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More interesting items/ideas for Bioshock Rapture MMORPG
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Part 16

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The ADAM family ...

Big Sisters collect ADAM also (we got it when we killed them in BS2). They must not have been much controllable/cooperative or Sofia Lamb would not have had to go kidnap dozens (hundreds?) more children and turn them into Lil ghouls. What do the Big Sisters do with the ADAM they collected ??

And we dont seem to have had to crush any Sea Slugs to get ahold of it (When we 'save' Little Sisters its not exactly shown how they voluntarily 'give us' that smaller amount of ADAM either... ---  and when they are 'cured' why not give us ALL of it??) Im also not really sure that we need to be MORE explicit in showing that -- having them 'hack it up' like a cat does a hairball is still pretty unsavory.

Was 'Cousin Itt' the victim of one too many of Fontaine's Hair Growth Tonics ??? (The Addams Family first published in New Yorker magazine in 1938 ...)


Melting the Ice:

It was of some interest in BS1/BS2 melting ice to unblock things and to uncover goodies. So this can be expanded upon in the MMORPG with more opportunities (except as Ex-Splicers you no longer have that convenient 'Incinerate' plasmid that made it easy.) Some areas will be those 'winter wonderlands' which heating failure and water leaks generate. Depending on when it got frozen and whether anyone else was smart enough to investigate, all kinds of goodies might exist under that ice. In a Rapture where intact machinery can be more valuable than anything else, there is that to find also.

Interesting thing is that Ice can reform again (and generally the place is a bit cold, so dont take too long to do what needs to be done). Come back later and you likely would have to thaw things out again. You would have to fix the problem to prevent the icing - usually by restoring the heating that generally prevents all of Rapture from turning into one large icebox.


Building shape - Geodesic Dome or Sphere:

There should be at least one 'theme' building built in this shape. The curved surface allows the whole building to be one curved pressure wall with much less internal bracing. Unfortunately the same curves limit and complicate the internal space (reason why you dont live in one today or house with curved walls).

Cylinder :

Cylinder shaped building would also be built. The design is not as simple as slab sided buildings, it works better for the internal compression struts that are required for ALL the buildings to not collapse in on themselves from the oceans pressure.
I could see at least one of the building cluster 'Centers' in Rapture built around a concentric circle theme (including cylidrical builtings and curved viaducts to link them.

If you look at various examples of Art Deco buildings, you often see the use of curved sections in the architecture.


Something in the Sea .... A bit too intricate ??

Look at evidence - how did a 7 year old turned into a Little Sister create all those coded messages that they have in this sequence??? Big Sisters left them for Mark Meltzer? - why (if they want to be found, why not just leave a proper map??)? Lil Cindy should have convinced Big Sister to kill the Wicked Witch of the West (Sofia Lamb) instead.... (maybe theres a Flashback story in this episode to be made for the MMORPG - possibly dealing with Sophia Lamb's distrust of the Big Sisters, some of whome may have tried to kill her in the past).

Fancy coded messages ??? (listen to how most Little Sisters talk, what they say ... they ARE 7 year olds...)

How much 'precocious child' can survive the warping/conditioning they do to Little Sisters to turn them into those cute wandering ghouls ??? Not really sure of any motivation for Big Sisters to cooperate. All seems a bit over-fabricated to me, but then it all had to be transmitted thru Web pages and Flash interactions and had to stretch on for months.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

'Big Uncles' :

Splicers who use the Big Daddy suits and have a partial (permanent) conversion, but retain their free will and most likely their voice. (BDs required significant number Strength Tonics to carry all that weight).

If you see one walking along with a chain of Splicer skulls strung around its waistbelt, run away - run away fast.

Often they are bosses that have 'minions' to assist them (more than just doing suit maintenance), and coordinated attacks are much tougher than those lone Big Daddies we are used to fighting.


