Disclaimer -  This content is not official and expresses opinion and ideas about the titled subject without claim of being any official authority on the subject.   All references to anyone elses content does not in any way change the validity of that other content being referenced.   This Wiki is chock full of original game plot/detail spoilers, so if you dont want to see them, dont read any of it.

Additional Disclaimer - I take no responsibility for any seizures, convulsions, cerebral bleeding, violent insanity or emotional damages which result to Bioshock fanbois caused by their reading my opinions and ideas included herein.  If you feel offended by this Wiki's content, then DO NOT READ IT (or just look at the attached amusing pictures).

Note-  No content pages will be edited by users. Submit changes via Comments.

Note-   This Wiki contains stuff that goes beyond the Canon/Lore of the original games - alot of what is here is interesting additions/extensions, and attempts to fill in logical segments missing from many unexplained/vague/inconsistant parts of the original material.

This work includes much non-Canon/non-Lore information but is intended to make us ideas for a proper Bioshock Rapture MMORPG, which is to be cohesive in its details and enable further expansion of the Rapture story (which is virtually untold).  Many of ideas are projections/extrapolations, well past the existing games and details, meant to fill existing gaps.

NOTE - I include many links to another Wiki (not owned by me) that has alot of good content about the Bioshock Rapture world from the published games.     That website also contains some Non-Lore/Non-Canon assumptions/opinions I disagree with (they will eventually come around... OR NOT).

Another site I found later  which I found mentioned many of the issues in Bioshock that would require fixing or answering to be more cohesive as Sci-Fi and less magical(fantasy genre).   I am appalled at  BS:Infinite allegedly being 'Bioshock',  and being turned into outright fantasy  (a simple milking of the brand for profits, no matter how they claim it is  'the same') .

Another good site :

Era styles/materials :       predominant style in Bioshock         streamline era overlaps/subsets Art Deco  -- a very interesting website with literally millions of pictures/art  that gives me hope for the future of computer games (my idea of Player Created Content...)    Alot of crap also, but buried within are alot of gems.  SEARCH using bioshock related terms can be quite rewarding. 





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