sumps and then pumped out).

Alot of the building basements/foundations have access tunnels with a sub-floor to collect water from all the drains from the floors above and the external walls that continually seep slowly (and some water condensation on the cold outer walls).

Weve seen many such floors in BS1/BS2 in many of the utility/industrial related areas of Rapture. They are also often used to cover pipes (and thus give maintenance access to them by lifting the floor panels)

--- --- ---

Did Andrew Ryan's City Run On Paperwork ???  :

Could it even exist without it ??

He might have minimized it, but to prevent people from going after each other with clubs in disagreements, you still need to formalize some things (his world was NOT Anarchy..).

You have to have some formal paperwork that at least :
- defines specifics of intent (so others can inquire future plans and avoid conflicts)
- agrees to allocations/exchanges (in a 2 party deal)
- for an arbitration process of some kind (to handle outcomes - 'breach of contract' is an obvious one).

There needs to be some kind of registered property deeds that can official show ownership and allow escrow for transfers. Business/Commerce is rather hard to have when there is no formal Contract Law -- when things are more complex than an agreement on the purchase of a few sheep -- it takes more than a handshake to make a 'deal' before witnesses.

Something has to prevent business from automaticly falling to least common denominator tactics (thugs with clubs) in a competitive environment. In a city-scale business, multiple agencies are often involved (with alot of resources that can be wasted, if one side pulls out of a 'deal').

Rapture likely had a system where the participants could demand proper 'official' and specific process and binding agreements as an option -- that would follow Ryans 'principles' - choice. Of course with process and enforcement and arbitration also comes bureaucrats and lawyers and paperwork.

An old mechanism was to publish publicly (post a statement in a newspaper) to make something publicly known, but that could still be subject to abuse (like trading in MMORPGs before the trade transaction box interface existed...) where one side requires the other to make the public statement and then the other reneges on its part of the bargain.


The MMORPG game would have the now standard 'trade transaction' interface for face to face trades.
More complex interactions (business deals) will be thru more involved 'official paperwork'.


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons (was originally a joke, but...) :

Balloons can work in water as well as in surface air - just takes less air to lift the big cloth/whatever float and suspend the image. Positive water pressure inside could keep the desired shape 'inflated'. SO Rapture could have its own parade of floats (well lit by portable generators that hang undreneath). I suppose the people of Rapture could have 'Thanksgiving' for their being saved from the Surface World and its Parasites...
The 'parade' would move throughout the City, going past all the big buildings at a majectic pace.
Parade Marshal would be some well known Celebrity, with special broadcast coverage on Rapture TV.

- Giant face of Ryan - nah too tacky
- A Giant Parasite (some kind of tick)
- A-Bomb Mushroom Cloud
- Giant Hand giving the New-Deal salute (the gimme hand)
- The Great Chain
- The Lighthouse figure
- The Atlas supporting the World
- Squirmy the Seaslug Cartoon character
- "Sea Patrol" and "Sea Trek" TV show display floats
- Giant Bunny Head, with ears (paid for by Sander Cohen)
- Hop-up Cola Bottle
- Various other tacky advertiement themed floats

--- --- ---


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