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More interesting items/ideas for Bioshock Rapture MMORPG
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Part 8

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Varieties of building patterns in Rapture :

- We have the High-Rises and Seascrapers that we see out of the many windows in BS1/BS2. We do go up a few of these like to Kashmirs at Welcome Center and the Atlantic Express Depot office building) - obviously the city has some clusters of tall buildings (~40 story) and half tall buildings (~20 story). The tall building are generally narrow, with limited floor layouts, but multiplying that 20-40 times can add up to significant space.

- Most of the buildings we actually move thru in the games are sprawling complexes of connected buildings (with rocks and much taller buildings visible out the windows). Low spread out buildings are lower density and thus would cover more area for the number of people.

- Outside at Pauper's Drop you have a large nearly empty seafloor plain, with a few industrial buildings nearby and with tall builings off in the distance. The Fontaine Futuristics window skydome shows it is far away from other building clusters (high-rises off in distance about quarter mile away). So there are largely empty spaces within 'city limits'--- more than that 'downtown manhattan' scene alot of the outside views show.

- In the arrival from the Lighthouse you cross alot of rocky terrain and then are looking down into the mass of buildings of the Welcome Center (did this have another name after people no longer were arriving at Rapture ??) - Steep rock sided canyons are interspersed within the city, often with small building built into their sides and ontop.

- The Residential type structures are stacked floors around a 'court' (some upto 8 stories) - some of the more squat buildings.

- Variously shaped industrial buildings - there would be alot of these to provide all the different kinds of goods a city's population would need. Same for the raw materials used by those industries, many of which you dont find in the middle of a city or all in the same proximity-- so there have to be many outlying centers to provide them.

- Add the infrastructure a city needs - weve seen Hespahestus, pump houses, postoffices, and various transportation facilities (AE tracks, viaducts connecting buildings). Multiply what we've seen by what a population of 20000+ would require.

- Many of the tall buildings have tower extensions on them, that are decorative (lights look like windows from a distance but arent). The floors (if any) that would fit would be too small to be human habitable, but might have other uses (many tall buildings have all kinds of system machinery located in their roof zone and even observation 'decks').


Things in Rapture We DONT Need To See :

- The normal process to get the collected ADAM out of a Little Sisters (wherever this happens ... somewhere where those air vents all lead). Actually that could be a rather long way to crawl and maybe they just sleep in them (where even Spider Splicers wont fit) and the Big Daddies escort them back to their 'home' for 'processing' (mustve been some conditioning for that we didnt see). Someone suggested those vents lead back to Arcadia (assuming its the only place fresh air comes from) which could mean miles of crawling - not very likely.

- Sinclair telling Delta on seeing one of those dead cats - "Those things are good eatin Chief... a little Jalapeno sauce and ..."

- The "Kickettes" ( "2 Weeks Only" -- where were they going to go ?? ) still at it in the Fleet Hall (all grody Splicers now).

- The Beef-E factory (like a sausage factory, you REALLY dont want to know what goes in the back door...)

- Spider Splicers being eaten by Song Bird (with 'tears' who knows?? )

- Sander Cohen doing 'Rap'.

- Cannibal Splicers eating (Lil Sisters swilling blood was sufficiently unsavory)...

- Reality TV comes to Rapture (truly would be 'the end'.. ).

- Sofia Lamb's strangling kittens as a hobby (an old 'villain showing how EVIL they are' joke)


Handy hands :

Game controls to pick up/carry/throw/place objects - probably a weapon 'hand' mode to remove/free weapon from hands (a manipulation mode). Pulling objects out of the way, moving objects, pushing objects, throwing objects... would all be part of the expanded interactions players would be able to do. Stacking objects to climb to reach things (but not too tedious like some games with this feature that made you endlessly do this....). A variety of tool actions would be logical - crowbar prying things, shoveling rubbish (do it a little and then have your 'Team' NPCs do the rest of the tedious work, chopping thru walls with axe or pickaxe, manipulating a block and tackle...


Looking at those buildings at Persephone (go out windows using the console cheats), shows a concrete monstrocity that would have made any Nazi proud to have as their secret base.

--- -

Tourist Destinations in (old) Rapture :

- Top of Point Prometheus, highest building in Rapture ... that pointy tall one you see off in distance in BS1. (ignore the buildings beyond it in view, they are shown the same out all 4 sides of the windows ...). The top floor is within 100 feet of surface, but it is on the leeward side of the bulk of Mt. Ryan so is not imperiled by icebergs.

- Hesphaestus (all that impressive but not overly effcient machinery, build for show more than anything else) and the pretty Bioluminescent 'volcanoes' in the adjacent sea area. Fizzy red soda is sold in the giftshop.

