Player Created Content or  'not to be'  Player Created Content ??? :

Q: Is it possible to get enough players to do enough work for the amount of content needed to keep a MMORPG going ? Look at what modders in other games produce. You can see that you would have to reject more than 95% of it as unfit to use. A MMORPG would need hundreds of times as much good material as games that have the modding as an option.

A: Part of the planned process (talked about at length way above) would be to use large numbers of 'Player Creators' before the game 'worlds' start up to process alot of the existing Assets (BS1/BS2/MP/DC) into the 'dictionary' of useable objects. The game company will do some work (more of setting up first good tools and then the game framework and the auto-generator logic), and to build the 'Seed' Map that defines the shape of the prebuilt City (many of the solo-game location verbatum/converted to the MMORPG's modular system) AND the World sections that will self-build. The Players would make use of all the creation functions/tools/process in this phase so to be 'up to speed' for when the worlds go operational and more content is to be added.

Editing tools would employ these objects (building blocks simpler than typical 3D line/facet editing). Lots of tutorials for all of it.

So really the hard part is to get the system that supports that together (the companies task) but with ALOT of testing assisted/accomplished by the Players trying to use everything (AND the company fixing things to be most useful to th ePlayers).

Alot of the 'modding' will also be on simpler individual component objects (instead of entire complete game levels) so that it will take alot less effort on one players part to add something to the game which is useful. If you (the Player) can do only a little, it still can addin to help build the game.

The more complex Assets (like Quests/Missions) will probably require more company involvement to create an initial set (and contenet add-ons for a period after that) before enough Players are competant in making those (but they will be).
This kind of Player Collaboration is new territory for game companies (certainly in the extent it is to be used) and no doubt there will be many problems to overcome. But I would think there would be more than enough capable Players ready to JUMP at a chance to create stuff for the Game World. Making that easy to do, so that they are not disappointed, is one of the most critical aspects (and unfortunately the easiest thing for a game company to botch).




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