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More interesting items/ideas for Bioshock Rapture MMORPG

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Part 9

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Impressive View :

(  )

A video that is using the fly+ghost cheats for the BS1 Lighthouse to Rapture sequence -- they did alot of  3D work to fill in the terrain for that sequence (alot you barely see -- probably was used in a  presentation to try to sell the games development to the investors).

Gives you a good idea more of what the city really looked like (great potential for the MMORPG where you  can go out in a sub and go virtually anywhere). Definitely will have to have contests for the most  impressive Neon Light displays....

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U-Make-It components :

Alcohol, battery, brass tube, enzyme sample, glue, empty hypo, kerosene, rubber hose, screw, shell casing,  distilled water, chlorophyll solution, RJ-34 switches, nitroglycerine, ionic gel ...

No doubt will be adding all kinds of other similar salvage goodies for the MMORPG. Since most of the  companies arent around any more to make new items and the stockpiles are getting depleted (and old things  decay over time), we can still make use of the techniques those U-Make-It machine used (and some players  could fix up (repair) old U-Make-It machines still lying about out there... would want to haul it back to  a 'safe' location and add a coin slot to charge for its use).

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"Brain Bleach" tonic

An attempt (project requested by Ryan) to get a mind wipe therapy to use on people being ejected from  Rapture (versus just volunteering them to die, like Lamb would). Something like it is used as part of 'the  Cure' in the Clinic to repair brain damage caused by ADAM Disease.

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Production line process :

Some goods production have complex formulas with multiple steps and components.

- Better workers,machines, and better tools can be substituted in order to increase productivity.

- Different worker slots in the process can be filled with workers of appropriate skills and higher skill  ability can accelerate that segment of the process.

- Better machines (special tools) can also be substituted to speed up production steps.

- As per the 'eliminate the grind' directive for the MMORPG, once a production process is set up, a  player's NPCs can do the work automaticly.

- Part of the 'automatic' process could also be selling the product on to buyers (same for deals for  inflow of raw materials). Many NPC businesses in New Rapture operate this way already (so something  actually goes on in those back rooms.... including 'jobs' that players can take while they re-orient  themselves after their 'cure' and can start climbing the business 'food chain').

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New (additional) Voice Snippets for Splicers (for existing flavors and possibly new ones) :

- All those things the various Splicers say for different situations (often quite a few for each  situation so they dont repeat to frequently). Example -

- Now we also have 'Citizens' of various flavors who should have some common vocalizations as well (and I  suppose vocal 'emotes' done by the player Avatars also).

- There will be new situations/actions the Splicer NPCs will have that previously didnt exist (possibly  alot of them) and there should probably be sets of new voice clips to go along with them. Some should be  there at game start to get things going (more alternates can be added later).

- Using 'Player Created Assets' is it possible that some talented players could make the sound assets for  these ??
Matching the original voices for the existing Splicer 'characters' might be hard to do for  additions. Any new Splicer or other NPC would be a whole new voice which would call for the entire set to  be produced

- The text 'script' (phrases) of those voice sets themselves might be another thing for player creators to  have submitted, before voice recording can be made.

- Is there some kind of legal issue that could block this (and who knows what other 'player creation'  types) no matter what the EULA will say about submitted (and accepted) creations becoming the property of  the Game/company ??   Are there any weird restrictions in European countries or elsewhere that could cause  legal issues (any legal precedence to lean on of something similar already being allowed for player  submitted stuff??).  Even if 'allowed' and 'legal', paperwork could kill the whole process if any/all asset  submissions require anything more complicated than a online EULA acceptance (signifying understanding that  the submitted asset(rights to it) is being turned over to the company)..

- There will be a limit to what voice assets are used for, as there will be way too many different  interactions/quests/NPC voices to record for all of the MMORPG game (including all those for subsequent  player add-on content) and so text dialog will have to be used.

- Far enough in the future, good voice synthesis will probably exist (cheaply). But that wont help us in  the nearer future.

--- ---

'Normal' environment of New Rapture - need for somewhat better interaction animations :

- In the New City the friendly NPCs WONT be leaping about in a dark environment, or rarely staying close  enough for you to get a good look (or having their faces largely covered by masks and ugly tumors).

- You will be able to constantly see them up close. Face systems have been done on other MMORPGs (at  least for the players). After a while you wont really look at them as it becomes routine (you look at the  voice bubble instead).

- Gestures can be seen from a distance and adding them to NPCs would go a ways towards making Rapture  look more than a City of Mannequins. NPC interacting logically with NPC ...

- New animations can be added by Players (assuming the Player Created Asset system is EVER actually done  by any of these stagnated game companies).

- Of course we will still have the dark/damaged/leaky 'Ruins' to face the same old ugly ranting Splicers.

