Magazine(s) for Rapture (original ones before things went to # $ % * ) :

- Literary Prestige - authors and wannabees pushing forward the world of words

- Society and Culture - happenings and doings of those elevated above others (in their own minds at least)

- Scientific Journals (achievement encourages achievement...) likely included recent happenings/developments from the doomed surface world.

- Pop-Culture - stuck in the 40's and 50's - the squares need rounding out....

- Sports magazine - opiate of the masses (to replace that other one)

- "Compute" - yes, nerds are a greater percentage than normal in Rapture's demographics (and Art Deco pocket protectors WERE fashion statements...)

- Ladies Apartment Journal - modern AND aesthetic - a goal for every housewife, hostess.

- Kids Magazine - interest and activities, advertisements (of course) targeting kids of various ages.

- Some 'Gentlemans' magazines of various sorts (pornography)

With the formation of New Rapture there may be again opportunities for 'magazines', though the format for a long time may be butcher paper and only a few pages, coming out only sporadically. Recovering some of the Computer composition and typesetting machines would make these much easier to produce.

- New Rapture Magazine - put out by the City to discuss larger City issues rather than the day to day operations that are published in newspapers. What is the future for New Rapture, etc...

- Clinic and the Cure - progress articles published to create public awareness about operations of the Clinic and the important work saving Splicers.

- City Hall/Council Digest - explaining current projects and proposals and coming decisions for Citizens.

- TeeVee Guide - is there enough to actually have a magazine for this ??

There probably would be a good market in pre-fall issues of magazines. Their content will probably be superior (if not in amount). Reprints of article content would possible be common for the newly published ones. So theres yet another valuable type of object to bring back from 'The Ruins'. Even just old -quality paper for reuse/recycle from all those stacks of papers we see laying around (about long dead people and long gone businesses).

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