Rapture's Warranty hasnt run out yet :

Interesting to see some buildings (in external window views) with substantial external damage but with lights still on inside (already mentions that leaning one you see out window in Proving Grounds). SO the structural integrity held up (maintaining the pressure seals - in at least sections of the building), which shows how Rapture was properly built overengineered --- Planned to last for 100 years -- which would be the time Ryan might expect his people to be able to emerge back into the World after it blew itself up (and all the 'ant people' were dead) and then was safe again to rebuild it.


To Breath or not to Breath :

Langford said (BS1 audio diary) that 'Arcadia' was not the only source of oxygen in the city and that even Fontaine had gone into the O2 business. Actually there were all the farms that also converted CO2, as well as the Air-intakes on the Lighthouse (and possibly other shallow points on the top of Mt Ryan). What you saw in Arcadia was a park, not a O2 plantation (those trees in the outside glass enclosures you saw were a bit illogical -- maybe they were there as advertisements). Huge tree farms would have been located nearby (not shown, as so much of Rapture never was). Small plants are just as good/better oxygen producers as trees - so ordinary greehouses are much cheaper/practical for the majority of these producers. (Wood as a secondary byproduct might be the reason to use trees).

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Reasons why Ryan would still be alive :

Example to Jack?? (His son - he would want as a successor... DO you abandon the child after their first mistake ??) :

Some people say that Ryan wanted to die 'as an example to Jack' when it was made clear that Ryan KNEW Jack at that time DID NOT have a 'Will of his Own' via 'Would You Kindly' conditioning by Ryan's enemy. (Ryan KNEW the effects of Adam/Splicing to orchestrate mental control upon humans.) It doesnt make sense. Thwarting Fontaine would have made MUCH more sense. *WINNING* would have been a much better lesson for his son.

Ryan - "the best electrical engineer of our generation" ... (from audio in Hesphaestus) :

Sounds like he would be capable of doing whatever hacks/fixes neccessary to 'fix' his Vita-Chamber to run thru whatever 'hoops' needed to fool Fontaine/Atlas into thinking HE was dead. His 'Vita-Chamber' was allegedly turned off?? Not the one hidden in the closet (why leave him in one where Jack could get to him and fulfil his last 'would you kindly' order??). That 'Genetic Control Key' to Rapture? No problem giving Fontaine control of virtually nothing via a fake key that would more serve to trace where Fontaine was hiding so he could be eliminated.

Ryan Just Gives Up ? :

Why should Ryan give up when he was at the point of WINNING against 'Atlas' ??? Why when HIS city needed saving ? He would overcome this ADAM problem somehow and rebuild his City. "It wasnt Impossible for Ryan to Save Rapture, It was Impossible for him NOT to Save Rapture."

If Ryan already knew that Jack was Atlas'/Fontaine's pawn, then simply overpower Jack (and later deprogram him if still alive) and then procede to finish Atlas/Fontaine off for good. Swarms of Splicers and Security bots would make short work of killing Atlas no matter how much ADAM he swilled.

Simply put - Ryan was not a 'surrender monkey' -- his entire life proved that. Leave Rapture to Fontaine?? (give him a real control key after having his slave easily stop any self-destruct ????) - makes me laugh that the plot went this way.

But, but, but .... Jack was 'his biggest disappointment' - What??? After seeing what ADAM could do to make people insane and do things against their will ?? How chemicals could be used to control all the Splicers (something Ryan just employed himself) ??? Kind of obvious that "Will" (especially in an artificial being like Jack) could be manipulated so easily/completely. So be it. Ryan would destroy/banish all the ADAM/chemcal control research and fix all the Rapture people it had damaged.

But Ryan 'give up' ? Sorry, NO.

'The developers have stated that Ryan is "definetly dead." ' :

They also said Infinite would be out in October 2012. Next ...

(pronouncements like that might stand until later, when a profitmaking sequel requires otherwise...)

