Fontaines Lair   (Point Prometheus Tower)

Level 1 url   - FL 0000

This Tall building is now called  "Prometheus Point Tower"  (makes some sense as highest point and very close to Point Prometheus and on the South edge of "Proving Grounds" (Rapture Memorial Museum). The level being the top of the building (besides the short elevator ride up and its outside view).

Map Orientation is determined from position of that elevator from the Proving Grounds, as well as the two maps which should not be overlapping (the building is NOT directly above the Memorial Museum).  Even so, the Proving Grounds map was adjusted a little to stretch the approach to that elevator further Southwards, to keep the building edges apart, and preserve the various window views which roughly show where this Tall building would be.

Apparently "Prometheus Point" is one of the taller buildings in Rapture, but its Foundation may also start at a higher seabed location than much of the rest of the City.

The Crude Diagram at the bottom of the picture shows relative depths. It becomes obvious that the seabed/volcano sides that Rapture is built on are fairly flat and near the surface (as compared to the surrounding waters that plunge down well beyond 3000 feet.  Since it was built in the 50s era of technology, Rapture really cannot practically be located much deeper than the 600 feet down (we couldnt really do much better today).   That actually small Iceberg shows why you really dont want the tops of any of Rapture's buildings to be less than 200 feet deep (icebergs are 9/10ths under water ...).  The edges of the volcano sticking up will block larger icebergs, but small ones can sometimes get through shallow obstacles. That could give the Prometheus Point Tower a height of 300-400 feet (~30+ stories), which is still a significant sized building for the population Rapture has.  It is also fairly wide with a width near 200 feet it wont be much like the narrow tall buildings you see in many of the outside views.

Those huge windows dont fit for an industrial/utility use of the space (just as those huge ones at Neptunes Bounty were odd).   Expensive extra construction is needed to support windows of that sze.
So this mustve been originally for some other purpose - like a restaurant or nightclub, possibly with a gimmick that you could actually see some sunlight (dim as it would still be at 200 feet down).

There are the usual views of exaggerated height caricature buildings which are WAY WAY TOO TALL (In Rapture the size would be restricted by the water depth pressure at the lower end, while also not extending too close to the surface so that a Iceberg could scrape the tops off the buildings.  Include the effects of ocean currents where building height multiplies the leaverage working against the building, then 30 floors would be about the maximum.   All those buildings we see in the game's Ocean views with the spires/spikes dont make that much sense, replicated as many times as they are seen (it just "looked good"... the vertical-ness - that "Manhattan Skyline" big city look).

The reason this Tall building could be the 'Highest point in Rapture' (besides some industrial and farm installations/operations to the North of this area)  is because it is in the leeward shadow of the edge top of the SeaMount named Mt Ryan (the extinct volcano Rapture is built on) which prevents the infrequent iceberg from floating by, and that "nine-tenths underwater" of it chopping/shearing off the top several hundred feet of any building that close to the surface.

The elevator we take up to 'the Lair' is really only about 15 floors in height (insignifigant in exact detail, as it is best not to make the Player wait too long for the 'showdown' Boss Fight).  As usual, the buildings you see out the elevators window are caricatures, and generally undersized when you use the cheat to go look at them.  They have the usual absurd number of floors (indicated by the windows), the MMORPG would cut them all down to something more reasonable and it would still look awesome.

--- ---

Fontaine's/Atlas's 'Secret Base'  is a big interior volume (the room interior is about 170 by 170 feet) near the top of a building, which apart from having some big observation decks, would probably be a place for Building Utilities and elevator shaft machinery.  From outside (seen using the 'Cheats') the buildings top is fairly blunt, but that is a view not meant to be seen playing the game.  Its quite likely that there could be some floors still above this level (that it isnt quite the top).  The tall building likely was built to be impressive in its height, but might have as much as 1/3 of the upper levels just for show and NOT be environmentally pressure-contained.  The space up there at its depth-pressure might still be used for various purposes - certainly Fresh Water Storage tanks could be up there.

The floor's huge ceiling is (structurally) at least curved, with large support 'ribs' to help spread the force of the Ocean's water pressure in a arch - all the millions of tons of water pressing down on it.  There are 4 corner towers that the 'ribs' feed into to buttress the interior arches.  Being at the top of the building, it would be closer to the Surface and thus be subject to quite a bit less water pressure (like being 1/3) than the buildings hundreds of feet below.  There would be BIG compression struts inside the floors to push back the pressure pressing inward on the large side walls.


What exactly is the rest of this big tall building used for ???  (nothing says that Fontaine owned it all - or at all,  as wouldn't it make an obvious place for him to be found by Ryan?)  This isnt a covert cavern like Smugglers Hideout had been.   Whatever was originally there, possibly it was no longer active once the Civil War began, and Fontaine/Atlas may have 'persuaded' anyone else to abandon operations there (much better to work out of an abandoned site...).  Perhaps was a place that declined after the previous 'economic distress' in 1952 and never regained its popularity.


Added :

Interesting Idea - that the 'Tower' also incorporates large fresh water tanks to serve a whole section of Rapture.  With fresh water being gravity fed through an extended system  (with 400 feet of pressure - 200 PSI ).  It would also be a water source for fire-system sprinklers and hydrants, which being gravity fed would work even if the power failed  (versus a direct pump driven system).  "The Water Works".   Various control, pump, desalination and purification machinery would be involved with those systems.  There is space for approximately 3,600,000 gallons of water in the tanks at the corners of the top of the building.