- The Abyss Overlook- the glowing depths - end-of-the-line on the AE 'Short Line' (is not the Persephone facilities which are adjacent to Fontaine Futuristics). The 'elevator' that descends deep into the 'Terrrrrrible Depths...' with perfect safety (8 inch solid steel walled comfort).

- Garden of the Gods - Spectacular Private Sealife Bioluminescence Exhibit with suites of room each with a 'perfect' view.

- Stadium for weekend and special baseball/football/track/rally/fireworks events.

- A planned Cretaceous Park (with ADAM regenerated dinosaurs (regressed chicken genomes)) was proposed but never built.

- The Snow Fields (caverns and tunnels with artificial snow) including ski-slopes (the tunnel boring machines were idle by that time). Snow machines and just dont turn the heat on in the place....

- Ryan Amusements - with a few more attractions than only the ones we saw in BS2. Various companies sponsoring the 'rides' just like Disneyland ... ex- Rapture Sings, brought to you by Nico-Time ... Mr Fish's Jamboree, by Fontaine Fisheries, Pirates of the Bureaucracies, sponsored by Sinclair Spirits.

- Grand Carnival. Open on weekends (and Holidays - John Stuart Mills Birthday, Ayn Rand Day, etc..) with many of the classic carnival entertainments (heh, what point going here later when all of Rapture was turned into a 'freakshow' and a 'shooting gallery'???).

- Forest Turf Cemetery - a vast underground cavern network for 'eternal rest'. Varieties of impressive monuments (a 'prestige' thing) and real lawn grass. A popular picnicing spot. The Elysian Fields and The Catacombs ....

- The Sub Races - the raceway located away from the city (so the crashes dont take out any buildings). Home of the Rapture 500....

- The 'Wading Pools' with interesting sealife that can be examine 'up close' (a typical rocky seashore park type attraction). Probably would be an adjunct to 'The Aquarium', though an entrepreneur might have some kind of 'Sea World' with the performing Dolphins and such (heh, having them swimming around in the usual 'big pool' doing somersaults inside, when there is all that water outside.... What must the dolphins think ??)

- Mr Sun's Beach Resort :
--- -- Simulated beach with real transplanted palm trees
--- -- Simulated ocean waves
--- -- Warm tropical climate with Simulated Sun
--- -- Only a short hop from the Adonis Resort

- Memorial Museum (seen in MP) various static aquatic displays (not an Aquarium) and other stuff.

- Emerald Caves - green volcanic glass or somesuch pretty light effects (do a boat thingee like the famous Blue Grotto --- - except its Green)

- Ambrosia Peak - observation deck looking at something for some reason. Closed down after the Emerald Caves offered something better to look at.

- Of course many of these places fell into disuse, disrepair and ruin and likely contain interesting environs for the Citizen Explorer.

Hitting Rocks - sculpting the old fashioned way :

I was in the tunnel down into Smugglers Hideout and beat on the walls a little with the wrench (interesting all the different sound effects and decal deformations and sometimes particle effects of chips falling off, etc... they have for different terrain materials and objects.) I saw the chips off the wall and thought "hey why not have a way in the MMORPG to modify 'chip-able' materials like that more realisticly and make 'art' for the MMORPG". BS1/BS2 such chipping leaves only surface marks (that eventually go away), but in a high detail game like the MMORPG the physical shape could be changed/deformed permanently by the players action. Crude shaped art (which would fit right in alongside all that stuff Lamb had in Dionysus Park) could be made in-game. 'Tool interfaces' could exist for better/more complex/precise player created art shapings (without resorting to more complicated CAD type Asset creation tools). The resulting 'art' would be a 3D object that could be submitted for placement (vetted for improper content) and if accepted could be injected into the game (can always use more unique 'art' to stick into the ruins).

Other art - painting, topiary... could be likewise done and even combined.

An extension of that same mechanism would be generalized to things like wall sections that would be permanently marked/damaged to the extent of actually digging/breaking through a wall (better tools might speed it up - including explosives/pickaxes). That door is broken/jammed? - batter it down. Need a shortcut? - chop a hole thru the wall. Safe you cant hack? .... etc....

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -

More Quest Ideas :

- Big Daddy Depot - central parts storage/repair center (seperate from the Daddy servicing facilities)
Not a 'training' or 'conversion' facility. Some 'non-Splicers still service the Big Daddies (may have to come pick them up when one has a severe malfunction) and were protected by them . Quest to find the Big Daddy Depot -- the problem is the old records only lead to an old location and it has been moved several times since then.
The Thinker probably knows where it is, but isnt telling.

- Splicers take Hostages from City (trying to extort supplies) Player has to rescue (preferably without getting hostages killed, which might demand use of less 'normal' tactics (stealth and cleverness).