Motive, Ability, Opportunity

It might take time for Ryan to recover (not clear how long a Vita Chamber took to work -- and with a head wound...).
Do we really know how long it takes (you ARE allegedly dead or at least unconscious when YOU get revived to see what really happens) or who has to drag the corpse into the machine (another unseen factor -- the 'FlyBot Ambulance Units') -- I never bought that 'detects you are dead and teleports you' stuff. Reconstituting Delta is a whole nuther ball of contrivance for later (probably was a long messy project for Eleeanor).
. Might have even been an animatronics dummy (like the ones in 'Trip to the Surface' - or rather Better).b Ryan wasnt exactly doing back-flips while he was giving his little speech to Jack.

Of course if Ryan was still alive, what would he be doing all that time until the BS2 period (when we show up again - and then even after that, when Lamb implodes). Lamb did not neccessarily control any large fraction of Rapture. Perhaps Ryan was off in secret trying to organize a 'Cure' for the ADAM that poisoned HIS City.
- Making a new computer superior to 'The Thinker' to assist his task.
- Trying to get the Vita-Chamber to be the solution/method of fixing the ADAM problem,
- Setting some of his remaining Surface Organization on the task (he still had huge resources there).
- Spending some time pulling strings 'from the shadows' to retain control of his parts of Rapture.
- Would his new secret identity personal (like 'Atlas') be 'Zeus' ??
- Move to 'the bunker' to be able to safely 'get to work' (Minervas Den after all was able to cut itself off for years)
- 'The Bunker' probably would not be his old 'Mansion', but some other location he had prepared during the Civil War.
- Ryan is only something like 60 years old at the time of the MMORPG (~1970) and he does have the Vita-Chambers which might do more than a little to keep him 'active'.

There is probably no basis for the rumor that Ryan (being alive) went back to Surface to work on his new Moonbase project, with the other half of his fortune ....


Plunging into the Abyss - new ride at Bioshock-land :

How much of Persephone was lost when Sofia Lamb blew up some supports in her sour-grapes bid at extortion/suicide. It was first the Inner Persephone (North Cell Blocks) and then likely was only part of that set of buildings (various sections were joined by those narrow easily broken connecting tubes). The few explosions we heard were not enough to cut the supports on such a large massive building complex (much of which is embedded in the cavern cliff faces). I guess we will have to go back there to see what is left. Possibly the demolition was all a deception - yet another attempt to manipulate (the 'last' pile of explosives wasnt even on a structural support of Persephone -- Sofia was herself a few dozen feet away and would have been killed by a large explosion. Tip - fermented urine mixed with fuel oil dont much make an effective explosive).

Eleanor says the building will plunge miles deep (assuming...), but if she has had the Big Sister changes, then she could probably survive it (and depending on the Alpha conversions, so could Delta).

I actually wonder why they (Rapturians) went to the effort to make the Prison so fancy. You can't really see much of it from inside, and its in a cavern so isnt visible from anywhere else in the City. Make it 'foreboding' looking ?? When its mostly just the inmates who ever see it AFTER committing their criminal acts?? Suspending it over the edge of the Abyss had to make it more expensive to construct - hardly anything you would think Sinclair would bother to pay extra for, so it had to have been built that way previous to his appointment as Rapture's jailkeeper. Originally a research center for the Abyss and a possible Tourist Attraction ?? Possibly. Would help explain those other oddities.


In-game maps should be taken with a grain of salt :


'M' (Metro Station) marked on the Persephone map ?? - The indicated door is a BOARDED UP Atlantic Express portal with no security checkpoint/gates of any kind that you would expect for a Prison access. We went thru an airlock from Outer Persephone -- though you got there from the other end (which DID look like a proper reception area) via an elevator, gotten to only via a secret open Ocean entrance ... (requiring diving suits??) ?? SO that really wasn't THE main entrance.

Trolley/Bathysphere station ??? No sign. With all the people supposedly shipped to the Prison, it seems ineffectively connected to Rapture, and ditto for Lamb's minions/food/supplies to be able to get to the de facto capitol of Lamb-land. ( Boxes of fresh fish sit in the kitchen there, so some routine transportation to/from other parts of Rapture must be there somewhere.)

