Game of this type - Difficulties :

Some of this is based on conversations with people on various game development sites over many years.

The 'Player Created Assets' with a collaboration mechanism will be a big thing in these games someday (Second Life was a step in the right direction but actually discouraged collaboration with their pay model).

Games are going to continue to cost more and more to produce, and if we dont tap into use of the largely free 'Players iImagination and Skills' to build the games, we will be stuck with a dwindling number of 'popular' subject genres and even fewer player interaction models (like WOW being the target that investors point to when it is actually a backslide/degeneration from games like Ultima Online and Asheron's Call).

The idea of the Mini-Games being part of the main game likewise taps into all that time that Players CANT be on their gaming machines at home, but because of the miracles of modern technology, we have these new connected devices powerful enough to run some gaming that WERE their main computers only a few years ago.

The increased 'AI' component and content Auto_Generation are more of my 'subjects' Ive pushed in the Dev forums.

Unfortunately, these idea are not yet proven as a working model, and it will take a very daring company to do a big (expensive and risk) project using them.  But once proven, with the advantages made obvious, they will likely be adopted quickly by the rest of the game industry simply to compete 

- Higher effectiveness of producing games via reuse of logic, assets, tools, player skills,

- More interesting/complex/longer games.for less expense, 

- Player_Created_Assets allowing smaller niche games tapping into more genres (lowered cost to produce sufficient game content)

--- ---

Unfortunately, one person cannot make a game like this (its funny in the Game Dev forums when they have to 'read  'The Riot Act'  to new game programmers who say  "I want to make a MMORPG" and then enlighten them about all that is involved - they even have it in the FAQ, so many have said that)

These here in this wiki are just a few of the design ideas.  Wall of Text?? You should see how much it would take to actually explain technical details of how it would work.  It is hopefully enough to demonstrate that there would be ENOUGH of a game in (for example) a Bioshock MMORPG to be 'worth it' to the company ($$$) AND to the Players.

As Ive mentioned somewhere, the Tools and system of processes they would develop for one game could be re-used for a dozen other games in other desireable genres (now can reach a wider spectrum of customers).

Unfortunately, its a huge jump of faith by even the largest game company (the Tool development is at least half the project -- and a task equivalent to creating a whole game - $100 million these days --  and most companies dont/cant do that aspect with any competancy).   If someone goes to the investors and says we want to spend twice as much money (or more) on creating something we dont know will work, and what weve never done before --- what do you think the answer will be.

A large company would have to decide they would do the tool building as a primary business strategy  - the basis for ALL the games they will do in the next 10 years and use the leverage of more efficient game production (even if it doesnt have my proposed Player Asset Creation feature).




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