Obviously all the other floors of the building have been omitted.   They would have (as hinted in the Point Prometheus Level Map) :
- Trolley station in an adjacent building reached by a walking viaduct.
- Bathysphere 'transfer' Station to make use of the cable hub installation at Point Prometheus
- Strong Foundation to support and anchor such a large/tall building.
- Atlas's much used Sewer connection (how he got around avoiding Ryans security that was eventually closing in on him). Way down at the Foundation level of the building.
- Viaducts connecting to smaller buildings in the vicinity.

Elevators and stairs would connect all the floors of this 400 foot tall building.  A whole variety of different businesses and other facilities could be in this particularly wide (for Rapture)  building.  Offices, manufacturing, residences, shops could all fit and be appropriate.  The Building would also have the usual Pump Station, Utilities, Multi-shaft Elevators/Stairs/Airlocks.  It would probably have its own Jet Postal Sub-Station. A private Bathysphere Garage might be included or adjacent.

A tall building like Prometheus Point Tower would have Foundations driven deep into the seabed's bedrock (and be situated where that rock was mostly stable, which would not be everywhere on a undersea Volcano).  Force from sea currents push against the building side, even when most of those  effects are alleviated by the sides of the Sea Mount (Mt Ryan) which rises all around Rapture quite  near to the Surface.

There are some floor levels above the elevator top and opposite end which there is no path for the Player to get to them.  Ive converted the area around the one elevator to have 2 additional elevators (or rather the machinery for them) sharing the window view you see when coming up that one round elevator.
The opposite end of the building could be machinery/access for the water systems.

Oddities :

I'm not sure how Atlas could be holed up in the Prometheus Point Tower building  (sactorum and HQ?) with such a huge/extensive set of apparatus - seemingly designed for his 'transformation'.  It would have been a known 'Fontaine' property and would have been 'Seized'.  So Fontaine somehow assembled and moved all that stuff into there quietly during the Civil War ??  We need a plausible explanation (there can be lots of debates for the MMORPG's Creation Community to decide on such 'filler' stories).  HE would have to have technical staff (theres no evidence he had any expertise in the various ADAM technologies/processes) still around to set it up, it was likely done in the early Civil War period.

You see buildings out the windows that are actually higher than where you are. SO you either arent at the top of this building or its NOT the highest point in Rapture (besides the Lighthouse).

Those Big The Great Chain decorations look a bit big to get into the room except by being built into it, and thus were probably there when the the room had some other purpose.  With no Freight Elevator being in evidence, the rest of the big machinery also would be hard to get there.

Look out of the elevator  into the sea (when going up) and building in distance has huge 'Eternal Flame '(mortuary/crematoria) Neon advertisement sign.   Not exactly such a big business to warrant that, but reusing assets to cut costs... though you'd think they could have picked something better.  Perhaps with hightech stuff in Rapture such signs werent so expensive.

As with many other map levels, the elevators are arbitrary in which way you enter them on the previous level and then which way you exit.  On this map the entrance out the bottom is the same direction as your exit at the top, which would leave that whole top floor hanging out in the ocean.

Similarly, you are leaving a squat museum building, but if you look outside the window on the way up you see one of those impressive (though wrong) skybox views showing many tall buildings overlapping where the Proving Grounds were (the previous levels skylights and window views make this inconsistent).    It really doesn't matter in the Solo games, but in an MMORPG with seamless terrain it all has to be made consistent.

This building an Odd place for some kind of factory.  Big windows would look impressive, if anyone sightseeing was ever up there to look out them (maybe it was once a famous Rapture Restaurant or Club, before the Civil War, and all the heavy machinery was moved in).   But then, it IS a setting for a "shoot-em-up" game's big "boss fight" - so NO logic/cohesion/consistancy is actually required....   The MMORPG would prefer to have logic in effect.  Corporate offices? A bit extravagant - how big could a 'corporation' be when there are at most 20000-40000 inhabitants of the whole city?

Whats all that weird machinery for ??  Not exactly something Fontaine did in the short interval while it took you (Jack) to catch up with him. So what was all this stuff for?  What exactly was this place for Fontaine?   It doesn't seem necessary (for Fontaine's "tranformation" with all the self-injection/drinking (now) of ADAM everyone else seemed to use (AND somehow Fontaine was planning on doing THIS (Conquest of Rapture - Plan C) and had this monstrocity prepared and ready.)  Excessive ADAM use leads to deformities.  Fontaine was in for a good one with the amount he looks to have taken.  Maybe that big machine was needed to keep him running - but what would his exit strategy be once he was so Spliced-up ? (maybe there was a means to flush it all out of his system - or he hoped there was...). 

All those Little Sister Vents - possibly actually there for their original pre-Gatherer use (for ventilation)?  Would it make any sense for this place to be a location where Little Sisters came to have their ADAM extracted (Little Sister Central...)?  To make them climb all the way to the top of this building doesnt make sense (couldnt they they just use an elevator ?)  Actually having them traverse miles through ventilation conduits isnt all that much better (or logical).

Why that catch-pool to the right? (South, opposite the elevator) - its kinda odd.    Maybe the 'Clubs'  restaurant had a "Catch you own dinner" fish pond ??  Or some gimmick of standing in water in 'waders' while you drank cocktails ...  Koi Gold fish pond ??





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