'Main Docking Platform' ??? - where submarines somehow brought inmates in (like boats to Alcatraz ...)??? Thats supposed to be an airlock -- with Sinclair's monsterous oddly shaped Lifeboat parked there - ever since the 1958 prison revolt ?? Looks like it was pretty permanent (that upper viaduct to board it...), so no getting thru into Persephone that way. (And Im sure THAT Lifeboat' was labeled as something else, and fooled everybody -- or it was just understood that the ONLY emergency Lifeboat in Rapture was reserved for the City's prison inmates).

The fact that Inner Persephone is in a cavern/edge of the Abyss trench and is deeper in depth than Fontaine Futuristsic makes it rather harder for any of the 'Metro' systems we've seen to reach it (both Bathysphere and AE stations are also rather large facilities -- and nothing like them appears on the map). Maybe there was a Atlantic Express track siding going there long before (one of those extra lines on the AE map, perhaps ??), but that AE line seems out of commission in BS2 times (when it actually would have been convenient for Lamb's purposes).

Outer Persephone does have LOTS of nice holding cells (you can see many more of them by using the Fly/Ghost cheats when you are the Little Sister and have the 'sudden reality' view when you pickup the items for Eleanor's Suit.)

Sinclair's monster 'Lifeboat' looks like something that could have originally been planned as a replacement for that rediculous Lighthouse that screamed "Here We Are" (and should have been torn down in 1952 when its purpose had largely ended). A submergable Lighthouse that could rise when needed (a few sanctioned cargo runs from outside were still needed to stock up on critical materials and items that Rapture simply could not be 'self-sufficient' in), but could hide the rest of the time.
Perhaps Ryan was having that problem solved, but then the Civil War and his death intervened, and then Sinclair (who possibly had the contract to build it) repurposed it for his own use (possibly as always he intended).

Not sure why many parts of Persephone have similar marine growths like Dionysus Park had (which WAS completely flooded for many years). Mere leaks are not enough for barnacles and seaweed to grow on walls(and I dont think the Prison complex had a planned/manicured 'Sea' motif like the Adonis Resort had). They (the level devs) must've run out of thematic terrain details and simply reused existing ones, whether they made any sense or not.

During the Civil War while Sofia Lamb was hiding in Persephone, the "revolt" in the Prison must've been kept secret (the Warden Nigel Weir was co-opted) or Ryan (especially later when he was definitely getting the upper hand in the Civil War) would have cut off their food or their Power/Heat if he learned the poison that was brewing there.

Those weird flowing water columns all over in Persephone - pretty looking effect, but a liability (especially since they are breakable - apparently not made of Ryanium). Why not instead have had giant Lava Lamps to assist in 'calming' the inmates (or maybe driving them batshot crazy). Pretty Bioluminescent colors with psychedelic patterns based on some artifacts the Big Sisters brought back from The Surface on their Little Sister collecting expeditions -- it WAS the 60s after all.

Persephone - not the most well laid out prison. Most modern prisons (like from 1880 onward) had alternate paths for the guards to traverse to safely/quickly get anywhere in the prison outside of reach of the inmates. It makes no sense for the Warden's office to be right in the middle of the cell blocks and ONLY accessible by having to go thru inmate inhabitted areas. Likewise having a single security door between the Warden's office and dangerous inmates simply was not done. But then "The Plot Demands It !!!" ....

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --

Disneyland sized Rapture :

1/2 mile by 1/2 mile (Phase 1 - the Welcome Center section of the City was roughly this size) and NO it was NOT built ontop of 'The Sinker'.

( )

Human walking speed is about 3 mph -- you could walk across Mini-Rapture of that size in ~10 minutes.

An Average city block is about 300 feet, so Mini-Rapture would be about 9 blocks by 9 blocks in size.

Why have a train system (AE) when the entire city width is little more than just 1 stop of the New York City subway system (a circular perimeter path like the train at Disneyland might be useful - even if THAT one is pretty useless as transportation).
Even a trolley system is barely warranted... maybe a people-mover or a moving sidewalk system?? Bathyspheres might as well fly thru water tubes connecting buildings - no need for complex/expensive airlocks (might as well have been a Pneumo driven system).