- Ships Sunk Near Rapture :
--- - ( ) -- "Mary: Did you hear, Jim? All the talk about ships from the surface sinking near Rapture— do you think there's something to it? "
--- - Missions/Quests to investigate and salvage those ships that disappeared in the 'Frozen Triangle'
--- - Some were smuggler ships (destroyed by Ryans security force) still containing their cargo.
--- - Treasure hunt to one of the many 'sunk' ships that disappeared into the 'Dead Spot' (Frozen Triangle) near Rapture.
--- - Lots of perils, maze like interiors, unfriendly sealife, limited time (cliche of ship sliding off edge of precipice)??

- Quest (in form of an amusing mini-game)
(Suggested by Demitasse in the Forum)
" ... should take place from the perspective of a ADAM sea slug named Socrates as you try to rescue your other sea slug friends after being captured by Rapture scientists. The gameplay will be that of a platform/RPG, you'll explore the depths of the sea, avoid hot thermal vents and dangerous creatures of the deep, eventually making it into Rapture and killing all who stand in your way by employing traps(???). There will be a plot twist, where you'll be implanted into a Little Sister where you'll then use a mind control plasmid to play as her for the duration of the game. ...

- Create a TV/Radio commercial for your 'business' (for Player's shop or company) -- could have someone else create it for you... Submissions to the Collaboration Community for 'favorites' (goodway to get ideas circulated -- "Hey, I Didnt Know You Could Do That!!" ..... Extra Brownie Points for creating a Tutorial of how you did it using the game tools...). With TV and Radio channels to fill with content, we can always use more amusing/creative ads.

- Scheme to use 'fake' ADAM Vials as a 'lure' to capture Splicers (unfortunately most Splicers didnt survive this long by being 'stupid'). EVE is more common so isnt quite as much of a 'draw' as ADAM is. I suppose you could use Real ADAM as bait too, that is if you can afford/find any. Big Bounties are paid for 'undamaged' Splicers.

- SssssSplicer -- how much splicing does it take to start looking like a snake ?? Something strange was reported in the Sewers....

- Investigating 'lost' freight shipments :
--- -- A job for one of the insurance companies (they are like roaches and just wont die) or the City Council.
--- -- Going 'undercover' and driving an Atlantic Express freight train (or the freight Trolleys) and doing switching at various locations in the City (one more interesting thing to do and to see something (important yet mundane) you normally wouldnt in Rapture).
--- -- Mysterious disappearing freight cars, etc...

- The Treasure Room -- a malfunction in the Jet Postal system soon after the Civil War started, resulted in a significant number of Pnemo packages being sent to Postal Box 0000 which was in a test room in an abandoned Ryan Industries manufacturing facility. Several hundred capsule packages were lost before the defect was identified, but the errant destination was never found/traced. Who knows what might be in all those packages??? In the quest, you hear a rumor and follow a trail off into the wastelands seeking the jackpot. (Unlike the typical MMORPG mission the outcome is not certain and not certain to be good).

- Consider - Gil Alexander's corpse could be a huge supply of ADAM... And its just sitting there (marinating) and Lamb/Delta are gone... All that ADAM really needs to be kept out of the Splicers hands. Did Delta kill him ?? Did Delta think he killed him ??? Might not be quite so dead ???

- The Atlantic Express Grand Central station (from which the trains out to the supporting "Towns" outside of Rapture departed) recently has had debris from the 1959 damage cleared and was unsealed. Hundreds of key-lockers still containing items from that time are now accessible. The City is selling tickets for rights to pick a locker and receive the contents -- the Great Lost Treasure hunt/lottery. Who knows what kind of things are to be found in these long lost lockers ?

- The Jet Postal Lost-n-Found has been reached and unsealed. All kinds of odd 'lost' (lost send address 'tag' and no return address) items were stored there and never claimed. Certain Splicers have also learned of the Warehouse being 'found' and also have an interest in its contents.

- The S-Team - a group of 4 Splicers who work together and terrorize the outskirts of New Rapture. They work 'for hire' for other Splicers to fight the City which is encroaching on various Splicer factions' territory. Their tactics and organization and unusual equipment make them a hazzard for any inexperienced group of Citizens.
- Form a amateur baseball team (good ole American tradition) Game mechanics for playing a game will be fully possible (create later as a "Player Created Asset" all the usual actions/mechanism for that 'big' mini-game). A small field would be likely located near to City Center as part of the 'normal' city they want to portray). Football requires more equiptment and larger facilities, but could be done later if desired (at least the ruins of the stadium will be there to have a 'ghost' story of the tragic 'big game' presented).

