Johnny :

Johnny Topside

An added Character who was significant in the plot of the MMORPG



Back at BS2 times when parts of the Adonis Resort area was flooded by a Big Sister trying to get Delta. The Vita-Chamber there that Eleanor had hacked/programmed/modified overloaded/shorted out and eventually caused a CLONE of Delta to appear (quite a magic trick reconstituting the BD diving suit also... But maybe Eleanor forgot to tell the Little Sisters to stop putting BD suits into that machine as they had so many times, failure after failure). Delta was dead again by this time (ending of BS2) so that 'quantum entanglement' issues might be simplified.

This Big Daddy Alpha 'Johnny' had a desire to find Lamb and kill her. There were various difficulties trying to traverse flooded areas and non-operational Atlantic Express trains and hordes of ill-mannered Splicers to deal with. "Johnny" wandered around Rapture quite a bit trying to figure out what had happened and seeking Lamb (until he learned Lamb was finally gone). Waking with Eleanor gone reset his pair-bond conditioning (not all the conditioning resulted in self-termination anyway).

Later, Tennenbaum was alerted by The Thinker that the Minerva City-Maintenance system reported a Rogue Big Daddy moving about Rapture, not responding to repair directives and apparently talking to iteslf. She then contacted "Johnny", and recognized the same configuration as Delta and its independant personality (which Tenenbaum had previously assisted Eleanor with manipulating for Delta).

With "Johnny's" help, Tenenbaum was able to get some much needed Seaslugs out of the Abyss to extract various chemicals from them (she had to destroy all the ADAM she had brought to the Surface). Later 'Johnny' was able to capture and restrain Splicers to be tested with the 'Cure' process. Several more Little Sisters were recovered during the same time. Some surviving non-Splicers were also found/rescued.

'Johnny' sometime after that  disappeared. Rumors said that he was heading for the Surface to find Sofia Lamb or Eleanor.


'Johnny' can read and WRITE :

One of Wahl's (Minerva Den's Boss - now deceased) surviving staff members figured out how to rig a morse signaller into Johnny's Alpha suit and taught him the common morse codes for the alphabet. Not the fastest communication method, but Johnny could then talk back, if slowly (much better/effective than moan once for 'yes' and twice for 'no'). He could then get answers for all the things that had transpired since his 'death' so many years before at the hands of Sofia Lamb.

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