With 40+ story buildings (seen thru Bioshock window views), they would be about 1/5th in height the width of the 'city'.

Did Walt Disney's spies give him a glimpse at Rapture, which convinced him to build his own fantasy world only a few years after Rapture ???? Trains, submarine rides, ghosts, its own money, trolleys, brightly colored fluids, futuristic decorations, weird mutant things wandering the streets, Capitalism and making money the sole goal, Ruled over by one man..... Makes you think.

Rapture would be a real 3D maze if the city actually was ^^^ this shape (unfortunately, the walkthroughs dont reflect this).

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --

Tenenbaum's Return (the MMORPG plot):

After the events in Minerva's Den took place, Tenenbaum got to the Surface intent on working out a cure for ADAM addiction (including the resulting physical deformities, insanity and other side effects). She had few resources and spent alot of time evading various government agents (as was Porter).

Tenenbaum arranged to get some money by selling an antibiotic developed in Rapture to a pharmaceutical company which unfortunately was insufficient to finish the research (to build an 'Independent Reasoning Processor' and program another 'The Thinker' to do the genetics calculations). The effort eventually fails and the only solution IS a return to Rapture.

Tenenbaum used the same Small Submarine she had left in (hidden in Iceland) to get back to Rapture Central Computing. Tenenbaum brought her advanced research for a genetic correction process, with programming instructions from Porter on how to run the calculations through 'The Thinker'.

In Rapture at the Minerva's Den complex, Tenenbaum set 'The Thinker' to running the calculations and worked refining the results and running further calculations. The solution pointed to one of the chemicals left over from some of the Seaslug extract Tenenbaum had previously worked on (it was something that had to be removed to purify ADAM. - This made sense, as a mechanism that naturally kept the Seaslugs themselves from becoming puddles of tumors).

Once the Cure (anti-ADAM) research was progressing, it had to be tested, which is where an Alpha series Big Daddy named 'Johnny' came in.

Back at BS2 times when parts of the Adonis Resort area was flooded by a Big Sister trying to get Delta. The Vita-Chamber there that Eleanor had hacked/programmed/modified overloaded/shorted out and eventually caused a CLONE of Delta to appear (quite a magic trick reconstituting the BD diving suit also... But maybe Eleanor forgot to tell the Little Sisters to stop putting BD suits into that machine as they had so many times, failure after failure). Delta was dead again by this time (ending of BS2) so that 'quantum entanglement' issues might be simplified.

This Big Daddy Alpha 'Johnny' had a desire to find Lamb and kill her. There were various difficulties trying to traverse flooded areas and non-operational Atlantic Express trains and hordes of ill-mannered Splicers to deal with. "Johnny" wandered around Rapture quite a bit trying to figure out what had happened and seeking Lamb (until he learned Lamb was finally gone). Waking with Eleanor gone reset his pair-bond conditioning (not all the conditioning resulted in self-termination anyway).

Later, Tennenbaum was alerted by The Thinker that the Minerva City-Maintenance system reported a Rogue Big Daddy moving about Rapture, not responding to repair directives and apparently talking to iteslf. She then contacted "Johnny", and recognized the same configuration as Delta and its independant personality (which Tenenbaum had previously assisted Eleanor with manipulating for Delta).

With "Johnny's" help, Tenenbaum was able to get some much needed Seaslugs out of the Abyss to extract various chemicals from them (she had to destroy all the ADAM she had brought to the Surface). Later 'Johnny' was able to capture and restrain Splicers to be tested with the 'Cure' process. Several more Little Sisters were recovered during the same time. Some surviving non-Splicers were also found/rescued.

Eventually, after several Splicers were successfully 'cured', a plan to rebuild Rapture was made. Tenenbaum's cure would be used to bring ALL the Cuty's Splicers back from insanity and repair them physically. The rest of Rapture's Little Sisters would also be saved.