- The Sinker - the work platform initially used to start construction on Rapture (used to ferry supplies, then 'permanently moored to the seafloor and began sinking iron girders hundreds of feet into the sediment and bedrock..." -- seen in the history exhibit in Ryan Amusements. Quest to locate and salvage this 'historic' structure for the planned 'New Rapure' History Park (this would be placed in the Ocean (water display) portion of the park).

- Splicers Anonymous - meetings and support activities for those who still fight the "Urge to Splice". Field trips to the 'Clinic' to remind the members what being a "Splicer" was. "Here is your brain on ADAM....", "ADAM is Bad",
"Just dont do ADAM" and that old "Splicing Madness" film...

- Splicers in diving suits trying to break into the City thru one of the airlocks (possibly using the 'soft' suits if they have 'depth' plasmids or tonics). Some Splicers have access to submarines also and may try to get in via one of the submarine docking ports. It would be a general 'event' with a sounded alert for all players to come assist the City Security in countering the breakin/attack.

- The Frozen Triangle -- -- nothing says the game's horizons end at the edge of the Volcano... Alot goes on out there in the sea. Does something else lurk out there now??


- City Expedition to survey the LightHouse for Demolition (with findings of interesting little known details about that mysterious structure) :
--- - The Blimp mooring mast (and Patrol Blimp) that was abandoned fairly quickly after the Ocean winds were found to be too violent for normal operation). Remains of the Blimp are stored in the "Submarine Yards".
--- - Radio jamming station (used to block distress calls when a boat/ship came 'too close')
--- - Weather Station (much used in the early days before Ryan stopped most shipments in to Rapture).
--- - City Air Intakes (City wants to retain this feature, somehow)
--- - Patrol Boat Dock and shelter
--- - Evidence of the camoflage paint scheme someone tried as a 'cheap' attempt to make the Lighthouse harder to see (the latex paint did not stand up to the weather too long it seems).
--- - Surveillance Cameras and Gun Turrets
--- - Shore-to-Ship signalling system (signal lights, no radio)
- Submarine Refueling station (fish are generally found near the surface and it is wasteful to have to descend 600 feet everytime the subs had to refuel).
--- - The Bathysphere Station Camoflage/Hiding system (so any visitors might only think the LightHouse was the work of a madman/eccentric and not actually an entrance to an undersea city).
--- - Do estimates for making a 'submergable' LightHouse replacement (New Rapture reestablished contact with Ryan's surface organization and still needs some of the critical materials being brought in by boat).
--- - Some of the odd things that Lamb had placed on the structure (more slogans about "Banishment of the Self" and her other psychotic blatherings...)
--- - Remains of the Torpedo Tubes firing the 'intelligent' torpedos (based on Flybot control systems) used to 'nullify' ships that discovered Rapture's location.


- A trip down into the Abyss - a mission to gather/discover some bioluminescence materials (the most interesting varieties are down in the Abyss). A whole 'nuther' alien environment to explore and mysteries to plumb. Diving Hard Suit required....

- Greenbeard the Pirate - all the pirate activity is bringing more and more attention to the area around Rapture (including those stupid 'in-search-of mystery' hacks. The City has decided to take strong action to try to eliminate the Splicer pirates who are causing most of the trouble.

- Investigation into the unusual (unusual??? ... this IS Rapture ) circumstances of Ryan's death and the mysterious disappearance of his body:
--- - Odd events around that time (Jack and Atlas/Fontaine)
--- --- - the 'self destruct'
--- - Rumors of Ryan being alive (and allegedly being seen buying coffee in the Bistro)
--- - Lamb destroying/covering up evidence of accounts of those times
--- - Strange messages being sent to some of Ryan's old supporters (not everyone is an Ex-Splicer who lost most of their memories).

- Weird 'Parallel universe' episode (dream?) of what Rapture became as 'evil' Jack took control of the city
--- - Jack never left (that sub sank into the Abyss and the nuclear weapons are out of reach)
--- - Elimination of Sofia Lamb, when she crawled out of the woodwork (Drill in the face just like Suchong).
--- - Near death of Jack from a 'childhood' disease.
--- - Rapture's "new age" comes -- but this isnt his "father's" Rapture.
--- - Player has to stop eating that spicy food before going to sleep....

- 'Crime Boss' quests - various criminal activities done in a NPCs spare time. Work your way up the criminal food chain thru performing "crimes"...
--- - Hack the Vending Machine or Restroom Stall Coin-box.
--- - Safe cracker
--- - Grand Theft Submarine
--- - Burglary (watch out for those security devices)
--- - Smuggling run (hijacking a smugglers shipment -- sides of prime beef, etc.... )
--- - Hitman ??? a rival crime boss (NPC)

--- --- ---





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