Lock Box Gnomes

The Lock-Box Gnomes (possibly the mysterious Little Brothers ?)  were a offshoot of an experimental  project that had Splicer bodies delivered to reclamation points (so Little Sisters did not have to go out  on the 'mean streets').  Hmmmm - Splicers are insane, so do you expect sane stories/rumors from them ??   Well it sounds a little more plausible than a body 'teleporting' on 'traumatic death' (might have been  more believable if there ever was a remote monitoring device you had to carry with you... -- maybe there  was a affiliated Plasmid required ?? ).   The Corpse Gnomes would have a variation of the Teleport Plasmid   (a psi type mind clouder, which protects them and explains why only mere glimpses are ever seen of them  at work -- like when they leave those lockboxes behind where there once was a corpse you recently killed -  nice of them to leave the stuff, when they could be trading the stuff to Splicers or whomever...).

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