--- ---

Raptures Construction History :

- Rapture 'founded' 1946 (work started) to 1952 (city 'finished' most population in place)

- Construction did not stop in 1952 as additional buildings were added for companies and industrial sites  were developed.

- Atlantic Express was started immediately in 1946 and hauled a great deal of construction material and  personnel to most of the main city locations. It kept getting extended to each new city section as Rapture  grew.

- The Metro Transportation system along with the Street structures (containing the Trolleys) were planned  early also. The Bathysphere system (Austen Co) was added somewhat later. Conslidating the Trolley  companies and interconnecting them (and expanding into newly built sections) finally made them much more  useful than the AE (and stole alot of AE business).

- Jet Postal added 1956

- The tunnel boring machines, once finished with primary projects, were available for expanding the  farming districts and industrial sites (and were 'for hire' for many other uses).

--- ---

City Growth display :

Evolving Diagram of the City (on View in City Hall - 3D) showing the phases of Raptures growth, damage  done during the Civil War and afterward and now (the reason for the display) its rebuilding/restoration  progress.
The Citizens are encouraged to move the new Chain of Progress forward..... Not only to  rebuild, but to exceed...

--- ---

Nuther 'art' idea - waterfall scuplturing :

Players will grow Nostalgic for their old leaky Splicer environment, so there will be a big demand for  water decorations - from small table displays to larger 'big water' presentations and panoramas of the new  rich (and same for City/private parks).

- Components to build such installations would be added to the game - pumps, fountains, waterfall  rockwork, sheets of falling water, water lights, pools, etc...

- The Asset creation system would have similar components to make the small portable objects (and a  formula to manufacture them for sale).

- The reverse would be having 'bubble displays' (maybe combined with lights) outside of windows to go  along with the already suggested 'sea landscaping' (maybe similar miniture versions in aquariums...).-  Another source for 'contests' to keep the creation community interested and inspired....

--- ---

No Tasty Corpses, No Little Sister Visit :

Little Sisters dont come to New Rapture (within city limits) much because there are no (few) corpses to  harvest.

'Dead' people are hustled off to the Clinic to be regenerated, though it is nowhere near as fast as the  Vita-Chambers allegedly were to be. The 'dying' in the MMORPG will be extended for players and NPCs  (including Splicers) to give more chances to 'intervene' and to make the game less of a 'shooting gallery'  game.

Big Daddies still show up to do maintenance, but less often as the Citizens have taken a more active hand  in repairs.

--- ---

Those Vents :

Cats can go thru the same 'Vents' that the Little Sisters go thru (might be used to handle 'vermin' that  also could make use of the vents). Also there must be repair access at various places (air does not wear  out the vent conduits/shafts, but corrosion from drips/condensation/dust can do damage. There may have  been special machines used to inspect the Vents (and to deploy good ole Ducttape to patch places)

Like tree-frogs, Lil Sisters must have little suction cups on their fingers to navigate those Ventilation  shafts (the vertical sheetmetal-lined airshafts) -- unless they really just sleep there and get walked  back 'Home' by Big Daddies....

--- ---

Technology 'leak' from Rapture :

Some of the inventions developed in Rapture were sold outside by Ryan's remaining world Organization to  raise money to build "100-Year Stockpiles" of things Rapture would NEVER be self-sufficient for.

- When possible, Ryans people kept hold of the technology and sold 'the service' instead (which also  helped to keep secret the source of the technology).]

- Some smugglers managed also to get some technology out (though most of the unsavory types the smugglers  dealt with didnt want something not quickly converted to cash).

--- ---


One actually wonders how much Ryan was going to charge for the 'full' Vita process (versus vitality  'tweaking').

- There was probably no coin-slot on the Vita-Chambers because you had to maintain an Vita-account.

- Or maybe he just never got around to it, while it was in 'testing' phase.

- Maybe the plan was actually to use them to dispense/adjust 'pheromomes' conditioning in a more  convienent way.

- OR a way to keep the Splicers from de-populating themselves before Ryan's researchers could come up  with a 'cure'.

--- --- ---

No ashtrays in the Bathyspheres :

Very terrible imposition to force people to collect their own ashes and butts on the 10 minute trips  across Rapture.
And since there is no NO SMOKING sign anywhere, at least they havent denied the passengers (who are paying  a premium rate for the deluxe service) the ability to smoke during the trip.  Possibly the 'steward' would  make one available.

--- ---

"Sea Gate 12" (seen in AE Depot and in the MP 'Home for the Poor' ) :

Was this a submarine docking port (airlock to a submerged sub instead of the Metro station type  installation). This kind of system predated the Bathysphere Metro operation and was used for private subs  or commercial 'cab' operations -- Checkered Sub, Yellow Submarine (before the Beatles !), Sea Limo ... The  docking approach and airlock operation was slow (when safely done). This was an issue and a reason why the  much faster Metro out-of-water system was preferred.

