Fighting McDonagh's Tavern Multiplayer map

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3

There was no level map that Ive seen online anywhere for the MP Fighting McDonagh's Tavern.   I estimated visually by  observing some MP videos with players who make a spastic crack monkey look calm (the twitchy movements were very nice  for causing headaches for anyone who has to watch the video over and over).

This map represents a somewhat (but not much) larger establishment than the Fighting McDonagh's shown on the Solo game's  Neptunes Bounty map (but still not too large for any real establishment serving a nearby industrial installation which  has hundreds of workers  (which has also grown more extensive on my maps than the sections we saw in BS1).

Placement would be somewhat adjacent to the existing Solo BS1 game Tavern built as an expansion as the Fishery &  Cannery/Scrap & Salvage operations grew.

16'x16' boxing ring (minimum standard size).  Not too large so the opponents can 'get down to business' without much  chance of avoidance.

Metro connections should be to Metro Trolley Stations, as its not likely Fishery workers will take expensive  Bathyspheres anywhere regularly.  The Trolley schedules would even likely have extra 'Rush Hour' cars scheduled to match  the Fishery plant's and dock's workshifts.

As normal (for Rapture)  the building is built like a German WW2 bunker, thick concrete walls to structurally hold up to  the deep water environment.  

The interior spaces were extended where blocked paths indicated there were more passages and other spaces filled out the  monolithic blocky shape of the building (including various utility system/facilities and storage spaces.) 

The 'Inn' on the Upper Floor now has quadruple the original number of visible rooms (3 changed to 12).  Some rooms are  used to house staff.   Various inn housekeeping facilities were also added.

The Brewery is expanded with the various facilities needed for a small commercial operation, including a freight  elevator used to move large kegs/barrels to the Trolley Station entrance for shipping.




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