The Minerva complex had been part of a system that coordinated the Big Daddies which had continued to do much of the City structural maintenance. The growing number of ex-Splicers (citizens) were able to direct Big Daddies (via the Minerva City-Maintenance system) to find a relatively intact/safe part of the City and start clearing it of Splicers and secure/stabilize the environment for a proper base of operations.

Tenenbaum set up the 'Clinic' in this 'New' Rapture and continues to refine the process. Meanwhile the rehabilitated ex-Splicers organized a growing community and reestablished a semblance of civilization.

A dependance on 'boosters' of anti-ADAM compounds prevents the cured Citizens from returning to 'the Surface', as many would otherwise want. In time, that problem might be solved as well.

'Johnny' around that time disappeared. Rumors said that he was heading for the Surface to find Lamb.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

The Foul Leaf :

There sure seems to still be alot of cigarettes available in Rapture all those years later in BS2. Some of the still operating (work) farms must be growing the stuff (which BTW eats fertilizer like crazy) and Lambs people would have to get access to those sources (perks for her loyal minions). Its funny, but running out of tobacco might have made many of the Splicers as crazy as the ADAM disease damage did. Booze is plentiful too, but refilling old bottles with rotgut or moonshine is possible (made by farmers again - it is easier than growing Tobacco).

Should have in at least one container stash for a Player to find : a carton of cigarettes (10) which if consumed unknowingly/automatically should have taken the Player's health down to a smidgeon above 'dead'. A coughing fit should be added for the MMORPG.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Mapping (MMORPG game mechanism in this crazy maze of a city) :

The map view is a 3D representation (rotation, see thru levels, path marking, feature filtering, etc...) -- for 'ease of use' visualization.

Note - each MMORPG 'World' is different in its exact detail. Some basic seed (buildings/streets) information is in common, but City auto-generation mutations and Player's actions/repairs will create things differently as the game progresses.

Mapping system - you build(explore) your personal map (in full detail) as you traverse the terrain (exploration is a fun aspect of these games).
- Rough positional location info (like areas of buildings - low/rough detail) can be assembled/surveyed from a distance, or given to the Player as a basic guide for a mission (map handed to them by NPC).
- City Territory map data is easily available to Citizens (Some starter areas of city are 'common' and dont need exploration). 'Phonebooks Directories' can direct Player via addresses.
- City Hall has public maps that allow Player to 'research' outside locations/districts they want to visit.
- Players submit 'survey' data to City for rewards/pay (skills can enhance the capability and quality of info submitted).
- Your map data will be shared amongst your NPC 'Team' (so that they can be directed to 'tasks' in those areas).
- Sections of map data can be given to another Player (and data to NPC who assigned a mapping mission) - turned into media to be posted as mail, etc....
- Map Location Position (MLP ?) 'tags' can be created from the Player's Map and used in orders and other information exchange (as input/various data transfers). Player can put markers (like the pushpins/labeled flags UO had) with notes onto their maps (so that it becomes a 'place of interest'/reminder database...).

A Map Tool may have a "How the hell do I get to there from where I am" direction assist system that pathfinds routes for the Player. Many people can barely read 2D maps let alone 3D -- and many games have a much too clumsy map system that is very bothersome to use or 'make head or trails of'). Again we can use that pointy arrow thing guiding you along a path to a destination you have designated.

This Mapping system should be largely run on the Player's Client machine (offloaded from Servers...)
- Server based backup data for information the Player has acquired -- allowing rebuilding the Client data if it gets lost - via the usual computer crashes/files deleted/etc...
- Faster running as you dont have to wait for updates from the server (if youve played with Google/Yahoo Map you know how annoying the delays are)
- Saves on alot of bandwidth and processing on the Servers.
- Same data set and most of the Map interactions should be sync'd/runnable on a handheld/tablet computer, so that 'Offline' activites can be done (part of the game is figuring out the best way to get places and planning what you want to do 'Online').

. .
. .

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