--- ---

Submarine Docking systems - many attempts to find methods to speed-up docking, while maintaining safey  :

- Very Fast airlock draining could be added, but that was only a small segment of the total time used  while docking.

- Mass of submarine is a problem -- for even small ones weigh dozens of tons.

- Submarines/bathyspheres didnt have overly fine maneuvering capabilities to deal with random ocean  currents or the fine movements required to match up and join at a precise point, and with the correct  orientation.

- Docking arm mechanisms were too easily broken and more substantial ones dented the submarines.

- Automatic systems were not reliable, even with improved maneuverbility.

- Flexible docking tubes (like used at airports) were too easily damaged or not that flexible  (constructed to be able to withstand 300+psi pressure).

- Mechanical lock-n-winch and a guide (funnel-like) structure kept getting fouled and required extra  maintenance.

- Alignment guides for the final join matchup did work, but only in the last foot of docking approach.

- Slow approach and careful maneuvering continued to be required, limiting consumer convienence.

--- ---

Abyss :

The Abyss does look like an underground cavern (or a big hole very steep sides - like a volcanoes magma  tube). The stalactite formations are a bit weird -- to have that much rock hanging fromn the ceiling  really doesnt work at that scale (maybe its just a big fake projection to mess with the inmates minds -  Sinclair might have come up with something like that to save expense).

--- ---

Welcome to Rapture (sorry if you dont like it, you cannot leave) :

"Formerly, the Welcome Center complex was designed to acclimate newcomers to Rapture..."
If people cannot leave once they get to Rapture, isnt it a bit late for them by the time they get to see  the 'Welcome Center" ??? ( Maybe they were brought the whole way with blindfolds on so that they couldnt  figure out wehere they were ???) Better things to have awaiting new arrivals might have been  advertisements for apartments, business opportunities and investments, Job application bulletin boards, a  Bank branch office, kiosk with map of City ('You are Here'...), etc...

--- ---

Fontaine Court ?? (seen on destination board in BS2 AE map) :

- Actually is back the opposite direction of the Player's BS2 train ride path (the Transit Schedules lists  destination in order: Dionysus Park -> Ryan Amusements -> Fontaine Court -- reverse the players  direction).

- A logical extension of the Atlantic Expresss in the other direction of the 'Short Line' is towards  Neptune's Bounty. And Fontaine pretty much owned Neptune's Bounty and would have wanted a 'company town'  nearby that he could control. Low cost housing that he could coerce his workers into renting (and gouging  them for the rent and local business merchandise). You thought Sinclair Deluxe looked shoddy ???

- New Rapture founded 1970 at Fontaine Court (originally Beowulf Gulch) which becomes 'City Center' of  New Rapture. Close proximity to Neptune's Bounty (food), Hesphaestus (power/heat), Atlantic Express Depot  (transportation).

--- ---

Bioshock MMORPG fun starts even before the game does :

Having Player Creation of much of the games content (via a well organized player community) -- even if the  Alpha and Beta Phases (players reworking the original BS1/BS2/MP/DLC content into the new game format)  takes 2 years, many players will be having fun doing the creation and other players who would be  exercising the game mechanics and new assets (bigger and bigger chunks would be put on the Test Servers to  test all the game features). Much better than endlessly speculating on a forum and wondering if they are  going to push the release date back yet again. By the time the game starts, a large number of players  would be familiar with the creation tools/process to continue adding new content. I'm sure the 'tools' and  'community' web interfaces can have lots of advertisements to help pay the way .....

--- ---

Recycling existing game content - bonus :

With all the locked/blocked/flooded/debris filled doors we saw in BS1 and BS2, the areas of Rapture we  already have visited would be twice as large when used for the MMORPG. Those places would now be  accessible (forcing dooors and doing repairs). With the initial content of the MMORPG being the assets  used for the BS1/BS2/MP/DLC that would be a good sized space just by itself. One of the first test  projects for the "Player Created Asset Community" would be players submitting proposals of what should be  behind all those blocked areas --- logical structures/rooms, continuations of styles/themes from the  adjacent area, details for what is to be contained there (lots of debris and wreckage in some, signs give  hints for others).

--- ---

Metro transit for the Common Man :

The Metro System must have been considered early in Raptures construction for the interconnecting  'streets' to be designed with trolley tracks included (and possibly as several seperate 'local' Trolley  companies). Some Trolley tracks may have been able to be retrofitted into some 'streets' and some new  construction to expand/consolidate the system. The Atlantic Express simply was not  flexible/extensive/convienent enough to serve alot of the city's transportation needs. After Kincaide  bought out the smaller lines, a comprehensive integrated Citywide system was able to serve the city  efficiently and to drive the AE out of most of its city passenger business. The Bathyspheres were largely  inconsequential due to their limited capacity and premium expense.




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